Diamonds are well-known to be excellent abrasives, which is why even sharpening stones are made out of them. As we all know, the blades of knives are made out of metal so, diamonds can cut and reshape the blades to give them a long-lasting, razor-sharp edge. Hence, it is essential for regular knife users to slightly increase their budget and get the best diamond sharpening stone.

Stroking on a regular sharpening stone made out of materials like aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, or anything of that sort can get slightly annoying. But if you get a diamond sharpening stone, you will not face situations like this. So, to help you out, we have listed down some diamond sharpening stones that are loved by chefs, hunters, and many knife users.

Best Diamond Sharpening Stone

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  1. Ultra Sharp Diamond Sharpening Stone Set:

Ultra Sharp Diamond Sharpening Stone Set made its place on top of our list because of the excellent price for the quality it provides. The set consists of three diamond stones that vary in terms of grits. The grits are 300, 600, and 1200.

The lower grits are coarse and medium that work for sharpening and reshaping blades. The 1200 grits diamond stone works for polishing the edge to make the sword look good as new. With these diamond stones, you will be able to sharpen all types of knives. This makes it suitable for use by home cooks, chefs, hunters, and many more people.

The sharpening stone will work great for stainless steel, carbon, and ceramic knives. You will not be disappointed by the performance as the set comes with a manufacturer’s satisfaction guarantee. For your safety and convenience, the sharpening stone comes with a stone holder that can keep it stable in place while you are creating strokes with your knife on its surface.


  • Three stones are included in the set that has varying grits.
  • It comes with a stone holder to ensure the stone stays in place while sharpening.
  • There is a satisfaction guarantee provided by the manufacturer.
  • Easily portable.


  • The price might be too high for some users.
  1. Ultra Sharp II Diamond Sharpening Stone Kit:

Ultra Sharp II Diamond Sharpening Stone Kit is for those who are looking for excellent quality at an affordable. The kit consists of two diamond sharpening stones. One stone is 600 grit, and the other one is 1200 grit. With the 600 grit diamond sharpening stone, you can reshape the edge and provide a razor sharp effect to the knife blade even if it has become entirely blunt.

To make the knife-edge smooth after sharpening, use the 1200 grit sharpening stone. The stone has an extra-fine surface that polishes the knife’s edge to look good as new. And if you are someone who uses blades outdoors while camping, hunting, hiking, and for many other purposes, you can carry this kit with you.

This sharpening stone is best for stainless steel knives, ceramic knives, and high carbon knives. Other than these knives, you can use them for any other cutting tools that have blades. You can stay assured about the sharpening stone’s performance as it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer. You will be getting a refund or a replacement if you are not satisfied with the kit’s performance.


  • Affordable in terms of price.
  • One coarse and one extra-fine sharpening stone present in the kit.
  • It would help if you had drops of water to sharpen the blade.
  • Suitable for sharpening almost all sorts of knives.


  • The kit does not come with any stone holder.
  1. Eforlife Whetstone 300# 1000# Sharpening Stone:

Eforlife Whetstone 300# 1000# Sharpening Stone is double-sided with a coarse side and a fine side. The rough side has 300 grit, and the fine side has 1000 determination. The stone consists of a diamond that is electroplated on both sides. As this stone is double sided, it is a tremendous advantage for hunters, campers, and users who use pocket knives, BBQ knives, and many other outdoor cutting tools.

Carrying the stone will be enough for a light touch-up of the knife’s edge or reviving the sharpener. You don’t need any oil for using the sharpener as it can be used directly. However, if you wish to speed up sharpening, you can use honing oil on the surface. You have to be careful about not using any water on the body to result in the metal plate to peel off.

The great thing about the sharpener is it is affordable in terms of price. You get to both sharpen and polish the edge of a blunt knife using this one diamond sharpening stone. The stone has been constructed using durable material to ensure that it lasts very long for many uses. It is a versatile sharpening tool to own.


  • Very versatile as it can be used for sharpening almost all types of knives.
  • It is constructed with durable materials.
  • Double-sided with two types of finishes.
  • It is suitable for use directly without requiring any oil.


  • Small in size, which makes it difficult for sharpening large sized knives.
  1. 8-in. Dia-Sharp Bench Stone Fine Sharpener:

8-in. Dia-Sharp Bench Stone Fine Sharpener is very easy to use as you can provide your knives a razor-sharp edge by creating some simple, easy strokes. The best part of the sharpener is that you don’t need to add any oil or water to the surface. Yet, you will have your knife sharpened within a few seconds.

The sharpener’s surface consists of micronized monocrystalline, which is highly abrasive, ensuring to provide your knife a razor-sharp, long-lasting edge. The texture is built with durability so that it does not wear out over several uses. The surface will stay uniform for a very long time.

You will be able to revive your knife speedily with this sharpening stone. Large-sized knives and small cutting tools are suitable for sharpening with this stone. The sharpener comes with rubber feet included that are non-skid to ensure it stays stable while creating strokes. You can carry this one outdoors as well, as it is lightweight, making it easily portable.


  • It comes with non-skid rubber feet included.
  • The surface is made out of micronized monocrystalline that stays uniform over several uses.
  • Revives knife blades within few seconds after creating few strokes.
  • The stone does not require any honing oil for working effectively.


  • Slightly expensive in terms of price.
  1. Diamond Machine Technology (DMT) 3-6-in. Diamond Whetstone:

Diamond Machine Technology (DMT) 3-6-in. Diamond Whetstone Kit is the complete set that a home cook, chef, or knife user will need. The kit consists of three bench stones that have three different levels of coarseness. One stone that consists of 1200 mesh has an extra-fine surface. The second stone consists of 600 mesh and has a delicate texture. The third stone consists of 325 mesh that has a coarse consistency.

The whetstones consist of a surface that is made out of micronized monocrystalline. It is super abrasive that ensures to provide your knife blades long-lasting sharpness at an incredible speed. The body remains uniform at all times, ensuring it does not fall apart. The diamond sharpening stones come in a smart hardwood box. You can use the box for storing it while the rocks are not being used.

The great advantage of the whetstones is that they don’t need any oil for working efficiently. You can create simple strokes, and your knife will get sharpened within seconds. The wooden storage box also makes it easy for you to carry outdoors. So if you have delicious grills and BBQs out, you will find these sharpening stones very handy.


  • It comes included with a wooden box that can be used for storing the whetstones.
  • Three diamond sharpening stones are provided in the storage box that has a varying number of grits.
  • Affordable in terms of price.
  • The micronized monocrystalline surface makes it possible to sharpen the knives within a few seconds.


  • The extra-fine sharpening stone seemed a bit too harsh to some users.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, we hope you will enjoy cooking and cutting food items with great satisfaction after getting the best diamond sharpening stone for yourself. This complete guide consists of diamond sharpening stones that vary in prices but will give your knives a razor-sharp edge that is well polished. Your blades will become as good as new after sharpening with these fantastic diamond sharpening stones.

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