Corn knives are an effective tool that is used to cut off corn stalks from the stem. Corn knives can be successfully used on corns, canes, and similar plants. Some also use them in personal and industrial level farming or gardening. It is quite easy to spot a corn knife, even though they do not have any strictly distinctive features, the set of characteristics like a long thick blade with a flat or hollow grind straight edge, is hard to miss. As the blade is quite large, so the handle looks sort of small in comparison to that, but that’s required for better balance distribution. Some are designed with a wider top part of the blade, and some come with an equally rectangular shape.

So, if you’re looking to buy the best corn knife amongst all the models that the market has to offer, I can aid you through the process. Below I’ve accumulated some of the best suiting models considering many points of view, whether you’re bound in budget or not, for personal or professional use, I have your back. So you will not find the whole procedure difficult at all.

Choosing the Best Corn Knife

  1. Seymour 2C-66 Corn Knife

This corn knife from Seymour is a great example of a no-nonsense traditional corn knife. This will easily fit any budget, and while it doesn’t offer any extra attractive features besides the vital ones, but it will surely get the job done.

The knife measures about 18 inches in overall length, consisting of a whole 15-inch long blade with 2-3/4 inches in width. The blade is constructed of high carbon cutlery steel; moreover, the steel is heat tempered. Hence, you’re ensured to get a flexible blade that not only takes an edge quickly but also holds it longer. So you will not have to sharpen it much frequently. It can also take enough force head-on which is a prioritized quality in corn knives.

The hardwood handle is another highlight of the product; it is strong and stabilized with 2 rivets to enhance the strength. The 2-1/4 inches long handle is sanded well to be comfortable to hold while providing a strong and slip-proof grip.


  • Polished and tempered steel.
  • Taper ground blade to ensure better cut.
  • Lanyard hole adds more storage options.
  • Easy sharpening.


  • A lighter option – needs more force to cut stalks at one go.


  1. Ames True Temper Corn Knife

The Ames corn knife is designed like a machete. So you can get much versatile along with cornfield you can use it to size up bushes too. It can easily be used on heavy-duty chopping, the thickness of the blade allows smooth and angled cut.

The knife is quite massive; it is furnished with a 15 inches’ long carbon steel blade. Carbon steel initially doesn’t have the characteristics to avoid corroding, so it’s prone to rust, thus in need of regular oiling and maintenance to resist. So the Ames corn knife features a lacquered layer over the blade to ensure enhanced protection against corrosion.

Unlike most other corn knives, the handle it offers is a pretty large, 6.5 inches long hardwood handle. Which gives enough space for a secure grip and less like to slip out of your hand when things turn rough.


  • Constructed of quality material.
  • Lacquered painted blade.
  • Heat tempered for maximum durability.
  • Conveniently sized.


  • Does not come sharpened.
  • Bad quality control.


  1. Truper 22-Inch Corn Knife Machete

Another machete styled blade that is ideal for cropping up corn stalks, as well as other agricultural purposes, such as cleaning up medium-sized plants and bushes, thorns, weeds, etc. Having one of these in your toolbox can sum up much more than you bought it for.

The knife is about 22 inches long with a large blade that is sharpened to precision. You can slash down brunches and corn plants at a swing easily. And the smart design of the blade helps a lot, the blade gets gradually wider as it reaches the top, which adds weight to the blade, thus adding more force at every swing.

The sturdy handle is made of solid North American hardwood. Which is double riveted and accompanied by a lanyard hole at the end for more storing choices. Oil the blade from time to time, and you’re good to go for a long period.


  • Ultra-sharp versatile blade.
  • Durable and elegant design.
  • Strong yet comfy handle.
  • Features conveniently balanced weight.


  • Tricky to use on small plants.


  1. Okapi Knife and Tool Corn Knife

Okapi Knife and Tool is one of the most trusted and renowned manufacturers out there, who have been diligently delivering quality products for over a century. This stylish corn machete is a great example of it, and satisfied customers are the proof.

This 21-inch long machete harbors a 14.5 inches long blade made of high-end 1055 high carbon steel. The blade is known to take an edge quickly and easily; a regular sharpening stone will do the trick. The high carbon steel also retains edge longer, clean the blade after every use, and oil it often – that’s it, the recipe for a long-lasting blade. The satin finish provides a decent amount of rust protection on top of giving the blade a nice silver shine.

The South African machete features a wood handle, which is contoured to fit your hand nicely. The handle is 6.25 inches long polished for longevity. The straight spine provides maximum strength to size up a whole cornfield.


  • Well-balanced machete design.
  • Versatile appliances.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Features a satin finished sharp blade.
  • Quality grade materials used.


  • Requires sharpening before first use.


  1. Condor Tool & Knife Duku Machete

This corn machete from Condor is royalty among other corn knives. It has the build, the look, and everything you want in a unit in this price range. Everything this corn machete offers is guaranteed to deliver high performance.

With a 15.5” long blade, the enormous knife measures about 22-1/4 inches in length. The knife has a hollow ground with a plain edge; the 1075 high carbon steel it is constructed of ensures maximum strength and toughness. So no matter how rough and tough the job gets the edge won’t chip.

Both the blade and handle are professionally polished. The handle is shaped like a cane for you to achieve a secure and slip-proof grip. The hardwood handle is triple-riveted with brass, so it’s finely balanced and comfortable to wield. You can use the lanyard hole for hanging the knife in the barn or tie strips.


  • Full tang construction.
  • Durable build – multipurpose.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Elegant & functional design.
  • Comes with a high-quality leather sheath.


  • Tricky to sharpen the first time due to the grind.
  • Quality control issues.


Final Verdict

A corn knife is not what you call an essential knife in the toolbox. As you can have the job done with any long and sharp knife, but the difference with using a corn knife indicates that you’re likely to have a better outcome at less effort. So it’s easier to hack corn with the best corn knife than using other random knives.

The models that I’ve mentioned are meant to swift up your decision-making about which one to choose. However, the products aren’t ranked in any manner; the numbering is random, so I suggest you go through all of them to get a better view of the market. As long as you have your needs sorted, pretty sure you won’t have a problem choosing, good luck!



Q: How to use a corn knife?

A: Much like how you’d use regular harvesting knives. Choosing a knife according to your dominant hand is important. Hold the plant by its ear and swing the knife horizontally through the corn stalk. In any circumstance do not swing it towards you, do it sideways to avoid injuries. In any case, you should consider wearing shin guards to further ensure your protection.

Q: What should I prioritize while buying a corn knife?

A: What you should look for in a corn knife can be described from a single perspective. Firstly, the quality should be worth every penny, do not let the features compromise if you spent enough for that. The length of the should be 15 to 20 inches with a comfortable gripped handle. The sharpening should be easy, and not to mention the more complementing the weight is the easier it will cut.

Q: What is the ideal length of a corn knife?

A: Corn knives are designed to have long blades. It helps to get better reach and also upgrades the functionality. You should choose the length depending on how much weight is comfortable for and if you even need the longest corn knife. An ideal length for a corn knife starts from about 15 inches. Not too long, not too short, and mostly fits about everyone’s requirements. If you do prefer longer ones, some manufacturers provide longer knives close to 20 inches.



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