If you are in search of a handy tool that doesn’t feel like a burden to carry around, then it is a credit card knife that you are looking for. Just like the name suggests the size of the knife is as small as a credit card taking up small space in your wallets, pockets and purses just as much a credit card would take. You get the assurance of having a useful tool with you for emergency cases if you carry a credit card knife along.

You will get to know in-depth details of the credit card knife that comes very handy for useful purposes in your daily life. We have included a detailed overview, how you can make your credit card knife, uses of credit card knife and also some FAQs that will clear any confusion arising in your minds. Keep on reading.

Overview of Credit Card Knives:

The credit card knife is a simple to use tool that is functional to carry out many practical proposes. Even if the knife is as small as the credit card the blade that it consists of is sharp to accomplish daily chores with efficiency. The best thing about the credit card knife is that it is small, easily portable and sleek with a unique style that can be spotted.

Just like a typical pocket knife, the credit card knife is capable of accomplishing tasks exactly like it. You can pull out the credit card knife conveniently as it is small enough to fit in small spaces just like your pockets. The blade that a credit card knife has doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, you can easily slice using the blade while camping.

The material of the credit card knife is made out of stainless steel. usually, the construction of the knife is made out of polypropylene that is sturdy, durable and lightweight making it pocket friendly. You will also get to see credit card knives that have optimal locking features for the ones that are foldable. Some blades come along with a protective sheath to ensure safety.

Some credit knives come available with other accessories like a gift set which is loved by a lot of users. The components that you might find include a flashlight, pen, scraper, compass, tweezer, opener and many more useful tools.

There are many uses of the credit card knife as it is an EDC knife. You can use the knife for safely cutting packages and boxes. The credit card knife can be a weapon that you can carry at night for self-defence and safety.

After knowing a detailed overview of the credit card knife we are sure that you are already thinking of getting one. However, if you are a knife junkie try reading the details of the steps that we included to enlighten you regarding how to make your credit knife. However, if you don’t want to go through any hassle you will get various types of credit card knives available in the market.

How to make your Credit Card Knife?

You can make this handy credit card knife easily at home by following some simple steps that are easy to follow. Anyone who gets gravitated towards tasks that involve DIY will love making the credit card knife all by themselves. The making process is easy and as well as gives you entertainment and some fun time to enjoy. Just follow some simple steps that we have listed down below.

  1. Use a credit card that is expired and mark two corners that are opposite of each other with the help of a tape. Then, use a whetstone and then sharpen the edge of the credit card according to the length of the stone.
  2. Sharpening using the stone will help reveal a sharp edge that can cut soft food items like tomato and also paper. When, you are done sharpening one marked edge, sharpen the other edge as well with the help of the stone. Once, both the edges are sharpened make sure you are careful enough to not bring your skin into contact with the edge.
  3. Now, make your credit card knife more interesting as you can attach useful tools to the knife with the help of tape. Add tools like needles, fishhooks, arrowheads, and any other small yet useful item to the frontal area of the card.
  4. Now, for safe storage of the knife in your wallets, pockets and purses wrap cordage around the edges of the knife. this ensures you don’t cut yourself while reaching out to the credit card knife.

Even though you can make your credit card knife, it would be better if you get ready-made ones from the market. The readymade credit card knives are very durable and very capable of accomplishing more tasks compared to the DIY ones. Yet anyone who already owns a pocket knife, can try stirring up their creative juices and make their credit card knife for experiencing some fun.


  1. Is making a credit card knife better than buying one?

Ans: No, because you get to buy a credit card knife that has a durable handle, stainless steel blade and yet they are the size of a credit card. However, making a credit card knife is for those who love DIYs.

  1. Are credit card knives illegal?

Ans: Credit card knives are not illegal in most countries because it just works like a usual pocket knife. However, countries like Canada have categorized credit knives illegal as the size of the blade is less than 30 centimetres. And any tool that has a blade length below 30 centimetres is considered an illegal weapon for Canada.

  1. Are credit card knives foldable?

Ans: Yes, there are some credit card knife models that are foldable with a lock type that can make the blade stay at a fixed position to ensure a stable working.

  1. Can credit card knives cause any harm?

Ans: The whole concept of the credit card knife is to have a handy tool that will bring you out of emergencies safely. A credit card knife can cause harm if you intend so. But, mostly you can use the credit card knife for self-defence.

Common uses of credit card knives:

The credit card knife is classified as the EDC knife which is an “everyday carry knife”. The reason why you can carry the credit card knife along with you every day is because of the great number of common uses that the knife is capable of accomplishing every day. We have listed down these common uses so they can help you understand why you should get a credit card knife for yourself.

  • The credit card knife comes in handy for quickly opening up packages safely without destroying the box.
  • You will find the credit card knife very helpful if you go exploring outdoors like camping, fishing and even hiking.
  • If you are someone that has to travel at night alone a credit card knife will help you for self-defence if you are threatened by someone.
  • If you don’t find a knife nearby to cut out fruit from a tough twig the credit card knife will come to your assistance.
  • For cutting out ropes or pipes you will find the credit card knife very handy.
  • Anyone who loves doing DIYs find it useful to have a tool like the credit card knife for precise cutting of objects.
  • The credit card knife is very small ensuring that it can fit any small space, you also get models of credit card knives that are easily portable.

Where to buy Credit Card Knives?


To sum up, we hope that you are delighted to know the details of a tool that is small like a credit card but yet useful to help you accomplish a lot of tasks. Owning a credit card knife is exactly like owning a pocket knife that is a bit small in size and very easily portable as it takes very less amount of space.

For DIY enthusiasts, we included a detailed step by step procedure about how they can easily make a credit card knife at home. But that is not the end, you will get various models of credit card knives that come in various qualities. You can easily pick out the type of credit card knife you want as they might differ in features but all of them are the size of a credit card to fit in small spaces.

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