Have you ever heard about the boot knives? It is one of the everyday portable pocket knives that range from large to small size in length with versatile features.

Almost all medium and small-sized knives can be carried in the user’s pocket and purse. But users frequently search for new forms of EDC knife that can be concealed cluelessly.

Indeed, the boot knife is a functional weapon that comes with unique concealing features. Because of the functionality, the knife is highly used by law enforcement officers.

Almost all of us know how beneficial it is to have a boot knife. Fortunately, there are countless boot knives available in the market with astounding features. Follow us to get the best boot knives among them. Let’s get started!

Reviews of best boot knives

Here we have listed the top best boot knives with pros and cons. Hopefully, these will assist you in choosing a suitable boot knife for you.

Kershaw 4007 Secret

With a rubberized handle and well-finished sheath, the Kershaw secret agent holds an excellent profile. If you want a knife for your regular activities and survival, this one is a suitable tool for you.

However, the blade of the knife is made of stainless steel, which is not so excellent but preferable. It mightn’t combat the AUS-8 in strength but sharpens very quickly. Moreover, you can put a sharp edge on the Kershaw knife.

A well-built knife handle must prevent your hand from slipping and keep the knife at your hand’s center. Fortunately, the rubberized handle of the Kershaw doesn’t let the knife fall from your hand. Moreover, it keeps the knife precisely at the center of your hand.

What’s so good

  • Performs the specific duties of utility knives
  • No blade wiggling
  • A decent finish and well-made handle
  • Reasonable price
  • Sharpens quickly and put the sharpness for an extended period

What’s not so good

  • Stains and screws are obvious
  • All types of the clip aren’t adjustable in the sheath


Smith & Wesson H.R.T. SWHRT9B

Whether you are a survivalist and regular knife user, you must handle any situation tactfully. To handle any situation, you need a tool on which you can rely.

The HRT boot knife is a sturdy and durable beast that can handle any compact situation. Luckily, the rubberized coating makes the handle sturdy and durable. The shape and length of the handle stick with the large size glove perfectly. Consequently, the handle doesn’t slip from the hand in a complicated situation.

However, the high carbon coating on the blade makes it robust and gives an impressive look. It is a double edge handle that fits into the handle fairly. The handle is comparatively smaller than the blade. Consequently, you might find it inconvenient to use some regular outdoor activities.

Nevertheless, the boot knife comes with a decent sheath that easily adjusts into your boot and belt.

What’s so good

  • Remarkably durable clip
  • Effortless deployment
  • Good weight and razor-sharp edge
  • Good for throwing
  • Fits perfectly in the hand
  • Surprisingly adequate for the price

What’s not so good

  • The small handle is inconvenient for some outdoor tasks.


Gerber Ghoststrike [30-001006]

You must look for a small-sized boot knife to wear the knife into your boot or low-cut shoe. The Gerber Ghoststrike knife is such a knife covering the maximum quality of a boot knife into its small figure.

With a full tang fixed blade, the Gerber Ghoststrike is an ultralight knife. Because of its small-profiled fixed blade, the survivalist can carry the knife without noticing the blade. It is a preferable knife for who is the biggest fan of the steel 420HC blade.

The sharp blade comes out of the box, and grip exactly goes with the blade. The sharp knife also comes with a belt loop that is adjustable vertically or an inverted mount on the belt.

It is a tremendous concealable tool for self-defensive situations. Whether you are a survivalist or hunter, the knife will give you great service during your operation.

What’s so good

  • Solid grip for a skeletonized knife
  • Fantastic lockup
  • Relatively inexpensive knife
  • Holds the blade reasonably well
  • Lightweight boot knife
  • Cool looking sheath holds the edge reasonably well

What’s not so good

  • It is not a large knife
  • A single purpose knife
  • The grip is a little strange

Fury Tactical Boot Knife

Boots are typically known as the traditional tool. If you want to get one of the best traditional boots, then move to the fury tactical boot knife. It comprises a considerable weight, which is not too much or less.

However, the boot knife offers a compact design with exceptional sharpness. The thick black coating on the blade looks like the spray on the wrinkle paint. Needless to say, the coating protects the knife from any kind of external scratches.

Moreover, it is a well-balanced knife that gives you an excellent feeling when carrying it. That’s because the knife’s handle is made of comfortable material, rubber. At the top of the rubber handle, you will find a hole to attach some cordage.

The heavy-duty leather sheath comes with the knife and is stitched very well. The size is also perfect for attaching with the belt or put into the boot.


What’s so good

  • Grippy rubberized handle
  • A well-stitched heavy-duty knife
  • Well-made stealthy and small knife
  • An awesome stabbing and slashing tool
  • Sturdy and secure sheath

What’s not so good

  • The handle is inadequate in length for some adult
  • Needs to be sharpened
  • Requires more secure and advanced sheath

MTech USA Xtreme MX-8059

The real beauty of the USA Xtreme knife is its great combination of edge and serrated portion. Because of the unique combination, the full tang knife becomes a dangerous weapon. If you want to hold the beast-like sharpness, you need to sharpen the tool periodically.

Unfortunately, the handle is heavier than the knife’s blade. But the heaviness doesn’t harm the compatibility of the blade. Instead, the durable handle fits into the user’s handle perfectly.

With the snap button inside the sheath, the little sheath holds the blade into it perfectly. Moreover, the well-built metal clip but with the leather sheath sticks the knife with the boot.

What’s so good

  • Exceptional serration
  • Great combination of serrated and straight edge
  • Maintenance is easy
  • Great leather sheath
  • Resist the corrosion and rust

What’s not so good

  • Blade requires regular maintenance sharpening
  • Lacks of edge resistance capacity
  • The handle is unexpectedly heavier.


Final Verdict

Knives are one of the ancient tools that are not only used for regular activities but also for self-defense. Boot knives are a tremendous self-defensive knife that is easy to deploy as well as carry. Typically, the knives include dragger type blade and easy concealability.

In the ancient time, the boost knife was very popular with the Americans for defeating the invader. With the development of technology, the knife has improved its features and activities. And still, it is famous for law enforcement officers and outdoor fighters.

Simple research about the best boot knives will give you countless results. But it is difficult to search for numerous reviews for each knife when you are a regular knife purchaser. To be honest, it is somehow complicated to choose the best knife by reading amazon reviews and features.

That’s why we have disclosed the top five boot knives in this article. Hopefully, it will save your labor and time when looking for a quality boot knife.

Buyer’s Guide (Factors you should consider)

Boot knives are not only working knives. With its dragger and considerable size, it is best used as a fighting and surviving knife.

Design of the blade

The drop point, clip point, and spear point blade are the boot knife blade design.

Wherein the drop point blade is useful for hunting and skinning the vast sized animals easily. Conversely, the clip point blade is convenient for hunting and skinning the comparatively small size animals.

Another blade, the spear point, includes the double-sized plain blade. With the double-edged straight blade features, the blade makes the knife a great tool for self-defense and fighting.

Overall, the blade design of the boot knife varies according to its working motive. So, it is up to you, which blade is selecting for your boot knife. No matter which blade you are choosing, make sure it can accomplish your goal. Otherwise,

The overall size of the blade

The overall size of the blade varies from person to person. Some prefer a small bladed boot knife, and some like to have a dagger as a boot knife. It is a fact that the boot knife saves you from danger and tactical situations. Moreover, it makes regular small to big tasks.

That’s why purchasing a larger boot knife is the better solution for the outdoorsman. But if you think about the legitimacy, then the length of your boot knife’ blade shouldn’t cross 2 inches. However, you can choose your knife’s blade ranging from medium to big size.

If you choose the medium-sized blade, it’s length can range from 2.7 to 4 inches. Conversely, an ideal large-sized blade can be more than 4 inches in length.

Weight of the boot knife

Considering the weight before purchasing a boot knife is very important. That’s because you mightn’t know how long you have to carry the knife with you. If the knife is not convenient to carry, it will make your whole journey painful.

However, the weight of the boot knife differs according to its overall size. If your knife includes cheap materials, there is a higher possibility of its being weighty. So, when purchasing the boot knife, you should consider its overall size and materials.

Handle materials

We all know what the primary purpose of the handle of the knife is. Indeed, the main responsibility of the knife’s handle is to ensure a proper grip. Especially when the knife is a boot knife, the handle must be well-grippy in all situations.

Typically, titanium, stainless steel, carbon steel, G-10 steel, etc. are known as best handle materials. But some handles increase the weight of the knife although it provides a secure grip. Verily, a weighty handle is inconvenient to carry and handle during compact situations. Especially, when you need to defend yourself with the boot knife, the handle makes the knife troublesome to use.


Indeed, having the right sheath is one of the most important concerns about a boot knife. It attaches the boot knife with your boot or belt for a long time. So, when it comes to choosing the sheath, you cannot compromise its quality at all.

Typically, the sheath of the boot knives is made of leather, plastic (In the form of Kydex), or nylon. The leather sheaths are considered the best component for the boot knives. That’s because the sheath is convenient both for the blade of the knife and its user to carry.

However, if the sheath you choose is not convenient for the blade, bearing the knife might be troublesome for you. Therefore, no matter which material you choose for your knife, you must first consider its suitability.


FAQ (Frequently asked question)

Are boot knives practical?

The features and applications of a boot knife vary according to their size and shape. Although, at first, the boot knives were only used for self-defense and fighting. With an improved boot knife, you can hunt, slice, slash the animals, and protect yourself. That’s why the boot knives are practical, after all.

What are boot knives used for?

Previously, the boot knives were a common tool for self-defense. But modern technology has not confined its uses within self-defense only. It is providing us something more than self-defense.

First of all, the knife is a suitable tool for cutting and slicing the hunting animals.

With a little practice, your boot knife can be a tremendous combating tool. Also, the concealability makes the knife an awesome backup tool.

The boot knives are handy tools that make you prepared for any kind of external attack.

Where can I carry a knife?

Indeed, the boot knives are great concealable tools. It gives you versatile options for carrying. As they are the concealable boot knives, you can hide them anywhere in your body.

Most of the boot knives are suitable to conceal in your boot, backpack, and belt. But make sure the knife you are purchasing is not so large or small. The large knife is somehow inconvenient to conceal. Conversely, the too-small knives are not as handy as the bigger boot knives. However, to hide and use the knife perfectly, you must gain the proper training about operating the boot knives.


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