The word ‘Cleaver’ reminds us of the scene of brutally chopping a lump of meat, isn’t it? Well, this is the mains task that a meat cleaver performs.

It is the knife that uses the thick but heavy blade for cutting meat and bones. So, if you are looking for a knife that performs cutting, chopping, and dicing meat, take this cutlery for the kitchen. Not only meat, but it also helps to prepare the hard vegetables and other hard foods.

Most of the meat cleavers contain light and thin blade, which is applicable in multiple purposes. If you are a cooking-lover, then you must like to have the cleaver knife that includes these features. Anyway, we have overviewed the best meat cleaver knife and made a list of nine best meat cleaver knife. Let’s know about them elaborately.

Utopia Kitchen knife

Are you finding a knife that will perform the heavy-duty of your kitchen? Then you can pick the Utopia knife, which is one of the top choices of Amazon. Why?


Because it has a blade which is consists of 100% stainless steel. The knife contains a sturdy design as it linked the hand with its blade perfectly. You’ll notice that the 7″ cleaver can cut the large pieces of food easily as it contains the sharp edge. And the stainless steel holds the sharp edge very tightly. The ergonomically designed handle will decrease your tension about your wrist pain. So, be comfortable to buy it.


Utopia kitchen knife is one of the most top cleaver knives of amazon. That’s why; about one thousand people have chosen it as their kitchen knife.


What we liked

  • 100% stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe figure
  • ABS+430 handle
  • Easy maintenance
  • A heavy but sharp knife
  • Nice inexpensive
  • Retains the edge perfectly

What we didn’t like

  • Includes plastic edge protector
  • The wet and oily hand might slip the handle

Cleaver knife

Many cooks like to use wood as it contains a beautiful design and well-crafted design. If you are also a wood-lover, then you might choose the Imarku cleaver knife for your kitchen. It is suitable both for home and restaurant use because of its comfortable wooden handle.

Besides, the sharp edge of the knife can perform your versatile work with ease. German imported stainless steel constitutes the sharp blade of the knife. That means; the blades are consisting of high-quality steel. Therefore, they are corrosion and rust obstructive blades.

The combination of handle and blade makes it suitable for any rough use. So, you can apply any type of hard work on it without any confusion.

What we liked

  • Antibacterial handle
  • Holds the sharpness
  • Not so heavy
  • Comfortable while handling
  • Ensures proper protection
  • Rock-hard and comfortable
  • Extremely wear-resistant
  • Better edge in price

What we didn’t like

  • Not extremely thin


LedgeON 7” professional

Are you expecting a gift of Chinese cutlery? Then, the Ledgeon 7″ professional knife might be worthy of it. The knife allows an elegant box with it, which makes the knife perfect as a gift.

It is a versatile knife with its implausible sharp and weighty blade. These features enable the cleaver to go through the most robust meat and bones. The blade’s ingredient optimistically increases the sharpness and resist the corrosion while it is forged through heat treatment. The blade is comprising of high carbon steel.

The high-quality LedgeOn professional knife has gone through multiple testing to prove its high quality. The wooden handle is nice to close grain that doesn’t swell when wet. Almost all the restaurants throughout the country use this professional knife.

What we liked

  • Enables powerful and precision cutting
  • Large handle and extra blade length
  • Works effortlessly
  • Price is within the budget
  • Enables light and easy handling


What we didn’t like

  • A little big for chicken
  • Inappropriate blade for some vegetables.

ZWELLING J.A. Henckels

In the knife industry, the German-made materials are considered one of the highest qualified ingredients. Zwelling is the cutlery made by the German manufacturer and includes high-quality cutting materials. Four-star cleaver is top-selling knife series of Zwelling J.A. Henckels.

The super bolster of the knife provides weight, ensures safety, and adds balance. And the proper balance enables its finger guard. However, the full rat-tail tang offers excellent strength along with proper balance. The combination of ice-hardening techniques qualifies the knife to deliver outstanding performances.

The black polypropylene handle gives you a comfortable and flexible grip, hence allows a safe food handler. It is a unique molded handle which designed and developed based on the thought of professional chefs.

What we like

  • Easy to care
  • Full warranty
  • No staining, no rusting
  • Stays sharper for longer
  • Can tackle the larger jobs
  • Includes consistent blade angle
  • Includes thought of a professional chef

What we didn’t like

  • Blades might get dull
  • Less applicable for hard bones

Top-rated Epica

Another professional knife that deals both in the traditional kitchen and commercial kitchen is top-rated Epica. Be comfortable to use Epica, as it contains an advanced full-tang stainless steel body.

The stainless steel gives extra-ordinary sharpness of the cleaver and doesn’t let it get rusted ever. Besides, the Epica knife contains extremely ice-hardened steel, which carries its edge actively and upraises the sharpness. Its sharp and heavy edge makes cutting meat very easy. The hollow ground edge means the blade will give you a quicker cut and doesn’t get stuck with food while cutting. Such as the edge cuts meat, vegetables, or melon in a fraction.

The full tang knife includes a stainless steel body. It is bonded faultlessly to handling and making the knife feel like an extension to your hand.

What we liked

  • Great knife at a great price
  • Weighty, sharp and sturdy
  • Worth the price
  • Well seized and sturdy handle
  • Precisely cutting edge
  • Exclusive lifetime warranty


What we didn’t like

  • Weak hardness
  • Quite heavy
  • Steel slips through roasts, steaks, and chops

DEXTER-Russel (S5288)

Many people love the USA knives as the kitchen knife. If you also love the knives made in the USA, you can choose the DEXTER-Russel knife. It is a large knife with a wooden handle that gives you an awesome looked knife. The knife is friendly and effective but heavy in weight.

The wood of the handle is not any ordinary wood; in fact, the knife uses rosewood for making the handle. However, the rosewood handle gives a traditional look along with offering the feeling of real wood to the handle. It needs minimal maintenance. The brass rivets secure the handle as well as a blade by adjoining them tightly.

The DEXTURED blade is sharp enough to perform the exemplary job, such as separating joints, cutting, and cleaving the bones.


What we liked

  • Nice and effective knife.
  • The handle needs minimal maintenance
  • Stain-free, high carbon blade
  • Performs substantial activity
  • Super thick and nice curve blade


What we didn’t like

  • Heavyweight makes it uncomfortable
  • Very large in size



Whether you want to perform versatile, medium, or heavy-duty, consider the DLASTRONG cleaver as the best option. It contains a unique profile among the Gladiator series.

Let’s know about its profile. It is the Chinese made DALASTRONG that allows 100% satisfaction and risk-free features.

The triple-riveted handle of the knife is imported with luxurious pakkawood, which is a premium and quality material. It is successfully attached to the full tang enables the secure grip over the knife. Besides, the handle is built hygienically, which makes it perfect for busy kitchens. The knife with Rockwell solidity and high-pitched blade enables the exceptional knife craftsmanship. Thousands of professional chefs and cook loves DALASTRONG difference

What we liked

  • Cash return guaranty
  • Allows a DALASTRONG sheath
  • Full tang three riveted steel
  • Securely attachment of the handle
  • High-pitched blade
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Multipurpose cleaver

What we didn’t like

  • A scratch mark below the logo
  • The wood is unfitted for the handle

New Star Foodservice 59078

All of us want to have a good quality knife at a low price. But, most of the time, we remain confused about the quality of a low price. We assume that a knife with a low price can’t get great material. So, we’ll introduce now a knife which is cheap in price but greater in quality.

Try the new star foodservice heavy-duty cleaver knife. The overall length of the knife measures 8-inch with a 3.5-inch blade. The sword is containing the stainless edge, which enables the blade to resist the corrosion and high temperature of the kitchen. The wooden handle, which is ergonomically designed, allows the customer a solid wood at a low price.

There is a hole in the corner of the knife, which makes it easy to storage by hanging it anywhere.


What we liked

  • Heat resistant knife
  • Sharp in quality, light in weight
  • Original wooden handle
  • Dishwasher protected
  • Unpredictable cheap price
  • Protects the edge by holding perfectly

What we didn’t like

  • Not perfect for all types of heavy-duty
  • Weight is heavy enough

7” Professional Cleaver knife

Durability is one of the important factors of cutlery. People prefer to buy a durable knife at a higher price rather than an unstable knife at a low price. If you also like to buy such a knife, consider the 7″ professional cleaver knife. Why?

Because the professional butcher knife is a full tang sturdy knife that comes with a high time lifespan, therefore, it reduces the cost of buying the knife frequently for the same purpose. As it is a sturdy and full-tang knife, it prevents the threat of blade coming out from the handgrip.

The 7″ professional cleaver knife is a versatile tool as it is projected in such a way that the knife is applicable in multiple cutting drive.

Enjoy the comfortable grip of the cleaver knife. It enables a secure and non-slip handle. It is combined with black and silver color.

What we liked

  • Harmless and relaxed using
  • Full tang increases the protection of blade
  • Easy storing capability
  • Amazing balance with the weight
  • Really stress-free to clean

What didn’t like

  • Extreme use makes it rusted
  • The blade protection should increase

Final Verdict

The chef mainly uses the cleaver knife for separating meat from the meat and having precise slicing of meat and bones. Therefore, you have to select a sturdy and well-balanced knife that has the capability of working for a long time.


So, you have reviewed all the best cleaver knives of today’s market, haven’t you? Now, it’s time to make a decision. Choose the best cleaver knife from the above list of our ten best cleaver knife. While taking a decision, we’ll influence you a little bit. We will suggest you choose a knife that includes efficient and versatile use. And also consider the buying guide while purchasing.



Buyer’s Guide

Are you confused about choosing the cleaver knife for you? If so, they follow the whole article. The articles include the top and world-class cutlery knives and their reviews. All of them are eligible for your kitchen so that you can select any of them. Be confident to choose the right one by following our

guidelines below.




Length and weight

The length and weight of the blade crucial factors of having a great balance over the knife. All of us must know that most of the cleaver knife comes with a heavyweight. But, you have to consider the knife offers average weight. A less weighted knife enables you to use the knife for a long time without having any trouble.

The measurements of an ideal knife should be remaining between 7-7.5 inches and 3.25 inches in height. This measurement will enable you a smooth cutting of knife not to stuck the blade with the food.

Blade profile

You must know what the most important thing for a knife is. It’s the blade profile of the sword. Without getting a high profile blade, your knife becomes worthless. Now, what is the material of the qualified blade for a high profile cleaver knife? If you are unaware or a little bit aware of it, let’s follow us.

If you have read out the reviews, you’ll get to know the cleaver knives contains whether Japanese blades or German-made blade. Let’s difference between them.

Angles of cutting edge

The German blades angle is wider than the Japanese blade. The Japanese craft their blade angle 10-15 degrees per side while the German blades are 17.5 degrees.


Most of the German and Japanese knives are made of high carbon stainless steel. But all steel is not equally highly qualified. The Rockwell hardness states hardness of a knife. The hardness of the Japanese knife is close to 60-63 Rockwell. On the contrary, the hardness of the German blade is close to 53 on each scale.


The German provides unbeatable blades in the knife industry. Their blades are good enough, which allows delicate slicing at less workforce. They are thick but heavier, exceptionally suitable for both the experienced and non-experienced chef.

On the other hand, the Japanese blades are efficient for the precise cut. These knives should be updated more, as they are thin and can be slipped anytime.

Handle selection

The handle design and material play an important role in a chef’s cooking life. Whether you want a comfortable balance over the knife or enjoyment in your work, a highly qualified and an attractive handle of a knife can give you.

You’ll notice in the review part that most of the handle of the knife is whether made of stainless steel or high-quality wood. The stainless steel handle will offer you rust and corrosion-resistant for a long time. But it has less heat temperature tolerance. By contrast, the wooden handle will allow the awesome and attractive design of your knife. Consequently, the chefs would like to spend more time with their knife. The wooden handle also has an excellent capacity to bear the heat in the kitchen.

It is up to you which one you want to select. Consider the comfortability, non-slip grip, attractiveness, and easy cleanness of your selected handle material.

Cleaning path

Almost all cleaver knives allow the hand washes for cleaning the knife. But not every cleaver knife is dishwasher safe. Select the knives, which give you both the dishwasher and hand wash protection.




What is a meat cleaver?

It is such types of a sword which is capable of cutting, chopping, cleaving almost all kinds of meat and bones, such as beef, roast, chicken, and so on.

Some of the knives even can cleave the toughest bones with its hard slicing scale.

What is a meat cleaver used for?

The meat cleaver knife is used as a butcher or kitchen knife for breaking through the bones and meat. The cooks also use it to do versatile food preparation.


How to use a meat cleaver?


  • First of all, set up a cutting board
  • Decide what you want to cut, make them prepared by washing
  • While cutting any wet food, get a proper and robust grip over the handle
  • Give a cut on the food and make slices if needs



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