The Kris knife is from Indonesia with a unique background compared to other knives that you have known till now. This Kris knife is known to be both a weapon and also a spiritual object with magical powers that can be both good and evil. The entire look of the Kris knife is like a dagger that is very widely used in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Brunei and of course Indonesia.

A lot of people of these countries keep a Kris knife in their collection as it is believed to bring good fortune to its owner. On the other hand, many consider the Kris knife as a sign of ill fate as its blade is constructed with arsenic. There are more amazing things to know regarding the Kris knife. We will also enlighten you regarding some important features that you need to know about to purchase the perfect Kris knife for yourself. Keep on reading.

Overview of Kris Knives:

The word “Kris” is a Javanese word that means to slice, shave or wedge something. You will see people using this Kris knife to display as an object to signify something religious and some people use this knife as a piece of accessories to wear with outfits during weddings or any other ceremonies. The Kris knife is also carried by court soldiers as a sign of heroism.

Kris knife consists of three parts that have Indonesian names as well. The sheath of the knife is called the warangka, the blade is called wilah and the hilt is also called hulu.

The sheath, blade and handle of the Kris knife are adorned with beautiful metal engravings of flowers and various beautiful patterns. The name of these patterns on the handle and sheath is known as pamor in Indonesia. You will get to see 250 variations of pamor.

The design and form of the Kris knife’s blade are known as dhapur. You will find 60 variations of dhapur available to choose from. Currently, the manufacturing of the Kris knife blade is done using layers of iron ores and nickel. Manufacturing is done by special bladesmiths that are called empu in the native language of Indonesia. These empus are known for having expertise in literature and occult nature.

To increase the quality of the blade a lot of empus use double metal. The construction of the blade is handled with precision and care. The making of the sheath is done using wood normally. However, some models of the Kris knife have a sheath made out of gold and ivory.

How to Choose the Best Kris Knife?

Now, as you know the Kris knife is a different type of knife, the features that make it stand out is also different from other knives that you knew previously. If you are considering getting yourself a Kris knife, you need to have detailed knowledge regarding some important features. We have included the details of these features below, check them out.

  1. Blade: The design of the blade is a wavy edge that seems like what you see in the water. The manufacturing of the blade is done by beating steel or bars of iron together. Historical legends say that the waves of the Kris blade were done using the hair of a spirit. You can easily count the number of waves of the blade


To give the blade a sharp edge, one side of the top portion of the blade is wider compared to the other side. The other side has a metallic curl resembling an elephant’s trunk. For the protection of hands, there is a guard present at the top of the blade.


The manufacturing of the blade is done separately but later it is attached to the blade. The tang which is the part attaching the blade with the handle is narrow in size.


You can select your Kris Knife depending on the perabot and pamor present on the body of the blade. A lot of people get the Kris knife as an accessory to add to their wedding outfit. So, it is obvious they want a Kris Knife that has eye-catching engravings.


The perabot is the name of the pattern that is engraved at the bottom half of the blade. These patterns consist of engravings that represent figures of animals and also humans. There are 118 variations of perabot available.


Next, pamor can be identified on a blade easily as they are white. Usually, pamor patterns denote flower engravings or designs. However, exclusive Kris knives have pamor patterns that include names, mythological characters and unique designs.


  1. Handle: The handle or hilt of the Kris knife is called hulu in the Indonesian native language.The handle of the Kris knife is constructed out of wood-derived from a plant that grows in South Asia only. Like the blade, the hilt of Kris Knife also has engraving done to it. The wood that is used for the manufacturing of hilt is said to have magical properties by local people.


People who have Kris knives to keep as a symbol for something religious choose knives that have hilts made out of bone, horn and elephant ivory.


The engravings that are done on the hilt of the Kris knife is for denoting various religious aspects. For example, there are Kris knives available with engravings of a religious bird called Garuda. The bird is a mythological character of the Hindu religion that is known to be the ride of their lord Vishnu.


  1. Sheath: The sheath of Kris Knife which is also known as Warangka, represents art just like the blade and the handle of the knife. The manufacturing of the sheath is done using wood which is also sometimes covered with metal sleeves. The sheath also has pamor representing various mythological characters of various religions.


  1. Why do Kris Knives have a wavy blade?

Ans: The wavy blade of the Kris knife is to represent the movement of a servant.

  1. Can you stab with a Kris Knife?

Ans: The design of the Kris knife is like a dagger so you can stab with the knife. The design of the blade allows you to create slash movements that mean you can easily slice through any object and divide it in half.

  1. What is the average length of the Kris knife?

Ans: The average length of the Kris Knife is about 28 inches.

Common Uses of Kris Knife:

There are some common uses of Kris Knife all around the world that can fascinate you. We have listed down these uses briefly.

  • The Kris knife can be used as a weapon because of the design of the blade. It is like a dagger so it can be used for stabbing and also slashing because of the edge.
  • People use the Kris knife for keeping it as a charm as some believe that it brings good luck.
  • Some people add the Kris knife to their collection of historical artefacts as a piece of decoration.
  • The Kris knife can also be used for the representation of religion for the people who believe.
  • Some people use the Kris knife to wear traditional outfits as an accessory. People who are royalty also use it for the significance of something they believe.
  • Some soldiers carry the Kris knife as an honour or for protection as well.
  • People in the past used the Kris Knife for execution.

Where to buy Kris Knives


To sum up, we hope that you got all your answers for your curiosity regarding the Kris Knife. The history behind the Kris Knife represents the creativity and dedication towards religion. Furthermore, if you wish to get yourself a Kris Knife it will be easier for you as you got to know detailed information regarding the essential parts of the knife which is the blade, handle and sheath.

Indeed, you will not need the Kris Knife for accomplishing daily chores. But someone who has an enthusiasm for knives will love having one Kris Knife in their collection. You can easily pick the type of Kris Knife you want as there are many variations of engravings to choose from. We also answered some FAQs that might arise in your mind.

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