Nazi knives and daggers are among the most highly demanded knives after World War ll. Adolf Hitler ruled the Nazi State (The Third Reich) as a chancellor.

The Third Reich used these knives during their reign, specifically after WWll. As most of the weapons were daggers, they’re also familiar as The German Third Reich daggers or Nazi daggers.

If you want to know about Nazi knives and daggers in greater detail, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s know about Nazi knives and daggers in detail.


The dagger is a weapon with an ultra-sharp point and double edges. The Nazi daggers and knives feature high-quality construction, elegant design, top standard for which they’ve become appealing among many people.

During Hitler’s regime, the military force of the Nazi state possessed a wide range of knives, daggers and swords for different cases. These weapons were a symbol of power and rank for the German commanders who utilized them. They used them not only as weapons but also as their uniform accessories.

The high-grade construction and fascination of the tools made them a valuable military collectable. As a result, they are one of the most demanded World War ll souvenirs. Again, these tools were also famous among some World War ll veterans as mementoes.

But unfortunately, there are some fake reproductions of these knives and daggers available in the market. So, choosing the right one has become a perplexing task. This is why; knowing about these knives in detail is very essential.


Many forms of the Nazi knives were delivered to officers of the air force, German army, navy, political and social groups, etc. Each group had its unique design. These multiple theme variations and a great variety of designs make these knives alluring for historians and enthusiasts of WWll.

These knives and daggers were indispensable items to some of the soldiers. Hence, they took them to their home. After their passing away, some of those daggers and knives are coming into sight through their family and relatives.

Let’s look at some of the most common Nazi daggers and knives. We’ve come up with all of the types with details:

1.    Air Force Dagger /The Luftwaffe Dagger:

The Luftwaffe / Air Force Dagger was a regular weapon for the German army and Air Force officers. It is a dagger with a lot of features. Plus, this dagger was first introduced on 19th July 1934.

These daggers feature a plain blade that is double-edged and polished. The handle is of three different colours. Besides, aluminium, brass or silver wire is used in the curved groove. There is a Nazi eagle, ornate pommel, a swastika in the centre and oak leaves.

There are two types of Luftwaffe dagger:

  • The First Model: The first model was first introduced in 1934. The hanger attached with the scabbard makes it unique from others. It is made from nickel.
  • The Second Model: This model was introduced on 1st October 1937. It is made from aluminium.

2.    The German Army Dagger / The Heer Dagger:

The German military force had some individual belongings that made them unique from others. This German Army Dagger is among them. They used it not as a weapon but as a usual dress accessory.

It was first introduced in 1932. It is one of the reasonable German daggers.

It featured a plain blade with the logo of the manufacturer.  The grip had a yellow, white, or orange spiral groove imprinted on it.

3.    The  Kriegsmarine Dagger/ The German Navy Dagger:

The German Navy used these daggers as their identity from 1935 to 1945. The daggers had a handle wrapped with white wire, a metallic pommel, a scabbard along with two bands and two suspension rings.

The navy dagger had two models:

  • The First Model: It was used in WWl and till 1938. It featured a stiletto style blade and a pommel. The handle had a wire-wrapped pattern and a swirled design.
  • The Second Model: The Second model looked alike the first model except for the pommel and the crossguard. The whole dagger was made of brass without the blade. The stiletto style blade was double-edged and had the manufacturer’s logo on one side.

4. Hitler Youth Knives (HJ Knives):

The name indicates that the knives were for the Hitler Youth. It was the parliamentary youth organization of the Nazi party between 1922 and 1945.

The knife had a single-edged blade and a solid metal pommel. Plus, the handle was of plastic with a checkered pattern and two rivets. Again, there is a diamond logo made of enamel at the centre of the handle.

  1. The SS Dagger:

The daggers were made for Hitler’s bodyguards named SS. The dagger was recognized for its round SS button and the deep black handle.

Other remarkable features were a black colour ebony wood grip, the Nazi eagle with swastika and a wreath. Moreover, there is a motto at the centre of the blade. The black scabbard was made of metal.

  1. The SA Dagger:

From 1933 to WWll, the SA Dagger was one of the most reasonable knives. The daggers were a symbol of rank and power of the followers of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

The daggers featured an extraordinary curved grip made from woods like walnut, birch and maple. There was a SA symbol at the top of the grip. There was also a Nazi eagle with extended wings and catching a wreath.

7.    The RAD Dagger:

There were two types of RAD daggers:

  • RAD Leader Dagger: It featured a double-edged blade. The scabbard was made of silver or nickel. The crossguard had a RAD logo at the centre and the pommel had an eagle head.
  • RAD Subordinate Hewer: It featured a single-edged blade with a motto. There were three different models of the handle of the daggers.

8. The German Red Cross Dagger:

There were two types of The German Red Cross Dagger such as:

  • Red Cross Leader Dagger: It featured a sharp-pointed, stiletto style and double-edged blade. The handle was made of cellulite plastic. Besides, the oval pommel was made of silver metal.
  • Red Cross Subordinate Hewer: It featured a blade that was heavy, chromed and large with a serrated edge.

9. The RLB Dagger:

It was the weapon of the National Air Defense League. There were also two types of daggers of the first pattern released in 1936. They were the Subordinate and the Hewer. Moreover, two more types were introduced in 1938 as the second pattern. These daggers had some differences from the former daggers.

There are other Nazi daggers like the NSKK Dagger, the German Fighting Knife, the K98 Bayonet and the Dress Bayonet.


Here’s how you can choose the best Nazi knives and daggers:

  1. Size: There are different types of Nazi knives and daggers of different sizes and shapes. Usually, they are large and long.
  2. Weight: As the daggers are large, they seem to be heavy and sturdy.
  3. Blade Length: These knives and daggers came with both long and short blades. Choose what you prefer.
  4. Blade Material: Most of these knives and daggers were made of high-quality Steel. There were both double-edge and single-edge blades.
  5. Handle: Most of the daggers came with natural handles. They were wood, stag, and plastic handles.
  6. Scabbard: Most of the daggers featured metal made scabbards. Some of the scabbards had chains also.
  7. Appearance: Most of the Nazi daggers look elegant and attractive.

Overall, if choosing the Best Nazi knives and daggers seems confusing to you, focus on these things. Pick according to your preference.


  1. What knives did the German Army use during WWll?

The German army used sharp-pointed and double-edged weapons. They were known as Nazi or The Third Reich daggers and knives. Besides, these weapons were a symbol of their rank and power.

  1. Why did the German army use the Nazi daggers?

They used the Nazi daggers as a symbol of power and rank. They used them as their uniform accessory also. These knives were issued to officers of the military, and air force to carry as their identity.

  1. Are the Nazi daggers different from other daggers?

Yes, the Nazi daggers differ from other daggers. There are the manufacturer’s logos at the centre of the grip. There are also mottos imprinted on some of the Nazi daggers. Their royal design, top-quality construction and rarity make them extraordinary from other daggers.


Symbol of Power and Rank:

The German army officials used these knives as their identity. The knives were the symbol of their power, status and rank.

Uniform Accessory:

The officers of the German army and air force used these knives as their uniform accessory.



If you’re a knife enthusiast or collector, then you should have a Nazi dagger in your collection. They’ll add more value to your collection. As there are many fake versions of these knives, you’ll have to be conscious while buying the original one.


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