Everything we have today came after many modifications of inventions from ancient times. The Kephart knife is also a part of many genius inventions from history that we get to see in use to today’s date. Anyone who has a passion for exploring the outdoors without fear and loves hunting while exploring the wild nature will love to own a Kephart knife in their collection.

This article will enlighten you regarding several important pieces of information regarding the Kephart knife. You will get to know why we are calling the Kephart knife a genius invention, and also you will know about the genius who came up with the idea.

Furthermore, this modern world has many knife companies that came up with various Kephart knives. For that, we included a buying guide that will help you choose the best one from the many options that you will get to see. To clear some common doubts that will arise in your minds we have answered some FAQs for you. You will also learn how you can make proper use out of a Kephart knife. So, keep on reading!

Overview of Kephart Knives:

Horace Kephart is the genius that came out with the invention of the Kephart knife. He was a writer with a passion for camping and woodcraft. During the first decade of the 19th century, Horace Kephart published his book called “Camping and Woodcraft”. In that book, he mentioned the design of the Kephart knife and also specified measurements of the handle and blade.

While the design of the Kephart knife was thought of by Horace, the making of the knife was done by a blacksmith whom he instructed. And Horace claimed how the Kephart knife outsmarted other knives he owned when he used it in practical life out in the wild while camping and hunting.

Currently, the Kephart knife comes in various versions. But overall the design of most of the Kephart knives involves a handle made out of wood that is about 4 to 5 inches long and has a butt that is 0.75 inches thick. Then, the length of the blade is also the same as the handle with a width that is about 1 inch and a thickness that is about 1/8 inches.

The material for the blade that Horace used is not specified in the book. But the overall look of the blade is like that of a spear as it has a pointed tip. So, in today’s world, you will get the Kephart knife of various kinds made by many knife companies. Overall all the Kephart knives look the same with differences in materials and dimensions. Our buying guide will help you with choosing the right type of Kephart knife. You will also get to know some types of knives that this modern world came up with.

Types of Kephart Knives:

You will find 4 types of Kephart Knives currently. They differ from the original design of Horace because of some slight changes done to them. Have a look at this modern style Kephart knives.

  1. Battle Horse Bush crafter:

Battle Horse Bushcrafter is a Kephart knife that is a flat ground model with a blade that has a length of about 4 inches. The weight of the knife is about 7 oz. Then the thickness of the blade is about 0.15 inches. The handle of this type of Kephart knife has a finger groove working as a guard, then there are brown scales present at the handle finishing the look.

  1. Kephart Knife by Condor Tool & Knife:

Kephart Knife by Condor Tool & Knife is another lightweight model of Kephart knife that is 3.5 ounces. The blade of this type of Kephart knife is made out of high carbon steel that is of 1075 grade. The rest of the features are the same like it has a spear point and a flat ground. However, the edge retention of this knife is not high yet it is easy to sharpen. The handle of the knife is constructed out of walnut.

  1. Lucas Forge Kephart:

Lucas Forge Kephart is the 3rd type of Kephart knife that a person called Lucas Bullington came up with. His version of the Kephart knife is the closest one to Horace’s Kephart knife design. Just like the original one Lucas Forge Kephart has a blade that is about 4.5 inches long and is oxidized for resisting corrosion. The handle of the knife is constructed out of walnut and you will get a leather sheath for portability.

  1. Matt Lesniewski Kephart:

Matt Lesniewski Kephart is the last type of Kephart knife that works for serving in the field as it has a blade constructed using 1095 very durable carbon steel. The blade has great edge retention to perform the heavy-duty. The length of the blade is about 8.43 inches and the length of the handle is 4.25 inches.

How to Choose the Best Kephart Knife?

Amongst four types of Kephart knives and then so many variations available in the market can make you go confused about which one to get. For that our buying guide will enlighten you regarding certain important features you want your Kephart knife to have so that every penny you will spend is worth it.

  1. Quality:

The top priority that you should make while purchasing not only knives but anything is quality. You need to check out the material that the company is using for the handle and blade. Durability, longevity and performance of the knife will depend on the quality of the material used for the construction of the knife.

  1. Weight:

If you will be using a Kephart knife for camping, hunting and any other purpose you will not want it to be heavy and bulky as it will cause fatigue on your hands. You will need a knife that is lightweight so it is easy to carry around outdoors and also easy to use.

Some Kephart knives are heavy with a handle that has attractive work done to them. You can get those if you would like to add them to your collection or put it up as decorative pieces.

  1. Blade:

You have seen previously that the length of the Kephart Knife’s blade differs according to its type. Now, the length that fits perfect for you will depend on your use of the knife. We suggest that you go for Kephart knives that have blade lengths within 5 inches. The original Kephart knife had a blade length of about 4.5 inches and it was capable of doing a lot of tasks outdoors.

Next, you need to consider the material of the blade. You need to go for a stainless steel blade that has a high grade for great edge retention and durability. High-grade steel can be difficult to sharpen but they hold their edge for a long time.

  1. Handle:

Choose a knife that has a comfortable handle and is durable as well. Kephart Knives have handles made out of hardwood just like the original one. The length of the handle matters here as you don’t want it to be too long or too short for your hands. You need the length to be around 4.5 inches just like the original design of the Kephart knife to feel comfortable working with it.


  1. What is the Kephart knife good for?

Ans: Kephart knife can be used for a lot of cutting tasks in the wild. You can use it for accomplishing a lot of tasks that include hunting, cooking and even supplying wood for lighting up a fire.

  1. Is the Kephart knife a survival knife?

Ans: Yes, the Kephart knife is a survival knife as you can use it outdoors for hunting and other cutting tasks. The tip of the knife blade is like that of a spear making it ideal for such jobs.

  1. Can you use the Kephart Knife for cutting food?

Ans: You can use the modern versions of the Kephart knife for cutting food easily.

  1. Is the Kephart knife easy to sharpen?

Ans: Yes, Kephart knives are easy to sharpen with both electric and manual sharpeners because they have a straight edge.

Where to buy Kephart Knives?


To sum up, we hope you got to know about the amazing history behind the Kephart knife and how the modern touch brought it to our lives. Kephart knife is an amazing tool to own in your collection if you are someone passionate about exploring the outdoors. You will love the performance of the Kephart knife is field while accomplishing many imaginable cutting tasks.

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