A sodbuster knife is a popular choice for a farmer’s knife. If you need a knife to do your dirty jobs and chores, there is nothing better. They possess a strong and sharp blade as big knives while being able to make more precise cuts. This can be your no-nonsense knife whenever you need a small knife to do household chores or a secondary knife in camping and even bushcraft.

You can identify a sodbuster knife is a traditionally styled knife which has a slip joint as the opening mechanism. The knife is designed to be quite simple, and a knife veteran’s collection can’t simply be complete without one of them. They are applicable in all the fields you may use a pocket knife in, even more. While they are not much to lay eyes on, you needn’t be hesitating to get them dirty.

Even so, the knife is simple by design; choosing one for you among all the varying options is no straightforward task. So here I am to assist you in this process. In this post, I’m going to review 5 of the best sodbuster knife which you should consider before finalizing one. However, the numbering is random and not a ranking, so make sure to check them all out.

Best Sodbuster Knife List

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5 Best Sodbuster Knife of the Market

  1. CASE XX WR Pocket Knife Trapper

The Trapper knives from Case XX is a winner in the race of affordable sodbuster knives. It offers a set of features that is admirable in a sodbuster. The first noticeable thing is going to be the excellent finish of this knife. This very model is designed with a polished yellow synthetic handle.

Sodbuster knives are known to not have bolsters and locks. But the handle offers much comfort, and the rivets provide the utmost stability when wielding the knife. The 4.13inches handle offers enough space to have a strong and easy grip.

This sodbuster offers a Chrome Vanadium steel clip and a Spey blade. You can use the 3.25” blade for your everyday utilities such as getting splinters out, making drainage, gardening, even as a defense tool. The Spey blade is designed with a flat cutting edge to the point, which is likely to be dull. The spine is flat and straight, and the cutting edge of the Spey blade is curved as it reaches the top. This design makes it an excellent fit for skinning, as while operating it, you won’t damage any part if any accidental miss of stroke. So you can take it to hunts and camping, will be a great help for sure.


  • Large synthetic handle; also available in other material options.
  • Features a Spey blade with the cutting clip.
  • Retains edge and very easy to re-sharpen.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Rusts if not maintained properly.


  1. Case XX Sod Buster Jr. 00032 Knife

Sodbuster Jr. is, as the name suggests, a compact version of the sodbuster knife. It has a small stature of only 3-5/8inches when it’s closed. So it’s quite light to carry around. An excellent choice for EDC will fit in your pocket, purse, or pouch for easy access in emergencies.

The 2.88 inches Chrome Vanadium skinner blade will assist you in your outdoor and household needs. Many prefer to equate the term durability with strength and not a long-lasting look; it is an ideal choice for them. The high carbon steel that is used to construct these blades are extremely tough in the strength department and provides a high level of wear resistance. If maintained correctly, it can last for more than one generation.

To sustain the glossy finish of the blade, the manufacturers recommend coating it with a thin layer of oil from time to time. For the opening, they’ve used the trademark of sodbuster knife – slip joint releasing system on the knife. However, unlike other EDC knives on the market, sodbusters do not provide a locking function, so you have to use it in such a manner.


  • Constructed of quality materials.
  • Long-lasting even after extensive use.
  • Keeps edge fairly well.
  • Flat-ground blade with a straight spine.
  • Backed up by the manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Stiff releasing function.
  • Does not come sharpened.


  1. CASE XX WR Pocket Knife Sod Buster

Case XX is the frontrunner of the sodbuster industry for its wide arena of available options in this knife. It offers a spacious 4-5/8 inches’ synthetic handle, that smoothly ensures an easy grip for an average size of a hand. The ergonomics of this model is appraising unlike most sodbusters with straight handle design. It stabilized with three brass pins, ensuring strong joints that will not come undone.

The WR pocket sodbuster knife is a handy tool for both indoor and outdoor tasks; because of its chrome vanadium steel blade that is proved to provide sharpness and ease of use. The skinner blade measures about 3.70 inches and has a little nick on the spine where you can sink your nail into to expose the knife and nudge it back to conceal it. That is the purpose of a slip joint mechanism, even though it does not include a blade lock.

While buying the knife, you can opt for stainless steel blade too, instead of Chrome Vanadium, if you prioritize rust-resistance over toughness. The Tru-Sharp stainless steel is better at offering protection against rust and corrosion but is harder to sharpen than the Vanadium steel.


  • Solid matte black synthetic handle with rivets.
  • The high carbon blade has long-lasting edge retention.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.


  • Poor quality control.


  1. CASE XX WR Pocket Knife Chestnut Smooth Bone Mini Copperlock

If you are interested in aesthetics along with functionality and have a flexible budget, then you can add a visually attractive sodbuster knife to your collection. The copperlock series offers a set of beautiful knives that you should look into.

This tempting knife is the model that has a 3.63 inches’ wooden handle with elegant rich chestnut bone color with a smooth finish. The classic air around the knife is hardly avoidable. The handle offers a great grip, and it also comes in a larger size so, if your hands are larger than average, you should look into that for maximum comfort. The butt and the top of the haft folder are framed with stainless steel for enhanced balance and strength.

The 2.72in. the clip styled blade is constructed of Tru-Sharp stainless steel; it is top of its game when it comes to resist corrosion and maintain a long-lasting blade sharpness. You can take it to your camping, hiking, and fishing trip to do the precise cutting and skinning easily. The knife is one of those few sodbuster models that offer a locking mechanism. You’ll notice a tumbler on top of the knife while opening the blade stimulates the tumbler to lock the blade. So you may need to use two hands to unlock and close the knife, but the opening can be done with one-hand operation.


  • Collectible Sodbuster knife.
  • Features smooth finished wooden handle.
  • Offers the Lockback mechanism.
  • Mirror-polished clip blade.
  • Razor-sharp edge just out-of-box.


  • Needs regular maintenance.
  • Blunt tip.


  1. Boker Plus 01BO020 Rangebuster Folding Knife

The Rangebuster from Boker Plus is the largest sodbuster in this list measuring up to 7-7/8 inches. Consisting of a large polypropylene handle, which is made to be solid and provide a comfortable grip to the wielder, and it also works as a reliable folder to the ultra-sharp blade.

The knife consists of a 3.5inches long blade made of high carbon stainless steel that has advanced resistance to corrosion or developing rusts. With a little care, it will stay new for a long time. The blade offers a satin finish and has a 0.125in thickness that is ideal for daily uses like box opener, cutting papers, clothes, and bandages, etc. It also serves fairly in outdoor chores, camping, gardening, fishing, hunting, etc.

This model has a drop point blade with almost chisel grind; it sharpens without any issue, making it a good choice for EDC. The yellow handle makes it low profile and compact. The Lockback mechanism ensures the blade stays open while you operate it.


  • Moderately priced.
  • Features locking function.
  • Sturdy handle with brass pins.
  • Nice ergonomics with fitting contours.
  • Durable construction.


  • Cheap pins used in rivets.


Final Verdict

Sodbusters knife is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a folding knife with a comfortable enough grip and lightweight design. They are traditionally designed based on farmers’ knives from years ago. And now, they are a popular choice based on their quick functionality and effectiveness in everyday carry.

Thus, the best sodbuster knife is defined by its stability, comfortable grip, sharpness, and of course, design. Most sodbuster models are budget-friendly so, if you know what to look for, you can get a lot of decent features in a value model. Starting from chopping food at home, to skinning hunts, boning fishes in camping, etc. These multi-purpose knives will always have your back.

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