Are you a home cook or a professional chef? Whatever you are, you must need a high-quality knife around you. Isn’t it? If so, then there is no better option of choosing the best electric fillet knife. It is one of the facts that the professional cook can understand how the electrical knife works as a user-fillet knife during his duty.

It is an electrical fillet knife that is suitable for conducting all types of works. It even can perform the heavy-duty action very smoothly without any hassle. As its blade is exceptionally sharp than the regular kitchen knife, the professional chef uses the knife very confidently. Though they are a little bit expensive than the regular knives, gives excellent service for a long time.


We have reviewed about ten best electrical fillet knives. They are the best product at the current time. If you want to purchase an electrical fillet knife for your kitchen, select any of them.


Berkley Electric fillet knife

Berkley’s electrical fillet knife is an excellent fish cutting knife. It is exceptionally suitable for the heavy load of work. The full blade is 10-12 inches in length. The fillet knife comes with a reasonable price, which is manageable by the buyers. It is a qualified knife at a reasonable price.

With an 8″ long stainless steel blade, the fish cutting knife remains corrosion-free for a long time. The sharp edge gives a clean-cut to any size of fish. The knife can clean even the small fish without any hassle.

The knife features with 120 volts and the handle give a common control to the users. Besides, the knife comes with an affordable quality carrying case. It keeps the blade unbreakable and safe.



  • The handle gives an average control
  • The 120-volt motor is powerful
  • Manageable price
  • Offers trigger lock
  • Corrosion-resistant blade
  • Great carrying case
  • Better switch


  • The adapter breaks soon
  • The cord is a little short
  • A little bit heavy


American Angler PRO


American Angler Pro is the latest version of the American Angler knife. It is the most powerful sword of American angler till now. The cutter works excellently on all types of fish. Even, it works very well on the slippery fish by providing proper hand protection. That’s why; most of the fishermen prefer this knife for using.

About 4X lifespan and 2X more torque boosting makes the knife better for heavy-duty than any other sword. For instance: The knife can cut the big bones without slowing down the speed. The advanced airflow design keeps its handset cool for many hours while using it continuously. Including an 8-inch curved blade, the handset of the knife is consistent with all variations of American Angler replacement.

American Angler Pro gives continuous service to the commercial fisherman and guide services. That’s why; they choose the American Angler Pro more than any other Electrical fillet knife.


  • 110 high voltages
  • Ergonomic motorized handset
  • Filets fast and smooth
  • Avoid rusting
  • Easy to hold
  • Sturdy knife
  • Well-constructed
  • Handset fits in any sized hand



  • Not an extreme fast knife
  • The trigger is slightly weak
  • Limited warranty


Rapala Lithium Lon Cordless


Rapala is one of the renowned knives in the fishing industry. The electrical knife comes with a lithium Lon battery that includes a power cord with it. The battery runs the blade without a direct supply of electricity. The battery can produce and run its power until 80 minutes continuously without losing the energy. The battery takes less than 2 hours to get a full charge.

The knife’s blades are sharp enough, which can be cleaned very quickly with a dishwasher or hand.

The Rapala knife comes with a large handle that allows the large grip with well-balanced. It can work for a long time. But while using over the more substantial fish for a long time, the knife gets hot.



  • Cordless electrical knife
  • Allows powerful battery
  • Fast knife with a sharp blade
  • Satisfactory charging system
  • A large grip handle
  • Battery charge lasts for a long time
  • Impressive lifespan
  • Replaceable and affordable blades



  • The blade locks solidly
  • Don’t include a carrying case



Toastmaster 6102


Toastmaster is an electrical fillet knife that adds great value while cutting foods. Its serrated blade gives a smooth cut of bread, meats, fish, and even the tough foods. The eject switch system of the knife helps to remove the7-inch long blade from the handset very easily.

The ergonomic handle offers a secure and excellent grip while using it. Besides, the extraordinary design of the knife keeps your hand away from the food and the knife’s blade.

The knife comes with only one year of the lifetime warranty. But, it features a convenient power button that offers a one-touch operation. The electrical knife performs its works without any issue.



  • Provided with a power supply cord
  • Includes most powerful motors
  • Perfect handle grip
  • Easy to store
  • Save the hand from cutting



  • A little bit expensive
  • Unfit to cut the hard food
  • Makes sound and vibration


Mister Twister MT-1208


Mister Twister is the pioneer of the knife industry for its electric fish cleaning technology. The more power, more torque, and more speed make the knife truly a saltwater piranha knife.

The 9″ stainless steel blade enables the knife to perform the heavy-duty. The razor-sharp blade can cut the tough scales and skin of the saltwater fish spices. Besides, the electric fillet knife fits into its handle perfectly. It is especially suitable for separating the fish from its bone very quickly.


The saltwater piranha knife features 25% more torque. Besides, it also allows 15% more speed than most other electric knives. The knife also comes with a curly twisted cord.



  • Saltwater fillet knife
  • Blades are very sharp
  • Meager price
  • Superior mechanics
  • Power and torque in the motor
  • Dependability in use
  • Superior customer service



  • 1-Year limited warranty
  • Short curly twisted cord
  • Oster FPSTEK28038 Electric



Krups 371-70 OptiSlice


Are you looking for a knife that easily cuts the large roast? If so, then Krups 371-70 knife might be the right choice for you. It not only cuts your meat but also makes a perfect slice to your roast. The knife allows the self-sharpening blade, which reduces your hassle of maintenance of your knife frequently.


There is a fingertip switch that can separate the blade from the handle. So, the blades can go right to the dishwasher. Besides, the hook and suction cap allows you to keep the cord safely out of any harms. The electric fillet knife features with the well-designed handle that gives you a perfect grip for sawing right through the thickest sourdough.



  • Dishwasher-safe blade
  • Self-sharpening blade
  • Available hook for wall storage
  • The blades are slightly over 7-inch
  • Fit a modest budget
  • Works extremely well




  • Makes noise while operating
  • The motor might get hot


Hamilton Beach 74250


Do you want to make your holiday roast more impressive by giving it a perfect cut? The Hamilton knife will provide you with a precise slice of your food with less effort.

It is a great knife which is made by the turkey. It is the Hamilton Beach knife, which is featured with curving meats, poultry, bread, and many more. The blade also slices the tomatoes to crafting foam for a DIY project.


This electrical fillet knife allows stainless steel and fork. The fork is useful for carving and serving. Besides, the serrated blade suitable for carving, cutting and slicing. Also, the serrated blade allows a comfortable handle with it. The handle gives a smooth and efficient control grip over the knife. It is also mentionable that the knife features a simple storage case that keeps every part of the knife collectively.



  • The blade perfectly fits into the handle
  • Works very well
  • A defective knife
  • Needs no replacement of the blade



  • The handle design is a little awkward
  • Hard to maintain grip for a long time


Black & Decker EK 700


If you want to have Black and Decker knives, then consider this model for you. It comes with some updated features with it. Hence this knife may be suitable for the users who want an electrical fillet knife as their kitchen knife. The electric knife makes the slicing so simple with its 9” long stainless blade. The blades are dishwasher safe, which can be cleaned up very fast and easily. However, it can slice bread, carve meat, and cut foam for a craft project. The blade can snap securely into place.


The ergonomically designed handle is constructed in such a way that it increases comfort and comfort during slicing. Besides, the knife comes with a safety lock button on it, which holds and makes it blades safe while using it. And the unlock button to release the blade very without difficulty. It also comes with a hard plastic sheath that resists you to cut off anything while not using the knife.



  • The motor is very powerful
  • Very easy to assemble
  • locking switch enables the safety system
  • Price is excellent
  • Enables consistently thick slice




  • The gears are less active and breakable
  • Needs a storage case with the sheath


Final Verdict


People who use the manual knife consume a lot of time while filleting the fish or anything. Hence, it slower the working speed of the user. On the contrary, people using an electrical knife can perform the task of consuming lower time than the manual knife. Therefore, there is always a difference between an electrical fillet knife and a manual knife. So, we suggest you choose the electrical fillet knife as your kitchen knife instead of a manual knife.


Here have upheld ten best fillet knives of modern times. Now, if you are searching for the best electric fillet knife for your kitchen, select any of them. We believe that any knife from the list will give you the best performance along with long-time efficiency.



Things to look for in an electrical fillet knife: Buyer’s Guide


Electrical knives are one of the best knives that serve excellently. They can perform the multiple tasks given on it. Besides, the knives run with electrical power without wasting the men’s energy. That’s why; most of the people consider this knife as best the alternative more than the most other fillet knives. So, investing in this knife will prove as the best decision for you.



Here we selected the knives, which not only saves your time but also comes at affordable prices. But, there are some specific things that you should look at the knife you are buying.


The motor power


A sturdy knife will offer you high performance without any trouble. And the knives collect their power from the motor comes with the knife. Hence, the motor of the knife has to contain maximum durability, and power consists in it.


A less powerful knife might be suitable for you while you use it less amount of fish. But, it is unsuitable for applying the typically powered knife on a vast amount of fish. An enormous amount of fish demands a robust knife, which is a long time useable knife. A robust knife can work excellently for a long time without getting the motor hot.


Blade material and size


The blades are the second important component in an electrical fillet knife. It gets power from the motor to run over anything. So, the blades are operated on cutting foods while the motor generates power.


The ideal size of the blade enables the users to control the blade effectively. It is 7″-9″, which is considered as the perfect blade size for the electrical filet knife. An electric knife demands the rustproof and corrosion-free blade material. Hence, select the stainless steel and dishwasher safe blade material while purchasing the electrical fillet knife.


Blade’s strength and flexibility


A durable blade enables to cut a considerable amount of fish or meat with its ease. It less maintenance though it is used for frequent time. If you want to use your knife for a limited amount of food, a less strong knife can fit with your work. But, if you’re going to buy it for an extreme amount of multiple works, consider the strength and the flexibility of the knife’s blade.


Handle grip


The handle of the knife is another crucial part of an electric fillet knife. It offers excellent control with a knife along with the blade material. If you want to purchase a superb fillet knife, the importance of handle can’t be ignored.


Consider the handle material that gives you a proper balance and well control over the knife. Most probably, the plastic and rubber handle provides excellent control and a higher grip without lessening the values of the knife. Your chosen handle material has to be accurate, as the electricity will go through the handle material. To get a safe grip is important to choose the right handle material for your knife.


Safety features


Some critical parts of the knife must be appropriately checked to ensure the safety of the users. These parts are:




The handle material must consist of electricity resistant material. Otherwise, you might lose the grip or electricity growing through it may harm you. So, you should select the rubber, higher quality plastics such types of material as a handle material.




The blade of the knife is extremely sharp and made of stainless steel. The sharp blade is a risky part of the knife. And the stainless enables the electricity flowing very quickly. Use proper safety features and certifications to reduce the risks of harm. It would better to choose the knife that comes with a storage box; otherwise, buy yourself a storage box for the knife.


Safety lock


Most of the electrical fillet knife features a safety lock system with it. The locking system enables the knife to lock the blade while not using it. Hence, it ensures the safety of the users while they take the knife in their hand. Therefore, select those knives providing a safety locking system.





What is the best electric fillet knife?


The knives that give easy and safe cut with electrical power and without using men’s strength is the electrical fillet knife. It is getting popular day by day because of its excellent performance at a limited price.


What is the best electric fillet knife for fish?


The knife that can cut a large amount of fish in a short period is the best knives for filleting fish. The additional features of the knives are the motor, which doesn’t get hot while using it for a long time.

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