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We are going to disclose a high-quality, productive knife which tools are proudly made in the USA. Are you curious to know about the knife?

It is the Benchmade knife which is existing in the knife market for over thirty years with reputation. Isn’t it interesting?

If you have a good choice of the knife, then you must already have used the Benchmade knife as they have kept up their trustworthiness for a high time. But if you didn’t use them till now, go for this high-graded knife. We have enlisted about five best Benchmade knives. Have a look at them.

Benchmade -Mini Griptilian 556

If you come to the functionality, you definitely can’t defeat the Griptilian. It is one of the top EDC Benchmade knives compare to any other knife. It’s a simple, executive, and long-lasting knife. Probably, that’s why people who have a minimum knowledge of knife is aware of the Benchmade Griptilian knife.

It is an ideal knife for pretty almost everything. Its 154CM American made stainless steel has first-rate edge retention and corrosion resistance. Besides, its precise drip-point construction makes the knife strong and versatile. The steel of the knife holds the edge every tightly and works hard to give awesome customer service.

The ambidexter handle of the knife has a rough grip. Besides, it is made with glass-filled nylon, which gives superior durability. The hole at the end of the knife makes it easy to carry by anything.


What we liked

  • Robust and comfortable handle
  • A perfect axis locking mechanism
  • Super smooth Griptilian
  • Small amazingly sharp
  • Quick and convenient locking system
  • Ensures safety while carrying the knife
  • Lightweight design

What we didn’t like

  • Some people might find it unfit for their hand

Benchmade -940

The Benchmade 940 series is a slim and stylish knife. This series has retained its reputation over a decade with high performance. It is the EDC tool that combines its simplicity with unmatched function.

This EDC knife contains different referable material in it. At first, the blade of the knife contains American-made CPM-S30V steel, which retains its edge. Also, this tanto blade is quick, handy, and made for outdoor activities as it is corrasion-resistant blade material. The customer has two options to choose their blade from the partially serrated blade or plain edge.

The aluminum handle of the knife has a very smooth satin grip. The aluminum material makes it suitable to use the knife in any environment which needs a blade. It is an everyday carriage EDC because of its light profile and lightweight design.

What we liked

  • The knife’s action is very smooth
  • High-end EDC pocket knife
  • A perfect combination of color, weight, edge
  • Trouble-free sharpening
  • The blade never got rusted
  • Incredibly string tip

What we didn’t like

  • Most expensive knife
  • Axis lock might be little sticky
  • Screws on pocket clip stripped

Benchmade -North fork 15031

Do you fond of hunting? If so, then you must know the importance of a regular EDC knife. The basic features of a good EDC knife, it is capable of work in any environment flawlessly.

No doubt that the steel of the north fork knife’s blade is really a well-composed blade. Because the stainless blade of the knife is offering superb edge qualities along with the rust resilience, and the locking mechanism of the knife is outstandingly strong. But you don’t have to worry about the axis lock as the manual can be opened and closed in the single hand.

The handle design of the knife is very lightweight, and the wooden handle makes it comfortable to hold. Besides, the handle materials make the knife capable of work even under extreme pressure or heat.

We already mentioned that this cutlery is specially made for the hunter. It is designed by considering the requirements that a hunter looks in his knife. So, the North fork can perform any kind of hard task assigned over it.

What we liked

  • Life sharp service
  • Offering superb edge qualities
  • Solid locking mechanism
  • Perfect as EDC knife
  • Cut things very smoothly
  • The knife is good in shape

What we didn’t like

  • A little bit costly
  • Very small in size
  • Might be slightly difficult to sharpen

Benchmade -Barrage 583 Knife

When you buy an EDC knife, you must like to have a smooth locking mechanism, isn’t so? Well, in such cases, the barrage cutlery will offer you a knife that offers a quick and one-handed locking system. It is the main attraction to the buyer to buy the Barrage 583 knife. Besides, it has so many best qualities.

The cutlery has a tough blade that is rustproof. Besides, the toughness makes the knife capable of holding the edge very tightly. The strong blade tip makes the knife good for tactical use. Therefore, you can make the knife available for everyday applications.

While using the knife, you’ll find a strong and stable handle with it. The strong and stable handle makes the knife ideal for regular use with faultlessly.


What we liked

  • Can be opened and closed quickly
  • Unique quality and flair
  • Doesn’t break the bank
  • Won’t weigh down your pocket
  • Benchmade offers blade sharpening service

What we didn’t like

  • The tanto blade is heavier
  • The handle is made with plastic

Benchmade -Adamas 275

People buy the EDC knife to perform their regular tasks. So, they like to buy the knife which they can always carry with them. As they look for the knife for versatile use, the knife performance must be high. Therefore, the blade and the handle of the knife must be tough enough to defeat the unfavorable environment.

The Adamas folding knife is another top-rated knife among the Benchmade knives. The Adamas has proved itself the strongest knives ever till now. The knife has high-quality blade steel, which holds its edge exceptionally well because of its toughness. Also, the handle depth with chamfered edge makes the knife comfortable enough for extended use. You’ll feel comfortability while using and holding the knife as it contains a durable G10 handle. The handle will make your knife stable even in a wide range of temperatures, and ideal for tactical use.

Another feature you’ll get here a lock with a solid rockiness. Hence, there is no probability of breakage of your cutlery.

What we liked

  • The axis lock is surprisingly smooth
  • Hard blade with excellent cutting edge
  • Made for heavy use
  • The folder is suitable for the big hand
  • It is thicker than others

What we didn’t like

  • The blade grinds
  • Difficult to sharpen
  • A little large and heavy


Final thoughts

Completed the full article? Why delay? Grab any of the best Benchmade knives has mentioned above. As they are the high rated knife, you won’t be disappointed if you choose your knife from them.

Have you decided which Benchmade knives will be a partner for regular use? If not, then we’ll suggest you match your wants and needs with the features we’ve mentioned above. You might want to use your Benchmade knife as EDC knives or tactical purposes. But you’ll find that all your listed knife is suitable for both purposes.

If you are still disorganized in selecting your knife? Then follow our buying guides to get a further suggestion in selecting your cutlery.

Buyer’s guide

A knife with versatile application features will make your journey more favorable, isn’t so? Therefore, it is important to purchase a perfect knife to make your journey more enjoyable. Not every knife can give you good service in your journey or regular activities. The best feeling you’ll get only from the knives which will serve you flawlessly for a long time. Also, which are lightweight but multifunctional. All these features you’ll get only from the EDC knives. The Benchmade knives are the perfect EDC knives, which makes work easier, favorable in using multiple activities, and lasts for a long time. So, you must buy the Benchmade knives for your regular use. Now, what you’ll look in while you are buying a Benchmade knife. Let’s know about them by considering the following features into them.



Axis lock

The locking mechanism is one of the most important parts of the Benchmade knives. People look for the Benchmade knives, which they can use in their regular multipurpose. Therefore, the locking system of the Benchmade knife has to smooth and flexible so that it might be opened instantly. Surprisingly, almost all the Benchmade knives we have reviewed containing the flexible smooth in nature. Because all of them containing the axis locking system. You can open your knife in one hand and close it while carrying it in your pocket or bag. Consequently, your clothes and skin will remain protected while carrying the knife.


The Benchmade knives, which have a nice collaboration of handle and blade material, is good to use. Besides, the perfect collaboration of blade and handle makes the knife strong for different use. Therefore, check your chosen knife has a perfect collaboration of blade and handle.


Almost all the Benchmade knives are containing superior stainless steel. For instance, the CPM-S30V and 154CM stainless steel. They are highly rustproof and holds the blade edge for a long time. Besides, they are strong enough to perform multiple works. Moreover, the hard blade material retains its edge.

On the contrary, the regular EDC knives are consisting of the normal stainless blade such as AUS-8, 440c, etc. Some of them might be rustproof, but many of them can’t resist the rust for a long time. Sometimes, they become breakage because of numerous uses or heavy use. Therefore, choose the Benchmade knives instead of regular EDC knives by considering the effectiveness of blade material.



The toughness of handle is crucial for multitasking. Both the solid steel blade and handle material reduces the breakages of the little knife while using its rough environment. Therefore, purchase the knife which has a hard blade and handles the material.


How to sharpen a Benchmade knife?

The high-quality steel of the knife keeps the Benchmade knife sharper for a long time. But, sometimes, because of its numerous uses, it might be bumpy. Or, it might be rough because of irregular use. In such a case, you need to sharpen your knife. Here, we’ve advised the ingredients which you have to use for sharpening your knife. Also, we’ve mentioned the detail procedures of sharpening your Benchmade knives.

Honing steel

Before going to honing steel sharpening system, check your knife what kind of damage occurred in it. Because the honing steel can’t remove any rust from the knife. It only makes flat to your knife’s blade. So, if your knife needs to reduce bumpiness, adopt this method. Otherwise, go to another relevant procedure in accordance with the roughness of your blade material.

Cutlery Sharpener

If the edge of your knife has become dull, you can use a cutlery sharpener to make it sharp as before. Place the surface side of your knife in the sharpener. Sharp it carefully and finally take back the knife from the sharpener. Apply this method until you get your desired sharpness.


Suppose, your knife has got rusted. What you’ll do then? Using Whetstone is the process of removing the rustiness from your knife steel. But before going through the Whetstone, you have to lubricate your blade’s edge. Then swipe the edge over the Whetstone by giving a little pressure. Do it until the rust falls off from the blade and get you a super smooth blade.

What is the best Benchmade knife?

The best Benchmade knife is that one which gives you the accomplishment of versatile work with less effort. Besides, the knife which has a tough construction and collaboration of handle and blade is also known as best Benchmade knives.

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