Folding knives are something that a lot of people like to collect and form a collection. However, if these folding knives are not used for a long time, they don’t unfold smoothly which can be irritating. For this reason, you will need to have the best oil for folding knives. This guide will introduce some amazing knife oils that are very versatile so you can use it for other tools as well.

  1. Yoshihiro TSOIL 100% Pure Tsubaki Japanese Knife Maintenance Oil:

This Japanese knife maintenance oil marks itself on the top of our list as it consists of amazing Tsubaki oil that is well known for having amazing features. It works on your knife and brings backs shine by preventing corrosion and discoloration.

The next best thing about this Japanese oil is that there is no toxin present. It completely meets the requirements of food-grade materials that assuring safety. The bottle consists of about 100 ml of oil which will go a long way depending on your knife use.


  • The bottle comes with a nozzle for easy application.
  • Comes along with a rust eraser.
  • A small towel is included for wiping the oil.
  • Meets food-grade safety standards.


  • Expensive in terms of price.
  1. Smith’s HON1-4oz Honing Solution:

Smith’s HON1-4oz Honing Solution helps you sharpen your knives with efficiency. The solution helps in preventing the clogged pores of your knife from disturbing the sharpening process.

To add more, the white honing solution consists of cleaning agents that inhibit rust and corrosion of knives. It is not only used for the maintenance of knives. You can use the solution on your diamond stone as well for lubrication while you sharpen your knives.


  • Affordable in terms of price.
  • Helps the sharpness of knives to last long.
  • Multi-purpose as it can be used for lubrication on a diamond stone while honing.


  • The nozzle of the bottle does not have a convenient design for pouring out the solution without spilling.
  1. Lansky Nathan’s Natural Honing Oil:

Lansky Nathan’s Natural Honing Oil allows you to hone your knives to perfection by helping to prepare the blades of the knives. For aiding the sharpening process, you can put the oil inside sharpening tolls and bench stones as well for getting desired results.

The bottle consists of 120 ml of honing oil that will go for a long time. For this amount of honing oil, the price is pretty affordable making it loved by a lot of users.


  • Very affordable.
  • A good amount of oil present inside the bottle.
  • Comes with a convenient nozzle for pouring out the oil.
  • It can be used as lubricants for sharpening systems and bench stone.


  • The product contains petroleum which can be hazardous for children.
  1. Sentry Tuf Glide Dry Film Rust Inhibitor Guns Knives Tools Needle:

Sentry Tuf Glide Dry Film Rust Inhibitor has a uniquely designed needle-shaped nozzle. This nozzle allows you to precisely apply the solution to guns, knives, and tools.

The solution works as a rust inhibitor to help you maintain your valuable knives, guns, and various tools. The inhibitor ensures that no dirt, dust, or debris sticks to the surface of these tools.

You can use the dry Lube for hinges, fishing reels, and anything that has a pivot. The feature that makes this rust inhibitor popular is how it does not get thin or thick with varying temperatures.


  • The consistency of the solution remains constant in all conditions.
  • Comes with a unique technology that forms a film on a metal surface.
  • Unique needle-shaped nozzle for precise application.
  • Very versatile.


  • The bottle does not contain enough quantity.
  1. Thirteen Chefs Knife and Honing Oil 12oz – Food Safe, Protects Carbon:

Thirteen Chefs Knife and Honing Oil helps in preventing the steel of your knife from oxidizing so that it does not rust. It works by creating a barrier on the surface of the steel so that environmental humidity or water cannot make it rust.

Furthermore, this knife oil does not contain any sort of harmful toxins. It has been certified to be food safe. There is no odor or weird taste that will make you uncomfortable.

You can use the oil on knives that are made up of carbon steel as well. It can be used as a lubricant when you sharpen knives using wet stones or any sharpening tools.


  • The oil can be used with any tool that has blades.
  • Non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless formula.
  • It can be used on both carbon steel and stainless steel.
  • It can be used as a lubricant.


  • The bottle does not come with a convenient nozzle for pouring out the oil.
  1. KPL Knife Pivot Lube Knife Oil:

KPL Knife Pivot Lube Knife Oil is formulated for making the pivot in folding knives to go smooth. It has locking mechanisms with the folding knives.

The formula of the knife oil helps in keeping away dirt and contaminants away from the pivot so that it works smoothly. Furthermore, to ensure that your folding knives are long-lasting the formula prevents wear and tear.

The lube knife oil has wicking properties that cause penetration on low tolerance metal interfaces. To add more, the knife nozzle of the bottle ensures that the oil is applied to surfaces with precision.


  • Prevents corrosion, wear, and tear.
  • Long-lasting formula.
  • Unique needle nozzle.
  • It can be used for all kinds of pivots.


  • The quantity of oil is unsatisfactory.
  1. 100% Natural Food Grade Knife and Blade Maintenance Oil:

This knife oil consists of the goodness of two kinds of oil combined. One is mineral oil and the other is cold-pressed Tsubaki Oil.

The formula of this maintenance oil ensures that normal steel, also carbon steel of the cutlery that you use in the kitchen does not get rusted. They will be protected from wear and tear by the maintenance oil.

The oil has a low viscosity that allows it to spread on the steel evenly. Under hot or cold conditions that oil will not solidify or change its consistency.


  • Oil is made up of 100% food-safe ingredients.
  • Odorless formula.
  • Comes with a dropper.
  • Perfect for maintaining both steel and carbon steel.


  • Expensive in terms of price.
  1. Liquid Bearings, 100%-synthetic oil:

Liquid Bearings, 100%-synthetic oil is completely different from all the petroleum oils and sprays that you have used previously. The formula of this synthetic oil ensures that it prevents corrosion to a superior level on any metal surfaces.

For making it convenient for you to pour the oil out, the bottle comes with needles that are of two different lengths. You can use this as a lubricant as well on both metal and plastic surfaces. The oil will not cause any harm to painted surfaces.


  • The viscosity remains constants at all conditions.
  • Suitable for use on both metal and plastic surfaces.
  • Comes with a convenient needle for drop by drop application.
  • Two needles included with tip scabbards.


  • The oil is not food-grade safe.
  1. Quick Release Oil Generous 1 oz. Bottle and One Refillable 1/4 oz:

This oil does not only help in maintenance but also prolong the life of your tools that are very valuable to you and is used regularly. The formula of the oil forms a self-renewing layer on the surface that it is applied to help minimize friction, wear and tear.

The oil is designed to remove dirt and moisture from the metal surface and form a protective film on it. You can use for bicycle gears, fishing reels, and many other tools.

You only need a small amount of oil for getting the results you want. For precisely adding oil to the desired surface, the bottle comes with a precision oiler that you can refill.


  • Prevents corrosion and rust.
  • Suitable for many tools.
  • Minimizes friction on metal surfaces.
  • Helps driving out dirt and moisture from the surface.


  • Not suitable for use on kitchen knives.
  1. Liberty Oil, 1oz Bottle of the Best 100% Synthetic Oil:

The two friction modifiers making Liberty Oil different from the oil that you have used previously. The oil binds with the surface and protects the metal from corrosion, wear, and tear.

The bottle of oil is also designed to be unique. The bottle comes with a Luer cap that ensures no product from inside is wasted. For applying the oil with precision, the tip of the bottle consists of a needle. The needle is made up of stainless steel and it matches the pharmaceutical grade.


  • Safe on both metal and plastic surfaces.
  • Oil does not evaporate or gum up.
  • It can be used on a lot of tools.
  • Comes with a pharmaceutical-grade needle.


  • The quantity of the product is only 1 oz.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, we hope you found out the best oil for folding knives and other tools that you own. The oils will help in maintenance, sharpening, and lubricating so that the tools that are valuable to you, work efficiently, and are long-lasting.

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