Believe it or not, human life is full of risks and uncertainties. So, he takes the highest effective measures to survive, as much he can. Having a pocket knife is one of those measures that a man adopts as his life savior.

A pocket knife is also known as Jackknife or penknife. It enables a man to handle all types of regular activities, along with saving his life. For the cutting edge, versatility, energetic performance, the knife is also known as an EDC knife to its users. Undoubtedly, with the enhancement of technology, the ideal tool is making countless variations in it. So, if you can afford at least a knife, you must purchase a pocket knife.

Indeed, it’s tough for a buyer to select the best pocket knife among a massive number of knives in the market. By considering the customer’s requirements, we have enlisted the best knives here. Let’s jump on it.


Spyderco Chaparral Fiber/G-10

The Spyderco chaparral fiber supplies high-quality compact tools that are outstandingly rust-resistant. It is a well-known brand for providing a quality knife at a budgeted price. Indeed, this feature makes the pocket knife more competitive.

The blade of classic Spyderco completes with a full grind. Its shape proves the blade ideal for the pocket knife. However, the ChaparralChaparral has selected the CTS-XHP stainless steel material for incorporating its blade. Surprisingly, the decent corrosion-resistant blade is quite easy to sharpen. And the sharpening presents a well-fine edge knife to its users.

The G10 fiber handle of the ChaparralChaparral gives a dimensional appearance to the tool.  You can feel the carbon fiber textured enough when holding the knife. Like most other Spyderco, the ChaparralChaparral features with a thumbs hole. However, the locking mechanism is sturdy, but its action is very smooth.

What we liked

  • Full flat grind profile
  • Comfortable and dimensional grip
  • Non-threatening blade
  • Screaming sharpness
  • Perfectly centered grind
  • Significantly thinner knife
  • Traditional lock-back design
  • The blade’s butterfly smooth to open

What didn’t like

  • A bit stiff for the first time


Boker Plus 01BO296

The Boker or tree brand knives are best-known its leading-edge design, high precision levels, and top-quality components. Germany produces this great working knife that includes aesthetic design.

Get a modified blade point design with the Boker plus knife. It’s a dramatic blade design that is adjusted correctly with a thin handle. Needless to say, the tip of the blade is finely sharped and suitable for stabbing things. Notably, the blade’s steel is made of AUS-8 stainless steel, which is hearty steel. Besides, the high quality makes the steel better than many steel types and flexible to sharpening. The compact handle of the pocket knife is made of VG-10 steel, which is a Japanese proprietary steel. However, the minimalist look of the knife makes it attractive to anyone.

The knife’s simple design makes it appropriate for different sized hands. Indeed, the simple and unobtrusive knife uses flipper for easy deployment.

What we liked

  • A substantial knife
  • Heavy knife and smooth handle
  • Hearty steel includes flexibility in sharpening
  • Stainless linear lock
  • Thick blade with super cool design

What’s we didn’t like

  • Difficult to open
  • The index finger is a sort of slippery
  • The blade is protruded out of the handle


Boker Plus 01BO734 Urban Trapper

The Boker plus urban trapper is an impressive knife for its well-structured features and design.

The urban trapper is a premier product which is features with clip point blade design. It is a classic blade that includes a high flat blade along with a precise tip. Interestingly, the lightweight knife consists of a satin blade finish, which is crafted from VG-10 stainless steel. The flat grind is an exceptionally tremendous slicer, cutter, etc. like most of the high featured products. For ensuring a sturdy locking mechanism, the manufacturers have used titanium frame lock in the knife. Undoubtedly, the locking mechanism enables the security of the tool when playing it.

However, the urban trapper is a beautiful folding knife that includes an excellent titanium pocket clip. Despite using a titanium pocket clip, the knife is extremely lightweight and sturdy.

What we liked

  • Gives smooth actions
  • Slim profile with inexpensiveness
  • Better premium lock
  • Lighter in weight
  • Better pocket clip
  • Perfect workmanship and performances

What’s we didn’t like

  • Expensive tool compared to its features
  • The pivot might get loosen


Boker Boker Plus Subcom F Knife

Are you looking for a mid-range EDC knife? If so, most probably, the broker plus will be an excellent knife for you.

It is a well-reputed brand for making excellent corrosion resistant blade, which is crafted from 440C stainless steel. The steel grade is highly known for holding its edge flexibly for a long time. Besides, the material ensures the easy sharpening of the broker plus knives. If you want to get an impact and abrasion-free handle, then let us make sure that our broker plus comes with such kinds of excellent grip. The handle is consisting of Zytel, which is a sturdy nylon component.

The broker plus includes a half moon sized shape design that gives the knife a fantastic look. It is a perfect shape for the user’s finger because of ensuring easy deployment.


What we liked

  • Pretty well handle
  • Recommendable knife for cutting features
  • Ensures good retention
  • Removable pocket clip
  • A lanyard holes
  • Half-moon shaped thumb stud


What’s we didn’t like

  • Ergonomics are decent but not outstanding


Benchmade – Mini Barrage 585

Commonly, pocket knives will come with handy features. Because the users purchase them to carry anywhere with them. Benchmade Mini Barrage one of those handy knives that include lightweight terms.

The mini-Beverage with a length of 6.91-inch is a small folding knife. The small folding knives blade is containing 154 CM stainless steel. Indeed, it’s an inaccessible blade component that keeps the blade safe from being rusted.

It is a lighter designed knife which includes all-around functionality. Indeed, it makes the knife a perfect versatile knife. The Benchmade takes the responsibility of sharpening the knife if when needs. Not only that, but the manufacturer also gives the surety that the tool can hold its edge for a long time.

Are you worried about a knife’s locking system? If so, then feel free to purchase the knife. It is a handy knife that comes with a safety locking mechanism and accessible deployment capacity.


What we liked

  • Small but incredible knife
  • Light in terms of weight
  • Good edge holding capacity
  • Excellent in size, quality, and craftsmanship

What’s we didn’t like

  • It is a bit heavy and thick
  • The lock is challenging to actuate


​Benchmade -North Fork 15031

The Benchmade provides most of the expanded tools for tactical operators. Its main goal is ensuring the best and incompatible knives all around the world.

The north fork is among those knives supplied by the Benchmade for processing varied duties. The pocket knife’s blade steel is containing CPM-S30V, which makes the blade performance well-balanced. Undoubtedly, the steel has a superb quality of holding its edge. Moreover, such outstanding quality makes the blade free from rust and corrosion. Indeed, the timber handle can maintain its stability during the environment hardship and makes a small knife is an ideal tool for hunting. The design of the pocket knife is so much lightweight and sturdy that you can handle the knife with a single hand.

The drop point pocket knife is designed for the hunters. By overviewing its recurved blade, you can easily assume the simple knife’s duties.

What we liked

  • An ideal hunting knife with a recurved blade
  • Lightweight and sturdy design
  • Drop point blade
  • Perfect grip
  • Awesome scales with smoothness

What’s we didn’t like

  • Sharpening might slightly difficult
  • The blade is horribly at off-center


Swiss Army Classic SD

A knife’s compatibility is proved when you use the tool for outdoor activities. Fortunately, the swiss army classic is such a multiblade folding knife that has tested its compatibility for numerous times. That’s why; people consider the knife when they are going for any tactical operations.

The small size enables the knife to adjust anywhere. Amazingly, it is a tool that comes with a slim profile with a short drop point blade. The drop point blade holds its edge excellently and makes the knife enable for rugged operations. Besides, the knife includes a sharp scissor, which is good at cutting things. However, the tool consists of some other equipment which contains the solid stainless alloys.

Overall, with the durability and versatility, the Victorinox swiss army has held a strong position in the market.


What we liked

  • Durable and versatile knife
  • Short drop point blade
  • World-famous tool
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Uses the finest material in construction
  • International brand name

What’s we didn’t like

  • Non-locking knife
  • The blade looks flimsy


​Zero Tolerance 0350TS

The Zero tolerance one of those EDC knives which is designed for deep pocket carry. It includes 18 percent of chromium that makes the tool highly resistant to rust.

Let’s start describing the features of the knife with its aggressive handle design. It is a thick stainless-steel linear handle which is incorporated from G-10 material. The nicely shaped design of the grip gives you solid retention and comfort when operating the knife on hard tasks. As the additional features, the tool adds finger guard and prominent choils that ensure the extra security of it. The pocket knife is heavily built with an S30V drop point blade. Thought the construction of the knife is a bit thicker, but its sturdiness is more than the expectations.

The tool doesn’t include a pocket clip. But its solid half-inch thick grip works better than a pocket clip.

What we liked

  • S30V recurved drop point blade
  • Sturdier and thicker blade
  • Reversible and secure grip
  • The modestly textured G10 handle
  • The perfect knife for self-defense

What’s we didn’t like

  • Not including a pocket clip
  • Sharpness is short-lasting


Final Verdict

In modern times, an adult person must go through several situations. Some might be favorable, and some might be unfavorable among those situations. It doesn’t matter which conditions you are going through. But the thing does matter whether you have precautionary preparation to tackle those situations or not.

Indeed, to tackle all those situations, you must have a pocket knife with you. It is among those useful tools which are used for cutting food along with hunting or hiking. Besides, their blade combinations, types, materials, handle shape, etc. makes them favorite to the users.

There are so many branded and non-branded pocket knives in the market. So, it is a little confusing for a person who has inadequate knowledge about the knife. Undoubtedly, our buyer’s guide will be helpful to them. Go through the features of the best pocket knife we have described in the article. Additionally, we would recommend you read our buyer’s guide to determine which knife will best for you.


Buyer’s Guide

When you decide to purchase a pocket knife, you’ll find it confusing to choose the best one. Because of technological advancement and increasing demand, the manufacturer produces numerous branded knives. Indeed, it makes a purchaser confusing in selecting the good one, especially when he has no prior knowledge about the knife. So, here we have described our well-researched buyer’s guide for them. Let’s go through it.


Before purchasing a pocket knife, firstly, you have to determine what is your primary purpose of buying it. You might purchase a pocket knife for several reasons. These reasons may include self-defense, running outdoor activities, and so on. If you’re purchasing the knife for everyday use, a secure and good grip is crucial for the knife. When you’re purchasing it for several outdoor activities, the handle must be resistant to tough weather. Besides, a fixed clip point is vital for an outdoor pocket knife. And if you’re purchasing the knife for self-defense, it must include all the features of outdoor knives. Besides, the locking mechanism of the strong enough to ensure the additional safety of the knife.

Number of blades

The number of blades depends on the purpose for which you are purchasing the knife. You might purchase the knife for household chores or normal outdoor activities. In that case, a single blade knife is enough for you. But if you also want to do the tactical tasks with your knife, then you better purchase a multiblade knife.

Blade steel

A pocket knife may come with the titanium blade or stainless steel. Both of them are light in weight and durable in nature. Here the difference is the titanium steel is expensive than the stainless steel. But you have to put less effort at the time of sharpening the titanium blade. Whereas, the stainless-steel needs more effort and time than the titanium blade. However, by considering the features, the titanium blades are preferable to all types of tasks. Contrariwise, stainless steel is preferable for household chores and regular outdoor tasks.

Handle design

A high-quality handle is a pre-requisite of an ideal pocket knife. So, when selecting a knife, make sure its handle is containing high-quality ingredients. An excellent handle might include the following materials.


If you are familiar with aluminum equipment, then you must be known that it is a lightweight component. So, generally, the handle of a knife which is made of aluminum is light in weight. Consequently, you can carry the knife at any place with you. Another reason for which they’re known as an ideal knife is their excellent grip. When holding the aluminum knife, you’ll find that they are perfectly adjusting in your hand.


The G-10 handles are made of fiberglass. Consequently, you’ll find them durable, long-lasting, strong, and lightweight. Besides, they ensure a proper grip during the harsh weather as they are highly resistant to water. Indeed, the quality is preferable to all of the users who are searching for a qualified survival knife.


The titanium handle is an expensive material than the most other knife’s handle. But the expense behind the titanium handle doesn’t go in vain. Because they are awesome handle with the high price.  Indeed, they ensure high performance, strength, resist corrosion.

Stainless steel

If you’re looking for rustproof and corrosion-free handle material, then you purchase the knife made of stainless steel. They are very durable, more than your expectations. But the stainless-steel handle can’t give the surety of resisting the corrosion in the rough weather. So, if you’re purchasing the knife for outdoor and tactical tasks, then avoid purchasing the stainless steel.

Locking mechanism

Most of the people purchase the pocket knife for operating the outdoor tasks. So, they need a strong blade with a safe locking mechanism. If the linear lock is not safe enough, the user may get injured by the knife. It would be best if the knife can be deployed by using only one hand. So, before choosing your knife, make sure it has all these qualities.



Why should we carry a pocket knife?

The pocket knives are an essential and practical tool of a person’s everyday life. It is applicable in different outdoor and indoor operations. Moreover, advanced technology has made it easy to conceal and safe to use. A person always has to be prepared for any situation, whether it is external or internal. So, everyone should have at least a pocket knife with him.

How to select a perfect pocket knife?

To make the best investment of your money, you must want to select the perfect knife for you. Now, how you’ll choose the perfect knife for yourself?

Firstly, evaluate your purpose behind purchasing the pocket knife. Overview all the knives in this article and read the buyer’s guide. Select the knife to acquire, which is matching your needs best.

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