An unbeatable knife that is more reliable for a rescue mission, campaigning, hiking, fishing, etc. is a rescue knife. A rescue knife can accomplish every outdoor activity. So, if you work, the hard and robust outdoor activities should keep a rescue knife with you. Who knows the rescue knife might save your life one day?


We know that the firefighters depend much on rescue knife while doing any life-saving mission. Besides, the campaigners, hikers, fishermen also reliable on this knife while performing their activities. So, they must need a survival knife with them. You’ll find a considerable number of knife options to choose from. So, it might be difficult for users to select the best one among them.


No worries! Here we’ve selected ten best rescue knives for you. Don’t trust us, but judge them by their reviews and features.


Gerber Hinderer Rescue

Whether you go for any rescue operation or campaigning, Gerber hinderer is appropriate for any mission. It is the knife designed and featured by obtaining the real experiences of a firefighter. Therefore, a tactical user can trust the cutlery instinctively.

Why are the Gerber hinderer knives more reliable?

A numerous reason is available to prove the knife’s reliability. To judge its authenticity, lookout, how strategically the knife distributed its 12-ounce weight to retain its optimal stability. The sharp serrated blade is capable of cutting the ropes, seatbelts, clothes, webbings, and many more things. Surprisingly, the rescue knife is very sturdy and practical. The ergonomic grip will provide the user with extreme comfortability while working.

For an emergency, keep the Gerber hinderer rescue knife in your car while traveling.


What’s so good

  • Life-saving knife
  • Strategic distribution of weight
  • Cuts the seatbelt very fast
  • Remains sharp for a long time
  • Fine but tough


What’s not so good

  • Hard to open the first time
  • Seems a little expensive



Would you like to have a waterproof tactical knife? It is BULL SHARK knives, which work very well in the water. Therefore, it can be operated through in the rain and even under the deep ocean. The characteristics make the knife as an ideal rescue knife.

What’s more, you’ll find it here?

You’ll find that the knife is giving you a better holding. It’s because of the knife’s handle construction with G-10. Besides, the handle makes the knife lighter to ensure your comfort. You’ll find the knife’s blade is relaxed while opening. It’ll not take a lot of time to open. Rather than, you can open it only in few seconds only. The linear lock of the knife assists it to do so. Consequently, you can make instant use of the knife in an emergency.

The 8CR13 MOV blade provides an of sharp edge, ensuring its retention and durability. Whether you want a straight razor or partially serrated blade, you’ll get here.


What’s so good

  • Isn’t fat or overweight
  • Gives a sturdy feel
  • Sharp blade and secure lock
  • A quick, smooth and reliable lock
  • Great grip includes softness
  • Overall solid quality


What’s not so good

  • Needs more sturdiness
  • Tough closing action
  • Edge might get dull quicker


Snake Eye Tactical Spring Assisted

An everyday carriage knife that is appropriate for any rescue agency or a firefighter is the snake eye tactical knife. Its 3.25” long and 3mm thick stainless blade increases the knife’s working efficiency. The stainless-steel quality is marked 440. Therefore, it increases the blade’s reliability to the customers.


The locking features works very faster, whether open or closes the blade. You can accomplish your task by using less pressure when your knife has a half serrated. Consequently, it saves both the energy and time of the users. Besides, the knife comes with a pocket clip that attaches the knife with the pocket.


However, the knife comes with a seat belt cutter and a window-breaking point. The handle grip is exceptionally accurate for the small hand.


What’s so good

  • The price point is awesome
  • Impressive quality
  • Perfect grip for small hand
  • Tough and decently sharp
  • Pretty knife at a lower budget


What’s not so good

  • The blade may hard to open
  • A dull blade is challenging to sharpen


Kershaw Barricade (8650) Multifunction

A budgeted, friendly, and reliable knife increases our trust over the knife, isn’t so? The Kershaw Barricade 8650 is one of the best models which is friendly and reliable.

The 8Cr13MoV carbon steel blade of the knife is manufactured in China. The steel includes slightly less nickel to retain the hardness and edge of the blade. Besides, it is a heat-treated blade that offers wear resilience. That means the blade can withstand both from the adhesive and abrasive damage.

The knife ensures a secure locking system. Its opening system enables a smooth, safe, and fast, one-handed blade deployment. By pushing a thumb stud or pressing a flipper, the user can make active the smooth blade and instant open. The sturdy and heavy-duty knife includes the nylon for giving a secure and stable grip. Besides, combining with the sword, the handle has a great ability to resist the wear excellently.

What’s so good

  • High performing blade
  • Secure and stable grip
  • Affordable price
  • A convenient pocket clips
  • Smooth and instant open
  • Excellent ability to withstand heat

What’s not so good

  • A little stiff handle
  • Frequent use dulls the blade


Cold Steel SRK Kraton

One of the robust knives that comes with a full tang is the cold steel SRK Kraton. This rescue knife comes with an AUS 8A blade, which is a highly qualified stainless-steel. The ¼ thick steel spin doesn’t compromise the design of the blade but raises its slicing ability and usefulness. Additionally, the ticker blade retains the knife’s slicing ability and cutting quality. The rescue knife is tremendously sharp and retains its sharpness for a long time.

The Kraton grippy handle provides quite good control over the knife even in the wet or sweaty hand. The decent sheath is very comfortable with the knife’s blade. So, it makes no noise while the blade comes out. No need to buy another sheath, as the sheath, including with the knife, is more than adequate.


What’s so good

  • Excellent fit and finish
  • Don’t need to re-profile
  • Provides outstanding balance
  • Includes a decent and silent handle
  • Accurate design for hard use and clean slicing


What’s not so good

  • Blade wiggles a bit
  • The handle has no butt to it
  • The sheath isn’t so much secure


Buck Knives 753

Among the rescue knives, some are considered ideal for everyday carry knife. The buck knife 753 is among one of them. It is such a tactical knife that doesn’t lose its sharpness for a long time, even after using regularly. The knife is so sharp that it can go through the nylon sheath like a butter. Therefore, its sharpness can’t be measured only by rating it.

You can create a quick action by deploying the blade only one hand. The rubber made handle gives a good feel while carrying the knife in hand. Additionally, it provides a protected grip in any weather or wet condition.


What’s so good

  • Decently cheap
  • Integrated product
  • Forever warranty
  • Grippy rubber handle
  • The lock ensures thumb safety
  • Impressive locking system
  • Quick releases and safety tools


What’s not so good

  • Small-sized knife
  • A slightly gummy handle
  • The blade might tight at first use


BlizeTec Survival Knife

Suppose you’ve bumped into such an unpredicted situation. Like trapped in vehicle or stuck in jungle. In such an unexpected situation, you can count the BlizeTec Survival Knife to rescue your life. It is dependable knife that includes awesome flexibility. The manufacturer uses durable 420 stainless steel to make the blade of the knife ultra-sharp.

The survival knife comes with a window breaker, mini LED light and magnesium fire starter. Moreover, it also includes a seatbelt cutter and pocket clip. The pocket clip and low weight makes the knife capable of carry regularly.

Every traveler or enthusiastic must have this multi-tool for accomplishing their multitasking.


What’s so good

  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Exceptional service
  • Impressive quality and durability
  • Smooth action
  • Comfortability in holding
  • Solidly built
  • A regular cutting knifes


What’s not so good

  • May be difficult to hold
  • Isn’t non-slip overall
  • Seems heavy to carry in the pocket


Smith & Wesson SWFRS 8

Whether you fall in a car accident or natural disaster, the SWFRS 8 knives will increase your courage to face it. The Smith and Wesson have made the SWFRS 8 knife’s model by considering such type disasters.

Let’s have a look at what the smith & Wesson has added in this model.

The Smith & Wesson has added a fast-responsive locking mechanism in this knife. It contains a half-serrated blade. Besides, the tip point blade is crafted from superior carbon steel. Additionally, the high-quality blade comes with an ambidextrous thumb disc.

The knife has a stainless-steel grip that is covered with black G-10 clay. Moreover, the handle is a glass breaking tool, a strap cutter, and also a perfect pocket clip.


What’s so good

  • Inexpensive enough
  • 7Cr17MoV High Carbon
  • G-10 Inlay Handle
  • Drop point partially serrated blade
  • Excellent finish
  • The wet environment can’t rust it
  • Not heavy and locks up solid


What’s not so good

  • The blade spine is a little weird
  • Absence of wiggle
  • Overall, not so smooth lock


Smith & Wesson CKSUR1 10.5

Do you need a real hunting knife? If so, this is the knife for you. The Smith & Wesson has made this knife to defeat almost all types of the tactical situation. But, smith & Wesson CKSUR1 10.5 is useful for the hunter or traveler.

First, come to the attractive object of this knife that’s nylon sheath. The hard-synthetic liner and metal reinforcements make the sheath appropriate for heavy-duty. The cutlery’s blade is more reliable than most of the knife as it is crafted from 7Cr17MoV high carbon steel. The quick and easy access of the blade into the sheath makes it defendable for recreational uses. The CKSUR1 10.5 knife also includes a sharpening tool with it.

However, the blade doesn’t slip any complicated situation. So, you can consider it a secure handguard knife. The rubber handle ensures the user’s hand sticks with it.


What’s so good

  • Quick and easy access to sheath
  • Includes a sturdy blade holster
  • Heavy-duty nylon sheath
  • Superb price
  • Tad lighter knife
  • Provides handguard security


What’s not so good

  • A little jerk blade


StatGear T3

A tactical knife that is containing a sort of weird but fantastic design is the StatGear T3. With its unique design and a super bright LED, it has made a place among the top-rated rescue knives.

What’s more, it does include?

The knife includes a blade that is crafted from 440C stainless steel. It also comes with a seatbelt cutter made of the same thing. The blade is partially serrated. Therefore, the knife needs lower efforts to slice the seatbelt, jeans, belt, and other materials. The user of the knife feels secure because of its safe locking system.

The knife also features an extra-liable nylon sheath. It enables the knife to carry comfortably as well as protecting the cutter blade.


What’s so good

  • Includes a super bright flashlight
  • Contains a blade clip
  • Robust seatbelt cutter
  • Less weight than many knives
  • Includes window breaker
  • Very crisp blade open
  • Nice sheath

What’s not so good

  • A little colossal and thick
  • Switch of flashlight stuck sometimes



Final judgment

A rescue knife can be used in different ways. You can use it for hunting, firefighting, survival, and so on. Regardless, it can be used for indoor and outdoor activities. But the main purpose of using the rescue knife is doing any rescue or combat operations.

Therefore, if you’re a firefighter or survivalist, the rescue knife is more appropriate for you. Additionally, people who do frequent tracking, trips, and hunting, they also can keep the knife for survival.

Here, we’ve summarized the ten best rescue knives for you. No matter what your profession is. You can keep any one of them to defeat any type of survival situation.


Buyer’s guide: Things you should identify about rescue knives

A rescue knife saves our life when we are in danger. So, the user has to care about choosing the rescue knives. But, selecting rescue cutlery isn’t such an easy job.

I hope that our given review will assist you in selecting the accurate one. If you’re unable to decide, then identify the following features. You’ll get adequate information about the rescue knives.


Is it fixed or folding?

It’s totally up to you whether you want a folding knife or a fixed bladed knife. The facility you’ll get from a folding knife is you can easily conceal its blade. That’s why you can easily carry the knife in your pocket or bag. Nobody’ll know, there is a protection knife with you. Besides, they’re constructed excellently along with attractive design. All these features make the blade qualified to use in the rescue knives.

On the contrary, in the fixed blade knife, you’ll find that the blades are big and strong enough. You can’t break them easily. Even after frequent and tactical use, it remains unbreakable. The duty of rescue knives is saving lives during rough situations. So, you also can take the knives if you go through adverse circumstances most of the time.


A rescue knife must have the capability of cutting all types of materials. Such as the seatbelt, ropes, cloths, etc. If the blade isn’t sharp enough, then it may keep the cutting task unaccomplished. It may create an accident rather than rescuing a person from it. So, the knife has to be sharp enough and retain it any type of rough situations.


A handle means a lot for any tactical knife. Due to the humid season or sweaty hand, you may slip the knife’s handle. If the handle slips from the grip of the users, it may cut his hand rather than cutting rope. So, you have to choose such a material that’ll give you a non-slip grip. You can select the knife, which is consisting of a rubber grip or a carbon grip. Thus, you can get a non-slip handle.

Non-rusting & Toughness

Consider the non-rusting product while purchasing a rescue knife. If your product rusted quickly, you can’t use the knife at the time you need it. Also, the product’s rustiness decreases product workability very fast.

You’ve to use the rescue knives almost every day whenever you go through the tough situations. Therefore, your product must be tough to defeat those tactical situations. The toughness of a blade increases when it is crafted from high carbon steel. Of course, most of the fixed blade knife you’ll find tough rather than the folding knives. But some folding knives crafted from high-quality materials is fierce as the fixed blade knives.



If you are a firefighter or do any life savior job, then you must have a knife, which is exceptionally sturdy.

A knife’s sturdiness means the robust combination of a knife’s blade and handle. The sturdiness indicates the gripping capability of the knife. If your knife is outstandingly sturdy, then you can hope of getting a knife that will never fall off its edge.



Are rescue knives legal?

Usually, carrying a knife in public places is illegal. But after taking the license from the authority of the living country, one can carry a rescue knife legally.

What are the rescue knives?

The rescue knives are those tools that the firefighter and savior use to defeat a terrifying situation. Also, these are the knives that people use to save themselves when it falls in an adverse situation.

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