Our lives rotate around knives and many other handy tools that are required for accomplishing a lot of tasks daily. Keeping all these essential knives and tools is important so that they have a long life span and works with great efficiency.

For this reason, we have listed down below some of the best knife oils. These oils are indeed very versatile that will help you with keeping the movement of some essential tools smooth. Your knives will also stay in great condition and safe from getting rusted and corroded.

  1. Yoshihiro TSOIL Tsubaki Japanese Knife Maintenance Oil:

Yoshihiro TSOIL Tsubaki Japanese Knife Maintenance Oil comes at the top of our list as it is the perfect knife oil you need for maintenance. This Japanese knife oil is perfect for the maintenance of knives that are made up of high carbon steel.

The oil has great properties that help to bring back shines to the blades of your knives and even condition them. The oil comes along with a rust eraser that helps in improving the blades by removing dirty stains and rust.


  • The oil prevents discoloration of blades.
  • It helps in making blades resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Comes along with a rust and stain eraser.
  • You only need very few drops for maintenance.


  • It is expensive.
  1. KUROBARA Tsubaki Japanese Knife Maintenance Oil:

KUROBARA Tsubaki Japanese Knife Maintenance Oil is very convenient dispensing spray. It efficiently lets you to spray the oil onto the blade and then you can wipe it off.

The oil is perfect for the maintenance of carbon steel knives, gardening scissors, knives need for woodworking, and also for many other tools needed for carpentry. The oil consists of Japanese camellia oil that is completely food grade safe which means it is non-toxic.


  • The oil is non-drying making it perfect for the maintenance of blades.
  • The oil is food grade safe, tasteless, and odorless.
  • Suitable for many tools that consist of blades.
  • Great for preventing rusting of blades.


  • The oil is not edible even if it is food grade safe.
  1. UltraSource Food Grade Mineral Oil:

UltraSource Food Grade Mineral Oil is for those sensitive users that cannot stand the strong smell. This mineral oil is tasteless and odorless making it comfortable for every user to work with. The oil is great at preventing rust formation on blades keeping the shine intact for a very long time.

The mineral oil is not only food-grade safe but also edible. This property makes it perfect for use in grinders, gears, and other machinery parts that needs maintenance. The oil keeps your blade sharp, glossy, smooth, and anti-corrosion by forming a protective film on the blade.


  • Greatly efficient in removing stains.
  • Edible petroleum-based oil.
  • Works on wood to create a moisture seal.
  • Keeps blade shiny, sharp, and corrosion free.


  • This product does not help with getting rid of grease.
  1. Citadel Black Natural Food Grade Knife and Blade Maintenance Oil:

Citadel Black Natural Food Grade Knife and Blade Maintenance Oil are formulated to last long. It has a low viscosity which ensures that the oil does not gum up or solidify under any temperature. Low viscosity also ensures that the oil spreads on the blade with efficiency.

This knife oil is the perfect combination of camellia oil extracted from the seeds and white mineral oil. The special formula of the oil maintains both steel and carbon blades. It efficiently protects both of these kinds of metals from corrosion and rust.


  • The oil consists of natural ingredients.
  • Food grade safe oil.
  • Perfect for maintenance of both steel and carbon knife blades.
  • Oil has low viscosity for better spreading.


  • It is expensive compared to other options.
  1. Thirteen Chefs Knife and Honing Oil:

Thirteen Chefs Knife and Honing Oil makes sharpening knives very efficient and quick. You can use this oil with sharpening tools and whetstones so that the knives glide smoothly and sharpen to perfection. The oil can be used for a chef’s knife that is made up of carbon steel or stainless steel.

The oil is very versatile making it suitable for you to use for sharpening meat grinders, gardening tools, axes and other tools that need maintenance. Honing oil is formulated with food-grade safe ingredients. It does not have any odor or taste which makes it suitable for sensitive users.


  • Honing oil does not cause any allergic reactions.
  • The container consists of sufficient quantity.
  • It is odorless plus tasteless formula implied.
  • It is made up of safe and edible ingredients.


  • The dropper of the containers is not very convenient for pouring out the oil.
  1. Sentry Solutions TUF Glide:

Sentry Solutions TUF Glide comes with a unique formula that ensures its thickness stays the same under all conditions. It will not become thin or thick under the influence of heat and cold. The solution consists of Nanotechnology that will form a protective layer on all sorts of metal surface for ensuring that they stay in good condition.

The solution is perfect for use as a lubricant. You can use it for making hinges and reels smooth other than just blades. The solution is perfect for the maintenance of guns and other tools as well. it does not attract dust and debris.


  • Comes with a needle for precise application.
  • The viscosity stays consistent at all temperatures.
  • Very versatile.
  • Perfect clean weapons for maintenance.


  • The quantity of oil provided is not satisfactory according to price.
  1. Daiwa Reel Oiler 64110100 with Needle Dispenser:

Daiwa Reel Oiler 64110100 with Needle Dispenser is perfect for pocket knives and any other machine that has parts moving. This can be used as a lubricant for machinery, reels, and firearms. The unique needle dispenser of the bottle lets you to apply oil in difficult to reach areas.

You can apply just the correct amount that you need as the need delivers precise drips. The dispenser is great for the maintenance of knives. You can easily tell if you need a new bottle of oil as it has a transparent container that shows you the amount present inside.


  • Great needle applicator for precise application.
  • Helps in making various joints free.
  • Clear container so you can check the oil level.
  • Affordable in terms of price.


  • Not food grade safe.
  1. Nano-Oil NanoLube Anti-Friction:

Nano-Oil NanoLube Anti-Friction comes in very handy in accomplishing two tasks. The oil protects the blades from moisture to prevent rust formation. This helps to increase the lifespan of the knives.

The next task done by the oil is the lubrication that works for making moving parts go smooth so that the wear and tear is less. The oil can be applied to these parts with precision as the stainless steel of needles lets you to do so.

The needle helps you to reach even the very difficult area so you don’t need to disassemble your tool or knife while you need to apply oil.


  • Oil forms a protective film to prevent rust.
  • Great as a lubricant.
  • Protects knives from tears and wears.
  • Good quality stainless steel needle dispenser.


  • Very little quantity of oil present in the container.
  1. Liberty Oil Products Synthetic Oil for Knives:

Liberty Oil Products Synthetic Oil for Knives works great for maintaining the knives. It can be used for protecting, cleaning and also for lubricating. The oil creates a protective barrier for the blades of pocket knives, folding knives, and even for straight knives.

The barrier works for protecting the knives against corrosion and rust helping to increase their life span. The oil is completely safe to be used on both plastics and painted surfaces. The needle of the oil allows precise application and also helps you apply oil on difficult to reach areas.


  • The oil does not thicken or evaporate under any condition.
  • Long needle dispenser for precise application.
  • It can be used for various tools and knives.
  • Affordable in terms of price.


  • The oil is not edible.
  1. Quick Release Oil Precision Oiler:

Quick Release Oil Precision Oiler helps you with keeping your tools in a good state by protecting and lubricating the moving parts and blades. You will love this oil for the maintenance of tools that you use regularly. The oil can be used not only on folding knives but also on bicycle gears, locks, reels, and many other tools.

The oiler works for minimizing friction to a maximum level to decrease wear and tear, which helps in increasing the lifespan of the tools. The oiler forms a very protective layer on the surface that creates great lubrication.


  • Usages of oil drives out moisture and dirts from the surface.
  • Works great as a lubricant and maintenance oil.
  • Minimizes friction to reduce wear and tear.
  • Very versatile as it can be used on various tools.


  • The oil is not suitable to use on kitchen knives.
  1. Liquid Oil 100% Synthetic Oil:

Liquid Oil 100% Synthetic Oil consists of needles that are of two sizes so you can choose the convenient one for easy application. The needles help you apply oil to very difficult to reach area. You can be careful with the amount that you apply as well.

For keeping the needle dispenser in good condition you will be getting two scabbard tips. The oil can be used on all sorts of plastic surfaces. Even it is safe for applying onto any metal surface that is painted.


  • The oil is 100% synthetic.
  • The oil prevents rust and corrosion.
  • There are two different sizes of needles provided.
  • The oil is safe for all painted and plastic surfaces.


  • Expensive in terms of price.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, after getting to know about the best knife oils, you will surely be able to keep all your knives and tools in great care. These knife oils will help in increasing the life span of blades and other tools.

We have listed different oils that will come in handy for the maintenance of different kinds of knives and tools that you love and regularly use.

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