The camping knives! By the name, you might’ve understood why the manufacturer made these knives.

Well, the camping knives are specially made for hunting, camping, fishing and so on. Besides, they’re also versatile enough and can perform multiple works. A good camping knife must contain a full tang serrated blade. Moreover, the blade must have a carbon coat at the endpoint to retain the strength. Additionally, the handle must’ve too comfortable to hold. And the slicing has to as much as smooth.


Now, it’s a matter of great concern, which is the best camping knife in 2020? Most of the consumers buy the camping knife based on their brand and reviews. We’ve made a comparison of the excellent camping knives. After evaluating the customer’s reviews and product features, we’ve enlisted five best camping knives of the market. We’ll gradually know about them.


Opinel carbon blade

Since 1890, the Opinel knife hasn’t been changed its unique features. Most of the outdoorsman and handymen mandatorily keeps an Opinel knife with them. Because it comes with expert safety rings, a sustainable wooden handle, and a clean, sharp blade.

Get great cutting guaranty! As the Opinel knife’s blade crafted from carbon steel that makes it outstandingly hard. The safety ring that is made of stainless Virobloc has two sections. One is fixed, and another is sliding. Both of the parts ensure the secure locking of the camping knife.

In case of the knife’s handle, you’ll find it very simple to look. But actually, the handle is crafted from hard Beechwood. The Beechwood is sustainably bought from the European forest. The handle wood is sturdy because of its carbon content.

What’s so good

  • Made in France
  • Containing European forest wood
  • Specialized in the locking system
  • The sandpaper retains its new look
  • The blade is flat ground


What’s not so good

  • At wet the blades get rusted
  • The blade isn’t extensive as Scandi grind


Morakniv Companion

Do you want an affordable knife with a lifetime warranty? Then the Morakniv companion is for you.

Why? Because the outdoor enthusiasts must need the fixed blade for their campong knife. You’ll find a fixed and sturdy blade at the Moravniv companion knives that can go through the unfavorable situations. The grip performance is perfect for any outdoor user. Because it’s extra-large and ergonomically designed. Besides, the high friction grip performs well in the wet and cold conditions. There’s hard plastic, and color-matching sheath comes with the tactical knife. The advantage you’ll get here is its belt clip, which is convenient for carrying.

Feel relaxed to re-sharpen the blade as the blade is containing exceptionally tough classic Scandi grind. Besides, the grind is easy to sharpen.


What’s so good

  • High hard blade steel
  • Combined with Scandi grind
  • Perfect grip performance
  • Inexpensive and ridiculously sharp
  • Durable sheath with contour look

What’s not so good

  • Right-handed sheath
  • Half tang knives


Kershaw Ken Onion

The regular knife users know that the partially serrated blade can perform much better than a straight edge. The knife containing a serrated blade needs less pressure to conduct it. Overall, it increases your cutting power without putting much pressure on it.

If you’re also searching for such a knife, then the Kershaw Ken onion knife is for you. It has a better performing sharp and tough serrated blade. Besides, the blade is made of fibrous metal. The knife has a Speed Safe assisted mechanism. The system allows you to deploy the blade fast and smoothly. Additionally, you need only one hand to open it. Press the flipper to activate the blade seamlessly and instantly.

The linear lock allows you to get a secure locking while opening the blade. Besides, the locking system prevents unwanted locking problems. Get a safe and stable grip with the handle in almost all weather and all situations.


What’s so good

  • Fast and smooth blade deployment
  • Ensures a secure and stable grip
  • One-handed flipper
  • Strong knife handles
  • Adds reversible pocket clips


What’s not so good

  • A little uncomfortable grippy handle
  • Less finger protection
  • Small thumb gloves

Gerber LMF

Why choose Gerber LMF?

The Gerber LMF knife is one of the resilient and resourceful products among the Gerber knives. The design of the knife is the result of formal military men Jeff freeman’s experiences. Consequently, it got a combination of thoughtful design and life protecting applications.

The Gerber LME includes all the features of an ideal knife. The features are a combination of comfort, versatility, and safety. The knife has a unique butt cap made of stainless steel. And there’s a tactful break between the tang and the butt cap. The break provides insulated protection to the knife against stray wires.

There’s a built-in sharpener inside the sheath. Whenever the blade gets dull or needs sharpening, you needn’t open the blade. Instead, you can easily sharpen it by keeping it inside the sheath.

What’s so good

  • The sheath includes an attached sharpener
  • Consists of a popular, tactful design
  • Dependable outdoor tools
  • Promotes self-reliance art
  • Ballistic nylon sheath


What’s not so good

  • Sometimes get slip
  • Slightly difficult to sharpen


Benchmade Bushcrafter 162

Do you want to get the real Bushcrafter knife? Get the Benchmade Bushcrafter 162. It’s the first real Benchmade Bushcrafter knife. Its survival skills and excellent blends make the Bushcrafter knife appropriate for surviving in the wildlife. Consequently, it is getting popular in the modern world day today.

Firstly, the knife includes a fixed blade. For this, the knife works like a horse. Just after the next, the knife is including a handle with improved design. The scales of the stem are crafted from the G-10 polymer. Like most of the Bushcraft knife, it doesn’t have a scandi grip. But it has a drop point blade that’s maintaining higher quality. Moreover, there was an outstanding S30V steel blade that’s an impressive edge holding property.

Don’t forget about the sheath. It is constituting with traditional leather materials. The flexible sheath is containing sturdy, rough, and durable materials.


What’s so good

  • G-10 polymer handle
  • Blade with S30 steel
  • The blade, an impressive edge holding property
  • Wildlife survival knife
  • More engaging with the people

What’s not so good

  • Comparatively weak sheath.


Final verdict

From the beginning of civilization, people feel the importance of knives in their life. Whether the people for hunting animals or cutting them, they must need sharp steel in their hands. The knives fill the importance of steel with its intense and comfortable grip. The camping knives are one of them, which fulfills people’s needs for cutting things.

The camping knives are mainly bought for hard use, like hunting, rescuing, tracking, and so on. So, you must know how strong the blade has to be. Obviously, you need a durable, reliable, and long-time using a knife.

For the people who often go to camping or tracking, here we’ve suggested five best camping knives. You can totally depend on them. Because, they’re containing colorful design, tactful nature, top steel, and handle quality.

Buyer’s guide

Go closer to nature, and take a break from modern life. If you’re an excellent tripper, then you must know the usefulness of having a qualified knife with you. It not only protects you from a rough atmosphere but also becomes your best companion.

The camping knives are one of those knives which give you relaxation on your tour. Because of its durability and long-time efficiency, it’s getting more popular with the buyers. Day today, it’s proving the best companion for the human. So, there are many outdoorsmen having at least a comping knife with them.

Here we’ve provided the basic features of a camping knife that includes all parts of a knife. It’ll help you choose the best camping knife for you. Consider these before purchasing the cutlery.


Blades types

A camping knife can come in three types of blade. They are serrated blade type, partially serrated blade, and full straight blade. Let’s know about them deeply.

Serrated blade type

You’re purchasing the knife for callous use; we’ll suggest you select a serrated edge for your knife. Because it’ll consume your less effort than the half-serrated or plain edge. But it provides an instant and good result though it consumes less energy. Many users don’t like the serration in their blade. They can move to the other options.

Partially serrated type

There are People who like the plain edge knife but don’t like to spend much pressure while using it. They can select the partially serrated edge. They contain an impressive look and design. That’s the reason many outdoorsmen like the half-serrated blade.

Straight blade type

Many people like to have a straight blade in their knife. Because they find them naturally beautiful. It has proved that the plain edge can’t give you fast cutting that you need on the trip. But, they’re easy to maintain, clean, and sharpening than the other blades. So, anyone who’s looking the knife for regular outdoor activities can select the straight edge for their knife.


Blade mechanism

Selecting the appropriate blade mechanism is significant fort a knife user. Because the success of accomplishing tasks depends on its blade mechanism. A camping knife might be included with two types of mechanisms. They’re fixed blade and folding blade. Let’s know more about them.

Fixed blade

The fixed blade is perfect for the primary users. Most of them are quite long and thick. Typically, they’re more durable than the folding knives.

As a fixed blade has no spring, hinge, its maintenance and caring are easy than the folding knives. You can use the knife for almost all types of outside and tough tasks.

There’s also a measurable problem with the fixed blade knife. The problem is you can’t carry it in your pocket or bag. The uncovered blade of the knife might cut your clothes or skin. Therefore, when you go outside generally, you can’t take it with you to use it. But, if you buy the knife with a cord, you can carry the knife on your neck easily.

Another important thing, you can compare between the fixed blade and the folding knife is their breakability. The fixed knives are comparatively more breakable than the folding knives.


Folding blade

The folding knife is the knife that the blade is adjusted into the knife’s handle. It has spring, hinge, and some internal things that enables the blade to enter into the handle.

The feature you’ll get in the folding blade is, you can easily carry it in your pocket or bag. There’s no possibility of cutting your skin or anything while taking it. You can easily open it if the locking mechanism is good enough. Anyone with a little knowledge can use the folding knives.

Sometimes it makes trouble while maintaining or cleaning the knife. You’ve to acquire proper knowledge before maintaining or washing it on your own self. Or you can take the knife to the experts for maintenance.


Care and maintenance

Mainly the care and maintenance depend on the knife’s used materials and quality. Also, it depends on the mechanism of the blade types.

Some camping knife has rust protection and the capability of and retaining its consistency in any nature. If your knife is consists of such types of materials, then you can easily take them under the dishwasher. But, always dry your knife after washing whether it’s rustproof or not.

If your owing a folding knife, then be careful while maintaining it. Don’t use rough materials while maintaining it. The rugged materials like Whitestone might damage any parts of your knife.


Handle size and quality

Get the knife that includes such a handle which has high time durability. Also, look in the handle, whether it is long-time grippy or not. Don’t forget to check the comfortability of holding the knife.

A camping knife’s handle can include various types of materials. Such as plastic, wood, rubber, fiberglass, and many more. No matter from which materials it’s made of. You’ve to consider the lifetime of the handle. Select the handle materials that give service for a long time.


The FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)

Almost every traveler likes to keep a sharp knife with them to protect themselves. But the people who like to travel from one place to another place ask some questions frequently. We’ve identified those frequently asked questions and get the answers for them.


Can you take a camping knife on a plane?

Commonly, a knife or any type of sharp blade is banned in the plain. If you carry a camping knife, you’ve to leave it at the security box. Even the licensed knife can’t enter into the plane because of security reasons. But currently, the strictness has lessened to some extent. You can carry around the typed butter blade, and the plastic blade knives with you in the plain.


How to clean the camping knives?

Any types of cleaning are applicable for the rustproof knives. Because they don’t get damaged to the frequent use of detergent or water. the things you’ve to do to clean your knives, these are:

  • Use soap to remove the marks and dust sticks with the knife.
  • Take the cleanser on a toothbrush. Tub the toothbrush with the knife until the germs and marks get out.
  • Wash the knife with mild water properly.
  • Don’t forget to wipe the cutlery with a soft cloth. And keep it in parched place for some time to get dry.
  • Don’t fall the knife from the hand while using soap.


Finally, these methods of washing are applicable to the knife that is made of high-quality materials. Also, for the cutlery, that can bear mild water and detergent. Therefore, if your knife can’t bear the warm water and soap, don’t apply these methods on your knife.


So, that’s the end. We’ll come to you with another knife on other days.

Remain clean, stay well.


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