Ultrasonic cutters are a modern-day invention, which is being widely used in the textile and food industries. No alternatives are better than it to have cutting jobs done in industrial needs. You’ll see uses of ultrasonic cutters widely in textiles and food industries and many more. They are vastly sought for their ability to make cuts with precision and without brute force, so the product is in no way deformed or damaged.

Focusing on the rising needs, ultrasonic cutters have adapted into a new compact form to be used outside of industrial use. And now, the technology is being universally applied in domestic households. Thus, the market is also not short of options.

This article is created to help you in the field to buy the best ultrasonic cutter among the numerous options presented by the sellers. Below I’ve reviewed five models worthy of recognition considering lots of relevant factors. Make sure to check them all out before you finalize one to ensure your ultimate win.

Best Ultrasonic Cutter Knife

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Cutra Wondercutter Ultrasonic KnifeBuy Now
Honda Cutters ZO 41Buy Now
Honda Electronics USW 334Buy Now
Mxmoonant Ultrasonic CutterBuy Now
Yuchengtech Ultrasonic Cutter KnifeBuy Nowe

How to select the Best Ultrasonic Cutter for Your Need?

  1. Cutra Wondercutter Ultrasonic Knife

Wondercutter from Cutra’s is a dream come true for ultrasonic knife users. It is a premium combination of effectiveness and quality. The whole design is thoughtfully outlined to improve its performance by about 30% than its competitors in the market.

Compactness is prioritized in the case of ultrasonic cutters, and wondercutter presents you with an ultimate compact body weighing only 1.65 pounds. This unit is dark grey and provides a cord with minimum tension. It extends long enough so you can operate the cutter while having the ultrasonic machine clipped with your belt.

It is plenty easy to use, thanks to its maximum vibration set to 40k per second, it cuts swift and steady. The fast friction allows even to melt the substance to slice rapidly. Cutting plastics has never been more effortless. Aside from that, you can also use it on chemical fiber, PVC, leather, acrylic, etc. The ultrasonic cutter comes with a Lithium-ion battery and charger. It shows the battery life on the front screen of the device.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Features fast 40000/s friction.
  • Ensures better safety and performance.
  • The package contains an extra set of blades, gloves, and a manual.
  • Easy to use.


  • The cords can be more flexible.


  1. Honda Cutters ZO-41

The ultrasonic cutter from Honda Cutters offers great flexibility in work. This is the kind of ultrasonic knife that people prefer to take with them on the go. Its small stature of 6.8×2.9×3.5 dimension is pretty convenient for portability.

Furthermore, this product also offers an advanced range of 40000 vibrations per second. That is considered moderately high in the ultrasonic knife industry for individual uses. You can choose it as you see fit. The vibration is fast and strong enough to cut through plastic, fiberglass, fabrics, etc. It can even be used to curve and shape 3D models.

The design of the model is quite eye-catchy and user friendly too. It has a flat stand giving it a stable posture while you work with the cutter. The attached knife holder lets you rest the knife while you’re not using it, so safety is ensured. The handle part is also comfortable to hold with a textured grooved area for the thumb.


  • Excellent for residential purposes.
  • Features thin precise cuts.
  • User-friendly.
  • A beast with 40W power consumption and 30W output.
  • Long-lasting design.
  • Made with durable materials.


  • Doesn’t come with an English manual.
  • The package doesn’t include a battery.


  1. Honda Electronics ultrasonic cutter USW-334

Another quality model from Honda Cutters, which is a great buy for both newbies and professionals alike. It features a mineral grey color with a glossy shine. Its extreme straightforward mechanics make it an ideal choice for beginners.

It is a rapid cleaving machine that glides through PET, ABS plastic, acrylics, and resins effortlessly. Not to mention the comfort it yields with the thick handle with a generous circumference. The blade is strongly attached to the oscillator, ensuring a durable build and finish that will last longer.

Also, not let its visual have you think that it’s not portable. Despite how it looks, its dimension measures about 13.4×7.1×12.7cm and weighs only 5g, secured with a built-in thermostat. The blade is not only sharp due to its high power oscillator; it also cuts decently deep – about 3mm. Rely on it for your DIY works without a second thought.


  • Easy to use – beginner-friendly.
  • Flexible wire with minimum tension.
  • Comfortable haft design with textures.
  • Produces deep precise cuts.
  • Offers after-care along with a warranty.


  • Skip tough jobs with this one.
  • Gets quite hot while activated.


  1. Mxmoonant 500W Ultrasonic Cutter

Mxmoonant ultrasonic cutter is an excellent cutter that is perfect for newbies to professionals looking for a heavy-duty machine. This cutter can cut through PVC, ABS, non-woven materials neoprene, acrylic, fiberglass resin, cardboard, corrugated, cardboard, and whatnot, even s through a Kevlar effortlessly.

The knife operates as a manual knife with classic operating principles. The blade creates a massive amount of ultrasonic energy which softens and melts the material immediately. The knife has lots of automation. It comes with automatic frequency sweep tracking which floats between 19 and 26KHZ. The temperature setting is customizable, ranging within 0-300°C with a progression rate of 1°C.

It features an LCD color touch screen with a resolution of 400×240. You can even set the timer from 1min to 99h. The cutting material of the knife is built of durable titanium alloy. The LCD screen shows timer, adjustable modes, and temperature, and other information.


  • It can easily cut a wide arena of materials.
  • Smooth and swift cutting speed.
  • Features several operating modes.
  • Perfect for continuous heavy-duty work.
  • Elaborate cooling system.


  • The setting can seem complicated to untrained users.


  1. YUCHENGTECH Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

Yuchengtech’s ultrasonic cutter is undoubtedly a beast with both looks and functionality. It got the strongly built exterior and ability thaw through – completely packing it all, so it is mostly used in the industrial and professional sectors. It provides 10 modes of user storage settings, with the advanced function of implementing it directly in contact with the host.

As described, its net output power measures up to 600W, with a general voltage winging within 85-240V. It provides a mega coverage with 24kHz frequency, ranging up to 26kHz; with 1℃ temperature increase to max 300℃ settings. Yuchengtech also provides a cooling method so you can keep the temperature within control.

The highlight of this product is its automatic technologies. Depending on the concerned substance’s fluidity, the cutter automatically fixes the frequency range to ensure maximum optimization of power. Able to cut all sorts of materials at ease. The high visual is also a plus with a beautifully detailed cutter.



  • Professional ultrasonic cutter.
  • Extremely safe and fast experience.
  • Features touch-screen controls.
  • Minimum friction resistance.
  • Easy and functional automatic features.


  • Not suitable for beginners.
  • Too pricey for residential use.


Final Verdict:

Ultrasonic cutters are significantly popular among the users, as it provides delicate cuts with precision without smearing and damaging the substance. Also, the fact that you do not have to put physical pressure on it, makes it a lot easier for handicapped, elderlies, and a one-handed person to cut and slice things with minimum effort.

Thus, I’ve prepared a list of great models with a helpful buyer’s guide. I’ve chosen them carefully, and those are undoubtedly some of the worthy ultrasonic cutters that you can get within the price. Buying the best ultrasonic cutter is not a complex job at all, if only you have your needs sorted out, and for the rest, we’re here to help.


Buyer’s Guide: What to look for in an Ultrasonic Cutter

Design: Design should be a valued priority in the case of ultrasonic cutters, as it is electronic-based machinery. So flawed or impromptu designs can result in a heavier unit and non-functioning features. If you value compactness, makes sure the chosen product is portable and lightweight, also the temperature rising should be in control for the safety of clipping into clothing.

Features: As such products are generally pricey by nature, the list of features is not short too. However, you’re still going to want to double-check the list of materials it can cut. Also, the depth of the cuts. Oscillating blades allow precise cuts making it a great choice for detailed cutting works. The cooling mechanism should also be up to date, as sending ultrasonic energy to the blade making it vibrate in super-speed heats the machine. Some models also feature adjustable operating settings and timers, etc.

Frequency: The frequency denotes, in this case, the speed at which the blade pulsates to glide through sheets of plastic, ABS, PET, PVC, acrylic, fiberglass, Kevlar, etc. DIY works can be done much more easily with the help of a good ultrasonic cutter. Depending on the frequency, it can cut through thick substances without smearing the material. Normally, the frequency ranges from 18kHz-26kHz based on the type of application you’re expecting to do with it.

Durability: Despite how much feature-packed unit you buy, if it doesn’t last then the investment is as good as lost. Along with high-quality materials used in the market, you should also emphasize maintenance; electronics are known to last longer if taken good care of. Learn to read the signs of distress, change the blades when it’s time, and keep it clean. Do not force it to cut something outside its ability chart.



Q: What is the work Principle of an Ultrasonic Knife?

A: Ultrasonic cutter uses high-frequency ultrasonic energy to cut substances. The edge of the cutter is usually blunt, but when activated, it vibrates at a high frequency – which is microscopic, our eyes can’t catch that. And the friction can warm up the part making contact with the knife, then it melts, resulting in the knife gliding through the respective material. Using ultrasonic cutters is popular with a substance that has high resistance.

Q: What can be called the standard frequency for an Ultrasonic Cutter?

A: You’re going to find the frequency of the product noted in the description section. It is generally within 20kHz – meaning it has the capability of vibrating 20,000 times per second. That is considered as the standard, as it is virtually more than enough to slice any materials that you’d want. Though in the market, there are some models available with 40kHz frequency for more professional purposes.

Q: Which else tool can be used to cut plastics?

A: Depending on the thickness and weight of the plastic, the answer will vary. If you’re looking for smooth precise cuts get a fine-toothed serrated saw. You may also use a jigsaw, and even a table saw based on the size and resistance of the plastic in question.

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