A tactical machete is a versatile machete that can work well in survival times when you’re in a garden or a forest or a danger. This type of machetes acts as excellent self-defense as well as a survival tool.

These machetes are designed for different outdoor activities like hunting, camping or hiking, etc. Whether you want to chop wood, make shelter, clear bushes, gather firewood, cut branches, or a giant tree, an efficient tactical machete will help you accomplish your tasks very effectively.

This is why picking the right tactical machete along to the forest or hills is a crucial thing. We’ve come with The Best Tactical Machetes to show you the machetes best from different aspects.



This Cold Steel Katana Machete is one of the famous tactical machetes of all time. This is best as a survival weapon in the jungles or forest adventures. Thus, this makes it the first choice for machete enthusiasts.

This machete comes with a 36 ¼” overall length. It features a 24 inches long blade with a thickness of 2.8 mm. Plus, the blade is made of 1055 carbon steel with a black rust-proof matte finish.

Plus, there is a 12 ¼” long handle made of polypropylene that ensures a firm and secure grip. The non-slippage feature and sharp cutting performance take it to a professional level.

Above all, it is a reliable machete with a limited lifetime warranty along with outstanding performance.



⧫ Elegant appearance

⧫ Comfortable handle

⧫ Balanced strokes

⧫ Curved blade


⧫ Giant size



This is a machete designed especially for sports, rescue, and military purposes. It is a perfect tool for people who love trekking and hiking. Again, it is suitable for a survivor and a fighter.

This excellent tool comes with 15″ length and 22.8 ounces. The 10″ full tang blade with both serrated and straight edges is made from 1095 carbon steel. It can cut, chisel, chop, chop, and clear brushes and trees very efficiently.

Moreover, it features a Kraton made handle that ensures a firm and solid grip. Plus, the leather Cordura sheath will protect the tool from any element.

Overall, it is highly recommended for adventure, sport, and rescue purposes.


⧫ Powerful cutting performance

⧫ Reliable and strong

⧫ Durable and inexpensive

⧫ Premium quality



⧫ Needs proper maintenance

⧫ Short and heavy



If you’re looking for a machete that you can use to cut weeds and small trees in your garden, or backyard, or any camping site, then this is the one. This machete is designed for cutting, clearing, and chopping tasks in the fields, gardens, yards, and wilderness.

This is a machete with 22.75 inches of length and 2 mm thickness. It comes with a black finished blade with a sawback made of stainless steel. Again, the cord wrapped handle made of Pakkawood offers a standard grip. The handle is durable enough for excellent cutting performance.

Moreover, the nylon sheath with button closures and belt loop ensures safety and protection.

Above all, it is a heavy-duty machete for survival use.


⧫ Additional grip

⧫ Sturdy and durable

⧫ Budget-friendly

⧫ Top-notch performance


⧫ Handle needs improvement


  1. GERBER GATOR 31-000758 MACHETE:

This Gerber Gator machete has been well-known for its exceptional attractive appearance and cutting performance. The machete has become an outstanding cutting weapon for the wilderness and backyard.

This 25.7” long machete works as a great companion in survival situations with its top-notch performance. The 18” long blade is made of high-carbon steel that ensures maximum long-lasting performance.

Again, the grip of the Gerber Gator handle allows an ergonomic and well-balanced control for comfortable use. Its rubber texture makes it suitable for use in both dry and wet situations. Plus, the nylon sheath is also durable and safe.

So, this machete is a high-quality tool for adventure lovers.


⧫ Sharp cutting tool

⧫ Durable steel blade

⧫ Strong handle

⧫ Slip-proof grip


⧫ Long in size

⧫ Not a heavy-duty one






If you’re finding a faithful companion for your camping or hiking that can meet all of your needs, then this is the tool you should pick. This machete is a great survival machete with innovative features.

This machete features a black stainless steel blade with 16″ of length. The sharp point of the front side is suitable for scratching or piercing anything. The shape of the machete makes it capable of doing a variety of tasks.

This full tang machete will help you clear bushes, cut woods, build shelters, collect firewood, and other things you will need in the jungle or hills. The tool is also handy to scrap and strike.

Above all, this is an excellent tool with a durable blade, protective sheath, and comfortable handle.


⧫ Comfortable handle

⧫ Sharp and durable blade

⧫ Lightweight

⧫ Full tang


⧫ Sheath needs improvement

⧫ Not enough sturdy for heavy-duty tasks






This is an ideal machete for all machete collectors, users, and enthusiasts. This tool is proved to be durable and safe in all challenging conditions.

This combat machete comes with 16” overall length and 2.45 pounds. This blade is made of 420A stainless steel with a titanium electroplated finish. Again, the blade is designed with a partially serrated sawback and spiked tip for better performance. So, it is suitable for cutting woods and heavy branches, clearing bushes, etc. The blade is sharp enough for cutting all the things you’ll need to cut during survival or adventure times.

In fine, the machete comes with a reinforced handle that is impact-resistant to ensure better grip and strength.


⧫ Shock-absorbing handle

⧫ Safe and durable

⧫ Heavy-duty

⧫ Sharp


⧫ Sheath needs improvement



This machete is from a well-known knife manufacturing company, Gerber. These Gerber Gator machetes are famous for their versatility and performance.

This machete comes with a 25″ overall length. There are two sides of the blade. The fine-edged side is 15″ in length, and the saw blade is 18″ in length. This thick, black blade is made of stainless steel.

The gator grip, rubber textured handle provides maximum safety and comfort in all situations. Again, there is a black nylon sheath that protects the blade.

Above all, this Gerber Gator Golok machete, with its reliable design, is suitable for hunting, survival, military, tactical, industrial, and other outdoor activities.


⧫ Easily portable and heavy-duty

⧫ Reasonable

⧫ A dual tapered, sharp blade

⧫ Paracord lanyard and belt loop


⧫ The handle isn’t much functional.



This Rambo machete is from the Snake Eye Tactical brand. This is a full tang fixed blade machete with a unique design.

The machete features a silver 11.5″ long blade with serrations. This blade is made of stainless steel. The machete is 16.5″ long overall. Plus, this sharp blade is best for cutting performance.

This tactical machete is a heavy-duty machete for heavy and challenging tasks. The 5″ rubber made handle provides better grip. Again, it features a nylon sheath for additional safety and easy portability.

Overall, it is a large-sized machete designed for tough cutting and chopping tasks.




⧫ Full tang

⧫ Comfortable handle

⧫ Nylon sheath and belt loop

⧫ Heavy-duty


⧫ The handle needs improvement.

⧫ Heavyweight



If you’re looking for a good tactical machete for military purposes, then this is the one you can choose. This machete is designed especially for military purposes.

The machete features a wide curved blade with 18″ length and 2.8 mm thickness. The blade is made of 1055 high-carbon stainless steel with a rust-proof finish. Besides, the full tang blade is weather-resistant and very durable.

The machete is 25” long overall with 25.0 oz weight. Moreover, this machete comes with a Cur-Ex sheath for easy portability and safe storage.

Above all, it is a long-sized machete for high-quality performance.


⧫ Thick blade

⧫ High-quality

⧫ Well-balanced weapon

⧫ Rust-resistant finish



⧫ The blade isn’t much sharp.



Finally, we’ve come at the end of the review of Best Tactical Machetes. The machetes we’ve mentioned here come in various sizes, shapes, and designs with innovative features and functionalities.

You can choose the machete you require from this list. Whether you’re finding a compact or large, lightweight or heavy-duty, multi-purpose or single-edged, you can select the right one here. Though you will see other machetes available on the market, we’ve tried to show you the best machetes from all aspects. We’ve focused on every detail of the machetes so that you can decide which one you should pick.

Pick the tactical machete that seems perfect to you, considering the size, price, shape, and performance.









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