Are you looking for the best karambit knife to serve you as an all-purpose tactical tool? Then you have landed in the right place. Because here I will be telling you just that. As you’re here, I reckon this claw-like shaped knife has interested you, as it should!

Originally designed by the Indonesians a farming knife, this has gone through a lot of changes, enabling it to become the multi-purpose knife that you’ll gain great benefits from. Inspired by the tiger claws, the best karambits can be used in daily chores that need cutting and splitting and also unmatchable in an experienced hand in combat.

If your work needs using the blade a lot or if you simply want to level up your self-defense, this tool will serve perfectly to you.

Choosing the Best Karambit Knives

  1. Vulcan Gear Tactical Hawkbill Karambit Knife with Sheath and Cord

This is a pretty solidly designed model from Vulcan Gear. And this compact tactical karambit doesn’t even cost you much. But it is made from top quality materials, and the sharpness will surely leave you stunned.

The fixed knife is 7.5 inches overall, and the edge of the blade measures 4 inches. The blade is constructed of high-quality stainless steel that fights corrosion retains an edge for a long time, and very sharp, guaranteeing your utmost satisfaction.

The package also includes a fitting sheath for the blade, designed with a cord that you can use as a neck knife or wrap around your leg for better portability.


  • Very sharp stainless steel blade.
  • Handle designed to be comfy.
  • Multi-purpose karambit knife.
  • Durable; fights corrosion.


  • The sheath could do better.
  • Blade too thin.


  1. Tac-Force Tactical Pocket Knives Black Blade Tactical Knife

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, this karambit knife will win your heart in seconds. It has visuals and also top-tier functionality. The crafting is very efficient also ensures your enhanced comfort.

The folded karambit measures 7.75 inches when open and 5.25 inches when closed. The blade is quite small compared to the body – 2.5″ but the blade is made of stainless steel while the rest is constructed from aluminum.

The curved is black hardcased making it both durable and chic. The release of the knife is very quick, so you can use it in self-defense, cutting ropes and bandages, etc. without a second thought.


  • Folding knife with great visuals.
  • Comes with a clip for secured portability.
  • Solid build; firm grip.
  • Ideal sharpness.


  • Bad quality control.
  • Blade too small.


  1. SE Full Tang Fixed Blade Karambit Knife

If you are new to using karambits then you’ll find most people recommending this one. Loved by both professionals and newbies alike for its extensive features and balance. the fact that it is designed most securely attracts more beginners who want to avoid amateur hazards.

This stylish knife has a 4” blade constructed of 440 stainless steel – cuts very sharp and accurate. The handle ensures a large room, and it’s equipped with a knife guard that reduces contact with the blade. The finger grooves in the ABS plastic handle provide a firm and comfortable grip. That makes it a perfect fit to use in any kind of martial arts.


  • Full tang construction.
  • Thick black hardcased blade.
  • The sheath comes with a cord acting as a necklace.
  • Interesting curves to resemble hawk-claw.
  • Sharpened edge.


  • Lousy sheath.
  • Rough handle.


  1. MTech USA Xtreme MX-8140BT Fixed Blade Knife

It is one of those knives where everyone is bound to give it a second look. The brown coating over the stainless steel is a marvelous addition making it unique and definitely a collectible.

In this case, the beauty is the beast itself, with the 5mm thick blade you can easily push heavy-duty jobs with this one. So take it to your hunts and rough hikes without a second thought; trust me you won’t be disappointed.

It is also pretty large, measuring 9.25 inches overall with a 4inches sharp as a beast’s claw blade. The large finger loop makes the grip roomier and stable.


  • Great aesthetics.
  • Fixed blade with a full tang.
  • G-10 handles with scales ensuring a solid grip.
  • Double riveted handle.
  • Ergonomic handle with a magnificent arch in the blade.


  • Does not come sharpened.
  • The sheath doesn’t fit.


  1. Mtech MT670 Hawk Cord Wrap Karambit Knife

Mtech has offered this good karambit knife in a very affordable price range, and users are loving it. Agreed that it is nothing much to look; however, it fairly compensates that at the service department.

It is a 6.75” compact knife that is made from rustproof 440 stainless steel and can be sharpened pretty easily. The 2.5inches blade is also stonewashed to give it a polished finish, making it more durable against corrosion. It has a cord-wrapped handle around steel, so it doesn’t feel rough against your skin. This small karambit knife will easily fit in your toolbox, you can keep it to perform small precision cuts.


  • A compact knife for daily use.
  • Full tang karambit.
  • Comes with a nylon sheath.


  • The excess cord gets in the way.
  • Too small to be comfortable.


  1. BladesUSA E419-PP Polypropylene Karambit Training Knife

If you are looking for a karambit for solely training in the field, this one might suit your needs. Not only does it fit your budget, but it also excels in design and durability.

This martial art special features a matte black look with a round curved tip. The karambit is roughly 7 inches overall constructed of polypropylene. It has a solid build, and the scaled handle also does not strain your muscle in long training sessions.

However, caution must be exercised while using this. Because even though it does not possess blades, but they are solid and stiff plastic which can injure your training partner with direct skin contact.


  • Durable and very sturdy.
  • Excellent training knives.
  • Quality materials; safe.
  • Unique design.


  • Shape too round than people are used to.


  1. Cold Steel FGX Karambit

This model is recommended to the novices of karambits just to get the feels of what the real ones feel like before it is actually safe for them to wield a steel blade. This can also be passed as a good training knife.

The FGX karambits itself is really pretty to look at; as if this 8.5″ knife is the key to some void. The blade material is Grivory with Kray-Ex™ molded on the blade. Thus, creating the handle. They are unaffected by any form of wearing down, corrosion, or weather changes. Making it a good choice as a composite knife for professionals.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Can withstand extreme weather.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Made from high-end materials.
  • Firm and safe grip.


  • Not suitable for real self-defense.


  1. Vulcan Gear Tactical Karambit Hawkbill Knife

If you’re looking for a knife where you will not have to compromise quality for looks, then you will really like what I’m about to present. This hawkbill knife is made to cut, the durability and sharpness are off the charts.

This 7.5inches fixed blade is more on the compact side, is fairly decent shaped. Dividing 4 inches to the blade and rest on the handle that offers more room and decorated with finger grooves for better comfort.

The blade is 440 stainless steel with black polish. The sheath is designed in a similar color. The finger loop at the pommel can also be used in self-defense.


  • Affordable price.
  • Sharp stainless steel blade.
  • Comfy grippy handle.
  • The sheath comes with a neck strap.
  • Cool stylish outlook.


  • Bad quality sheath.
  • Frequent counterfeits – bad quality control.


  1. FadeCase Karambit Elite Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

FadeCase has brought this model in the market considering the collectors; you can honestly update your collection twofold with it; the visuals are that rich.

Inspired from the CSGO, you get a blend of neon blue and green, giving it an urban punk vibe. The knife 8.27 inches long with a 4″ blade that is constructed of 420 stainless steel, so you will not have to worry about rusting or fading colors. The glass-reinforced ABS plastic handle also feels great in hand.

So whether you are a cosplayer, fan of the game, or a dedicated collector – don’t miss out on this brilliant piece.


  • Unique design and mesmerizing visuals.
  • Quality materials used.
  • New Generation’s collectibles.
  • Fairly sharp.
  • Titanium finish steel.


  • Not recommended for practical use.


  1. Magnolia Gear KARAMBIT Tactical Knife CSGO Knife

Finally, we have an amazing combination of visuals and functionality. It is an all-purpose knife serving you looks, practical features, user-friendliness, and also a collectible, so why give it a pass?

Magnolia Gear proudly presents this wonderfully designed karambit knife that is constructed of superior materials. The knife consists of a 4″ blade with a 7.5 inches long body. The stainless steel is blade comes razor sharp making it the ultimate tactical tool. And the black finish with crimson web coating makes it one helluva attractive knife with ripping sharpness like a claw. It also includes a sheath that is far more competent than those coming with other models.


  • Quality made steel blade – ultra-sharp.
  • High aesthetics.
  • The sheath comes with a neck cord.
  • The package includes a practical sharpener.


  • Needs to be sharpened frequently.


Final Verdict

Animals are created with claws and fangs that works both in defense and offense. Humans do not possess this by birth; thus, knives, spears, and other weapons to get by were invented. Initially created as a farming tool, it is now widely used as a survival tool.

The models nowadays are designed to be an all-purpose knife; aside from being a tactical tool, their uses have spread out to first aid, DIY and construction work, hiking and hunting, etc.

So, making up your mind to buy them is a wise decision. I’ve amassed 10 best karambits from thousands of models based on the benefits. Hopefully, you will find it useful.

How to choose a Karambit Knife?

Choosing a karambit knife that checks all your boxes is difficult, but not impossible. Just as you buy other knives, a few important aspects should be considered before choosing the karambit knife you want to buy.

Blade Material: The tang material is vital; whether you have stainless steel or carbon steel will directly impact on edge retention and durability. While carbon steel is sharper and keeps the edge much better, stainless steel is more durable and prevents corrosion but harder to sharp.

Handle: You should prioritize handles with easy slip-proof grip and where the finger loop is roomy enough for both your little and index finger, enabling you to use it both in a forward and reverse way. Scales enhance grip, and rivets of the handle improve the balance on several levels.

The shape of Blade: Choose the shape and length as you need. While longer blade may give you more range to cover you are compromising portability. And vice versa with a shorter blade. The curve of the knife should be clean ergonomic, complementing the handle.

Design and Construction: Knives come with clips and neck cords for better portability, and full tang blade to ensure stability. For visuals, choose Doppler designs with shiny coating; you can choose your deal from a lot of options. The fixed blade or folded blade has its own perks and downsides.

Types of Karambit Knives

Fixed Karambit: When the blade is not movable or foldable but fixed in one place, it’s a fixed blade. The mechanism is easy with this one and can also take on heavy-duty jobs, preferable as indoor chore karambit.

Folded Karambit: As the knife suggests, this karambit folds inside the handle. When folded the blade is completely concealed, many states may have laws against carrying it. Heavy works are discouraged with such folded bladed. Also, sometimes mechanisms get jammed making it slow to act in tactical needs.

There is variation within folded blade Karambits, Auto, and Manually Folded Karambit. Auto Folding knife a.k.a. Butterfly Karambits are alike switchblades; opens by clicking a switch and manually folding karambit opens through clasps.


Q: What is Karambit Knife?

A: A Karambit is a type of curved knife used in skinning, precision cutting, and most importantly, self-defense. Its signature look is an ergonomically curved knife with a firm handle with finger grooves and a protrusion ring at the pommel.

Q: Is a Karambit used for Tactical Purpose?

A: Well, it is mostly used for tactical purposes. Its ergonomic shape makes it an ultimate self-defense tool. The safety finger loop makes sure it does not dash out of your hand. And the unique design of the blade cuts more if the recipient moves.

Q: Who should Purchase Karambit Knives?

A: Anyone who is willing to update their toolbox should consider buying one, as it cuts precise and deeper features that are prioritized in both tactical knife and chore knives.

Q: What’s the history of Karambit?

A: Karambit knives are originated from the Indonesian region; it was meant to use in farming. As time passed, people have found their uses in all kind of fields that needs blade, mainly defense.

Q: What are the Usage of Karambit Knives?

A: Karambit knives can be used in cutting thick canvas, ropes, and wires, martial arts, self-defense; it’s also very handy in camping and hunting trips, as it penetrates any surface easily due to its design and ensures firm grip without slipping.

Q: Is it Legal to carry Karambit Knife?

A: The answer will differ depending on the state; you should be up to date with the concerning law. Although owning a Karambit is legal there are restrictions over who can carry it concealed or exposed; you’re gonna need a permit, as it is a weapon.









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