Puukko is a Finnish word for ‘Knife’. It is a traditional Finnish belt knife. Plus, these knives come with solid construction including a high carbon steel blade, natural handle material. Generally, they are best for solid works and other minor cutting tasks.

It is originated in Scandinavian countries. The people of Sweden, Norway, and Finland are using these knives for centuries. There is a great importance of these Puukko knives in Nordic culture. It is a historical sign and a part of their traditional cultural dress.

There is plenty of Puukko knives available in the market. We’ve come up with The Best Puukko Knives.

Best Puukko Knife List

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Helle Knives – AldenBuy Now
Tops Knives Tanimboca Puukko TPUK-01Buy Now
Kellam KLKPR4-BRKBuy Now
Benchmade Puukko 200Buy Now
Condor Tool & Knife PuukkoBuy Now
Ahti Varrapuukko Scandinavian KnifeBuy Now

Helle Knives are long-lasting, high-quality handcrafted knives. This knife from Helle Knives is a well-built field knife, and it provides a vintage look. So, it is perfect for many hard tasks like woodcarving, and other outdoor activities like hunting, camping, bushcrafting, etc. IT is 8.875 inches long overall with 4.57 oz.

It comes with 4.1 inches long and 0.11 inches thick drop point style blade. The fixed blade is made from Sandvik’s most versatile steel, 12C27. Moreover, it provides excellent edge performance and high sharpness. It also features outstanding toughness and high corrosion resistance. Moreover, it holds its edge well for a long.

Most importantly, it features a 5.1 inches long handle. The handle is made of curly birch wood as well as stainless steel plates. It is durable and solid. Besides, it is comfortable to use. The satin finish of the blade makes it a well-shaped classic-designed knife.

This knife comes together with an authentic leather sheath. It is made long-lasting. It fits well with the knife and provides utmost comfort while using it. There is also a small finger guard that is useful and safe. Moreover, there is a belt loop for secure portability.

Overall, it is one of the versatile and compact knives best for daily outdoor and indoor tasks.


Classic appearance

  1. Durable, ergonomic handle
  2. Full tang
  3. Durable and razor-sharp blade
  4. Multifunctional


  • Small for big hands
  • Uneven grind



This Puukko knife is an outstanding knife from TOPS KNIVES based on traditional Finnish Puukko. Designer Goran Mihajlovic designed it as a combination of Finnish knife and Colombian Jungle knife. This knife is made sturdy enough to withstand tough situations. So, you can use it for hunting, camping, survival, and tactical purposes. Moreover, it comes with an overall length of 7.75 inches and weighs 5.1 oz.

It features a 3.625 inches long and 0.13-inch thick drop point style blade. The blade is made from 1095 steel with 56-58 RC of hardness. So, the blade is hard and resistant to rust and corrosions. This Scandi grind blade material provides a versatile blade edge that is capable of handling heavy-duty cutting tasks. Moreover, the blade with a satin finish and plain edge offer excellent sharpness.

Again, the 4.12 inches long handle is made of Micarta. This tan canvas handle features a rounded, solid, and straight wooden design. It also has a slip-resistant surface.

Moreover, it comes along with a durable, high-quality brown leather sheath and a belt loop. Most importantly, you can only wash it with your hands manually.

Above all, it is one of the multipurpose Puukko knives suitable for heavy-duty applications.


  • Well-balanced
  • Hard and long-lasting blade
  • Versatile applications
  • Top-quality leather sheath
  • Wooden nonslip handle


  • You can’t clean it in a dishwasher
  • Small for big hands



If you’re looking for an all-rounder Puukko knife for outdoor activities, then this one is the right pick for you. It is another excellent knife with a multifunctional blade and robust construction. So, it is best for hunting, camping, survival, bushcrafting, and other adventure tasks.

Again, it is a knife with an attractive classical design and high-quality standards. Moreover, it is a stable and well-balanced knife. It is built with high-quality material to offer excellent performance in all situations.

Its 3.75 inches long drop point style blade is versatile. It is made of carbon steel with outstanding edge retention. The edge is also very sharp.

The thing which gives the knife a good-looking traditional appearance is the handle. The handle is made of curly birch material. It is 4.5 inches long and is longer than the blade. It is stained, and so it provides the knife an impressive natural appearance. Moreover, it is designed in an ergonomic shape.  Again, the brass ferrule adds more elegance to its aesthetic beauty. Though it is rough, it features a slip-resistant grip.

Overall, it needs proper care and maintenance. So, it comes with an embossed leather belt sheath.


  • Multipurpose
  • Convenient handle
  • Well-balanced
  • Very sharp


  • Uneven grind



It is an excellent knife with incredible performance and great design. Though it is a traditional tool, it is combined with contemporary performance standards. So, you can use it for cutting, survival, and self-defense. It is a lightweight, convenient and versatile tool with a slim-profile design and vintage appearance.

It comes with 8.25 inches of overall length and 4.54 oz. of weight. It features a 3.75 inches long and 0.14 inches thick drop point style blade. The blade is made of CPM-3V Crucible Steel. Moreover, it is tough and robust, so that it suits all outdoor and survival situations.

Plus, it features a rubberized Santoprene handle that is durable enough to withstand various tough situations. Besides, it offers a secure and firm grip. It also comes with a leather belt loop sheath.

Above all, it is an outdoor-friendly tool to accompany you on all outdoor adventures.


  • High-resistant
  • Portable
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Full tang



  • Uneven grind



This Condor Tool & Knife Indigenous Puukko Knife features a tribal design and full tang construction. It is 8.51 inches overall long and 4.59 oz. in weight. Besides, it is an exceptional general use utility design knife for outdoor activities.

The knife features a 3.9 inches long Scandi ground blade made of 1095 high carbon steel. This Scandi grind will make EDC tasks and light woodworks easy and quick.

Plus, the 4.50 inches long handle is made of walnut wood. The blade material has recessed wire wrap and unique engraving to offer a secure and firm grip.

Above all, it is an easily portable tool with a leather sheath and attached dangler.


  • Attractive classic appearance
  • Well balanced
  • Very sharp tip and edge
  • Easy to carry


  • The sheath needs improvement



It is one of the most attractive Puukko knives. This Ahti Varra knife has a very appealing design with a classical appearance. It also features an ideal sizing standard and versatility. So, you can use it for camping, hunting, survival, and other adventures.

It comes with a 3.75 inches long and 0.12 inches thick blade. The edge is very sharp and hard. It is made of high carbon steel that features 59 Rockwell of hardness. Anyway, the knife weighs 3.2 ounces.

Moreover, it features a 4.5 inches long handle. Though the handle is made from curly birch, it is stained to offer a smooth and pretty appearance.

Above all, it is comfortable, ergonomic. It also offers a secure grip with a handguard.


  • Durable
  • Thick handle
  • Beautiful
  • Sharp
  • The sheath is included


  • Small in size



  1. What is the handle supposed to be like in a Puukko knife?

Curly Birch is the most common material for Puukko knives in Finnish tradition. But nowadays, various types of other materials are also available, such as leather, Birchbark, Scrimshaw, great sallow root, antler, bone, and different hardwoods. Generally, traditional Puukko knives don’t come with a slip-proof handle and handguard protection, but some modern knives emphasize these aspects.

  1. What is the blade supposed to be like in a Puukko knife?

Generally, the Puukko knife features a blade made of steel. The steel is either high carbon steel or stainless steel. The knives have a very sharp and wide edge. They also feature a drop point or clip point design. These features make them suitable for a wide range of activities. They also make cutting tasks easy and quick.

  1. Is high carbon steel better than stainless steel?

Both of them have their own merits and demerits. Stainless steel is best for its high resistance to corrosion and rust. On the contrary, high carbon steel may not be rustproof and needs proper maintenance, but it can retain its sharpness for long.


Though these Puukko knives were originated in the Scandinavian regions, they have become popular worldwide because of their versatility, performance, and strength. People of many countries use them as tactical, survival, and EDC knives.













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