Banana knives are more like harvesting knives. It is widely used to retrieve fruits from trees, such as banana, that are found in bundles. But when you’re on your way to harvest bananas and similarly grown fruits that take form in a batch, you’ll find banana knives to be very handy in particular.

Banana knives can be summarized in a curved thick blade with a long solid handle. While it can occur to you, that any knife can be useful here. Perhaps you’re not wrong, but while you’re thinking of using other knives in this area, you’re guaranteed to extra effort and also a risk of damaging the fruit. On the contrary, banana knives are exclusively designed and made for this purpose, where the curved blade goes behind the banana offshoot, and, as you maneuver, it carefully separates the bundle from the bough, minimizing the trouble altogether.

This article contains a review of the 5 best banana knife that offers a handful of useful features at a reasonable price, ultimately resulting in your happy purchase.

How to Choose the Best Banana Knife?

  1. GrowTech KNK-HTS1200 Grass Sickle

Growtech is where functionality meets value. Without splurging too much, you can buy this eminent beauty that is made specifically for cutting amassed organisms. Such as small boughs, tree branches, weeds, grass, and of course harvesting bundle of fruits.

The grass sickle can even trim monkey grass without breaking a sweat. The curved blade is made of high-quality stainless steel that is ensured to protect the blade from various forms of corrosion, rust, and stains. The blade measures approximately 6 inches, and the curved edge is serrated in manner. So you get not only razor-like sharpness but also enough friction to get the blade to saw through banana offshoots and weeds alike.

The 7inch long handle offers enough circumference and shape to be held in comfort and to have a secure grip. It is ambidextrous and can provide an easy yet strong grip for everyone, whether you have large hands and small ones. The wooden handles provide ultra dexterity, making the blade quite lightweight. However, for a similar reason, it isn’t dishwasher safe, as it dulls the blade fast and damages the wooden handle.


  • Serrated edge on the curved blade.
  • Slip-proof ergonomic handle.
  • Durable yet lightweight model.
  • Multi-purpose grass sickle.
  • Reasonable price.


  • The serrated edge chips under pressure.


  1. Nisaku NJP150 6″ Saw Tooth Grass and Weeding Sickle

Nisaku produces a great tool line for gardening and landscaping. It’s curvy shaped blade allows it to have a higher reach, also due to it featuring ultra-sharpness cropping bananas from the tree is now never difficult.

The shiny 6 inches long stainless steel offers a stylish curved design with subtle serrations on the edge. The steel provides out of chart sharpness and longest edge retention minimizing the time you’ll have to schedule a sharpening in its lifetime. And that will also require extensive use first, sharpening it can be quite a catch for beginners, so it is wise to get help while sharpening a serrated edge if you don’t know how to.

The profound handle is constructed with premium hardwood, which is polished to enhance the comfort of the grip, so it doesn’t feel rough against your skin. All the while making it slip-resistant so it doesn’t get hard to keep a hold of it when it gets wet or sweaty.


  • Stylish and durable build.
  • Polished stainless steel blade with serration.
  • Extensive edge retention.
  • Handle features a comfortable grip.


  • Many received counterfeit products.


  1. Zenport K208P Harvest Sickle

Zenport can offer a great addition to your gear. On top of great usefulness in the area of harvesting jobs, you can also multitask with it, whether you require weeding, gardening, pruning, or landscaping job, Zenport Harvesting Sickle has your back.

It offers a traditional design of the curved blade and straight handle. The uniqueness it provides is the long textured plastic handle that has a bright orange visual. Unlike other models, there is almost no chance of losing it in the ground; instead of camouflaging the orange sickle stands out. It is also quite lightweight due to the design, so long works will be less tiring from now on. the balance is also useful and complementary.

The sickle features a 6.5 inches long curved blade constructed of stainless steel. The blade has a profound spine and a sharp deeply serrated edge, meant to smoothly cut out banana stems and trim grass, or bushes. The plastic used in the handle fulfills the safety requirements, so it is perfectly safe to harvest edibles.


  • Affordable price range.
  • Functional style and design.
  • Features bright handle for better visuals in the field.
  • Made of quality materials; lightweight.
  • Strong rustproof blade.


  • Not suitable for heavy tasks.
  • Difficult to re-sharpen.


  1. KNK-MT211 ARS Weeding Sickle

A perfect tool that will complete your gardening gear. It is an all-purpose knife, which is a star utensil in gardening and especially good with raised beds. Its classic design of the blade allows it to tend the ground with care making it more agreeable to plants.

This quality-made tool from Japan can reach in narrow places effortlessly, so whether you’re harvesting or weeding, this will get your job done in a breeze. It has a black coated blade with a twisted shank, which ensures better strength and durability. The scythe-like blade with a tall spine is made of high carbon steel. It will neither bend nor break on you, keeps edge excellently, and sharpens without an effort.

The wooden handle with patterns prevents it from slipping away even with wet and sweaty hands. The round-shaped handle provides enough circumference for a comfortable grip. However, as it is not stainless steel, you’ll have to take due care of it so it doesn’t fall victim to corrosion.


  • Razor-sharp blade with a twisted shank.
  • Comfortable wooden handle.
  • Retains edge very well.
  • Multipurpose knife with durability.


  • Rusts, if not maintained accordingly.
  • Quite small in stature.


  1. CRL Banana Knife

CRL presents a banana knife that is unmatched in design and effectiveness. The banana knife measures 9.5 inches overall. So it long enough to reach in higher places, cuts below dash-line, and is a descendant of the sea urchin series.

The 3-1/4 inches long blade is made of steel, featuring decent protection against rust and corrosion. Regular maintenance is not mandatory, thus easier to use. Also, the blade is not serrated, so sharpening it is all the easier. The knife is designed with a long spine, which is profoundly curved as it comes to the top. The curved part is to grab the banana stem from behind and cut it.

The ergonomic hardwood handle is designed as such to feel comfortable against the skin. The handle is also equipped with finger grooves to ensure an easy yet firm grip. The knife makes sure of stability and balance with rivets and also features closed end ferrules so secure joints are guaranteed.


  • Unique design and visual.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Ergonomic handle for easy grip.
  • Ultra-sharp just out of the box.


  • Non-serrated edge.


Final Verdict

Upgrading your tools with a banana knife is never a bad idea. Their signature curved designed blade is an expert in executing a wide arena of jobs. As much as they are useful in harvesting bananas and other bunch of fruits, you can also cut weeds, grasses, trim bushes, etc. multiple jobs done by one in minimum efforts.

Therefore, you shouldn’t step away from researching models before getting one; that will get your chores done in a perfectly splendid manner. Choosing the best banana knife is not difficult itself; the hard part contains matching the features and quality within a limited price range. The above-mentioned products are the result of vast research which is expected amply to fulfill your needs.

Buyer’s Guide to Select the Best Banana Knife

Design: Selecting which design to choose is not so complex, as most banana knives are designed traditionally the same. It’s featuring looks are the curved blade that is supposed to go behind and the stem and reach higher and still cut effectively. With a long and straight handle. The knife is typically designed to be generous with balance.

Features: There are multiple factors that a banana knife should feature. Such as a comfortable grip, if you use the knife on landscaping then it will take time, so not straining your hand while working is a must. Also, a firm grip so while harvesting it does not slip. A curved blade with flat or chisel bevel with or without serration. Meant to provide cuts with more friction, enabling it to even trim short grasses. Lightweight, easy sharpening, and edge retention capabilities are also some of the most prioritized features that people look for.

Construction Material: People tend to prefer stainless steel more because of the lightness and also the protection it offers against corrosion and stains. Stainless steel lasts longer in the fight with time, and it also keeps edge fairly longer. As banana knives don’t require many buffs, it suits perfectly, not to mention it is very low maintenance steel too. On the other hand, carbon steel provides much better strength and longer edge retention but needs regular maintenance. Handle material can be plastic, nylon, or wooden, whatever you’re comfortable with. Just make sure about the balance and comfort and also the price variation that comes with varying materials.

Weight and Balance: Another vital point to look into before finalizing a model. As the weight of the blade and should complement each other and not overwhelm. A heavy tool is harder to work with, and too light tools don’t get clean work done. So make sure you have all the charts covered.



Q: What Material is Considered the Best for a Banana Knife?

A: As mentioned before, in the case of the blade, people prefer steel nowadays more than other cast materials. There is also variation among steels nonetheless, stainless is ruling the blade market due to its lightness, low maintenance, and corrosion resistance. On the contrary, carbon steels are much stronger and keep a better edge. The choice is yours.

Q: What are the Other Uses of a Banana Knife?

A: Banana knives are designed with a curved blade meant to have better reach. While bananas grow in bundles, you can use it to harvest other such fruits. Furthermore, you can use it in your garden to clean weeds, trim grasses, prune bushes, etc.

Q: Serrated vs. Plain edge, which one is preferable?

A: For banana knives, people tend to lean towards the serrated edge. As gardening, cropping and trimming are easier with serrations, but the ease of sharpness comes with a plain edge. But the plain blade is less functional in harvesting and gardening.




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