Chefs and culinary students who like to keep their knives well organized and as well as carry important accessories to work and school need the best knife roll. In this guide, below some of the best knife rolls in the market that vary in materials, the number of slots, and design.

  1. EVERPRIDE Knife Roll Bag:

EVERPRIDE Knife Roll Bag is one of the perfect organizers that you need to carry your knives, utensils, and meat cleaver to your work, culinary school, or camping. The bag consists of 10 slots that let you securely fit in 10 knives that are up to 19 inches in size.

The knife roll has additional pouch that you can use for carrying essential utensils, scissors, knife sharpeners, and other tools you might need. You will be easily able to travel with the bag because of the design that it has.

The bag has a shoulder strap for easy portability that you can remove as well. The easy to carry handle is also included so you can use your hands for moving it around.


  • Strong and sturdy polyester fabric.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Easily portable.
  • Fits in 10 knives that are up to 19 inches in size.


  • Only stores knives of mid-range.
  1. 14-Slots Budget Knife Roll Bag:

14-Slots Budget Knife Roll Bag is for you if you want a bag that holds a lot of knives together. This roll bag will hold 14 knives for you as it has 14 knife slots. The roll bag fits in knives that are up to 18 inches in size.

You will be getting a slot for keeping your name tag as well which comes useful if you will be taking the bag to the culinary school. And if you are a chef you can keep your business cards inside this slot.

Stay assured about keeping your utensils and knives safe from falling off as the roll bag comes with strong metal zippers that keep the bag shut. You will be getting adjustable straps as well so you can roll the bag and buckle it.


  • Comes with a removable shoulder strap included.
  • Durable fabric that withstands years of use.
  • The bag can fit in 14 knives.
  • Adjustable straps are included for the proper closure of the bag.


  • The roll bag does not have enough space to fit in utensils.
  1. 8 Slot Shun Knife Roll:

8 Slot Shun Knife Roll has a travel-friendly design that lets you carry your essential knives to your culinary school or your work. You will be getting a comfortable padded handle to hold onto that lets you carry the bag around with proper comfort.

Furthermore, the knife roll will hold 8 knives and even culinary tools. You can keep all of your things safe and secure as you get to keep them fully zippered so nothing falls off. There are Velcro closures as well that ensures more safety of the things inside the knife roll.


  • Shoulder strap included (removeable)
  • Padded handle so you can grab the bag with handle.
  • Velcro closures are included for keeping things secure.
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly design.


  • Expensive in terms of price.
  1. Durable Leather Knife Roll (8 Pockets):

Durable Leather Knife Roll is designed for lasting very long with durable rustic leather. The seams of the bag are stitched sturdily so that it can take on the extreme heat and pressure in the kitchen. The threads of the bag will not fray or unravel over times of use.

You can carry this bag camping as well where you will be enjoying cutting meat and grilling it. The roll can contain 8 knives so you can carry your 8 different favorite knives. You will be getting a side pocket as well that you can use for keeping your knife sharpener and even small notes of important recipes.

You will be getting heavy-duty brass buckles that will work for keeping the knife roll securely closed. No knives or tools will fall off when you travel.


  • Heavy-duty fabric that can go through years of usage.
  • Shoulder strap included so that the roll is comfortable to carry.
  • A small side pocket is included for keeping other tools.
  • Stitched strongly.


  • It does not have enough knife slots according to the price.
  1. Chef Knife Roll Bag:

Chef Knife Roll Bag comes with a unique design that holds your knives in their slots safely and securely. It comes with leather buckles that you can use for giving the roll bag a tight closure so that the knives don’t move or slide inside.

The bag comes with a travel-friendly design making it the perfect case you need for keeping your favorite knives so you can enjoy outdoor grilling and barbecuing. You can use the handle for carrying or simply attach the shoulder straps to carry it using your shoulders.

You can keep important accessories like knife sharpener, utensils, scissors, meat cleaver, and culinary tools inside your pocket that has a heavy-duty zipper.


  • Stores 10 knives that are up to 17 inches in size.
  • Comes with protective leather buckles.
  • Heavy-duty zipper pocket included.
  • Pocket provides enough space for keeping other accessories.


  • Expensive in terms of price.
  1. Waterproof Waxed Canvas Chef’s Roll Up 6 Slots Multi-Purpose Knife Bag:

Waterproof Waxed Canvas Chef’s Roll Up 6 Slots Multi-Purpose Knife Bag is built with durability so it can last through years of use while tackling tough pressure. The bag is made up of wax canvas that is strong and durable.

You will be able to carry screwdrivers and even knife blades without the fear of it getting punctured. The bag has a high capacity of holding things so you can carry all the essentials like knife sharpeners and some important utensils.

Maintaining the knife bag is not at all tough as you can easily clean the leather with the help of a damp cloth. The bag is waterproof as well. Helping you use it in the kitchen even under tough conditions.


  • Waterproof and durable fabric.
  • That is easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • Comfortable handle included for easy carrying.
  • Puncture resistant.


  • Not suitable for carrying heavy knives.
  1. EVERPRIDE 14 Slots Chef Knife Roll Bag:

EVERPRIDE 14 Slots Chef Knife Roll Bag is perfect for chefs and any culinary student because of the quality that it is built with it. The fabric of the bag is cut and puncture-resistant to a tough level. You can keep 10 knives that are 19 inches in length without worrying about the bag getting affected.

You will be getting buckles so you can close the bag tight after rolling up. This ensures that the knives stays safe, secure inside the bag. The bag is made up of polyester fabric that makes it suitable for long-lasting use in tough conditions.

You will be getting a separate zipper slot that lets you keep important accessories like a meat cleaver, knife sharpener and utensils. Use while travelling as it is compact and comes with a handle to hold onto.


  • Straps for holding knives in place.
  • Extra mesh zipper included for holding extra accessories.
  • 3 extra slots for holding spoons and small tools.
  • Holds 10 knives.


  • Fits in knives of mid-range only.
  1. 6 Slots Knife Roll Bag:

6 Slots Knife Roll Bag will fit in your knives without getting cut as the fabric is padded for extra protection. The bag can withstand years of use as it is made up of tough and sturdy polyester. The bag has a convenient travel-friendly design that comes with a removable shoulder strap and a handle.

You can carry all your essentials other than just knives. You will be getting 3 extra slots that let you carry utensils, spoons, or small-sized tools like peelers. You can keep knives that are up to 18 inches in size. All your knives will not move around as the strong heavy duty zippers ensure proper closure of the bag.


  • Strong and sturdy polyester fabric.
  • Adjustable straps are included for keeping the knives in place.
  • Holds knives that are 18 inches in length.
  • Easy to carry around as it has a travel-friendly design.


  • The bag only fits in 5 knives that might not be satisfactory to some users.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, each person varies in different ways depending on their reasons and the place where they will be carrying the knife roll. Hence, we have ensured that each of you gets the best knife roll whether it is for culinary school, camping, work in the kitchen as a chef, or any other reason.

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