To fight against your enemy might be several options of weapon. But the weapon you can use with no worry that is fighting knives. If you use a gun there you may fall in several unwanted situations or the cops might suspect you. But the fighting knife is such kind of weapon that gives you more security than any other weapons.

After conducting research over the knife’s quality and customer feedback, we made a list of 10 best fighting knives. To choose the best product got through the article below and pick up the best one among them.


KA-BAR full-size fighting knife is originally imported from the US. It includes 100% leather sheath which gives you full protection from its blade while you carrying the knife in your pocket. The leather sheath is made in Mexico. The knife has the most famous designated fixed blade in the world. Its 7” straight-edge blade is very useful to fight any tactical situation.

The knife has used high carbon steel in its blade. So the blade is perfectly suitable for the knife. The handle of the knife is made of leather which gives comfort to hold the knife into the hand perfectly.


  • The blades are sharp
  • The edge angle creates good utility
  • Multifunctional combat knife
  • Easy to sharpen


  • Blades might get rust
  • Hilt might get slippery

Masalong Outdoor survival claw

A combat knife has to be longer than 3 inch and smaller than 12 inches. The length of as along a series knife is 7 inches in total. So it is perfect as a fighting knife. The blade of the knife contains D2 steel. This reduces the cost of limited budgeted customers. The thickness of its blade is .05cm which is more studier, durable and quite good for wood chopping. The length of its handle 4.3 inches and made of black G10. G10 has a very high mechanical strength and amazing dimension ability. There have two options for the sheath with the product.


  • Edge is sharp about 45 degrees
  • Perfect in size
  • Well crafted
  • More versatile
  • Double-edged blade


  • The sheath is tight enough
  • The insufficient hardness of the edge

Genuine Authentic J Nowill

Genuine Authentic knife is made in Sheffield England. It is a Fairbairn Sykes knife which is a double-edged fighting knife. Its dragger and foil grip is designated by the British military. The use of leather lag sheath in the fighting knife enables that you can conceal the knife anywhere in your body. It is the tactical knife that you can use as a weapon in any emergency situation. The blade of the weapon is made of stainless steel that made it more straight and strong. This authentic knife is very lightweight. So it is very easy to use. The long and stiff blade makes it great for pierce.



  • Nice dragger
  • The blade is long and stiff
  • Battle tasted knife
  • Lifetime investment
  • Great quality


  • The sheath is little flimsy
  • Blade is not centered properly.

Masalong chameleon Outdoor

The blade of Masalong Chameleon outdoor is made of D2 steel. This material provides a standard performance. It gives better performance in comparison to expense.

At 59-60HRC hardness of the blade, you will find it as a better quality pocket knife as Spyderco, cold steel and buck. The knife is provided with Kydex knife sheath. The sheath is unbreakable.

Even after dropping on the hard ground it remains well. The full length of the knife is 22cm which is the symbol of an ideal knife. This knife can be used by anyone without any training. The G10 handle of the knife is difficult to break and makes it very lightweight to carry out.


  • Remain sharper for a longer time
  • Kydex sheath doesn’t shrink, expand or warp
  • Razor-sharp
  • Unique design


  • Difficult to find the fighting style
  • Its wrong use can be fatal


United Cutlery UC3044

United Cutlery is a Safe and durable fighting knife used for the toughest conditions. The material used in the knife is very qualified. The knife’s overall length is 20-1/2 inch which includes a long blade of 13-7/6 inch. The blade has large curved cutting edge. The blade of the knife made of stainless steel is very sharp. Stainless steel makes the blade able to resist rust and corrosion. Its handle material includes polycarbonate materials. The binds in the molecules are very strong. It gives a flexible grip to hold the handle of the knife.



  • Best replica united cutlery
  • 100% massive
  • Blades are lightweight
  • Very sharp blade
  • Real steel
  • Visual appeal


  • Handles are heavier
  • Dulled cutting edge
  • Wall mount might be little strange


KA-BAR 1281 D2

KA-BAR extreme fighting knife is a 100% synthetic knife. It is originally made in USA. The knife is used by all branches of military and service members. That means it is a practically tested war knife. It’s quality and durability-tested by the experts. KA-BAR knife is the best knife for collectors and outdoor services.

The tactical knife is 11-7/8 inch in length which makes it perfect as a combat knife. The length of the blade and click-shape of the knife makes it controllable to the users. Its 20-degree blade is very well and durable. The high carbon steel blade is capable of holding the edge for a long time. Kraton G material handle made the knife very lightweight and tough. The knife has come with a glass-filled nylon sheath. The sheath makes the fixed bladed knife fits into it.



  • D2 steel hold the edge.
  • Multiple uses
  • Bade is sharp enough
  • Steel has higher resistant to corrosion


  • Less hardness of steel
  • Butt cap on the knife is a little lose

ISHAK-BLACK Israeli Army

Let’s talk about its handle first. The handle of the knife contains G10 material. It is very tough, hard, lightweight and strong material. The texture of the handle makes it solid and gives a comfortable grip. Its blade material is made of 440C grade stainless steel. 440C steel resists the blade from the rust. The blade finish contains titanium that is tough and excellent corrosion resistance. The plain edged blade is very easy to sharpen and can cut very cleanly. The clip point of the blade is versatile. The knife is provided with black Plastic sheath containing stainless steel pocket clip. So you always can keep the knife in your pocket without cutting or scratching your sckin.



  • Handles are tough, light and durable
  • Blade is rustproof
  • Plain edge blade is very easy to sharpen.


  • Brittle, lacks elegance handle
  • Brittle blade
  • Titanium is less suitable for the edge.


KA5011-BRK Fighting knife

KA-BAR fighting knife is known as one of the best fighting knife. This combat knife is imported from USA. It contains plain edged blade which is easier to sharpen than a serrated knife. The blade is made of 1095 steel that has a great edge holding capacity. The Kraton handle material to increase the resistance of heat, chemicals and weathering. The material also gives a secure grip with grooves. This knife comes with glass-filled nylon sheath. The nylon sheath is rot, mildew resistant and not vulnerable to water. It makes the knife more compatible for military war. The clip point blade allows keep control over the knife. The metal butt cap of the handle is very useful for hammering or smashing.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Razor sharp
  • Kydex sheath
  • Solid lock
  • Decent edge
  • Indestructible and versatile


  • Leather gets little slippery while wet
  • Might get rust after sharpening

USMC Combat Fighter knife

Come to the blade of the knife first. 420 stainless steel blade of the knife has good abrasion resistance and edge-holding capacity. The blade also has heat-treated black finish capacity. The length of the blade is 7” including razor sharpness. These features prove the knife as a best fighting knife. The knife has clip point over its blade. This clip pointed knife can be used for general camp chores as well as field dressing and skinning. The blade also contains blood groove which often used to lighten the blade.

Now come to the handle. The knife contains leather handle. The genuine leather handle of the knife gives you a provides you protective hand guard and cast pommel. This knife also comes with a leather sheath. The leather sheath is efficient for its haunting and tactical use.



  • Edge holding blade
  • Genuine leather handle
  • Comfortable to grip
  • Stainless blade
  • Rigid handle
  • Upgraded design and hardiness


  • The handle might be a little lose

10th Century 9 (Early) Viking

The high carbon steel blade of the knife is hard and fixed. The blade has strong edge holding capacity. Its full-tang blade type makes it more useful against hard against harder materials. The edge is the cutting part of knife. The razor-sharp edge of the knife makes it more durable and dependable.

Now come to the handle part. The handle of the knife is made of wood. The handle is longer than the knife. The wooden handle makes the knife more durable and comfortable in hand. The leather scabbard made the knife easy and dependable to carry out. The blood groove is crooked but hardly noticeable. It fits the sheath tightly in hand


  • Sharp sword
  • Perfect Balance
  • Comfortable grip
  • Blade is oiled
  • Scabbard fits perfectly
  • Lightweight


  • Less fitted sheath for a sword
  • Poor rust-resistant blade

Final Verdict

We have tried to uphold a detail description of the best fighting knife. All of them are reliable, flexible and efficient as a combat knife. You can choose anyone among them. A fighting knife is used in the war and emergency. Most of them are fixed and sharp-bladed knife which is perfect for combat.

You should invest in your money on that product which is appropriate for your needs. You can choose the multitasked knife from the list if you want to use in different task. Also you can choose a bladed knife if you want to make anything cut easily. But the thing you have to keep in mind is that the knife must be long-lasting and rustproofing. No matter that you might to invest a little more for that.


Buyer’s Guide: Things to be considered

Let’s know first what is fighting knife. A knife with strong blade and the fixed handle is used for military fighting or self-defense is the fighting knife. It is the weapon used for a physical confrontation between two or more parties. A fighting knife is particularly important for the person because it ensures the primary safety without bothering that person.

Before buying a fighting knife, there are some things remaining which you have to keep in mind. Thus you can make the best use of your investments.

Blade materials

The first thing you have to consider in a knife is the materials used in the blade. There are several materials for the knife’s blade in the market. Most popular blades are made of stainless steel, high carbon steel.

The stainless steel has the rust-proofing capacity. It is the most durable, long-lasting and stronger knife. The steel contains chromium and nickel. On the contrary, high carbon steel is nearly indestructible. It holds the edge very well and includes the supreme cutting edge. The knife is very easy to sharpening.

If you want a well-featured knife into a limited budget than stainless steel can be the best choice for you. Because it is more affordable and requires minimum maintenance. On the other hand if you have enough limits on the budget then you can choose the high carbon steel. As it contains a fixed blade, well cutting edge and can be sharpened easily.

The materials which went into designing the type of blade, type of handle, type of sheath, type of steel; all these contribute to the final making of the knife. We are going to start by mentioning the type of blades which can be found in a knife below:

Another important thing to keep in mind is the material of the blade. Those are now going to be discussed below:

Stainless steel: Steels like this are mostly either waterproof or are less likely to catch rust. An extra layer of coating has to be put through the blade to make this happen. Hence, this blade is comparatively less sharp than non-stainless steel. It is perfect for people who want to try out any extreme sport.

Carbon Steel: This type of steel is the exact opposite of stainless steel. The blade goes through only a single layer of protection and makes it more exposed to dust and other residues. At the same time, due to the blade being raw, it provides more sharpness and precision than stainless steel.

Finally, we are going to talk about the materials used to produce the handle.

Wood: Handles produced from this provide a better grip than any other material since they are less slippery than most materials. At the same time, the handle might be susceptible to rotting if it comes into contact with water now and then.

Metallic handle: Most of the handles are made with tampered aluminum or steel. Even though these provide more durability, it is likely to cause more self-injury if they get even the slightest bend or deformation on them.


After that, come to the nature of the handle. The handles of the knife might be made of wood or rubber or aluminum or steel. Check out, whether the handle has a comfortable grip and better safety.


Another essential factor of the fighting knife is the sheath. The sheath of the knife might be made of rubber or leather of steel. All you have to look out in this section is to check out whether the sheath is comfortable with the knife or not. The rubber or leather sheath is more useful for the combat knife to use it anywhere.

Length and weight

As the knife is a tactical knife, the length of the knife must be higher than 3 inches but lower than 12 inches. Besides, the knife must be lightweight as you have to carry the knife with you. If your knife fulfills all these requirements, this knife is best for you.


One of the most important parts of the knife is its durability. To make the best utilization of your money, you must check the durability of the knife. High carbon steel is more durable than stainless steel.

However, we recommend not using this for regular use because the blade might take too long to come out, and even a second can make all the difference in times of emergency. Professionals, being more skilled can use this regularly for their training. All in all, this is more suitable for people who have just gotten into a military, hunting, or outdoor sports field.




How to hold a knife while fighting?

To hold the knife you have to find out whether the knife has a secure grip. Take the handle of the knife in your hand and wrap it with your all finger. Don’t put your finger on the blade.

How to learn knife fighting?

To learn knife fighting, you can to take proper training from any training center. Another thing you can do that is search on YouTube and Google how to defend yourself through fighting knife. Besides you can do practice regularly to become an expert in knife fighting.

Question: How to learn knife fighting?

In this age of technology, anything can be learned from one’s home. There are YouTube videos dedicated to teaching the skill of knife fighting.

Moreover, a stick or a wooden handle should be used at home for initially learning the swings. Martial art is also a great way of learning knife fighting.

Question: What is a fighting knife?

A fighting knife is specifically designed with sharp blades to inflict the maximum injury in a fight between two or more individuals.

Question: Can a fighting knife be only used in combat?

No, it can be used anywhere like military practicing, military training, wars, sword fighting, extreme outdoor sports, hunting, and even for self-defense purposes.

Question: Do I need to get a license to be eligible for buying a fighting knife?

No, you do not require any license for that.

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