Wusthof is one of the leading knife manufacturing brands in the present market globally. Professionals also prefer Wusthof because of its continuity in delivering quality accompanied by its sharpness and excellent agility. Being manufactured in the city of blades, Solingen, Germany; superiority is guaranteed through the expert hands of dedicated knife smiths. Gordon Ramsay puts his trust famously on Wusthof too; it features many lines of cutlery – the Epicure series is one such line of kitchen knives that provides an outstanding collection of knives.

The Epicure series offers a perfect balance between functionality and quality; its lightweight and agility similar to a Japanese blade, and the strength and durability of German steel combined to get you this top-tier collection of knives. All the knives from this series are forged from one piece, a little wider than usual kitchen blade models, and fashioned with an iconic curved tip. The non-stick ceramic coating is another great touch of this line. So, if you’re looking into buying knives from the Epicure series, this article presents some great Wusthof Epicure knife reviews that you should look into before buying. Happy Shopping!


Buying the Best Wusthof Epicure Knives


  1. Wusthof Epicure Seven Piece Block Set

The 7-piece kitchen knife set from the Epicure series is not only beautiful but also extremely functional for its intended tasks. The knife selection for this set is quite impressive; it includes an 8-inch chef’s knife, 9-inch dual serrated bread knife, 5-inch utility knife with serration, 3.5-inch paring knife, kitchen shears, and a 9-inch honing rod. Not to mention the attractive acacia wooden block with 15-slots that’s included in the package; so you can store all your necessary pieces together.

The blades are precision-forged, made from high carbon stainless steel, so these present excellent hardness and edge-retention ability along with their natural resistance against rusting, staining, and all forms of corrosions. The ceramic coating of the blade upgrades its rust resistance and ensures a better performance edge-wise.

The handles are constructed from processed wood fibers acquired from epicurean cutting boards. So, the handles are designed quite large, providing a spacious grip for anyone with any hand size.


  • Full tang construction.
  • Features profound bolsters.
  • Handsome wooden block with extra slots.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • You may miss few knives for more dynamic cooking.


  1. Wusthof Epicure Twelve Piece Block Set

If you’re hesitant to buy the previous 7-piece unit because you need more variety in the collection, then the 12-piece set is the right way to go. It comes with the same brown visuals and the slim & attractive acacia wood block. It houses an 8-inch chef’s knife, 9-inch bread knife, 9-inch slicer, 5-inch utility knife with saw edge, 3.5-inch parer, four steak knives measuring 4.5-inches, pair of kitchen shears, and a 10-inch honing rod to resharpen the blade whenever you want.

Similar to the previous unit, this set also uses precision forged high carbon stainless steel to construct the blade, the unique curved edge ensures an outstanding cutting experience; due to the high count of carbon properties in the steel, you get harder blades with longer edge retention. Each blade is designed to be razor-sharp, so you can count on them to upgrade your cutting game severalfold. The double-riveted brown wooden handle is comfortable to hold, while ergonomics do a superb job at reducing fatigue while using the knives, even with long hours.


  • Suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Offers comfortable and non-slip handles.
  • Razor-sharp ceramic coated blade.
  • Corrosion-resistant.


  • Requires regular upkeep for better performance.


  1. Wusthof Epicure Two Piece Prep Set

Wusthof Epicure series brings these handy 2-piece prep set, which is perfect for beginners or anyone looking to add few extra pieces to their collection. The set includes a chef’s knife and a paring knife, measuring 6 inches and 3.5 inches respectively.

Both knives are constructed of high carbon stainless steel, so you are guaranteed to enjoy an amazingly sharp edge for a longer time. The lucid finish of ceramic on the blade helps to resist rusting and staining. Moreover, prevents food from sticking on the blade while cutting, ultimately saving a significant amount of time during the food preparation.

The haft portion of both knives is constructed from recycled wood fibers same as all other knives of the Epicure line, provides a strong grip that is unlikely to slip out of your hand under any circumstances; the contours are that effective. Being forged from one uninterrupted steel, there’s nothing to come apart; hence the knife shows considerable sturdiness and balance.


  • Multipurpose knife collection.
  • Durable and great balance.
  • Designed with full-bolster.
  • Double-riveted wood handle.


  • The chef’s knife feels small for a few tasks.
  • Doesn’t include any storing option.


  1. Wusthof Epicure 8-Inch Cook’s Knife

Whether you are a home cook or a professional, the importance of a reliable knife cannot be undermined. And the 8-inch cook’s knife brought to you by Wusthof can be your go-to piece any day; you’ll never regret bringing this knife into your kitchen, rest assured.

This knife is the definition of perfection; the size is just right, not too big not too small. The blade to handle balance is admirable too. The handle provides a generous circumference for a secure grip; the double rivets do a great job at stabling the construction by pulling it all together. The wooden handle increases both the comfort and aesthetics of the knife.

The superior high carbon stainless steel blade’s forged from Wusthof’s own Precision Forging Technology. Designed to be exceptionally sharp to carry out all your dicing and chopping needs in the kitchen. The bevel of the blade is noticeably curved to elevate the performance of the blade. Finally, the layer of the ceramic coating does a boss job at resisting corrosion and protecting the exterior of blades from wear and tear.


  • Durable and versatile kitchen knife.
  • Comes ultra-sharp.
  • Extensive edge retention.
  • Easy to use and maneuver.


  • Tad heavy.


  1. Wusthof Epicure 7-inch Hollow Edge Santoku

When the solid and durable German steel meets the iconic Japanese design, you know something amazing will come from it. And the 7-inch santoku knife from Wusthof’s Epicure line is just that.

The 7-inch blade is made from high carbon German steel, so the durability and functionality of the blade is guaranteed to be superior. Naturally, the santoku features a Granton edge, equipped with hollow air pockets to ensure a faster and better cutting performance. The blade’s sharpened through droids and finished with a translucent ceramic finish to upgrade its potential.

The santoku can be used to cut pretty much anything, meat, vegetables, and fruits, etc. but do prohibit using it on frozen foods too. The blade is significantly wider along with an optimal length, making it more versatile to use in the kitchen. The ergonomic wooden handle provides an easy and slip-proof grip; this will turn to be your most favorite knife in no time.


  • All-rounder kitchen knife.
  • Impressive balance.
  • Easy to resharpen.
  • Practically curved edge.


  • Pricey; but worth the investment.



Q: What makes Wusthof’s Epicure line worth my investment?

A: The engineering, functionality, and premium performance. The solid construction of the Epicure knives makes them outshine any other knives on your countertop, and the sharp edge is suited for all kinds of chopping and cutting tasks in your kitchen. By buying Epicure, you’re also contributing to the betterment of the environment, as the wood fibers used in the handles of this series are recycled. The positive feedback for each unit, speaks for itself.

Q: What does the Epicure line offer?

A: Along with a robust and durable build, you get a sharper and wider blade in all the knives from the Epicure series. The blades are furnished with a convenient edge and a translucent ceramic finish which works both as an enhancement and protective measure for the blades. The full bolster and tang provide an ultimate balance that ensures easy maneuvering, and the large handle offers enough space for a comfortable grip.

Q: Which knives are provided by the Epicure line?

A: Along with the 3 sets of knives, 8-inch chef’s knife, and the santoku knife reviewed in this post, the line also includes 2 more chef’s knives, 2 utility knives, a paring knife, a bread knife, and a slicing knife. Conveniently, the initial characteristics and aesthetics for these knives are similar too.


Final Verdict

Wusthof is rich with many types of blades, along with outdoor and tactical knives, its kitchen knives are also especially good and practical. Its dynamic design and fine contemporary features are engineered to perfection. The Epicure line is a brilliant choice for anyone who’s looking to get a professional-grade knife adept for all sorts of tasks. Another highlight of this series is that its sustainable construction, the handles being almost half the frame of these knives are processed from recycled substances. Hopefully, this Wusthof Epicure knife reviews will help you choose the best unit for your kitchen, whether you work in a residential or professional setup.


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