Barlow knives are traditional options for folding pocket knives. Originating from 17th century England, it was a noble carry intended for regular day-to-day use to be lightweight and versatile. However, due to its build, it can hardly be helpful as a weapon in combat.

The trademark characteristic of such knives is a well-defined and lengthened metal bolster with an oval-shaped haft. The handle of a Barlow knife may hold one or two blades rotating on the same side. Initially, the Barlow knife was designed with a single tear-drop-shaped blade. Still, later more features were added to increase the product’s functionality, such as locking mechanisms, pocket clip, etc.

The best Barlow knife gives you a heavy-duty option that you can use on many tasks. The highlight of the Barlow-style knives is their durability and toughness acquired at an affordable price. And thus, the market has no shortage of products in this area. They also vary in appearance; some feature their preliminary design with boney handles, while others decided to bring some color. This article attempts to help you choose the best Barlow knife among many; let’s walk you through some of the bests that we liked based on numerous aspects.

The Best Barlow Knives of Present Market

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Imperial Schrade 278 Jackmaster BarlowBuy Now
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Old Timer 280OT Barlow 5.7in S.S. Traditional Folding KnifeBuy now

  1. Case XX WR Pocket Knife

Case knives are one of the most renowned names in the market of folding pocket knives. And like it’s all other creations, this Barlow-style knife packs all, both the beauty and brawn. Pick this if you’re looking for a Barlow knife that features a vintage aesthetic.

The closed length of this amazing piece is 4.125 inches, a convenient size that will fit in most storing options and will also give you enough space for a comfortable grip. It houses two blades, a clip blade, and a spey blade, which you can use in skinning and domestic chores due to its curved point.

The blades are constructed of Tru-Sharp Stainless Steel which offers extensive edge retention and sharpness. Therefore, you won’t need to sharpen it very often. The chrome vanadium steel offers extraordinary strength and toughness too. However, it’s not that big on rust resistance, so oil it from time to time to get optimal performance.


  • Constructed with quality materials.
  • Great craftsmanship.
  • Sturdy yet lightweight.
  • It comes razor sharp and retains the edge.
  • Non-slip handle with textures.


  • Requires regular maintenance.
  • Bad quality control service.


  1. Imperial Schrade 278 Jackmaster Barlow Knife

The Barlow knife from the Imperial may just be one of the most right options to go for in a low-price range; not only that, the knife boasts a smooth finish that is easy on the eyes. And the versatile uses of this knife make you want to carry it everywhere.

The knife measures about 15cm long when opened, so it’s a compact model that you can carry in purses, pouches easily, extra 0.12 pound it gives won’t even be noticeable. The knife is designed with two different-sized blades, one 6.1cm long clip blade and another shorter pen-blade. The blades are furnished with nail pulls to draw out the blade. The 3Cr13MoV stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion and sharpens pretty easily. So one less worry for you.

The 3.3-inch handle, on the other hand, is made with durable brown celluloid, which is comfortable to hold, and the two brass pins ensure stability and strength. The bolster of the knife is constructed of stainless steel with letters engraved on it.


  • Compact & portable design.
  • Well-put design.
  • Comes with decent sharpness.


  • The opening of the pen-blade is stiff.


  1. SZCO Supplies Rite Edge Barlow Knife

This based Barlow knife from SZCO is another viable option if you’re looking for something offering a terrific value for the price. Apart from providing top-notch performance, it’s also built from high-quality products giving it an upscale appearance.

The folding knife measures approximately 4 inches long when closed. The folder contains two stainless steel blades, the clip point blade is 2.25 inches long, and the shorter one is about 2 inches long with an extended ¼ inch length to hold the blades in place. The stainless steel material ensures that you don’t have to deal with extra maintenance for rusting. Clean it by hand with soapy water from time to time and wipe it well before closing, and you’re done, no hassle at all.

However, due to the wooden handle submerging into water frequently is not recommended, it will damage the body. The ergonomics of the handle feel comfortable regardless of the shape of the hand. And the triple brass rivets guarantee the stability of the handle, and the metal bolster enhances strength.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to use & maintain.
  • Wooden handle.
  • Features a lanyard hole.


  • Faulty manufacturing on some pieces.


  1. Rough Ryder Barlow

The Rough Ryder Barlow knife boasts an elegant appearance, and the smooth finish provides the user with a nice feeling when using it. The knife features a lightweight yet durable structure, and the blades are designed to be functional on utility chores and heavy-duty outdoor applications.

The overall measurement of this high-functioning Barlow knife is 3-⅜ inches while closed so that it will fit right inside your grip. It’s equipped with two stainless steel blades, a 2.37-inch-long clip blade, and another 1.75 inches pen blade. The stainless steel construction ensures a long and rust-free experience; it sharpens very quickly, so no trouble there either. Use the nail pull to slide the blades out.

The original bone-based handle is one of the plus ultras of this product. The white body with specked design ensures a beautiful visual and an easy-grip too. The giant nickel silver bolster enhances the look and the framework; it also has the logo engraved.


  • Easy to wield and carry.
  • Visually appealing.
  • Comes sharpened.
  • Smooth operation.
  • Ergonomic handle.


  • Needs sharpening upon heavy use.


  1. Old Timer 2800T Barlow Knife

Old timer’s Barlow knife is made to impress you; the overall recorded performance of this knife is enough to leave you in awe. While not pushing your price range, this 2.6-ounce Barlow knife will be your best friend in upcoming adventures.

The Barlow knife presents two magnificent blades constructed with 7Cr17MoV stainless steel, featuring core protection against any form of corrosion. A 2.3-inch-long clip blade and a shorter pen-blade. The steel offers a decent score of toughness despite being stainless steel, so you can use it for versatile purposes without having to think about if it can endure it. The rust-resistant build guarantees minimal maintenance.

The closed length of the handle measures 5.7 inches, so it provides a comfortable and spacious grip for all users, and the sawcut design on the handle makes it a non-slipping one. The brass rivets manage the balance of the frame, and stainless steel bolsters with the letter “Schade” inscribed on it. The opening function of this knife is secure heat-treated back springs.


  • Durable build.
  • Equipped with heat-treated springs.
  • Versatile application.
  • Great balance.
  • Triple-riveted handle.


  • Substandard finishing.
  • Pen-blade is quite stiff.




Q: What’s the primary use of a Barlow knife?

A: Barlow knives are a versatile unit that can be wonderful for EDC purposes. You can use it on anything that needs cutting, i.e., clothes, rope, gauge, bandages, and many more. Apart from being a light carry, you can also use it to perform self-defense. However, it’s not built pro-combat to be used in the military field. However, you can use it as a spare blade in camping, hiking, and hunting, too, without a worry.

Q: Should I go for single or dual-bladed models?

A: Even though the original design for the Barlow knife was single-bladed, over time, the designs have gone through some manufactured changes to increase the functionality of such knives; adding an extra blade was one of them. Most options of Barlow knives available on the market offer two blades. If you still require a single-bladed Barlow knife, then a vintage will do you justice.

Q: What’s the purpose of the lengthened bolster?

A: In the earliest design, the Barlow knife was manufactured with an extended metal bolster to ensure better stability and strength. Although many accommodations have been made since then, it stayed and have become one of the signature attributes to define a Barlow knife.


Final Verdict

Because of their functionality and presence in popular fiction, Barlow knives are pretty famous. Carrying the best Barlow knife for you may even prove to be lifesaving on many sticky occasions, starting from cutting ropes and clothes, opening letters and boxes, mending stuff, and many more. You can use the Barlow knife as creatively as you wish. To make sure that you buy the most suitable Barlow knife in your budget, we have gathered some of the best deals in the present market in this article. That you cannot miss! Good luck!


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