Calphalon is one of the most renowned names in the area of cutleries. They are known to produce affordable pieces without compromising the quality at all. They are rich in collections, having hundreds of models consisting of almost all kinds of blades, both in sets and individually. So, if you are looking to buy a Calphalon set, make sure to check out this post first. We’ve organized this article with some of the best Calphalon knives reviews, that are intended to provide you with insights that you must know to choose the most suitable knife set for your kitchen.

The 5 best kitchen knife sets reviewed below are chosen after thorough research. Considering all the possible aspects that make a knife set the best in its price range – weight, construction material, durability, sharpness, design, and comfort. We have prioritized all of those from the existing Calphalon models and have carefully handpicked the following five, so they can fill just about anyone’s checklist, without stretching the budget much on top of that.


What are the Best Calphalon Knives?

  1. Calphalon Classic 12-Piece Knife Set

The 12-piece knife set from Calphalon can be a great beginner’s piece for hobbyists and home cooks. The set is made of an 8-inch Chef’s Knife, 6-inch utility knife with serration, 5-inch santoku, 4.5-inch paring knife, six steak knives, a pair of kitchen shears, and a wooden block furbished with three self-sharpening slots.

The blades are forged from high carbon German steel, which is designed to resist rusting and staining to an impressive degree. The full tang build equipped with a profound bolster helps deliver a great balance while wielding the knife. The edges are engineered to provide razor-sharpness at each slice. The SharpIn technology patented by Calphalon ensures ready edge every time they are pulled out of the slot.

The triple-riveted handles are made to provide an ergonomic grip; the contours ensure that it fits right inside your hand and reduce the strain while using the knives for a lengthy time. The block made from blonde rubberwood is rather easy on the eyes too.


  • Awe-inspiring craftmanship.
  • Labeled pommel for easy identification.
  • Moderately priced.
  • Triple-riveted handle.
  • Wooden block with self-sharpening tech.


  • Poor quality control.
  • Doesn’t include a bread knife.


  1. Calphalon Contemporary 13 Piece Cutlery Set

Calphalon’s 13-Piece cutlery set from the Contemporary series is another great choice for residential uses. It comes with an 8-inch chef’s knife, 7-inch slicer, 8-inch bread knife, 7-inch santoku, 3.5-inch parer, six steak knives, kitchen shears, and a slim wooden block with SharpIn ceramic sharpening technology.

The knives are constructed from forged no-stain German steel; that features a non-stick coating designed with a horizontal ridge that ensures that the food doesn’t stick to the blade. This unique design makes sure the preparation stage is not at all hassle. The in-block sharpening system gives the blade a touch-up while pulling out the knife, simultaneously motioning the blades will also sharpen them for better performance.

The black poly handle with a textured surface ensures a robust and comfortable grip each time. The handle also offers a generous circumference, so the grip is made secure and highly unlikely to ever slip out of your hands. The slim wooden block won’t take up much room on your countertop.


  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Non-sticky blade.
  • Labeled handle.
  • Full tang build delivers great balance.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Rusts if not kept properly.


  1. Simply Calphalon Forged 16-Piece Cutlery Set

Simply Calphalon series provides this 16-piece knife set that is perfect for anyone looking to own all sorts of knives on a medium budget. You get a 4.5-inch bread knife, 8-inch chef’s, 5-inch santoku, 6-inch utility, 3.5-inch paring knife, 8-inch sharpening steel, eight steak knives, and a pair of kitchen shears. You also get an attractive polished wooden block to store all the cutleries; the labeled endcaps make the knives recognizable when they’re stored in the rack.

The no-stain German steel is designed to be sturdy that resists chipping, staining, and other forms of corrosion by default; the high carbon properties ensure the blade’s hardness making the resharpening process fast and easy, and longer edge retention too. Hand washing the knives and storing them clean and dry helps extend the lifespan of blades.

The ergonomic handle is equipped with three metal rivets to enhance the balance of the full tang construction. Overall, this set provides a premium look and feel with its well-designed slots and collection of knives given the price tag.


  • Impressive edge retention.
  • Serrated steak knives.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The kitchen shears can be better.


  1. Calphalon Contemporary 14 Piece Cutlery Knife Block Set

Another addition from the Calphalon Contemporary series. consisting of 14 necessary cutlery pieces in any given kitchen. Starting from an 8-inch chef’s knife, 8-inch bread, 6-inch utility, 4.5-inch paring knife to a set of eight steak knives and shears stored into this elegant block made from exquisite stained maple wood.

Like all other Calphalon blades, this set is also forged fully from high carbon German steel; due to the higher carbon properties, the blades are enriched with better hardness enabling them to withstand force more and hold an edge longer. The in-block ceramic sharpener helps you get toned up edge time before using. The serrated steak knives, on the other hand, are made from Asian stamped steel. However, those don’t feel flimsy at all, according to the users.

The well-designed black poly-resin handle is made to offer a comfortable grip. It’s designed to be spacious so users with any handshape can use them without any difficulties. The safe non-slip grip is ideal for daily uses.


  • One-piece construction.
  • Excellent edge retention.
  • Self-sharpening block.
  • Well-defined bolster.


  • Needs regular upkeeping to avoid corrosion.
  • Doesn’t include any Japanese knife.


  1. Calphalon Precision 15-piece Knife Block Set

Wrapping up with one of the best sets from Calphalon, the 15-piece unit from the Precision series a complete one. The walnut-stained hardwood storage block brings a touch of elegance to your kitchen; it houses an 8-inch chef’s knife, 8-inch bread knife, 7-inch santoku, 6-inch utility knife, 4.5-inch parer, eight steak knives, and a pair of kitchen shears.

Similar to the other Calphalon models, the blades are forged from high carbon German steel, featuring a razor-sharp edge with splendid edge retention because of the higher carbon properties. The self-sharpening block automatically hones the blade while pulling out the knife.  Remember to sharpen the blade professionally from time to time too.

The bar-riveted handles are not only unique to look at but also provide an optimal balance while wielding the knife. The curves of the haft, enable it to fit into any sized handle and provides a secure grip that diminishes stress on the hands even after prolonged use.


  • Comfortable to use.
  • Features great balance.
  • Full tang build.
  • Labeled handles.
  • Backed by a full lifetime warranty.


  • Requires routine maintenance.



Q: What to look for in the best knife set?

A: First of all, the material it’s constructed of should be durable. Calphalon knives are made in China, but they make pretty sturdy knives considering the price. The sharpness too should be emphasized strictly, resharpening shouldn’t be too complex, and a competent resistance against corrosion makes a perfect blade. Calphalon’s SharpIN technology takes care of that section. Finally, the knife should give off a nice feel when maneuvering it; a pro can easily tell by the balance if the balance is good or not.

Q: Can I wash my Calphalon knives in a dishwasher?

A: You should not. One shouldn’t wash knives in a dishwasher at all. After regular washing in the dishwasher, the abrasive detergents will pave pay for rusting, therefore reducing the lifespan of the knives. In order to preserve it, you should stick to manual washing, handwashing the blades with soapy water, and store it after drying the knives completely.

Q: What knives are a must in a Calphalon set?

A: Calphalon knife sets are designed to be complete by including all the basic knives that are mandatory for a kitchen. Nevertheless, to make a set a whole – it must have a versatile chef’s knife for common cutting, and a serrated knife for taking care of bakeries and some fruits, and a paring knife to hone the details.


Final Verdict

Choosing the best knife set that matches all your needs perfectly is a tricky task. When you set your mind on what brand to go for, then comes the decision to choose the knife set itself. Calphalon knives, in this case, are a great choice that offers excellent value for the price. You can have luxury collections in an affordable price range.

However, as mentioned before, the options are endless with Calphalon, so it’s normal to get confused amongst all these choices. That’s where we come in. Researching Calphalon knives reviews beforehand is sure to influence you in the right direction. Hopefully, this article will help make you a better decision. Good Luck!

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