Kitchen knife sets are preferred nowadays among both professional chefs and home cooks alike. Because of a similarly designed knife that adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen and also similarly functional, so you can take care of all the blades the same way.

The market has no lack of options regarding kitchen knife sets. There’s a lot of manufacturing companies each offering different features, varying in quality, price, construction materials, designs, etc. Chicago cutlery is one of the well-known names in this arena, for providing a rich collection of knives within an affordable budget. The primary target customer of this culinary brand is home cooks. You can get fine professional-like pieces of cutleries without splurging a lot for it. To bring professionalism into domestic kitchens, Chicago Cutlery is perfect.

We recommend looking at these Chicago Cutlery reviews before buying one. This will help you make sure that your investment will extract maximum value. We’ve put together some models in the list below after extensive research, that may be able to check all your boxes. This isn’t a ranking or anything, the sorting is random, check’em all out to get better insights about your options. Best of luck.


The Best Chicago Cutlery Knife Sets to Buy


  1. Chicago Cutlery Cutlery Fusion 18pc Block Set

This 18-piece block set from Cutlery Fusion includes pretty much all the knives that you may need in any standard kitchen. Along with an 8-inch slicing knife, 7.75-inch chef’s knife, 7-inch santoku, 7.75-inch bread knife, 5-inch utility knife, 3.25-inch paring knife, 3-inch peeling knife, 8-inch honing rod, and eight 4.25-inch-long steak knives. You also get Chicago Cutlery’s very own fusion-designed, 5-inch partoku blade, that owns the range between santoku and paring knife.

The blades are forged with superior-grade high carbon stainless steel, which offers not only impenetrable protection against corrosion and also a sharp edge that stays sharp for a long time too. So, the maintenance period is cut short with its built-in rust resistance and ability to hold an edge. Sharpen once in a while and you’re good to go for a long time.

The poly-grip handles are designed to be comfortable while using. The ergonomic design with a rubber surface provides a strong and easy-grip unlikely to ever slip out of your hand.


  • Forged full-tang blades.
  • Razor-sharp edges.
  • Non-slip handles.
  • Comes with a durable wooden block.
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty.


  • Bad quality control service.


This 19-piece culinary set is one of the most efficient units brought to you by manufacturers. The set offers an 8-inch chef’s knife, 8-inch slicing knife, 5-inch utility, 7-inch santoku, 8-inch serrated bread knife, 3-inch peeler, 6-inch boning knife, 3.25-inch paring knife, pair of kitchen shears, and eight quality-grade steak knives measuring 4.5 inches. And finally, a bamboo cutting board with a wooden block to store the knife.

The blades are constructed from one-piece high carbon stainless steel, the taper-ground makes the resharpening process much easier. Because of the carbon materials in the steel the blade’s much harder than normal stainless steel and able to keep an edge longer.

The knife block is equipped with a built-in sharpener, giving the blades automatic touch-up each time the blades are drawn out. You’ll still require to hone them separately once or twice a month depending on the usage. The stylish metallic handle with contours fits right in your palm and gives you a nice feel to it. The ergonomics are meant to reduce the strain on the hands.


  • Durable construction.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Comes very sharp.
  • The storing block offers a built-in sharpener.


  • The weight feels a bit flimsy.
  • Slippery handle when wet.


The 15-piece Belden knife set from Chicago Cutlery is easy on the eyes, the beautiful cherry-wood block steals the spotlight smoothly. Apart from that the set offers, an 8-inch bread knife, 8-inch slicer, 8-inch chef’s knife, 5.5-inch utility knife, two 4-inch-long paring knife, 3-inch peeler, six 4.5-inch-long steak knives with serrations, and kitchen shears.

Forged from strong high carbon stainless steel, the blade is durable to an impressive degree. The full tang construction certifies durability and strength, it offers great balance which gives you optimum control over the blade. The 25° taper-ground gives you a sharp edge to make precise and delicate cuts easily.

The smooth handles make the grip easy and comfortable; the circumference alone is enough to ensure a strong hold over it. The set is low maintenance too, handle with care, hand wash it after every use with mild soapy water, and dry it before storing it in the block.


  • Includes serrated steak knives.
  • Offers excellent balance.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Slim storing block.
  • Comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Doesn’t come with any sharpener.
  • Faulty quality control.


  1. Chicago Cutlery Designpro 13pc Block Set

This knife set from designpro can be summed up as one of the best sets for small kitchens, or amateurs looking to be familiarized with knives, it presents a 7-inch santoku, 8-inch chef’s knife, 5-inch utility, 8-inch bread knife, 3.5-inch parer, 3.75-inch peeler, kitchen shears and four 4.25 inches long serrated steak knives.

These awesome knives were forged from Japanese steel, known to deliver excellent hardness, that ensures longer edge retention so you won’t have to bother with sharpening very frequently. The sharpness it offers is also admirable, chop away whatever you wish with ease, their functionality is S class.

The unique handles are one of the highlighted features of this set. This full tang knife features seamless contact of the handle and blade, but made the innovative incurvated bolster with a twist makes it extra grippy and enough hand space to be used by customers of all hand-sizes.


  • Best batch of knives.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Made of durable Japanese steel.
  • Saw-toothed steak knives.
  • Futuristic handle design.


  • Washing in dishwasher will result in rusting.


The insignia series provides a set of higher-tier kitchen knives which is designed to top all the other knives in the relevant price range. It’s designed with a 7-inch bread knife, 8-inch chef’s knife, 7-inch santoku, 8-inch slicer, 5.5-inch utility knife, two paring knives measuring 3 and 3.5 inches, 5-inch boning knife, kitchen shears, and eight 4.5-inch steak knives. With a sharpening slot on the block, the knife set is pretty much complete.

The blades are forged from heavy-duty high carbon stainless steel, offering extensive edge retention along with resistance against rust and corroding. The super sharp blades are designed to cut through foods like butter, the drop-point knives are especially useful in skinning, carving, delicate cutting, etc.

The ergonomic handle with finger grooves produces a strong slip-proof grip. You can rely on it even with the toughest works. The triple rivets make the build more stable and balanced, granting you optimum control while maneuvering. The in-block knife sharpener slot can be used to hone the edges by lightly motioning the blades inward and outward.


  • Ultra-sharp blades.
  • Heavy-duty bolsters.
  • Includes a lovely wooden block.
  • Triple-riveted handle.
  • Equipped with a sharpening slot.


  • Poor quality control regarding the blocks.



Q: How to select the best knife set for me?

A: Choosing the best suiting knife for yourself will require basic knowledge about the knife itself. Being aware of the functions and usages of the knife will help to determine which set is a better suit for you. Else, you’ll find extra blades that are just taking up spaces with no real use for your kitchen. A knife set covers all your cutting needs in a single purchase, so thoroughly go through which pieces are provided, if the ones you need are all included there.

Q: How to take care of Chicago Cutlery knife sets?

A: Appropriate care is the answer. Again, knowing about the blade helps, so sharpen it at the manufactured angle to not damage the edges. Manually wash and dry no matter what the construction material is and use the blades only on the intended application, forcing a blade to cut something it’s not supposed to will chip the edge, or worse break it.

Q: How to store the knives?

A: Knives should be stored dry and away from children’s reach. Preferably in a block, so none of the sharp edges are exposed to cause any accidents. There are also other options, such as magnetic strip, leather pouch, sheaths, etc.


Final Verdict

Committing to a kitchen knife is no easy decision, and when we’re talking about the whole set, a lot of thinking is in cue. A good knife set is one of the primary conditions to make a kitchen more comfortable, as it has the ability to both increase and hamper your pace while working. To ensure it’s not the latter, research is important. With these Chicago Cutlery reviews, we intended to make this task easy for you. All 5 of the products described above can turn any kitchen into a chef’s kitchen.




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