Defecation is a normal routine of animals; humans are no different. Although humans are about the only ones with an elaborate disposal system, toilet, lavatory, restroom, whatever we know it as. That’s popularly known, poop knife, on the other hand, is an instrument related to the facility mentioned earlier.

Although, the matter isn’t at all as straightforward as it appears to be. Big droppings often seem reluctant to flush at one go or clog up the toilet. Imagine having this happen to you when you’re visiting someone else’s house… the embarrassment itself is an element of nightmares right? Thus, the birth of the poop knife – the object kept in the toilet to reshape the chunks into smaller sizes by dividing them; so, they can get flushed easily.

It all started with a hilarious Reddit confession post, which came off as a troll post at first. But later, it got so viral that it eventually led to the market actually commercializing dedicated poop knives! Now it all seems strange enough to take it seriously, but it’s all true. So, has this wacky knife piqued your interest yet? Do read below for more facts about it!


Overview of the Poop Knife

Poop knives, also known as fecal cleavers, are designed to save you from your plumbing nightmares. Clogged-up toilets are the last thing you want at any given time. Fecal cleavers are used to ensure that large poops don’t end up blocking the pipe of commode and overflow; it’s a ghastly sight to imagine even more horrific to fix and clean up. Therefore, the idea and use of a poop knife are innovative and a heck of a handy one.

How the poop knives came to be is another funny story. It all started with the viral post in the subreddit r/confessions, which very soon became a huge hit meme on all the platforms, Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

OP came clean about the time when he learned that not all families are familiar with; what they call a poop knife. The story goes like that one day, he asked a friend for the poop knife after relieving a big one. Obviously, his friend did not understand him at first; the OP then explained it to him much to his embarrassment. Because to his knowledge, it was not unusual to use a poop knife to cut giant dumps into small flushable ones to avoid clogging. He went as far as admitting that growing up he thought of a poop knife to be a standard toilet kit.

He was taken for a troll at the beginning, but later one by one many commenters shared their story about how they encountered poop knives in their life. Although everyone was amazed knowing it was this common because no one talks about it outside!

So it’s painfully evident that while OP was sort of one of the first ones to talk about it in such a big public space, he did not invent it. Driven by needs, people had their versions of poop knives long before it was commercialized.

Families around the world with genetic or medical complications, or with old malfunctioning toilets have found poop knives to be very useful to avoid a mess. Even though the purpose was the same it had a different name in every household; people also used various tools other than knives, such as a spatula or a long ruler.


How to Use a Poop Knife

Poop knives are mainly used to avoid risking clogging a toilet. So, when a turd big enough to make you feel ridiculous while flushing has been laid, it’s better to take out the poop knife before any accident happens. The poop knife is styled to be used after, and not during an excretion session.

Slice the poop into convenient pieces that will make them pass easily down the drain. The silicon poop knife manufactured by the Original Poop Knife has almost a ten-inch range. So, cutting down stools is easier with one of them than a utility or kitchen knife, as metal knives are likely to rust due to regular contact with water and moisture. Remember to wear gloves before working with the dung cleaver, and sanitize the knife afterward for future uses.

What to do if your toilet gets clogged and you don’t have a poop knife nearby? First of all, don’t panic. Put what you have around you to use; a toilet brush and toilet plunger are usually the best options to get rid of clogging. If that fails, pour baking soda into the toilet and add vinegar little by little to avoid spillage caused by the chemical reaction. Toilet blocked by poop is said to eventually unclog itself by dissolving.


Features of a Poop Knife

Size & Weight: The length of a poop knife measures 9.8 inches in length and 1-inch wide. The length is said to be ideal for any sized toilet so, it could be maneuvered conveniently. It can also fit most shapes of closets in the restroom. The weight of this knife measures around 50g, so picking it up and manipulating it is designed to be effortless for users of any age.

Construction Material: The exterior of a poop knife is made of durable & hygienic silicone, which is easy to wash off. It’s dishwasher safe, so cleaning is done in a jiffy. The dirt also doesn’t get awfully stuck on the knife, so washing it with regular soap and water will also suffice nicely. Not only that, the build is supported by a metal core to enhance the strength and flexibility of the cleaver. The benefit of a silicon surface is that it provides utmost comfort and functionality, also the color doesn’t fade no matter how much it’s used.

Handle: Dedicated poop knives are full tang, so the blade and handle are one piece. The entire knife is made from the same material, metal-reinforced silicon. The handle takes up half of the length of the whole build, and it is long enough to reach toilets of any depth. The shape of the handle is designed ergonomically, so it’s comfortable to hold. The non-slip surface ensures a grippy handle making it unlikely to slip out even when your hand is wet.



Q: Can I use this knife for anything else other than slicing poop?

A: Yes, you can. Because of its design, you can use this knife as a spatula or butter knife to spread jam, butter, yogurt, etc. But since it doesn’t have a sharp edge, you cannot cut hard and solid things with it, such as vegetables. I feel silly reminding you this, but DON’T use it in the kitchen if you’ve already used it to slice poop even once. Buy two if necessary.

Q: How do I clean a poop knife?

A: Hygiene is mandatory in any case, so it is essential to clean the knife after using it in the toilet. It also encourages people to use the knife. As it does not have any metal parts, the knife is safe to clean in the dishwasher. For handwashing, using soap and water to rinse will work.

Q: Where can I get a poop knife?

A: Poop knives can be found directly from the manufacturer’s website, Original Poop Knife. You can also order it from Amazon if you’d like; the packaging is truly a sight 😛 If buying is not an option for you, use any non-metal, i.e., plastic, silicon, etc. knife with a long handle for the same purpose. It’ll work.


Uses of a Poop Knife

As the name states, it’s a poop knife – its use obviously involves poop! These non-metal knives successfully slice down large chunks of soil into smaller ones, so they get flushed down easily. People with medical conditions, genetic history, and simply with bad toilets can benefit very much from using the poop knife. The name may sound nasty but not using it when one should, may lead to a nastier situation.

Apart from that, you can also use it in the kitchen, to spread cake icing, butter, jelly, cream, jam, etc., no one’s gonna suspect a thing what it was initially designed for. Of course, for the kitchen, use another one that has never been used outside the kitchen. The long handle and wide blade can be used in lots of other tasks too. Its flexibility is another useful thing about this product.



Poop knives may be an awkward instrument to have in your home; one might get teased for having one openly. But not having one when you’re in dire need of it; is much more embarrassing. Think about it!

Not only that, but it also makes a great present among friends to josh around or as an inside joke! Make sure not to hurt anyone’s feelings though. Nonetheless, it’s a good purchase if your commode tends to get clogged up. Let the toilet mock you no more; bring home the legendary poop knife.

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