Are you a regular user of EDC knives? Then you must know how easier the knives make our life. We use it in our regular life to perform lots of defined and undefined tasks.

There are numerous EDC knives you’ll find in the market. They are high-quality, medium quality and under-quality knives. So, it is a bit tricky to find the convenient one. People normally like to get the long-lasting EDC knife within a reasonable price. Also, they want to ensure that they can use the knife without any servicing for a long time. Regardless to say, it is difficult for anyone to find out the best knife at a reasonable price. That’s what our article is containing.

Considering the price and quality, we have enlisted ten Best EDC knives. Scroll down to know about them.

Benchmade – Griptilian 551

The Benchmade Griptilian is a practical and utilitarian knife. It has formed a good reputation for its excellence. However, the functionality of the knife is beyond your expectations.

The knife consists of remarkable weight which is 3.8 ounces. Its solid blade is 8.8 cm long which picks up solid cutting power. That’s why; you can take the knife in the count for everyday carrying. The EDC knife’s handles are large enough to adjust in the hand comfortably.

The axis lock of the knife is unexpectedly strong and solid. So, it doesn’t let the blade cut your skin. Finally, the knife includes a lifetime servicing warranty.

Good sides

  • Unexpectedly solid lock
  • Lifetime servicing warranty
  • Solid cutting power
  • Availability of a variety of options
  • Forming a good reputation
  • Realistically lightweight construction

Not so good sides

  • Plastic scales
  • Sometimes it’s more easy or difficult to open

Benchmade – 940 Knife

A knife that includes simplicity along with durable functions, it is the Benchmade 940 knife.

You must be worried about the grip when you have a large size hand. Don’t worry; the knife includes a comfortable handle which fits in the large-sized hand perfectly. Even the small hand persons make no complaint about the grip of the knife. No doubt, the EDC knife has a balanced locking mechanism. Its axis lock gives the user great and easy deployment at any time. Moreover, the knife is including unique beauty in the marketplace.

The centering and alignment of the knife’s blade are exactly at the accurate place. Because of easy blade deployment, it is quite flexible to open the blade with you thumb stud. Indeed, it is a straight and sharp knife that fulfils almost all the features of a perfect EDC knife.

Good sides

  • First-rate edge retention
  • Corrosion-resistant blade
  • Versatile utility
  • Standard reversible grip
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Combines simplicity and perfections
  • Ensures safety while opening

Not so good sides

  • A bit pricey


Spyderco Paramilitary 2 G-10

​Ever seen a knife wearing a military uniform? Visibly, there is a knife which is not only wearing a military costume but also as fast as a military person. It is a Spyderco Paramilitary.

The EDC knife contains a slim and ergonomic G-10 handle that’ll give you a great feeling. Also, the handle is good at giving a comfortable and secure grip. Both the blade and handle of the knife have a thinner profile. That’s why; the knife is easy to handle. The knife has an upgraded 4-way positioning ambidextrous- friendly pocket clip. It makes the knife convenient to carry and use.

However, the knife’s blade is super effective in chopping, stabbing, slicing. Also, the compression of the lock is super flexible. The pivot system on the knife gives it a high end. If you want a compact military-grade knife, then this is the knife for you.

Good sides

  • Get a comfortable and secure grip
  • Military-grade cutting steel
  • The extremely strong compression lock
  • Ambidextrous-friendly clips
  • Slim in weight
  • Small size with great steel
  • Operating is easy

Not so good sides

  • The blade is slightly thinner
  • Too larger lanyard hole


Zero Tolerance 0350

The general purpose of an EDC knife is fishing, camping, hunting, utility and so on. Hence, the regular knife user looks for a sturdy high performing knife.

The zero-tolerance comes with a S350V stainless steel blade that makes the blade recurved. Also, the blade is the most attractive part of the knife. The piercing tip of the knife is very strong and comes with a flat grind blade. It makes the knife excellent for slicing at once.  Moreover, the EDC knife has a good-sized folder, so that you can easily fold it. The handle is constructed with the G10 scales over the steel liners. It gives the handle a meticulous finish that makes the handle ideal for gripping unworriedly.

The thumbs and choils of the handle protect your fingers by not slipping the knife forward. Finally, the knife includes a liner lock which is easy to execute.

Good sides

  • Excellent edge-holding steel
  • Extremely satisfying ergonomics
  • Perfect width and thickness
  • A simple but effective pocket clip
  • Well executable lock
  • High performing blade
  • Flips smoothly
  • Simple, moderate but perfect

Not so good sides

  • The blade is heavy
  • Needs to sharpen after some time.


Spyderco Sage2 Titanium

The main reason for which the Spyderco titanium is in our list is its design. It comes with a subtle and minimalistic design that will attract anyone at first glance.

The sage two is all about 7-inch in length that includes a 3-inch-long blade. Besides, the knife is about 400 grams in weight only that will disappear the knife in your pocket. The overall combination makes the knife convenient and acceptable in overall jurisdiction. Now, come to its locking system. The frame lock of the knife is engaged with solid robustness. Even after using for an extended time, you’ll find the locking mechanism of the knife is unchanged. However, the coil’s depth allows you to place your finger comfortably and give a precise cut.

The titanium handle ensures a solid grip, especially when applying the knife for downward cutting. It gives the clarity that the lightweight knife gives the flawless balance anytime.

Good sides

  • Subtle and minimalistic design
  • Blade’s straightness makes sharpening easier
  • Suitable blade for light and medium tasks
  • Silky smooth action
  • Long-lasting and elegant lock
  • Sharp corner and rough handle

Not so good sides

  • Closing with one hand is a little tricky
  • Sharpening the blade is not easy.


Benchmade – Triage 915

The triage 915 is one of the cool and collectable knives of Benchmade. Its design and construction are exactly suitable for professional use.

The overall length and weight of the triage are 8.2″ and 5.1 ounces. It is an American-made knife. It can be compared to the rescue knife as it is big as most of the rescue knives. The knife has a fine edge which is slightly curved with a high flat grind. The blunted tip allows you to close the knife without harming your nearest people. So, it is the most appropriate feature of a rescue knife. The g10 grippy ergonomics gives a good purchase and control over the knife.

However, the knife has a deep carry pocket clip which is featured with a strong and deep carry. Though the knife is heavier, the pocket clip effortlessly carries it.

Good sides

  • Flawless locking system
  • Pretty grippy scales
  • the outstanding corrosion-resistant blade


  • A very unique and solid lock
  • A balanced knife steels
  • Strap cutter is fairly easy to deploy

Not so good sides

  • G10 scales are a little rough
  • Inappropriate knife for self-defence


Zero Tolerance 0801

It was 2006 when the Zero tolerance brand first came on the market. They have hit the market from the year they have debuted.

Undoubtedly, Zero tolerance 0801 is the outstanding model of the brand. It gives a great feeling in hand because of its heft and balance. The substantial knife includes a practical pocket clip that keeps the knife in place. Like the other parts of the knife, the blade shape gives a pretty sober-looking. The blade’s knife is pretty thin, but still, it holds the edge and gives high performance with the flat grind.

The three black standoffs separate the titanium handle slabs. All the parts have lined up and finished perfectly. The forward choil provides you something more than the handle.

Good sides

  • Smooth action
  • Evident quality
  • Centred blade
  • No wiggle and solid lock-up
  • Solid grip for self-defence
  • Comfortable handle
  • Classy looking piece


Not so good sides

  • Unassisted opening knife


Cold Steel EDC Tactical Folding

Do you like a durable and strong folding knife like a regular knife? Then, cold steel EDC tactical knives are perfect for you. It is featured with black coating for long-wearing use. The cold steel is the safest folding knife, including a safe locking system. It holds the 4″ blade strongly.

The pocket clip of the knife is extremely tight and robust. The construction of the pocket clip ensures the knife remains in the exact place of the pocket. However, it makes the knife a perfect gear for battle. Moreover, the knife’s handle provides excellent grip as well as ergonomic comfort to the fingers. Because it includes two thick slabs and linerless design,

The cold steel is designed with Tri-ad lock, which is the strongest and phenomenal lock in the current market. But the stop pin takes all the force of heavy tasks of the locking mechanism.

Good sides

  • Sturdy workhorse
  • Razor-sharp and highly dependable
  • includes a tough pocket clip.
  • Wide and smooth handle
  • Large and strong folder
  • Strongest and phenomenal lock
  • Comfortable ergonomic

Not so good sides

  • Isn’t easier to operate
  • Aggressive G10 scales
  • Unrealistic blade’s coating


Cold Steel Rajah II

The cold steel Rajah is a self-defensive and utility knife that comes with a good-looking blade. The size and weight make the knife comfortable to carry for a prolonged period.

The handle includes a hard-plastic material, and the blade includes durable steel. Both the handle and blade’s combination make it a well-performing knife like a beast. Besides, the kukri blade has a tough edge holding capacity. It ensures the knife is damn perfect for slicing, chopping with a proper balance.

There is a comparatively huge folder for the blade. The overall length of the Rajah is 14 inch which is biggest among all the knives in our list. Overall, the knife is designed conventionally, but it is very effective, especially during the emergency.

Good sides

  • Solid lock-up with a reassuring click
  • Grivory handle
  • A powerful heavy-duty knife
  • Excellent works for toughest targets
  • Devastating weapon
  • Optimum grip and control

Not so good sides

  • Unsatisfactory weight

Gerber GDC Tech

Gerber GDC Tech is designed for working seamlessly in our modern life. It is an updated classic knife that includes fine edge holding and gives locking safety.

Likewise, the other Gerber pocket knives, the GDC tech delivers quality and functionality. The rubberized layer of the handle makes the knife grippy and easy to hold. The Lockback safety function securely give up the blade during use. This feature keeps the mobile skin, music players unharmed that sharing the same pocket with the knife. The knife is very thick and comes in a small size. That’s why it is easy to open the knife with one hand instead of two.

The Chinese steel around 55-57 hardness makes the knife decent to regular use. Overall, the steel and size make the knife perfect for light tasks only.

Good sides

  • Appropriate for anyone
  • Remains safely in the pocket
  • Delivers quality and functionality
  • Combination of modern and classic
  • Opening is smooth
  • Sharp edge and rubberized handle

Not so good sides

  • Isn’t good for heavy-duty tasks


The sum up!

The EDC knives make our life easier, whether we are in the home or out of the home. It can be one of our best companions if you can select the perfect one for you.

A long-lasting EDC knife represents your personality. Besides, the quality and features of a knife indicate how much tasteful you are in choosing a knife. Select the accurate one among our best EDC knives if you are a cautious knife buyer.

We have included the top-class EDC knife which is more popular in the market. The knives have made their place in the market with their fancy designs and extraordinary features. Also, they are lightweight and comes in the perfect size. So, you will feel confident while using the knife in your regular activities.


Buyers guide

We have enlisted the best EDC knives in our article. Externally, there are also many other brands that exist in the knife market. But, without proper research, how difficult it is to find a good knife.

That’s why we have explained some tips to select a suitable knife for you. Unless you follow them, you can’t figure which one is good for you. Let’s not waste more time and know about those tips.

Blade of EDC knife

It is said that a knife is worthless without its blade. That means, if the blade of a knife is not convenient, then spending on the knife is a waste of money. Steel composition decides whether the blade is good or bad.

A good knife comes with a hard, tough, and corrosion-resistant blade. So, make sure the blade of your chosen knife is constructed with good steel. Mainly, good steel indicates stainless steel and carbon steel. Let’s make a comparison between them.

Carbon steel Vs stainless steel

The carbon steel makes the blade better by holding its edge firmly. But it erodes easily and cannot resist the corrosion for a prolonged time. Conversely, the stainless steel holds the steel strongly as well as resists corrosion. Most probably; that’s why the stainless steel is widely is the best choice of the customers.

There is also other steel used in the knife’s blade. If you select the knife among them, then make sure they have some specific qualities. These qualities are durability, strength, toughness, and holds the edge strongly.

Blade length

The length of an ideal EDC knife’s blade must have to be between 3-inch to 4-inch. You may purchase a knife with a longer blade. But it will make the knife inappropriate to adjust in the pocket. Contrariwise, if you purchase a knife including a blade less than 3 inches, the knife will be awkward to use.


The ideal thickness for the blade of an EDC knife overall should be less than half an inch. Thinner blade than half an inch may break within a few days. Conversely, a thicker blade more than half an inch will make the knife inappropriate to use regularly.


A perfect grip ensures the easy deploy of a knife. If the handle of the knife bigger or smaller than your hand, it might slip out from the hand. Consequently, it will cause an undesirable accident.

Therefore, when selecting the handle material, make sure it gives a good grip and doesn’t slip out of hand.


Make sure that the knife adjusts in your pocket securely and easily. You might think it is difficult to do, but that’s not the truth.

Look for the belt clip and dimensions of the EDC knife. These two attributes will describe you, how easy it will adjust in your pocket.


People keep EDC knives in their pocket or purse. If the EDC knife comes with a fixed blade, you might face hassle while keeping it in your pocket or purse. Therefore, among the folding and fixed knives, the folding knife is best to carry regularly.

Lightweight and comfortability

Many tactical knives cannot hold key qualities. That’s why not all tactical knives are suitable to use every day. The main feature that makes the knife suitable for everyday carry is its lightweight and comfortability.

You cannot roam with a knife for a long time if it is not heavy in weight. Moreover, you might feel awkward to use the knife if it is not convenient to deploy. Therefore, use your sense when purchasing a knife for regular use. Consider the knives which are easy to deploy and light in weight.



What is an EDC knife?

The EDC knife is referred to as a regular carry knife. It is used for accomplishing the numerous activities of our regular life. The EDC knife is the knife used to do all kinds of work from big to small every day.

Do you prefer a folding knife or fixed blade?

Most of the folding knives include a robust blade with a comfortable grip. It is almost unbreakable, nor its blade comes out from its body. But you cannot carry it everywhere with you. There is a possibility of occurring an unwanted accident due to the knife’s fixed blade.

Conversely, you can carry the folding knives in your pocket without showing anyone. Because of foldability, it ensures the highest safety of your pocket and stuff in your pocket. So, like most other people, we also prefer folding knives are good as the EDC knife.

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