Among a wide range of machetes, the Kukri machete is a unique one. This is a must-have tool for outdoor and adventure-enthusiasts and survivalists. This machete is one of the most versatile and efficient machetes to have along.

If you have chosen this machete for your tasks over other types, you should know its performance and functionality. Actually, this machete performs as a combination of a knife and a hatchet. These machetes can handle both tough, hard tasks as well as easy, smaller tasks.

Again, there are variations among Kukri machetes. So, we’ve appeared with Best Kukri Machetes review so that you can choose the right one for you.

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This Smith and Wesson Outback Kukri is the best cost-effective kukri machete. This Kukri is known for its great versatility. You can use it as a tactical or survival as well as an outdoor or EDC machete.

This full tang machete comes with 17 inches overall length, including an 11.9 inches blade length and 1 pound 3.8 ounces weight. This is a medium-sized and lightweight kukri machete that you’ll love while using it. The blade is made of durable and reliable 440 stainless steel.

This one also features a black, grooved style handle wrapped with rubber for best convenience. There is also a polyester sheath for easy portability. These all things make this Kukri suitable for long-term tasks.


⧫ Lightweight


⧫ Affordable

⧫ Lanyard loop and shoulder strap

⧫ Well-balanced


⧫ Not for heavy-duty tasks


If you’re looking for an outstanding machete with a great blade, then this Magnum Kukri is for you. It is a high-quality kukri machete with a huge blade at a reasonable price.

This machete comes with 22 inches overall length along with 17 inches long and 2 mm thick blade. This is a USA-made machete with premium quality construction and top-notch performance.

The top-quality 1055 carbon steel made blade is perfect for heavy-duty tasks. The rust-resistant blade, along with the Cor-Ex sheath, adds more efficiency and productivity to the machete. Besides, the 5 inches Polypropylene handle offers a very solid and strong grip all the time.

So, you can use it for multi-dimensional chopping, cracking, and cutting functions during adventures and survival times.


⧫ Angle and corrosion-resistant blade

⧫ Elegant and high-quality

⧫ Easy to use and durable

⧫ Good grip



⧫ Needs re-sharpening


If you’re searching for an excellent pocket kukri knife, then this Magnum Pocket Kukri will be one of the best. Though it is small in size, it acts as a pocket sword. This is a good-looking kukri-styled machete with a straight edged blade perfect for cutting and chopping.

The Kukri is 10.3 inches long overall with a 4-5/8 inches long blade made of 440 stainless steel and 7.5 oz weight. The G-10 handle, along with stainless steel liners and lanyard holes, offers a comfortable and solid grip. You’ll love its effortless usability and ultra sharpness.

Overall, with its precise and fast cutting performance and comfortable, well-balanced handle, it is ideal for various outdoor and survival tasks.


⧫ Lightweight

⧫ Durable

⧫ Precise and sharp

⧫ Comfortable handle grip


⧫ The locking mechanism needs improvement


This is a compact machete you will love to keep with you. This machete is from Gerber Gator that is known for its high-quality cutting tools.

The machete features a 12 inches long blade made of 1050 carbon steel. The machete is 19 inches long overall and lightweight. So, it is effortless to carry and use.

This full tang machete comes with an ergonomic and elegant handle to provide an extraordinary Gator grip. The nylon sheath with lanyard holes and belt loop offers excellent portability and convenient use. They also improve the grip.

Overall, this Kukri machete is a safe and reliable cutting tool.


⧫ Shock-absorbing, ergonomic handle

⧫ Solid and secured grip

⧫ Sharp carbon steel blade

⧫ Full tang


⧫ Thin blade

⧫ Very lightweight



SOG is one of the famous brands manufacturing high-quality machetes and knives. The SOG kukris are a great handy gadget for indoor and outdoor activities.

This full tang kukri comes with an 18-inches overall length and 15.0 ounces weight. The 12 inches long blade with saw back is made of high carbon steel. This makes this machete a unique and multi-functional one. The blade, with its straight edge design, ensures deep and fast cutting performance with minimal strokes.

The machete features a shock-absorbing Kraton handle that adds maximum comfort and grip while working for a long time. Moreover, this Kukri comes with a synthetic sheath and lanyard holes for easy carrying and use in all situations.

Overall, this is a versatile and reliable kukri with a lifetime warranty.


⧫ Shock-absorbing and grippy handle

⧫ Serrated back

⧫ Protective sheath

⧫ Lifetime warranty


⧫ Thin and long-sized blade


This is not exactly a kukri; instead, it is a combination between the Nepalese Kukri design and the machete. It is designed and made as a reliable and tough machete. You’ll love its excellent quality, performance, and durability.

This one features a 12-inch plain edged blade made of 1095 carbon steel. The black coating makes the knife non-reflective. Again, it comes with a grooved style G-10 handle for added grip and comfort. The handle is shock-absorbing as well as comfortable during long-term working. Thus, it is perfect as a multi-purpose kukri knife.

The nylon sheath it comes with adds great portability and safety to the machete. The lanyard holes on the handle ensure safe access and carrying.

So, this is a durable and reliable kukri machete you’ll love.


⧫ Long-lasting blade

⧫ Handy nylon sheath and belt loop

⧫ Convenient handle

⧫ Sharp edge


⧫ Not perfect for heavy-duty outdoor tasks



This Condor Kukri knife is a compact yet heavy-duty knife. This is designed as a heavy-edition of the larger sized kukri knives with all heft and penetration power of the regular kukri knives. This will suit you if you need a well balanced and properly designed knife at a reasonable price.

This knife is 14.50 inches overall with 10 inches long and 8 mm thick blade. The plain edge fixed blade is made from 1075 high carbon steel. The blasted satin blade finish and hardwood handle make the knife an elegant one.

Overall, this knife, with its smaller blade and curved design, will be perfect for different practical purposes.


⧫ Full tang

⧫ Comfortable and sturdy

⧫ Leather sheath

⧫ Compact in size



⧫ Hard to re-sharpen


This Nepalese Kukri styled machete is a high-class cutting tool, famous among machete enthusiasts. Especially, this Gurkha army knife is well-known to the Gurkha soldiers for use in the parade. But it is used for adventures also.

You can use it for chopping large trees, cutting branches, skinning animals. The 10.5 inches blade is made sharp and balanced enough for heavy-duty tasks. The full tang blade is polished with a sharp edge.

The 5.5 inches buffalo horn made handle provides the knife a traditional appearance as well as a comfortable, reliable grip always. The beautiful handmade leather sheath adds a more classic look to its appearance.

So, this is an ideal tool for jungle adventures for its high-end and efficient cutting performance.


⧫ Traditional appearance

⧫ Ultra-sharp

⧫ Comfortable handle

⧫ Excellent blade


⧫ Pricey


  1. KA-BAR 2-1249-9 KUKRI:

The Ka-Bar is a well-known knife-making brand manufacturing high-end knives from a long ago.

This Ka-Bar Kukri features a sharp edge blade made from durable carbon steel. The ultra sharpness will enable you to use this knife instantly. Moreover, the full tang design offers the utmost durability and reliability. The 11-1/2 inches blade with 1.7 pounds makes this knife easy to use and handle.

This one comes with an ergonomically designed Kraton handle that offers a very comfortable and firm grip. Again, this is slip-resistant. So, this knife will not slip even in wet conditions.

Overall, this is perfect for multiple cutting and chopping tasks in adventures and survival times.


⧫ Comfortable

⧫ Sharp edge and full tang

⧫ Very grippy

⧫ Nice leather sheath


⧫ Not much durable


Finally, we’ve gone through Best Kukri Machetes. The kukri knives are suitable for a wide range of functions. They act as a great companion in adventures and other outdoor activities.

We’ve tried to mention the kukris best from different aspects. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty knife, then you can choose yours. Again, if you’re looking for a high-quality knife, but you have a limited budget, then you can find such one also.

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