Suppose you are on a deserted island and you have got nothing other than a small knife in your pocket. You may feel frustrated and hopeless to die there alone. But you have got the life-saving guard with you.

You may think about how this tiny little knife can be your life-savior? Yes, it can, it has more than hundreds of usages to apply to your everyday life. Its sharp edge can help in your day-to-day performances. Believe it, or not but learning the techniques can be useful for you. Who knows one day you can be the Robinson Crusoe of your island.

With this practical view in mind, we shall discuss 101 ways you can use your knife. Some of them will make you astonished by such a simple use of the knife which will make your task easier.

  1. Fruit cutting: Whether it is the morning or in the evening, your fruit bowl is always ready to serve at the dining table. Whether for the old person of your house or your child you need to cut the fruits into slices. Sometimes, slicing in a particular way can reveal your creativity and can be a part of the art. So, you need to keep the knife all the time along with your fruit bowl. This is the common way you have always used your knife for.
  2. Pencil Sharpening: Most probably our child gets habituated to sharpening his pencils with the sharpener. You may have always looked at this process as the easiest way. But as you are a grown-up artist, you require different types of sharp pencil top for different art-works. A sharpener can give you only a particular type of sharp pencil top. For distinctive sharpening, you need a sharp small knife to give your desired shape to your pencil.
  3. Package Opening: As you get a parcel, you find it fully packed using the scotch-tape. Sometime in an emergency, you may try to remove the tape instantly with a bear-hand. But find it difficult and tiresome when the tape stretches longer as you draw it. But, the task becomes easier as you have the knife with you. You may cut the board into slices or cut the tape on both sides of the package to remove your parcel safely. This is a very common usage of the knife. But don’t try to cut the tape lengthwise in the middle as the glue may cover the sharp edge of your knife. Rather, cut the board to avoid such a situation.
  4. Meat Cutting: Do you feel comfortable with the blunt-edged knives in the restaurant? Sometimes, they cannot cut the meat pieces properly, and sometimes it creates a nuisance. Leave that knife and bring out your knife to cut the meat pieces without any hesitation.
  5. Bottle opener: Suppose, you are in a party with the responsibility to open the beer bottle. But, you have no bottle opener with you. What you can decide instantly? Check your pocket and bring out your knife to use for the purpose. The task would be easier if you have a Swiss Army knife.
  6. Creating Kindling: Your adventurous mind likes to wander through the thick jungle and to pass a night there you need to make kindling first. A knife can help you to cut the twigs faster and make kindling to protect you.
  7. Replacing Staple Remover: Sometimes, the staple gets very stubborn and bites tightly on the pages. If you do not have a staple remover, you may try to remove the staples using your fingers. It may be harmful to your finger and can also tear your pages badly. You may use your knife to remove both open sides of your staple and open the pages safely.
  8. Hair Cutting: It is not the trend actually to cut your hair with a knife, but a sharp-edged knife can do it perfectly. So, when you are in want of scissors, you can apply your knife for the hair-cutting task. It can be better for women with long hair. For instruction, you can get many videos of cutting hair with a knife.
  9. Art of Craving: Craving is a special kind of art where an artist cuts a big object into a particular shape. There are different types of materials like, stone, wood, concrete, and many others which come to a beautiful shape with the touch of an artist, and the instruments to cut them can be gouges, chisels, or sometimes knife also. So, your knife can also help to reveal your creativity with proper use.
  10. Nail Cleaning: Your knife has a sharp edge that can reach the furthest point of your long nail. After you eat the food particle may get trapped behind your long nails. Move your knife from one part to another, and clean them cautiously. After you are done with cleaning, clean the knife also to make it bacteria-free.
  11. Nail Cutting: When you have no nail-cutter around you, you can use your knife for that purpose. Take a sharp-edged knife to give the reasonable size to your nails and rub on the nail carefully to remove the excess unexpected parts of them. You need to make your nail clean before putting it into shape.
  12. Shaving: In an emergency, you may use your knife for your shaving. Though a knife is not the razor in the right sense, when you do not have your razor in hand, you may use your knife for saving also. With proper handling, the knife can serve the purpose for you.
  13. Escaping from a sudden attack: The animals around us are unpredictable. It is not certain when they shall get furious. So, when you go to the countryside area or walk beside a forest, keep a knife always with you to defend yourself from any sudden attack from any animal. There are several such examples where the escapist could save himself by using his knife from the attack of a bear, bull, and even from a lion.
  14. Removing the loose threads of your cloth: For a new or an old cloth loose threads are a problem. They would make you feel uncomfortable from within and make shameful outside. But it is not wise to pull them off as they may connect to a long stitch. So, the dress loses its fashion. So, you may use your knife in cutting the thread at its loose end and the dress remains perfect.
  15. As Wire Stripper: For stripping wire, there is the wire stripper that can do the electric tasks of your home. But you can also use your knife for stripping considering the grade of the wire. There is nothing other than marking the wire portion you want to strip, cutting in a circular form, and cutting at the edge. But you need to be careful about your knife not touching the copper wire.
  16. Wire Cutter: There are the electrical cutting tools that the professional people use for cutting the wire. As for your home, you may not have the cutter; you may easily use your knife for cutting service.
  17. Zesting Fruits or Lemons: To add some extra flavor to your food you may zest fruits like citrus, orange, or lemon. This may change the same boring taste of your food. There are many types of zesters, but you may use your knife also for this. This would work as well as the other zesters.
  18. LEGO Detachment: As you build up your empire using the LEGOs, it gets tough to separate them. They get to stick together and it may harm your fingernails if you try bare hand. There is the separating tool for this, but you may use your knife to separate the small obstinate LEGOs. The sharp edge of the knife is enough to bring in the distance between two LEGOs and thus it makes your task easier.
  19. Making Grass Rope: When you have no rope in hand, you may make your rope yourself. Your grass rope may perform like the jute-rope. For this rope, you would need two things only, grass and a knife. The knife is to cut the grass and then you need to roll them to make the rope. You would get many you-tube videos of making the grass rope.
  20. Rope Cutting: This is the common task which you may need to do either at your workplace or home. A knife is a perfect tool to do it rather than the scissors. The knife can cut perfectly without making any harm to the rope where the scissors can reveal the loose ends.
  21. Getting Rid of Knot: There may be a knot amid a long rope. As you want to use the rope you may not want to cut the rope in the middle. Now you may use your knife to do so without damaging the rope. Put the knife in between to make enough space for you to remove the knot and you are done.
  22. Rubbing Your Fingers: This may sound like a bit strange, but some people do the rubbing on their closed knives. For some people, it can be only a part of their habit, but this thing has a practical purpose also. It is great for people who are unable to pay attention to. They can be attentive to something when they have something in their hand. So, it would be better for them to keep a knife always in their pocket to focus perfectly.
  23. The knife as Tooth-Pick: After a full meal your food may stick to in between your teeth. Such a condition may bring a disgusting feeling in you and you need a toothpick instantly. But if there is no toothpick, you can use your knife also. Use the sharp point of the knife to remove the food particles and clean the knife again. You may also get toothpick as the accessories of the Swiss Army Knife.
  24. Removing the cloth-tags: Sometimes the cloth-tags become a real bothering object. The plastic tags rub on your body and make you uncomfortable. The easiest solution to getting rid of this nuisance is your knife which can remove them immediately.
  25. Zip Ties Cutting: Most of the zip ties demand perfect cutting to unlock at first and even your smallest knife is enough to cut the fasteners easily.
  26. Dog’s leash cutting at an emergency: You may go for an afternoon walk with your pet dog and suddenly it starts running while the leash remains to fasten with your arm. What shall you do instantly to get rid of the leash? As an instant measure, you may bring out your pocket knife and cut the leash before it makes any harm to you.

There is another situation where you try to put the dog into the elevator and it runs away at the last moment when the door closes. Your instant decision of cutting the leash can save your pet from the strangling.

  1. Money Holder: Have you lost your wallet and do not get anything to hold your money when you are outside? Fold your money with two layers and put them into the clip of your wallet. This system will secure your money from getting lost.
  2. Throwing Game: This is an unpractical usage of your knife which works for your refreshment. You may like to throw pin, ball, and others at your target. You can do the same with the knife also. But the normal pocket knife shall not work for the purpose; you need to buy the special types of knives which are perfect for this.
  3. Wine Bottle Opener: Your small pocket knife can open the wine bottle also. You may get the corkscrews as the accessory with some knives. If there is no corkscrew, you may use the sharp edge of the knife to open the bottle. There are many videos online which shall show you the way to do it, but be very cautious to do so.
  4. The Fishing Line Trimming: This is an important thing for you if you are a fisherman. You may know there are a lot of usages of the knife in fishing and it is easy to remove the new tag ends from the new fishing knot.
  5. Bait Cutting for Fishing: Difference in size of the fish demands distinctive types of baits. So, you may use your knife to cut the bait into the perfect size to catch a particular type of fish.
  6. Fish Gutting: As you have caught the fish, it is time to remove the inner decomposable parts. So, you can store the fish directly in the refrigerator. The knife can be your real partner to do gutting easily and perfectly.
  7. Fish Filleting: Your fish filleting becomes a play when you have a filleting knife. Your pocket knife can manage to fillet the small fishes also. Filleting is tough as you try this for the first time, but it gets easier as you get habituated.
  8. Firewood Splitting: This is a task for your durable knife. Split the small, thin wood slices into two parts and the system becomes easy when you use another strong wood for batoning. Be careful of placing your hands on the wood as you strike the knife downwards.
  9. Being Safe from the Bullet: This may seem to be a strange usage, but there are many such instances where pocket knife could save people from a sudden attack of the bullet. Such was the case with Deputy John Capriola whose pocket knife saved him from the bullet attack.
  10. Doing Tracheotomy on Emergency: This may seem strange. Tracheotomy is a medical practice that does not apply to every people. It works when people chock during eating and the Heimlich maneuver does not work. It is the system of cutting a hole at the neck of the patient and blowing air into the lungs. There are several such real instances where the doctors have used their pocket knife to do such instant operation.
  11. Other Knife Honing: A knife can be the best honing instrument for another knife. You may get the sharp-edged knife rubbing on the back of another. It works best when both the knives possess a different level of hardness.
  12. Rescuing someone from a car accident: The seat belt of a car is a life-saving object, but sometimes it can be a death-trap also. An incident happens where the rider cannot move from a burning car just due to the seat belt and die. Only a pocket knife can save their life by cutting the seat belt. So, try to keep a knife whenever you ride in a car.

39. Performing Whittling: Whittling is an ancient crafting art which is to cut a big object into slices gradually bear handed and give it a shape. You may use a knife for this purpose to make things easy enough.

40. Creating Plant Drainage Holes: A plant tub without any drainage hole is a non-practical thinking. Without it, the water-circulation system gets hampered and the plant dies as a result. So, make some holes under the plastic tub before planting the tree. Your knife shall help to cut the holes perfectly for you.

41. Clamshell Packaging Opening: The clamshell is the obstinate type of packaging which is difficult to open. Proper use of your knife can disentangle both parts of the packaging.

42. Removing Gum from the Carpet: It is not practical, but essential usage of the knife. As the gum fixes on your carpet, it does not become easy to get rid of it. To remove this shave the gum part with your knife and the gum removes eventually.

43. Trapped animal Rescuing: Suppose, you are in a jungle and suddenly, you see a deer trapped with a net for hunting. You can make it free using your knife immediately. You need to keep your pocket knife to come to any practical purpose.

44. Coat hanging at the Public Bathroom: This is a unique type of knife’s use. The public toilets never get any coat hanging place and you get disturbed with your cloth. Put your knife at the hinge of the door and put your coat on the butt of your knife. You would get several videos on how to do this on you-tube. But it would not be practical to put the knife for the long term and to hang heavy types of coats. So, hang the light-weight coat for as little time as possible.

45. Trimming Plants: Trimming is an important part of the life-cycle of a plant. It means cutting the unwanted old parts of a plant to make it grow faster. This is a very easy and regular task if you are a gardener. Doing this with your knife will make the trimming successful.

46. Removing Cuticles: Winter season makes your skin drier. During the winter, the skin at the side of your nail gets cracked and it bothers you much. You can be relieved of the cuticles by using your knife.

47. Heavy Grocery Bag Carrying: A grocery full plastic bag is very tough to carry for a long time. The fingers get sored and it gets painful. Put your folded pocket knife within your grip and hand the plastic bag with it. There are some Swiss Army Knives that have the parcel carrying hook. Your old open knife can be a help also as you can put the package hanging on your handle.

48. Emergency Glass Breaking of Your Room as well as Your Car: Your knife but can break through your window or car-glass with a bit effort. Some of the pocket knives include the glass breaker at the end of the butt portion of them. An instant punch on the glass of the window with these breakers shall let you break through the window easily.

49. As Potatoes Peeler: A careful use of your knife shall let you peel the potatoes easily. It is usual when you are in a campfire and forget to bring your peeler. Your small knife is the best option for you to remove the soft skin of the fresh newly arrived potatoes of the year.

50. Cutting a dress to get access to a wound: If any accident takes place before you and it becomes necessary to access the wound instantly, you may use your knife to cut the cloth easily. This may help you to start the treatment faster if you are a doctor.

51. A Sense of Duty: This is a very interesting thing to improve a sense of duty with the presence of a knife. As your child gets an adult it is your responsibility to teach your child the proper usage of the knife and its usefulness in the emergency. You can present him the first knife of his life and set up a sense of maturity in him.

52. Tourniquet Making: As you get access to the wound and see the blood coming out of it continuously, you have to stop it instantly. For this, you have to make a tourniquet and cover the wound until there is any medical help. So, you may cut your cloth with your knife and make a tourniquet that saves one from instant blood-loss.

53. Can Opener: Whether you are on a ride or in a sudden campfire, a can opener is not the thing to carry in your pocket always. It is easier to keep your pocket knife with you which includes the can opener as an extra accessory. But you may also use the edge of your normal knife for that task. You would get many such videos on youtube which shall teach you the process. Just do not lose the sharpness of your blade.

54. Screw Driving Task: Your knife is certainly not a screw-driver. Some of the knives come with the screwdriver with it to come to your use at any time. Some people use the blade to loosen to tighten the screws. It may be a risk to do so, as the blade my get slipped and cut your finger. So, do the task carefully and at your own risk.

55. Separating Organs on Emergency: This may sound strange to include in this listing of the usage of a knife, but accidents come suddenly. So, there may be such an issue when your one of your organs like, leg or arms gets trapped and you need to cut them off to save your life. At this condition, your knife can be your life-saver

There are some practical incidents where people used their knife in this way in an emergency. Sampson Parker cut his arms off as it got trapped within the mechanical picker. Another person, Bruce Osiwy got crashed down with a rock picker and had cut his hand off with a knife. The accident is never desirable, but this single trick can save your life sometimes.

56. Making new holes in your belt: You try to lose extra fats from your belly and a better recognizing with your fat-loss can happen with your belt reaching the last hole gradually, The problem happens when you need to buy a new belt just because the last hole, even, is not adjustable. In this situation, you can use your knife to create a hole for the proper adjustment. This will help you from any hassle of buying a new belt instantly.

57. Cutting Bagels: In the restaurant, you are in front of a full bagel and a plastic knife to make slices from it. But handling a plastic knife is not pleasure; rather you may bring out your pocket knife to cut bagels easily and instantly.

58. Sprinkling topping over your Food: After you cut the bagel, you may use your knife again to spread the cream cheese on it. But this is not the only topping you are going to do. You may spread the butter on your roll, or jam over your bread using your knife.

59. Collecting the Screws: You may magnetize your blade moving the magnate over your blade towards the tip gradually. With this magnetized blade, you can pick the screws from a place that is difficult to reach.

60. Cutting down a Tree: This does not sound rational. How to cut a tree with a simple knife? But everything is possible before necessity. As you have nothing else other than the knife and need to cut a fairly big tree to make a shelter the knife would work for you. So select a point at the trunk and try to rub the blade on that portion. Your continuous rubbing may damage the blade, try to sharpen the blade, and continue your process. Your effort shall put the trunk down eventually.

61. Balloons Popping: You need to remove the balloons from a party center after the party is finished. It would be better to pop them and blow away the air in it. For this task, you may use your sharp knife which shall do it faster.

62. Sticker Removing: Stickers are wonderful to have, but you need to be careful whenever peeling off them. Sometimes, some remaining chunks become difficult to remove with the bare hand. You may use your knife on that part, but be careful about not making any harm to the surface, or damaging your blade.

63. Opening Envelop: You may not like to torn envelop of a letter in opening it hastily. Sometimes, these envelop are important. So, be careful in opening them. Use your knife in opening envelops to get the letter as well as envelop safely.

64. Making fire: Making fire with your pocket knife is a miracle. The metal part of the butt of your knife can do that possible. Whatever you need for that purpose is a Ferro rod, or you may use quartz or, flint which is easy to find. Keep on striking the element with the butt and eventually, the fire would start. Take a paper in hand to catch the fire form the rod.

65. Pipe Maintaining: Pipe maintenance is a bit tough task for a smoker. A knife can do the task and it is a perfect tool for reaming the pipe.

66. Making the Spear: You can find several ways of making a tool, like a spear. You may take a stick, add the knife at the end of it and your spear is ready. This is the easiest way to get a spear. In another way, you may cut one end of a spear into a sharp head with your knife. This is a bit time consuming, but you would get a reliable tool with this. There are many online videos which shall teach you the trick.

67. Cutting the Net: The fishing net is the best thing for catching fishes. But, in some cases, some big and dangerous animals like dolphins, wheals, or others may get trapped and it becomes difficult to escape them. Then, you can use the knife to cut the net and make them free.

68. Working in-exchange of a Paper-Weight: This is not the right way to use a knife. A paper-weight is a different thing. But the weight of the knife can help your pages to be at a place and thus, performs as a paper-weight for you.

69. Cutting the Cloth Parts Trapped within an Escalator: As we did mention before, an escalator can be a death trap for a pet, it can be so for a person also. Suppose you come out of an escalator and parts of your dress get trapped in it. It can be harmful if you do not cut off the part instantly, especially with a busy escalator where it continuously goes up and down.

If you have a knife in the pocket, you will have nothing to worry about. Just cut the portion instantly, and save yourself.

70. Cutting the Pant into Smaller: Is it too hot weather to wear the long pants? Do you want to make them short? Don’t be worried. Put them on board, take a ruler to make the mark, and cut them with your knife one by one. This is going to be the simplest way to do so.

71. Beer Shotgunning: Shotgunning is to remove the beer, not from the upper part of the can, but to bring it out from the side part. For this, you need to make a hole by the side or at the lower part of the can using your knife and then wait for the air to go out properly. Then, have a ship from the hole. You may get many videos of this practice online.

72. Gutting Animals: A knife is a powerful tool for hunting. Then, it is a tool for gutting different animals like deer or other smaller animals.

73. Skinning Animals: The next part of hunting is skinning. This is the perfect task for a fixed sharp blade included with a hook, but a sharp pocket knife can do the task efficiently.

74. Cutting into Pieces: Now, it is time to close the hunting game. It is necessary to cut the meat of the animals into standard pieces if you are eager to eat them. This task also needs a large sharp fixed blade, but your pocket knife is also the workable tool for that purpose.

75. Getting Coconut water out of Green Coconut: Removing the coconut water from a green coconut is not very easy. It needs a lot of practice to do it and a sharp knife to make the hole. So, a knife in a deserted island can be the only life-savior to you.

76. Tape Cutting: You can get the tape cutter with the scotch tape with an additional cost. But if you are not eager to spend extra money after the cutter, you can save it. A knife shall perform as the tape cutter easily enough.

77. Cutting and Folding Cardboard Boxes: These cardboard boxes are essential to protect the big objects you buy. But after you have removed the objects, these boards are no longer needed. You have to send them for recycling and you need to cut it into pieces for that purpose. So, your sharp blade knife will make the task fine.

78. Making a Drink: This may seem to be a weird type of use of a knife. The knife’s inventor would have felt amazed at the usage of the tool in stirring the ice-tea. It becomes possible when the plastic or wood sticks are not available to you, and your drink remains sad unmixed. You can give a stirring with the knife at once. Just be careful of cleaning the blade after such use. Otherwise, it can develop a stain gradually.

79. Opening a Lock: This is an irregular, but very useful usage of your knife. As you have lost the key to your cheap simple lock, your pocket knife can solve it easily. The perfect one for this task is the Swiss Army pocket knife and you would get several videos online on how to perform this.

80. Removing Excessive Glue: As we do some normal woodworking projects, we need to use glue very often. It looks bad as the glue pours excessively and it remains sprinkled on the work-piece. You may use any knife to remove the excess glue to make your wood-work more beautiful.

81. A Book-marking Object: Suppose, you need to answer a call in harry whenever reading an interesting book, you may not like to lose the page and search for it again. Put your knife in the middle of the page as a book-mark and it shall save you from the extra effort of searching again.

82. Paper-Cutting: Some knives include scissors as an accessory which may take part in paper-cutting. But your simple knife can also do this task with a bit of effort.

83. A Fashion-Object: Knife is not only a matter of function, sometime it is an object of fashion also in some parts of the world. It is also a matter of smartness to someone who keeps the necessary objects at hand. Even, The New York Times had published an article on this topic.

84. Dividing the Pills: Sometimes doctor suggests a lower dose of some medicines which have the dividing mark in the middle. You can split the medicine into two with your knife safely. But be aware if it is a matter of hard capsule and consult a doctor before doing so.

85. Keeping a Door Open: As we are moving further you get introduced to the informal use of a knife. This is also one usage which we can do rarely enough. If you are disturbed by your door getting closed again and again and want to keep it open, you may fold your pocket knife and put it at the bottom of the door. This process can also keep the door slightly open if you want so.

86. Representing Hammer: When a hammer is not within your reach and you need to perform on a nail, your heavy knife can bring the nail within a few centimeters, and then you may do the rest with the right kind of tool.

87. Marking the Drilling Spot: You measure a length and need to mark instantly the spots which are right for drilling. If a pencil is not available, then use your knife to mark on drywall with its blade.

88. Shoelaces Trimming: You may be tired of working on your shoelaces again and again and want to give a trim to them. Do it with your knife. For proper fitting, you have to defray end parts of it and create some aglets to make the laces beautiful.

89. Opening the Head of a Key-ring: Key-ring is the strong holder of the keys and the heads remain to tighten properly to keep the keys from going out easily. Sometimes, it becomes a matter of harry to remove a single key from the ring and it may damage your nails if you start doing this barehanded. Open the head with your knife and it would do the task at once without any damage to the blade.

90. Nails Removing from Tires: Think, you need to start for your working place in the morning and you notice the nails embedded within your tires. For an instant wit, you can remove your knife and start removing the nails safely from your tire, and you are done immediately.

91. Getting Rid of Corrosion: Corrosion is n usual matter for the battery terminals and you may hate the tiresome task of getting rid of this. It is really difficult to remove the corrosion from difficult-to-reach places, but the blade of your knife can make it clean effectively.

92. Being Safe from the Poisonous Creatures: Your adventures may put you in many dangers and the jungles are full of poisonous small creatures like, centipedes, scorpions, or snakes that can have a deadly attack on you. You can only save yourself only being conscious and keeping a sharp knife with you. You can kill the harmful insects instantly as you have a proper knife.

93. Cheese Cutting: This is not the normal cheese cutting topic. It is about the Parisian cheese cutting system and you may be aware of it if you often attend open concerts, or arrange a picnic. This type of cheese comes in pairing with wine. Your pocket knife can open the wine bottle as well as cut the cheese as an addition to your cracker.

94. Deflating the Packaging Bags: Nowadays we can see the use of air-filled plastic pillows instead of the bubble wraps to protect the new objects. These pillows are more protective, but it is necessary to recycle them if you will not use them any further. So, you need to deflate them first and a knife can blow their air out immediately.

95. Removing Skin Tags: A knife can also remove your skin tags and consult your doctor to get the harmless way of doing this.

96. Bags Opening: This is the part of everyday usage of a knife. Often, the shopkeeper seals the head in such a way that it becomes difficult to open it. You may also want to open a small portion and seal it again for use. You need to make a small hole at the front to bring the ingredients out and seal it again.

97. Crafting from different Objects: As we know knife can do paper-cutting for crafts, but you can also use it to cut the aluminum or plastic cans and make different kinds of decorations.

98. Escape Monofilament Lines: Every year, the divers get entangled into monofilament lines which are tough to breakthrough. So, a knife is a much object for the divers to get rid of them. Try to get the stainless steel blade knives to use them underwater without being worried about corrosion.

99. Having Food Pieces: People with OCD may have a disdain for the sticky types of foods. A knife is an excellent tool for them to pick the food up. So, think no longer about eating viscous foods with a bare hand.

100. Climbing up a Big Tree: As you are in the middle of a big forest and there is nothing other than big trees surrounding you. You need to have shelter at the pick of them and you would need several knives for this purpose. If even, you know nothing about climbing trees, you can thrush the blade of your knives at the trunk of a tree and climb up with their support.

101. Self-Defending Weapon: Knives are the best self-defending objects in any situation. But careless use of it may bring some legal issues which you may not like to happen. So, try to keep your knife as the last security.


You will not be able to understand all the usage of the simple knife until you are in a situation. Your necessity shall teach you to learn proper use. As you know all of its use, you learn to continue living even on a deserted island. This simple daily using sharp object becomes a weapon, life-savior, or part of your fun sometimes.

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