We all love a knife that can be used for various purposes at various times, and because of that type of character, the Kiridashi knife is loved too. The Kiridashi knife is an everyday carry tool since ancient times. You can accomplish various outdoors tasks with this amazing knife. The design of the Kiridashi Knife and the use that you can make out of it makes it a must-have in a collection of someone who is an expert in using knives.

The Kiridashi knife is a Japanese knife and we have it in our current times as each passing generation taught the next generation how to forge these knives. Since historical time craftsman has used this knife for woodworking and bamboo crafting.

There is more of this Kiridashi Knife and this article will enlighten you regarding all of it. Many knives companies of the current knives are manufacturing this Kiridashi knife because of how useful and versatile it is. You will get to know details regarding some important features to pay heed to so you can get the best Kiridashi knife for yourself. We also answered some important FAQs so no doubt remains within you.

Overview of Kiridashi Knives:

Before we jump to know how you are going to choose the best Kiridashi knife for yourself let us walk you through a brief overview of Kiridashi knives.

The word “Kiridashi” is a Japanese word that means pointed knife. The thing that makes the Kiridashi knife different is the end of the blade that is a bit angled to take the shape of a tall triangle so it has a pointy tip. Just like the knife even the design of the handle is unique as it has a unique rectangular handle.

Construction of the Kiridashi knife is not done using any sort of machine. It is completely made manually using stainless steel of high grade for the blade and strong wood for the handle. Now, to make the making of the knife easier manufactures use moulds to achieve the proper shape and size of the Kiridashi knife while the weight is consistent.

Just like a regular utility knife the size of a Kiridashi knife is about 2 inches long. And like we previously mentioned about how versatile the Kiridashi knife is, you can use it for tasks that you would normally do with a utility knife. The sharp pointed chisel edge of the knife gives you the experience of smooth cutting. The edge of the blade is slightly curved so that the knife can slice through materials effortlessly.

The modern knife making companies do provide leather sheaths for the protection of these Kiridashi knives. You will get a Kiridashi knife of different variations to select from. Our buying guide below will enlighten you regarding features you have to think about before you select a Kiridashi knife for yourself.

How to Choose the Best Kiridashi Knife?

You will be shopping for the Kiridashi Knife for accomplishing a lot of important tasks, for that you need to carefully select your knife. Have a look at the details of the features that you need to pay attention to for getting the perfect knife for yourself.

  1. Weight

While purchasing the Kiridashi knife you need to think about the weight as well. You don’t want a knife that is too heavy or too light. A knife that is too heavy will not give you satisfaction while working and it will seem difficult to make precise cuts. Knives that are too heavy will make it difficult for you to make deep cuts.

Hence, you need to go for Kiridashi knives that are lightweight and weigh around 100 grams. The traditional ones also did not exceed this weight limit. So, Kiridashi knives that are 100 grams are easy to carry and also easy to control.

  1. Blade Material:

The current knife manufacturing companies construct the blade of Kiridashi knives out of various metals. Now, the properties of all types of metals differ from each other. You need the blade of your Kiridashi knife to be durable, resistant to rust and corrosion. All these required properties are in high-grade stainless steel. So, we suggest you get Kiridashi knives that have blades made out of stainless steel.

You will also find Kiridashi knives with blades made out of carbon steel. Now, carbon steel is highly durable but the only issue is it cannot resist rust, stains and corrosion.

  1. Blade Sharpness:

The sharpness of the blade does not depend on what you purchase but how you maintain your knife. No matter how high quality the material of a blade is, you will not feel satisfaction using it if the blade does not have adequate sharpness for accomplishing tasks. So, for maintenance of sharpness get a good quality sharpener that is compatible with the design of the Kiridashi knife.

  1. Handle Material:

The construction of the handle of the Kiridashi knife is done using three types of materials which are wood, leather and metal. So, when you will be purchasing a Kiridashi knife you need to consider the handle material as your comfort during work will depend on it. Also, the weight of the overall knife depends on the material of the knife.

Your control and cutting with precision depends on the type of handle that you pick. So, we suggest you go for Kiridashi knives that have handles constructed out of wood. Handles that are made out of wood do not fatigue your hand and also feel easy to use.

  1. Comfort:

Feeling comfortable while using your knife is essential to achieve precise cuts. Hence, we encourage you to go for models of Kiridashi knives that have an ergonomic handle. Non-slip grip present at the handle also ensures control over a knife to work with satisfaction. Look out for these features to feel satisfied while working with the knife that you wish to purchase.

  1. Brand:

The reputation of the brand matters from where you will be getting your Kiridashi knives. Brands are responsible to manufacture products that have quality, durability and longevity. So, before you purchase your Kiridashi knife check reviews of customers that have previously purchased from the brand.


  1. What is the use of a Kiridashi knife?

Ans: The Kiridashi knife has been used since history by craftsmen for woodwork and crafting bamboos. But, in modern times you can use the knife for other purposes like a utility knife.

  1. Is the Kiridashi knife lightweight?

Ans: Yes, the Kiridashi knife is lightweight. It only weighs around 100 grams.

  1. What is the length of the Kiridashi knife?

Ans: The overall length of the Kiridashi knife is about 210mm. The blade length of the Kiridashi knife is about 55 mm.

  1. What is the end of a Kiridashi knife looks like?

Ans: The end of a Kiridashi knife looks like a chisel with a pointed edge.

  1. What is the handle of the Kiridashi knife made out of?

Ans: The handle of the Kiridashi knife is made out of wood, metal or leather.

Common Uses of Kiridashi Knives:

The Kiridashi knife is capable of accomplishing many cutting tasks. Yet, we listed down below some important uses that the Kiridashi knife can be used for. Have a look at the tasks that you can perform.

  • Normal cutting tasks.
  • Gardening and grafting chores that require the use of a knife.
  • Self-defence.
  • Tactical purpose.
  • You can use the knife for cutting pipes, wires and zip ties as well.
  • The Sharp pointed tip of the knife allows you to open boxes smoothly.
  • Crafting using bamboo, wood, leather, cardboard, and many other materials.
  • You can carry the knife for survival at places where you go camping or hiking.
  • You can use the knife for cutting twigs.

Where to buy Kiridashi Knives:


To sum up, we hope that you found all your answers regarding Kiridashi Knife. The versatility of the Kiridashi knife impressed many generations. Since ancient times the crafting of the knife is done with precision to give the unique chisel-like tip that makes it versatile to accomplish any cutting task that is possible.

Our buying guide will help you pick the right Kiridashi knife that will provide you with complete satisfaction and make your purchase worth it. The Kiridashi knife is a unique tool that comes into use for an everyday cutting chore and it is also worth keeping it in your collection as someone who loves learning about various types of knives.

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