Rigging knives are a type of specialized knives that are used to hack away ropes and wires easily. But its uses don’t necessarily hover around cutting ropes only; these are high-functioning tools used by the sailors and campers alike. The ocean isn’t always known for mercy; the environment is harsh; thus, such knives are designed to withstand the weather, the harshness, the adversity, all of it. They are made tough; you can hardly replace them with any other type of knife since the functionality and practicality level will differ.

Compact tools can be a lifesaver in emergencies; furthermore, you can add them to your hiking or camping gear; these solid little knives won’t let you down guaranteed. The best rigging knife can help in many situations, starting from cutting ropes, fabrics, wires, and harnesses to freeing a hypothermic sailor from clothes; they can achieve wonders if chosen right. This article shows you some of the best options you can get from today’s market and why you should choose them.

The Best Rigging Knife of Today’s Market


  1. Camillus Folding Rigging Knife with Marlinspike

This 6.5-inch-long rigging knife is a well-made tool designed to serve your money’s worth. It uses durable & high-quality construction material; you can’t go wrong with this one. The sheepsfoot blade measures 2.75 inches, made from Japanese VG-10 steel, treated with carbonitride titanium giving it a solid surface that resists corrosion, won’t chip or flake, along the non-stick design.

The knife also features a superior G-10 handle that offers extensive stability and comfort in the grip. The texture makes the handle slip-proof, while the dual thumb stud allows ambidextrous use. It also features a marlinspike with a lock and a lanyard clip. The liner lock in the blade ensures a secure experience.


  • Durable & high-functional.
  • Liner-lock for safe operation.
  • Excellent edge retention.
  • Marlinspike with lock.
  • Sharp & hardened blade.


  • The lanyard clip can be better.


  1. Myerchin Generation 2 Pro Wood Rigging Knife

This fixed blade rigging knife from Myerchin is a great buy considering its range of appliances. It’s a full-tang unit measuring about 8.5 inches overall; it’s a perfect piece for using as a marine knife. Along with this high-end blade, it offers a separate 7 inches long marlinspike and a quality-grade leather sheath for storing.

The 4-inches long partially-serrated blade is made of German Pro Stainless Steel. It has a shackle slot embedded in, along with a thumb ridge. The blade is known for its high performance and longevity; it will neither rust nor corrode; the maintenance is minimal; therefore, you can rely on it. The ergonomic wooden handle is convenient to wield and stabilized with three rivets.


  • Full tang fixed blade.
  • Rust-proof blade.
  • Ergonomic wooden handle.
  • Comes with a leather sheath.


  • A bit large.


  1. Davis Instruments Deluxe Rigging Knife

The deluxe rigging knife from Davis Instruments is one of the best value units for the current market price. Along with a catchy appearance, it boasts a multifunctional design. The blade is accompanied by a marlinspike, shackle slot, lanyard loop, and finally, a flathead screwdriver. The overall construction boasts high-end stainless steel.

It features a compact and folding profile so that you can carry it around without a hassle. The knife measures approximately 6 inches in length, housing several tools. The blade features a plain edge that is water and weather-proof. It also holds an edge for a long time and doesn’t warrant much maintenance, but if it comes in contact with sea-water regularly, it’s best to clean it up and oil the structure from time to time.


  • Multifunctional unit.
  • Moderately priced.
  • Constructed from solid stainless steel.
  • The marlinspike locks.


  • Doesn’t offer one-hand operation.


  1. Perkin Handcrafted Rigging Knife

This rigging knife is an ideal example of versatility; the design enables it to be used in a wide application area. You may buy this rigging knife not only to use as a marine knife but also to take it out to camping, hunting, and such.

The fixed blade measures around 8.5 inches, the craftsmanship is pretty strong, aligned with the high-quality materials used, this knife is built to last. The 440c stainless steel used scores 56-58 HRC, ensuring high tensile strength and resists to rust and wear by default. The riveted wooden handle offers enough leverage; it’s easy to hold and maneuver. The weight feels right, and using it doesn’t stress out wrists.


  • Solid one-piece construction.
  • Impressive edge retention.
  • Includes a marlinspike in the package.
  • Comes with 2 leather sheaths with a belt-loop.


  • Doesn’t come sharpened.


  1. Maxim’s Sailor Knife

Maxam’s sailor knife can be your favorite budget knife; it’s designed with all the necessary tools that you might need while sailing. It offers a robust build that houses a sheepsfoot blade, bottle opener, a sturdy marlinspike, a shackle key, and a lanyard loop at the bottom; everything is constructed of durable stainless steel.

The haft body also has ruler scales engraved on it, measuring 2 inches on a side and 5cm on the other.  The total size of the knife is 3.75 inches when closed and about 6.125-inch when opened. Making this reliable unit fits anywhere is pretty lightweight, so carrying or operating with it isn’t tiring. Maintenance being straightforward, you won’t have a single complaint.


  • Lightweight & portable.
  • Features several functional tools.
  • Has 2 rulers inscribed.


  • Works better in freshwater sailing than saltwater.


  1. Meyerco Sailor’s Tool

Similar to the previous item, it offers 6 tools that will make your maritime adventures easier. Meyerco’s multi-tool rigging knife is available at a bargain price; along with using it on boats, it will fit right in your hiking, hunting, camping & fishing gear. The design makes it perfect for a wide area of use.

The 3.75-inch-long handle houses a sheepsfoot blade measuring about 2.5-inches, made of stainless steel. So, you won’t have to fret about it rusting & it’s easy to sharpen; the high-end stainless steel used in the construction is built-to-last. The shackle key, bottle opener, and marlinspike are securely screwed in the design. It also features a ruler on each side, inch, and cm.


  • Corrosion-resistant design.
  • Multi-tool features.
  • Easy to use & maintain.
  • Sturdy & durable build.


  • Blade doesn’t lock.


  1. Myerchin Sailor’s Folding Rigging Knife

The folding rigging knife from Myerchin is a handy little tool that you can use as a sailing knife and a tactical and survival knife. It provides a quality blade with a serrated edge that cuts through stuff easily. It’s very straightforward to use; the marlinspike is built quite sturdily, you also get shackle pliers at the bottom.

The blade’s overall measurement is about 5 inches long; the stainless steel blade’s size is pretty tiny. But the performance delivery is guaranteed to be extraordinary. The handle is crafted from anodized aluminum; it’s stably screwed into position like a swiss knife and provides an easy grip no matter how long you use it.


  • Sharp & serrated edge.
  • Features thumb studs.
  • One-hand operation.
  • Comfy grip and size.


  • Awkwardly shaped lanyard loop.



Q: Straight vs. Serrated; which one should I get?

A: Based on market demands, straight blades are more popular because of their versatility and easier maintenance. In comparison, serrated blades provide better agility and sharpness because of the sharp teeth’ added friction. However, a serrated blade is also tricky to sharpen; its means may not always be available close.

Q: Can the rigging knives be sharpened?

A: Sure, it can. However, the procedure is different with each of the rigging knives. Depending on the blades’ type and construction material, you can sharpen them using the usual tools as sharpening rods, whetstones, and other types of sharpeners.

Q: Should I prioritize multi-tool features in rigging knives?

A: Multifunctional features sure look good on the portfolio, and it sells better too. Similarly, many rigging knives offer several features, such as bottle and shackle opener, corkscrew, marlinspike, etc., while traditional rigging knives may only feature marlinspike along with the blade. Choose a set of features according to your needs.

Q: What does marlinspike do?

A: It’s a cone-shaped tool used in ropeworks, usually to untangle ropes by untying knots. It’s a must-have feature for sailing knives; campers & climbers also benefit from them.

Q: Sharp point vs. blunt; which one is preferred?

A: Based on your intended use, the answer will differ; while a sharp point has many advantages, there’s also a significant chance of injuring yourself or assets with it if you’re not cautious. Weigh the pros and cons before leaning towards one.


Final Verdict

Rigging knives, a.k.a. sailor knives, are pretty personal to each user. When you imagine this knife can be your last resort someday, it’s hard not to be picky about it. Thus, we put together this article which will help you choose the best rigging knife for yourself. There are many things to assess first; we believe both beginners and experts will benefit from this post.



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