Beautiful things are known to bring joy and comfort to people; there’s a reason why beauty sells! Beauty makes things stand out, makes people drawn to it.

Similarly, to attract more customers and enthusiasts alike, beautification of everything – starting from decorative to the daily instruments that we use, had started. Knives, for example, have the job to cut stuff; kitchen, streets, wildness, battlefield there’s hardly any sector blade isn’t needed. Therefore, people started to customize the pieces they used to give it a more personal look, making it different from anyone else’s. Not only the handles but also the blades were the focus of beautifying an everyday carry knife. And that is folks, how rainbow knives were born.

If you too, are looking to add some color to your knife collection, no way you wouldn’t love the shine a rainbow knife brings. Because of such colorful blades these knives provide, they quickly became popular among the masses. Rainbow knives come in all shapes and sizes, EDC, sport knives, kitchen knives, and many more! Let us learn more about them!


Overview of Rainbow Knives

Being one of the most gorgeous knives out there, rainbow knives are eyed by many knife enthusiasts of all ages. These knives are known to level up the grandeur of a collection to much higher.

When we say the word “Rainbow knives” the image that we inevitably picture is a folding knife. That’s the classic look of a rainbow knife. In the field of EDC knives, not many models can compete with them, be it tactical, survival, or for daily use – a rainbow knife fits right in. The design of the blade can differ depending on the purpose it’s supposed to serve. So it can be karambit, dual-edged or single-edged, serrated, plain, etc., accompanied by locking mechanisms that can either be spring-assisted opening or may feature a thumb ridge, etc. So the blade can be deployed through both hand or one-hand operations.

Rainbow knives are compact, so they can be carried anywhere in your pocket. Most of the rainbow knives are constructed from layering anodized titanium on pure and high-grade stainless steel, so they are resistant to rusting and corrosion to a great degree, are stain and waterproof, and the longer edge enhances the performance in the long run. Maintenance for rainbow blades requires no extra measures also. Although, it’s wise to resort to hand washing for superior performance.

The beautiful rainbow glaze that shines on the blade is actually ionized metal, popularly titanium. The process involves running them in low voltage, then high current to get the desired rainbow effect later. For the permanent coating treatment, the blade is put on a vacuum chamber to pass negative voltage through it, which results in a thin layer of coating, that’s the base. Finally, using the PVD coating process and color lock, you can achieve the gorgeous bluish rainbow shine on your blade!


Types of Rainbow Knives

In the case of rainbow knives, about 2 major types are appearing in the market. Folding and Fixed bladed rainbow knives. The folding knives are identified by their foldable blade that can be tucked into the folder. They are designed as EDC, so they’re easy to carry due to their compact build. The sharpness is optimum, so you can put these rainbow knives to versatile uses. Although, due to the assemblage, they don’t have a full tang construction, but the build and balance are crafted to compromise that entirely. Rainbow folding knives are popularly known for EDC, tactical, camping, and combat knives. The folder works as a sheath, so they are safe to transport and equip.

The fixed blade rainbow knives are mostly kitchen knives and dagger-type camping knives; they fashion a long blade with a solid handle at the bottom. Such knives are often full tang. The rainbow knives belonging to a kitchen knife are set to feature a single edge with enhanced protection against staining and rusting due to the coating. They are used in both the home and restaurant’s kitchen to polish up the visual of the place. As the rainbow-coated surface is non-sticky, any food is unlikely to get stuck on the blade while fast-chopping and its food grade so it won’t react to chemicals from the food while preparing them. Beautiful rainbow-colored knives with awe-inspiring functionality and sharpness sure sound like a win. Although, the catch is that the blades need to be sheathed or in the knife block always to enhance their longevity and performance.

How to choose the Best Rainbow Knife

Size and Blade: Depending on the kind of rainbow knife, the length of rainbow knives will differ. For example, the ideal length of a rainbow pocket knife should be between 5-9 inches overall. Since these folding knives are made to be lightweight and compact, the weight margin of the knives is 4-7 ounces. Rainbow kitchen knives, on the other hand, have fixed blades and offer regular-sized kitchen knives of a set, only with a rainbow-coated blade.

Blade Length & Material: The blade length of a rainbow pocket knife will range between 2.5-5 inches. The material of the blade is usually stainless steel with a rainbow titanium coating that’s designed to be durable in many senses. Since the pocket knives are to be used daily, the blade’s tip is usually made sharp and fashions a clip point. The blades are mainly single-edged, but you can also find dual-edged versions in the market.

Handles: Above everything, rainbow knives are chosen because of their aesthetics, so of course, unlike other pocket knives the folders of rainbow knives are designed to be prettier. Something that matches the vibe of the blade and doesn’t feel off-putting. Therefore, you get some gorgeously detailed metal handles with rainbow pocket knives. It can be made from stainless steel, aluminum, etc. The size of the handle is balanced with the size of the blade, keeping about 1-2 inches longer to ensure a spacious and comfortable grip. Ergonomics are also prioritized for better control & manoeuvrability. Keep an eye out for locking and opening mechanisms too.


Q: Is the rainbow coating beneficial for knives?

A: The beautiful rainbow colors seen on such blades are achieved through the anodization of titanium. Through the right treatment, the anodized titanium blends with the stainless steel blade and makes the perfect coating that resists rust, stains, and water, while also enhancing the blade’s durability.

Q: Where to buy the best rainbow knife for me?

A: Depending on what kind of rainbow knife you want, there are hundreds of possible options in the market that you can explore. Popular brands like MTech, Tac Force, Boker, Elk Ridge, etc., are great places to look for rainbow pocket knives. Also, remember to check out Rainbow Knife Pro, Macro Almond, Wellstar, etc., for a shiny rainbow kitchen knife set. Online sites like amazon, wish, eBay have a wide area of choices if you are interested!

Common Uses of Rainbow Knives: Indoors & Outdoors

The rainbow blades can be adapted into many sorts of knives and can be put into a wide arena of uses. The most common use of rainbow knives is seen on everyday carry, i.e., self-defense knives. The rainbow pocket knives are the most popular rainbow knife out there. Because of features like compactness, sharpness, out of the crowd look, and well-balanced, these knives are ruling the EDC market for many years now. The rainbow blade is said to be perfect to catch your enemy off guard as they don’t look real or blade-like, but more of a toy before it actually hits them, pretty good for a defense knife, I’d say.

Apart from self-defense and combat, rainbow knives are practical in the field of EDC too, they are lightweight and compact in design so can be carried anywhere, and the offered sharpness can come in handy in many situations when you’re out of home but need something sharp to cut cloth, bandage, rope, paper, food, etc.

Now for indoors, rainbow knives are equally useful indoors as they are outdoors. Because of their gorgeous outlook, many kitchen knives have also adopted rainbow blades into their design. As rainbow knives are perfectly safe to use around food, it’s no issue to use them in the kitchen. Although, unlike the usual appearance, kitchen knife versions of rainbow knives are fixed blades. They’re rustproof, non-sticky, stay sharp longer, and high in visuals too!


Rainbow knives are the right option to invest in if you want to spice up the array of your knives. Not only do those knives upgrade the aesthetics, but also feature certain attractive features that make them more desirable.

Among all the options of rainbow knives that exist in the present market, an extra point of view will do you no harm, if not good. This post is designed with all the necessary facts about these pretty knives; everything that you need to consider, all the attributes worth looking into, and finally to assess if you want them in your collection.

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