If you have previously purchased premium quality knives then you already have experience using knives that are manufactured using the CTS 204P steel. The steel is used by well-known brands like Benchmade, Microtech and Spyderco for the manufacturing of high-end knives. Let’s check out the features and chemical content of the steel in depth.


What is CTS-204P Steel?

CTS-204P steel is the product of the famous American steel company called Carpenter. The steel is a high-end type that is manufactured with the company’s Powder Metallurgy procedure.


CTS-204P steel is a fine-grain alloy that consists of elements like steel carbon, chromium and vanadium in it which is ideal for the manufacturing of custom knives and industrial knives as well. Steel is popular in the industry for its great performance in resisting corrosion and wear.


Currently, steel is a popular option for the manufacturing of foldable knives and knives with fixed blades. CTS-204P steel is also widely used for the making of expensive items like cutlery, food manufacturing machines, industrial machinery, heavy working tools and plastic moulding tools.


Chemical Composition:

CTS-204P steel is classified as stainless steel as it contains chromium in its chemical content that is above 14%. Along with chromium, there are other elements present as well that make up the chemical composition of the steel.

  • 20% of Chromium: Improves steel resistance towards corrosion and wear. Boosts tensile strength and edge retention.
  • 1.9% of Carbon: Increases durability, hardness level and corrosion and wear resistance.
  • 4% of vanadium: Makes wear resistance and hardenability better.
  • 1% of molybdenum: Improves strength and machinability.
  • 0.65% of tungsten: Makes hardness level and wear resistance better.
  • 0.6% of silicon: Improves steel strength.
  • 0.35% of manganese: Increases hardness of the steel


Steel Hardness:

The hardness range of CTS 204P Is between 57 to 59 HRC. Sometimes the hardness range can go up to 62 HRC, depending on the heat provided during manufacturing. The high hardness range is due to the presence of elements like carbon, manganese, and vanadium.


Steel Properties:

  • Amazing Corrosion Resistance: There is no doubt about the excellent performance of steel in corrosion resistance. The steel has a chromium percentage of about 20% which is high enough for the steel to be able to resist rust and corrosion to an extreme extent. It is possible to use the steel in a humid environment or around moisture without any worries. This makes the steel adequate for heavy-duty use.
  • Good Wear Resistance: CTS 204P steel has a presence of elements like carbon, chromium, vanadium, and tungsten in Its chemical content which works for boosting wear resistance. The resilient steel will not deform upon performing heavy-duty for long periods.
  • Excellent edge retention: Compared to much high-end steel CTS 204P has the capacity of holding the sharpness of its edge for a much longer time than them. The credit for excellent edge retention goes to the presence of vanadium and carbon high percentages. This makes CTS 204P ideal for tough duty as it is capable of not losing sharpness for a long time.
  • Moderate toughness: Even after having a high hardness range CTS 204P steel has a good amount of toughness due to the presence of elements that boosts toughness. The toughness level of the steel allows it to deal with heavy impact while being resistant to cracking.
  • Ease of sharpening: The CTS 204P steel is not an easy steel to sharpen due to its high hardness range. Beginners are bound to face difficulties due to being new to applying techniques and being able to sustain sharpness.


Comparison of CTS-204P with Other Knife Steel Options:

CTS-204P vs M390

Both of the steels have almost similar chemical content. The slight difference lies in the percentage of tungsten and manganese in their chemical content. Yet they have a similar performance which is slightly affected by the heat temperature provided. Furthermore, M390 steel is made in German making it not readily available. On the other hand, the CTS 204P steel is made in America.


CTS-204P vs CPM 20CV

Both of the steels can be identified as similar due to the same sort of chemical content. The difference between them lies in the manufacturing process yet they have similar performance.


CTS-204P vs Elmax

Both of The steels are almost similar to each other. The difference is Elmax is a German Steel Used for manufacturing technical items. The chemical content of Elmax contains a greater percentage of silicone. than chromium. Hence, Elmax Is considered to be better at corrosion resistance than CTS 204P steel. However, both sheets of steel perform similarly in edge retention.


CTS-204P vs S35VN

S35VN is the product of the Crucible company. Both of the steels Give similar performance in toughness. But in hardness S35VN Is the better one due to higher Molybdenum and having niobium in their chemical content. Yet, CTS 204P takes over in edge retention.


CTS-204P vs CPM S90V

CPM S90V was manufactured by Crucible with relatively higher vanadium in its chemical content than other steels. This makes the steel better at wear resistance, toughness and edge retention than CTS 204P. But CTS 204P has higher chromium percentage making it better at corrosion resistance than CPM S90V.


CTS-204P vs S110V

These steels are two different types belonging to two different companies. Furthermore, the S110V steel has less chromium present which boosts its edge retention but lowers the corrosion resistance. On the other hand,  CTS 204P steel excels more in toughness and as well as corrosion resistance than S110V.


So, is CTS-204P a Good Knife Steel?

For manufacturing premium quality knives, CTS 204P is a great option. You get incredible performance in corrosion resistance, edge retention, wear resistance, and high toughness. These features fulfil the requirements of users that they look for a perfect knife. You might need to pay a few bucks more compared to the usual steels but the price is worth it.



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