If you’re searching for an extraordinary knife, then you’re on the right path. The Meteorite knife is a knife from out of the world.

Are you wondering? Yes, it is a matter of wonder that how a knife can be out of the world. All the mystery lies in the meteorite from which the knife is made. The knife is crafted from a stone from space that has dropped on earth.

It is one of the most unique and ancient knives you’ve ever seen. If you’re a knife enthusiast, then let’s reveal all the paradoxes of the Meteorite Knife.




Before we know about the Meteorite knife, it is important to know what a meteorite is at first.


The meteorite is a solid material rock that has fallen on the earth’s surface after passing across the atmosphere of the Earth. The meteorite mainly consists of silicate minerals or icon nickel alloys. There are also some compounds like iron-nickel grains and carbon inclusions that exist in a little amount.

Most of the meteorites come out of the asteroid belt that is between Jupiter and Mars. Some from Mars and the moon. Meteorites are considered as a kind of rock as most of them include multi-grained materials.

Most surprisingly, most of the meteorites are the same as the solar system from age. As a result, they are one of the oldest substances for humans.

When the meteorites fall on the earth, they pierce the surface to a greater depth or remain on top of the surface. Biomass, weather and wind transform the outer part of the rocks.

Again, these rocks stay intact for a few thousand years mostly in dry regions, like the African deserts. Plus, they stay intact for millions of years in Antarctica. The black fusion crust feature of the meteorites draws immediate attention.



The Meteorite knives are made from Meteorites fallen from space and are found on the earth. Extraterrestrial material is used in the manufacturing of these extraordinary blades, giving them remarkable qualities.

After polishing and hammering, the knife comes out as one of the unique knives of the world. The unique pattern, eye-catching design, and aesthetic appearance make the knife ideal for displaying.

If you think that meteorites are very rare, then it is wrong. According to Cornell, each year, 18,000 to 84,000 meteorites weighing more than 10 grams fall on the Earth. Though most of them can’t reach the surface, or fall in the ocean, there are a lot of meteorites found on the earth.


There are different types of meteorite knives according to different meteorites. Let’s know about different types of meteorites.

There are three main types of Meteorites, the stony, the irons and the stony-irons. They have also subgroups.

  • Iron Meteorites:

This iron meteorite is almost nickel-iron type metal. There are also carbide minerals and sulphide in small amounts. Again, this is the basic component of the core of the earth.

It comes from a destroyed asteroid or a planet’s core. About 5% of the meteorites found on the earth are this type of meteorite. Due to the weight, these are the most well-known meteorites.


  • Stony Meteorites:

This is the most common type of meteorite. It is nearly silicon-based and rocky material. Native rocks are not heavier than these meteorites. The outer part of this meteorite is of black fusion crust that is similar to the charcoal briquette.

About 94% of the meteorites found on the earth are Stony meteorites. Though there are many subgroups of this meteorite, the Achondrites, Planetary and Chondrites are remarkable.

  • Achondrites:

Stone meteorites without chondrules are called Achondrites. These meteorites have iron in them. There are three subgroups of this Achondrite, such as Eucrites, Diogenites, and Howardites.

  • Chondrites:

A rock containing tiny spherical structures is called Chondrules. Like Achondrites, most of the Chondrites have nickel-iron in them.

  • Planetary Achondrites:

These Planetary Achondrites are the meteorites that come from the Mars and Moon.


  • Stony Iron Meteorites:

This Stony Iron Meteorite is a combination of 50% nickel-iron and 50% rock materials. This stony-iron meteorite is the most good-looking and rarest meteorite found on the earth.

There are two subgroups of this meteorite:

  • Mesosiderites:

As the rock part, it contains different silicate minerals.


  • Pallasites:

As the rock part, it contains big and striking olivine crystals. According to some scientists, there is only a small number of olivine meteorites exist in the asteroid belt.

In both two subtypes, there is the metal part surrounding the rock part.

Here are some popular functional meteorite knives:

Michael Miller:

Michael Miller, a master bladesmith, makes these knives.

It comes with a Damascus blade made from Chinga, Henbury and Gibeon meteorites. The san-mai process is used to forge the blade. Plus, it involves inserting a high-carbon steel alloy between meteoritic Damascus bars to form the cutting edge. Again, the wooden handles have etched Brenham meteorite.

Perceval Knives:

Perceval is famous for its Muonionalusta knives, which have pallasite and mesosiderite meteorite handles. They’ve produced folding knives with Damascus steel blades to highlight the meteor’s incredible texture.

Aerolite, one more brand, is also known for its Muonionalusta knives, which have blades that reflect stunning, gleaming patterns.

While Perceval is known for its meteorite-encrusted knife handles, there are also knives with hand-made blades using meteorites.


Another meteorite knife is manufactured by Yoshindo Yoshiwara, a master Japanese swordsmith who crafted a katana from Gibeon meteorite parts. It is known as Tentetsutou.

Kramer Knives:

Bob Kramer, a bladesmith from Washington, has created a more stunning and utilitarian one. By forging iron meteorite, he has created steel chef knives.





Choosing the best Meteorite knife isn’t an easy task for its extraordinary features. So, we’re here to help you in picking the best Meteorite knives.


Meteor crystals come with a hardness that is comparable to the first-rate Damascus steel blades. These blades are near to premium blades, and far greater than wrought iron or cast iron. To increase the hardness of raw crystals by 2 or 3, a tempering and quenching technique may be required. So, choose the hardest meteorite knife to get the utmost functionality.


The most crucial information to remember about meteorite knives is that these space objects made knives are extremely unique and precious. Any meteorite knife might have a unique meaning for its owner. It may be a status or reward symbol for some, but it could also be an object that bears testimony to the origin of the Earth and its current existence for others. So, choose the rarest meteorite knife to keep in your unique knife collection.


Meteorite iron has a toughness that is higher than everyday iron but is lower than steel. It uses the same technology as iron swords from the 10th century. So, pick the tough meteorite knife to get first-rate performance.


At first, anyone notices the attractive colour and appeal of a knife. This is why these blades are aesthetically appealing. The hammering and polishing of the blades create distinct patterns. So, these knives are perfect for the exhibition because of their beautiful design. Pick the most attractive meteorite knife if you love to collect good-looking knives.





  1. What are meteorites formed by?

When meteoroids collide with the Earth’s atmosphere, the gases that surround them temporarily light up as “shooting stars,” and then transforms into meteors. While most of the meteors burn off and dissolve in the atmosphere, meteorites are formed when these space rocks hit the Earth’s surface.

  1. Why is meteorite used for knives?

Practically, meteoric iron is better than earlier iron, bronze and steel in terms of deformation resistance and strength. Yet it is not comparable to the latest crucible steel. Meteor crystals come with a hardness that is comparable to the first-rate Damascus steel blades. The quality of these blades is pretty close to the premium blades and higher than wrought or cast iron.

After all, meteorite knives are not as strong and sharp as contemporary steel knives, these knives are rare, very distinctive and visually appealing.



Display Purposes:

These meteorite knives are aesthetically attractive with unique designs and patterns. They are best for display purposes.

Plus, it is one of the rarest knives in the world.

People, who love beautiful and unique knives for keeping in their collection, cherish these meteorite knives.


Outdoor Activities:

These knives are not just collector’s items; they are very functional and durable.

Thus, apart from display purpose, this meteorite knife is used as a utility knife for various outdoor activities like camping and outing.



Overall, the meteorite knives are very mysterious with great historical significance. They are expensive and valuable items to knife enthusiasts and collectors for their rarity and historical values.


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