Every outdoor enthusiast wants to carry a knife that comes with versatile features. And quality is compulsory with versatility. Unfortunately, there are only a few brands that maintain their quality, along with versatility. Morakniv is one of those brands.

The Swedish knife, Morakniv, is one of the most popular knives in the market. It is a good option for the people’s desires for the low-priced knife. And don’t worry about the quality! The quality of the Morakniv knives is the same as the high-priced knives.

However, there is more than enough exceptional quality about the Morakniv knives. That’s not the problem with the knife. The original problematic part is choosing the compatible and best Morakniv knives.

Let’s make your selection easier, see which one is best among our shortlisted Morakniv knives.


Morakniv Eldris

First of all, let’s discuss the features of the Morakniv Eldris. It is a small, fixed blade knife, which was made just a few days ago.

Amazingly, the sharp blade of the Morakniv is made of 12C27 Swedish steel. The steel components make the knife highly useful and practical. The grind installed in the knife keeps it well-sharpened.

The outdoor enthusiasts always want the firm and secure grip of their knife. Luckily, the Morakniv Eldris is incorporated with a rubbery polymer. It makes the handle rugged and gives the user a reliable and flexible grip.

Likewise, the folding knives, the Morakniv knives are very flexible to carry. The design and size give a good option to carry the knife in your pocket.

The Morakniv Eldris includes a polypropylene sheath. It is a simple sheath but does its job of holding the knife excellently.

What we liked

  • Numerous variations
  • Provides significantly improved grips
  • Keeps the blade sharp
  • Semi-matt finish
  • Visibly secure handle
  • Excellent blade’s spine
  • Durable and rough fixed blade knife

What we didn’t like

  • The handle makes the knife bulky
  • The blade is inappropriate for many tasks

Morakniv Basic 511

The Morakniv basic 511 is in the second position on our list. That’s because it is holding the solid features of the Bushcraft knives.

The Morakniv knife gives a solid finger safety with its 3.6-inch long fixed blade. So, you needn’t rely on its handle. The handle of the knife might be a bit small for the large hand. But the finger guard blade will not let you feel the scarcity of a larger handle.

Needless to say, how hard and tough the blade is! That’s because the manufacturer has given concentration on making its blade. The blade includes carbon steel that is one of the hard blade materials. So, you will get the knife with a durable and sharp blade.

The durable Morakniv comes with a hard-plastic combi-sheath. The sheath is hard but gives excellent performance while carrying the knife.

What we liked

  • A narrow, thin but sharp knife
  • Hard and practical plastic sheath
  • Includes the finger guard blade
  • Optimum handle
  • Easy to re-sharpen
  • Strong and durable Morakniv

What we didn’t like

  • Moisture and corrosive can affect the steel
  • Incompatible with the fire starter

Morakniv Companion

If you want to feel the kick of fixed blade knives, then Morakniv knives are good options. Here the Morakniv companion is one among the tremendous Morakniv knives. It includes the positive features of the Bushcraft, which are a renewed knife’s brand.

Similarly, the Bushcraft knives, the Morakniv companion, is incorporated with the solid blade. Besides, the handle is arguably comfortable, like the Bushcraft that sits into the handle comfortably.

At first, the half tang handle may make you confused about the knife’s comfortable holding. No sooner, you grab the handle; you will notice the plastic handle is giving high-friction grip.

Like the other Morakniv, the dagger also includes the plastic sheath. It is handsome like the leather sheath but not as heavy as the leather.

What we liked

  • Get high-friction grip
  • Great, plain and neutral handle
  • A lightweight and durable sheath
  • Includes traditional Scandi grip
  • No needs to reprofile the knife
  • Contains good woodworking ability

What we didn’t like

  • The blade might be a little reductive

Morakniv Craftline Pro

Do you want to meet a simply built weather resistant dragger? It is Morakniv Craftline pro that will give you the same performance in almost all the weather.

With the large handle, the knife is bigger than most of the Morakniv. R, for the bigger hand, it is one of the greatest options.

Similarly, most other outdoor knives have a great combination of stainless steel and rubberized handle. The blade of the Morakniv boasts great durability and control. Whereas, grip sits perfectly into all sized hands.

Moreover, the finger guard in the blade maximizes the safety of the user’s hand. Besides, the Morakniv Pro includes a simple yet durable plastic sheath. It has a drain hole on the point which directly connects the knife with the backpacks.

What we liked

  • Weather-resistant knife
  • Simple but durable plastic sheath
  • Comfortable and grippy
  • Excellent performance with the simplicity
  • Includes a sturdy base
  • Impressively lightweight

What we didn’t like

  • The stainless-steel gets rusted soon
  • The blades may need to re-sharpen

Morakniv Garberg

The Morakniv Garberg is a sustainable and practically tested knife. Many famous enthusiasts had tried the knife in their field. Dave Canterbury from the discovery channel is one of them. The feedback is ultimately better than the exactions.

However, the dragger has a great steel type Sandvik 14C28N. It makes the full-tang blade abrasion-resistant and robust. Certainly, the stainless cutting edge is easy to sharpen. In addition to that, the knife is holding the clip point blade excellently.

With the hand gloves, the ergonomics gives better performance. But, in the bare hand, you might feel it very hard.

Truly, the sheath makes the knife light and effortless to carry with your belt. By spending some more dollars, you can get a leather sheath with the dragger. In overall consideration, the knife has excellent built-up.

Therefore, people who spend hundreds of dollars on expensive knives must try the knife at least once.

What we liked

  • Abrasion-resistant and strong blade
  • Gives an enjoyable performance
  • Light and effortless to carry
  • All-around performer
  • Sturdy plastic sheath and handle
  • Sustainable and tested knife

What we didn’t like

  • Lacks the power of food preparation
  • Too much hard grip


Morakniv Bushcraft


A good knife is not only used for cutting or slicing. It must include additional features rather than cutting or slicing only. The outdoor enthusiast expects additional features with their knives like the starting fire.


Fortunately, the Morakniv Bushcraft, with its ground spine, can start the fire like most other Morakniv. A diamond sharpening stone will allow you to keep effective the knife’s edge by sharpening. That’s precisely what the enthusiastic people want!


Having a textured grip is comfortable with its rubberized ergonomics. It assures a greater thumb control to the users. Even though it is a rat-tail knife, it will give you the feeling of a full-tang knife.

The plastic sheath incorporates a secure lop and swiveling belt clip. Consequently, the sheath lets the knife stay with your belt correctly.


What we liked

  • Easy and effective sharpening
  • Secure full-lop and belt clip
  • Practical and sharpened spine
  • Modified clip-point shape
  • A great fire-starter
  • Soft and grippy rubberized handle


What we didn’t like

  • Uncoated sides of the blade get rusted soon


Morakniv Bushcraft Pathfinder


The Morakniv Bushcraft pathfinder is the highest version of the famous Mora Bushcraft survival knife.


Needless to say, that the Morakniv uses quality steel to make the blade of its knives. Similarly, it comprises a thick and heavier carbon steel blade. The black coating on the blade protects the blade from abrasion and reflections. Moreover, the Firestarter blade looks incredibly nice on the knife.


For a comfortable grip in the wet condition, the knife comes with the rubberized handle. Though it is a rubber handle, it doesn’t make the knife too heavy.

Likewise, the quality of Bushcraft the Morakniv also comes with a high-quality nylon sheath. There may exist a customer who will complain about the sheath.


What we liked

  • Practical, high-quality nylon sheath
  • Features finger groove
  • Secure sheath built-in
  • Fairly a capable chopper
  • Fantastic Scandinavian edge grind
  • Excellent blade for starting the fire

What we didn’t like

  • Slightly thicker edge
  • Unusual sheath
  • Somewhat rough and rolled edge


Morakniv Kansbol


Meet Morakniv Kansbol! It is a new classic and popular knife of the renewed maker Morakniv. The knife does great jobs with an impressive balance and functionality.


At first glimpse, you will get impressed by the Morakniv knife’s sheath and handle. It has a fully ambidextrous sheath, which is made of propylene plastic. It is a click clock that prevents the knife’s blade from coming out. In addition, the sheath comprises the water drainage hole. It is specially installed to keep the knife free from moisture and extreme debris.


However, the polyamide plastic handle of the knife gives the user a neutral balance. Whereas, the 12C27 steel grade provides an excellent edge holding performance. The blade angle is 90 degrees, which makes the knife suitable for starting the fire.


What we liked

  • Painless and easy sharpening
  • Edge provides finer precision work
  • Versatile outdoor knife
  • Solid blade and non-slip grip
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Tough polyamide handle and sheath


What we didn’t like

  • Maybe a little light for Bushcraft
  • Quality control is iffy


Morakniv Outdoor 2000

In 1990, the Morakniv outdoor was first introduced in the market. Still, it is one of the most adored and loved knives to users.


The first thing you’ll notice when you pick up the knife is its comfortable handle grip. The comfortable grip will give you higher confidence. At the same time, you’ll find the knife is not too bulky or large.


Surprisingly, the 2.5mm thick blade holds its edge excellently. The knife will not let you a chance complaining about rust or corrosion. That’s because the Sandvik stainless steel used in the knife is resistant to moisture.


The sheath included with the knife is fully functional. In addition, the quality of the sheath is above average compared to the other Mora sheaths.


What we liked

  • Cheap-priced knife
  • Nice and extremely secure grip
  • Scandinavian grind is easy to sharpen
  • The tip works excellently
  • The quality plastic sheath works excellently


What we didn’t like

  • The rounded spine is inappropriate for fire starting
  • No lanyard hole at the handle


Morakniv Craftline Robust


A rust-proof, durable, and high-compatible knife is always expected to the enthusiastic. Fortunately, it is possible to have a compatible knife when you choose the Morakniv Craftline.


The Morakniv Craftline combines a thick carbon blade and moisture resistant handle. Indeed, the combination of steel and handle design makes the knife very attractive.

It is a highly robust knife that is appropriate for almost all the tough and hard tasks. And the rubber handle is so comfortable that it doesn’t slip your hand damp or cold weather.


Overall, the knife is compatible with all your survival and enthusiastic tasks. So, if you want to make the knife your companion, do it without any hesitation.


What we liked

  • Durable edge with a good grip
  • Handle gives optimal friction
  • Weather-resistant rubber handle
  • Hard plastic sheath
  • Fantastic little knife
  • Sharpening edge is easier


What we didn’t like

  • Incompatible with starting a fire
  • Steel can be affected by the rust or moisture


Final Verdict


Indeed, the Morakniv knives have gained good fame as a survival, hunting, and hiking knife. Mainly, it produces the knives, which include a fixed and razor-sharp blade. Almost all the knives can be sharpened spontaneously with a fine stone or strop.


No doubt that the Morakniv knives are affordable to almost all the purchasers. That’s because it comes at compatible prices. Additionally, there is no negative review about the quality of the knives. If you are going for a long tour, a Morakniv knife can be your best companion.


Hopefully, you can choose your companion from our shortlisted ten best Morakniv knives. Need additional help or guidance? Allow our buyer’s guide to direct you to the best knife.


Buyer’s Guide

Morakniv knives are among the top-selling knives. Its excellency in outdoor tasks has made it quite popular shortly. Undoubtedly, you must choose the knife when you need a fixed blade outdoor knife.


But, how to recognize the original Morakniv and which quality will suit your purpose?


Here, we’re going to disclose everything about a qualified Morakniv knife that you need to know! Let’s jump on our buyer’s guide.


Steel material


Almost all the Morakniv knife’s blades include unique design along with quality and versatility. Moreover, the blades of different Morakniv comprises versatile materials.


Now, what types of steel normally the Morakniv knives include? Allow us to introduce you to them.


Carbon steel


The carbon steel is a tough material for a knife blade. The hardness is around HRC 56-60. Undoubtedly, the hard carbon steel provides maximum sharpness within an affordable price.


The steel grade provides a dull grey finish to the blade, although it doesn’t affect the knife’s quality. Instead, the grey finish improves the rust-resistant quality of the knife. However, carbon steel is easy to sharpen, but it requires frequent maintenance.


Stainless steel


The stainless blades are also strong, although their strength is lower than the carbon blades. The hardness is HRC 56-58 that gives the stainless-steel extreme strength for a long time.


The rust-resisting ability of stainless steel is also greater than carbon steel. That’s because the stainless steel includes high moisture resistant capacity that is higher than carbon steel. Unlike carbon steel, the stainless-steel stays sharper for an extended time.


Laminated carbon steel


The laminated carbon steel is one of the highly used steels in the Morakniv knife’s blade. Likewise, the carbon steel, it includes the hardness HRC 56-60 that provides a superior tough blade.


Moreover, the steel material takes the blade to the maximum sharpness along with the toughness.




The Morakniv knives are ecologically and socially very sustainable. The manufacturer uses recyclable components in the Morakniv knives. Also, they don’t use hazardous chemicals when producing the Morakniv knives.


That’s why the production of Morakniv knives minimizes the adverse impact on the environment. Instead, it enhances the sustainability of the environment.




The sheath of the fixed blade Morakniv is one of the most important factors. If you fail to select a well-performing durable sheath, you cannot use the knife for outdoor activities. Let’s know the sheath types that the Morakniv knives include.


Leather sheath


Traditionally, the leather sheath is popular in the knife industry. Especially, people to whom the price is not a big fact chooses the leather sheath options. Alongside the aesthetic look, it has a good quality of holding the sharpness of the knife.


But there is a possibility of cutting the leather sheath with the blade of the knife. That’s because the leather sheath is a flexible component.


Plastic sheath


Most of the Morakniv knives come with the plastic sheath. That’s because the unique design of the sheath gives a modern look to the Morakniv knives. Whereas, the leather sheath cannot hold the modern and classic look.


There is also a disadvantage of the plastic sheath. The blade into the plastic sheath makes it rattle and doesn’t stay still. It consequently hampers the mission of a hunter.


Kydex sheath


The Kydex sheath is most expensive amongst all the sheath materials. But the cooling process and grabbing of the sheath prove that the sheath is worth the price. Moreover, you can re-shape the Kydex sheath, which is not possible for other sheathes.


However, sometimes the Kydex sheath makes scratches that are disadvantageous for the sharp blades.



Where can I buy Morakniv knives?


Morakniv knives are available in the local shops of almost all countries. International online retailers also sell Morakniv, where the knives couldn’t enter directly. But you must confirm whether the seller ships the Morakniv knives in your country.


You can directly contract with the manufacturer of the Morakniv to know about the shipping process.


Is Morakniv environmentally certified?


Yes, the Morakniv knives are environmentally certified.



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