Hawkbills are confused with karambits too often. While going to buy a hawkbill there’s a fat chance you’ll be presented with karambits too. And the reason is quite valid as they do resemble each other at first glance. But the differences are there if you know what you are looking for.

Hawkbills, as the name says, resembles the curved beak of an eagle. The knife has an arched spine accompanied by a straight handle. The hawkbill may or may not feature a pointy tip; if you require one, make a thorough inquiry of description if it provides a piercing tip. On the other hand, karambits are traditional knives that are more designed to look like tiger claws with a curved haft and tapered spine. Hawkbills also have a wider range; they can be used as both tool and weapon, where a karambit is more suiting for tactical purposes.

Trying not to confuse them is tricky already, and on top of that, we have lots of options and designs in just hawkbills alone. So to find the best hawkbill knife among the sea of choices that the market can offer you, you’ll need to do a bit of research, and we’re here to help you with that. In this post, I’ve collected some of the best deals that you can get at a budget price. Let’s jump into it.

How to Choose the Best Hawkbill Knife?

  1. Spyderco Harpy Folding Knife

The Harpy from Spyderco is a wild combination of the patented SpyderEdge and a folding pocket knife design. As the first attempt at hawkbill knife from Spyderco, it has positively outdone itself. The silver shine merged with its classic look, makes it a must-have for aesthetic fanatics.

First up, the materials that are used in the blade and handle; both are quite high-end. The inches long blade is constructed of VG-10 stainless steel. It is a type of Japanese stainless steel, and the G stands for “Gold” which ensures quality. It is enriched with 12.5% chromium to provide maximum resistance from corrosion along with ultra-toughness. These steels are known to be one of the strongest, can be forged to create very high-duty tools. You can sharp them razor-sharp, and they are also very easy to sharpen.

The 3.88” ergonomic haft is made of similar steel, so top to bottom quality performance is guaranteed. The blade features a SpyderEdge serrated blade that offers friction and strength both so you can do even heavy-duty jobs with it, which other folding knives are not deemed suitable for. The locking mechanism is another plus side that you should be focusing on.


  • Strong and durable; made to last.
  • Hollow grinded blade with a serrated edge.
  • Four-way reversible clip.
  • Features back-lock technology.
  • Smooth opening – allows one-hand function.


  • For beginners, sharpening the VG-10 blade can be a bit tricky.


  1. Spyderco Ladybug 3 Salt Lightweight Folding Knife

Yet another Spyderco model for customers who are looking for a more compact and lightweight unit. The attraction of this very model can be summed up as efficient, portable, and brilliant craftsmanship. It can be the EDC knife that you religiously carry everywhere. The one-stop tool to stay prepared.

The Ladybug is carefully designed with an H-1 steel blade, and fiberglass-reinforced handle. As it used FRN handle, it significantly reduced the unit’s weight. The 2.48 inches long handle is ergonomically designed with convenient finger grooves. And the FRN materials make sure you have a strong slip-proof grip on the handle but which also do not feel rough against your skin.

The H-1 steel blade measures 1.88 inches. The blade is equipped with trademark SpyderEdge which ensures a deeper and cleaner cut at every swing. It’s designed with a two-step serration pattern enhancing the cutting speed and area. The hollow grind makes sharpening easier; the round hole is like a symbol to Spyderco knives. The handle is stabilized with quality screws, offering smooth opening function.


  • An excellent choice for EDC.
  • Features lanyard hole instead of clips.
  • Miniature hawkbill; very lightweight.
  • Offers a locking mechanism.
  • Corrosion-resistant.


  • May need frequent sharpening.
  • Not suitable for big hands.


  1. CRKT Du Hoc Fixed Blade Knife

CRKT fixed blades are the frontrunners when one needs a heavy-duty knife, and the curved claw-shaped design enhances the strength of a swing by manifold and cuts deeper and provides more damage. Du Hoc is such a blade, that you can count on, a mini survival, tactical, and defense weapon.

The Du Hoc is a solid knife, measuring 9.62inches overall with the length of the blade 5.09”. both the knife and the handle is made with superior materials, that much is guaranteed. The weather-proof handle is constructed of G-10 materials; the ergonomic handle is contoured so that it fits in your hand well, and you do not feel any uneasiness or roughness.

They have used SK5 carbon steel to construct the blade in this one. So not only is it boasting strength, but it is also equally lenient when you need to re-sharpen it. It can keep its edge fairly well and if maintained well, you’ll never have to deal with corrosion and discoloring too.


  • Large multi-purpose fixed knife.
  • Equipped with handle ring; easy grip.
  • Includes a molle compatible sheath.
  • Offers pierced rivets in handle for lashing.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • A bit too large for EDC.
  • The handle ring feels sharp on the finger.


  1. Spyderco Byrd Lightweight Folding Knife

Like the other Spyderco knives, the Byrd also features the sharp and efficient SpyderEdge, with a two-step serration pattern. The curved blade measures 2.875 inches; they have used 8Cr13MoV stainless steel to construct it. Thus, you get enhanced sharpness and durability without the pressing weight. You’ll notice the large 0.47inch hole in the spine of the blade in almost all the Spyderco knives in the same place. It provides balance and ease in opening the folding knife, and as a cherry on top, it also minimizes extra weight.

The glass-reinforced nylon handle provides ultimate comfort when wielding the knife. Every swing feels comfortable no matter if you’re holding it bottom-up or top-down. The handle offers a serrated edge making it slip-proof and a firm grip. The handle is designed to be extra solid with skeletonized steel liners, strengthening it with better balance.

The ergonomics of this knife are pretty nice too; the finger grooves are placed comfortable, the serrations and the scales in the handle don’t feel rough against the skin. These ultra-light folding knives are easy to carry and also very reliable in domestic and tactical use due to its superior stability and toughness.


  • Easy and balanced handle with serration scales and triple-rivets.
  • Features thick SpyderEdge blade.
  • Hollow ground blade with the perfect center.
  • Safe and functional locking mechanism.


  • The ridges of the handle may feel uncomfortable.


  1. Schrade SCH111 Steel Full Tang Karambit Knife

Shrade designed this one-piece construction knife for tactical use. It measures about 6.3 inches overall and is constructed of 9Cr18MoV stainless steel. The steel offers superior protection against corrosion and rust. And the robustness is ideal as both a tool and a weapon. You can use it to execute daily chores indoor, and as a defense tool outdoors.

The lightweight knife weighs only 2.3 ounces, so portability will not be a problem. The 2.9” hollow beveled blade can be incredibly sharp and keeps a fine edge for a long time. If you use it as a neck knife, make sure to sheath it properly. The handle offers comfortable ergonomic when holding it, and the oversized handle ring does not hurt the skin.

The knife is designed pro-ambidextrous, so whether you are lefty or not, this will deal with no discomfort. The polymer sheath fits the knife perfectly, and the length of the ball neck chain can be adjusted using the openings of the sheath. Its easy-going portability and functionality deem it a worthy companion of camping, hunting, and fishing, as well as indoor chores.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Skeletonized handle – allows paracord wrap.
  • Suitable for outdoor uses.
  • Comes with a polymer sheath.
  • Equipped with neck chain.


  • Not recommended for big hands.
  • Does not come sharpened.


Final Verdict

Having a multi-purpose knife with you always is never a bad idea. As the saying goes, being cautious never hurts. And what better knife is there for everyday carry than a hawkbill. The curved blade provides effective cutting while being portable and also lasts long if taken care of accordingly. If you are looking for a compact EDC and can’t set your mind on one particular genre, then why not hawkbills.

I’ve reviewed 5 models that you can buy without stretching your budget too much and still be content with the performance. You’ll see that buying the best hawkbill knife for your uses is not as difficult as it seemed if you only know what you are looking for. Don’t let fancy brands fooling you into buying something you do not need.








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