Are you thinking of purchasing a knife for your trip? If so, then you’ve thousands of options to select. Indeed, a backpacking knife will be the best option for you if you’re good at operating a knife. Because they are multifunctional, durable, and portable.

Before purchasing a knife, you’ve to consider many objects. Such as the blade types, handle materials, sturdiness, portability, etc. Besides, you also have to consider the reviews and justifications before purchasing a knife. Then finally, you’ve to match your necessity and the product feature.

Overall, it can be said that selecting a good knife is quite tricky. If you fail to select the right one, it might waste both your time and money. So, to save your time and money, select the best knife at first chance. Here we’ve come with the best backpacking knives to make your selecting process more accessible.


Benchmade-Mini Barrage 585

The Benchmade-mini barrage 585, a surprising tool that comes with quick blade deployment. Another remarkable thing about the knife is its length. The knife is quite small to adjust in your pocket. That’s the reason; its name called the mini barrage.

Like most other knives of the barrage family, the knife is designed acceptably. Its utility blade style and versatile functionality make it quite useful as an EDC knife. The lighter design and quick opening system enable the knife to use in the rural area or deep forest. While going to use the knife, you’ll find the Valox handle of the knife is strong and stable.

The Benchmade family always ensures a lifetime servicing facility to keep the knife in the best condition. So, you needn’t have to make extra servicing of the knife at your own expense.


What we liked

  • The design is worth of its being costly
  • Quite small
  • Assist in open and close fast
  • Great size, craftsmanship, and quality
  • The Valox handle provides a great feeling

What we didn’t like

  • A bit expensive
  • Cheesy thin handle
  • The lock is too challenging to actuate


Benchmade-North Fork 15031

Since 1988, the Benchmade is making the best knives in the world. The north fork 15031 is one of them. Habitually they produce the tools for tactical operations, which responses fast.

Amongst the quality features, the good one is the knife’s blade construction. It is the blade constructed with CPM-S30V Stainless steel. The component offers superb edge retaining quality and rust resistance to the north fork knife. While you go to repair your guitar or cut tent stakes, the blade will help you in all its possible way. The knife’s handle is crafted from stabilized wood that resists environmental hardship. Overall, as a hunter, you can have this knife as an essential element.


What we liked

  • Specially designed for hunters
  • Recurved blade design
  • Get lifetime servicing
  • Ambidextrous and strong lock
  • Advantageous to versatile cutting tasks
  • Smooth action, no blade play

What we didn’t like

  • A bit priced than they should be
  • Slightly tricky to sharpen


Benchmade Griptilian 551

If you like the versatile combination of the size and color, then you must be a tasteful person. The Griptilian cutters enable the chance of selecting the tool from versatile color and size combinations. But they don’t compromise with the quality of a product. So, you can expect to get your desired color with good quality.

How can you measure their good quality? Let us help you.

A knife with good quality consists of a robust and rustproof blade. Indeed, you’ll find that in the Griptilian knives. Besides, you’ll find that the blade of the knife holds its edge soundly. Moreover, the glass-filled colorful nylon handle is very much attractive to the customers. Along with attraction, the construction of handle makes the knife ideal for conducting hard jobs. A knife must have a reliable locking mechanism for easy deploy at any place. You’ll find such an axis lock in this knife.

Overall, the 551 models of a Griptilian knife will be the best match for you if you’re a tasteful person.


What we liked

  • Several color, shape, and size
  • The knife worth its book value
  • High-grade construction
  • Fantastic grip
  • Fabulous blade quality
  • Performs fast even after some time

What we didn’t like

  • Small clip in the blade
  • Seems a little pricey


Kershaw Leek 1660

The leek 1660 knives are one of the most popular Kershaw series. Because of the slim features, the knives offer high performances and versatility. Both the blade and handle of the knife is constructed with stainless steel. That’s the reason the knife has got a slim feature.

The 3.5inch blade is containing 14C28N Sandwich Steel. It’s one of the highest performing knife components in the world. And the handle is crafted from 410 stainless alloys. It’s the steel that ensures extra hardness and strength to the knife. The Kershaw has designed reversible pocket clips. They fit several knives according to their height, weight, hardware.

For ensuring the safety of your house, have at least one Kershaw knife.


What we liked

  • Convenient size and sharp edge
  • Decent edge, reversible pocket clips
  • Different color options
  • Comfortable blade deployment
  • The lock saves the blade from flipping

What we didn’t like

  • Imperfect for left hand


Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD

A traveler always needs a versatile tool to keep with him. Such as the scissor, blade, screwdriver, toothpick, and so on. What would it like, if you get all these features in one tool? If you think it would be beneficent, then the Kershaw Leek 1660 is for you.

It’s the knife that bears multitools with it. The versatile color and design options of the knives will drive you crazy. Don’t think the Kershaw have comprised the quality because of their design. While you purchase it, you’ll find the knife is containing durable construction. The cutter needs very little space in your pocket. So, you don’t have to leave it due to lack of room.

The knife is a functional little handy tool. Due to its extra-ordinary designs and versatile tools, you’ll love to keep the knife always with you.

What we liked

  • Seven types of multitool features
  • Easy sharpen with Whitestone
  • Perfect for various applications
  • Great handy tool
  • Contains the best cutting instruments

What we didn’t like

  • Isn’t dishwasher safe
  • Lack of locking blade


SOG Tactical Pocketknife

The SOG tactical pocketknife is worth of challenging with any other tactical knives. It contains sturdy military construction. Both the men and women can use the pocket knife during camping, hiking, or any outdoor activities.

The blade of the knife is coated with titanium nitride. Moreover, the manufacturer has used AUS-8 to make its blade. It’s the durable blade that holds its edge more stably. That’s the reason the knife can be used for versatile outdoor purposes.

The knife is partially serrated at its upper’s side. That makes it clean and quick cutter. It’s the folding knife that has a robust locking capacity. Whether you go to open or close the blade, you can do it using one hand only. So, the deployment of the cutlery is accessible at any place. Overall, the knife is containing an extra-ordinary combination of blade and handle.

What we liked

  • Ultra-quick open
  • Gleaming satin finish
  • Strap cutter and quick opening option
  • The blade includes firmed edge
  • An emergency glass breaker

What we didn’t like

  • Thumb nub remains inflexible firstly
  • Slightly obstructed by the pocket clip


Spyderco C122GBBKPS Tenacious

A surprising instrument that provides fierce and tireless performance is the Spyderco C122GBBKPS tenacious. It’s a mid-sized tenuous with G-10 laminate handles. The black colors knife offers exhaustion-free long cutting to its users. Besides, it has a half-serrated blade, which is crafted from 8Cr13Mov steel. The Spyderco blade enables boundless cutting performance. Probably that’s why; the knife is ideal for outdoorsman among the most other knives.

Get a flexible but tight linear lock with the Spyderco knife. It’s a developed lock that you can successfully apply without changing your position. However, don’t forget about its full-flat grind. The knife is surrounded by flat bevels. From the spine of the knife, the flat angles are extended to its cutting edge.


What we liked

  • The grip isn’t so smooth or rough
  • More utilizing for right hand
  • Locks the blade securely
  • Fast deploy without changing position
  • Changeable pocket clip

What we didn’t like

  • The jammed blade at first use
  • The tip might get dull due to lack of care


CRKT Squid Folding

You might find various costly knives in the market. But most of them can’t maintain their quality as like the CRKT squid folding knife

The CRKT squid folding knife is famous for its lightweight, excellent construction. It includes an eye-catching superlative design. The locking mechanism of the knives is robust and flexible. So, you can open the blade quietly without making noise. The CRKT squid folding knife includes 8Cr13MoV blade steel, which is one of the best quality steels. Its size is quite short and fat. You’ll find the knife is inexpensive because of its used blade steel.

The handle of the knife bears its full weight entirely. It is small but pretty heavy. To have proper control over the knife, hold the handle middle at your hand correctly.

What we liked

  • Small but heavy grip
  • Solid and flexible lock
  • Inexpensive with tough steel
  • Uses drop point blade for a secure grip

What we didn’t like

  • Rounded tip
  • Needs two hand to open
  • Slick handle

Buch knives 110

A knifemaker named Al Buck, understanding the requirements of an outdoorsman, has invented the buck knives in 1963. It is a sturdy knife but not a long-fixed blade knife.

The outdoorsman knife has a sharp controllable fixed blade. It is a clip point ground blade having a reversible clip. The blade is suitable for detail work like slicing, piercing, and may more. Besides, the cutlery maintains immeasurable strength and safety control. The safety control includes a flexible and robust locking mechanism. The knife consists of a practical leather sheath to ensure the safety of the porter.

The producer has tested the knife properly for doing necessary food preparation. Unlike most other knives, it handles the things delicately.

What we liked

  • Provides solid outdoor performance
  • Handles work very delicately
  • Sharpening is effortless
  • Satisfying folding knife
  • Gives precise and stable cutting


What we didn’t like

  • Limited carry options
  • A little bit delicate blade clip
  • The rocker lock is not so strong

Old Timer 180T Mighty Might

Some people want to have simple tools for use. The old-timer knife is suitable according to their expectations.

Usually, the knives are best known as reliable tools. But the old-timer is more trustworthy than most other safety gadgets. You can rely on it in any situation. It is a small knife with a traditional look. Despite being small, the knife offers excellent performances. You’ll find no complications in this knife. Contrary, it is a pretty straightforward, safe, and pure knife. Moreover, the knife is skinny. So, you can accomplish the small or minor works quite efficiently. For instance, sharpen a pencil, cutting paper, etc.

Overall, it is a perfect knife as a gift for a kid. If you want to teach your kid the primary use of a knife, the old-timer is ideal for that.

What we liked

  • Multi-sized and tool options
  • Trusted and recognized brand’s knife
  • Suitable for small or big tasks
  • Perfect carrying knife
  • Opens easily and locks securely

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t have multiple features
  • Imperfect for large grip


Final Verdict

A knife is an essential tool for everyone, especially for the person who has to spend time outside. So, selecting the exact knife for an accurate person is very much important. To make you meet with the perfect matching of knives, here we have reviewed ten best backpacking knives.

Now, the question here is, “what types of knife are you looking for?” If you are purchasing a knife for regular outdoor and indoor activates, we have safe knives. Contrariwise, if you are buying for hard and tactical activities, we have sharp knives for you. No matter what you are purchasing, we will suggest you read out our buyer’s guide. You will get the right information for selecting the accurate knife according to the nature of your tasks.

Buyers guide: Factors you must consider

The backpacking knife is an essential item for a trip or adventure. You might forget one of your necessary items while outing. But you shouldn’t forget to take a backpacking knife with you. Because the requirements of this knife can’t be fulfilled with any other things.

Therefore, ensuring the best quality of that product is mandatory, which you’ve to carry with you. Let’s discover what the factors that you must’ve to find out before purchasing a backpacking knife are.


The portability of a knife matters a lot if the user is purchasing it for taking on the trip. A tracker always likes to have an easily portable system in his knife.

The high-quality backpacking knives come with ensuring an excellent portable material. The materials might be a high-quality cord or chain, a leather sheath, etc. If you’re purchasing the backpacking knives for carrying with you, make sure they’ve perfect portability.

Regarding the fixed blade knife, find out whether it comes with a leather sheath. On the contrary, if you’re purchasing a folding knife, it would be perfect if the manufacturer supplies a cord with it.

Single or multi-blade

You will find the backpacking knives, whether in a single blade knife or a multitool knife. Now, it’s up to you, whether you need the knife for regular work or the tactical works. If you are purchasing the knife for daily outdoor work, then you can select a backpacking knife with a standard single blade.

But, while going on a trip, then you need several tools for packing your bag, hinting, fire creating, etc. So, in that case, the multitool knife will be suitable for you. They are enriched with several small to big tools that will assist you in every step in your trip.

Blade quality

When a knife holds its edge perfect for a long time, you need not sharpen it frequently. Indeed a knife with an ideal edge saves your time and efforts. Therefore, make sure your selected knife holds its edge flawlessly.

There are lots of differences between an indoor knife and a backpacking knife. Usually, most of the indoor knives cannot bear the extreme of rough weather. That’s because it always has to remain in fixed weather.

But an ideal backpacking knife has to tolerate almost all types of weather. In every spare of your trip, you’ll feel the necessity more acutely. While hiking, you might’ve to cut the rope, climb the hills, cross the water. Therefore, select the top-classed blade’s knife for your trip.

The knife’s tang

Control over a knife depends on its handle. It is also essential to keep the balance of the knife’s blade if you want to get excellent performance. Regarding the backpacking knife, you should select a lightweight and hollow handle. Because on a trip you always have to keep the knife with you. A lightweight and hollow tang will assist you in getting great control over the knife.


F.A.Q (Frequently asked questions)

What is a backpacking knife?

The knife that assists you to perform all the tactical activities at your trip is called the backpacking knife.

What are the uses of a backpacking knife?

You’ll find several tasks while you’re on a trip that needs a knife has to accomplish. Here we’ve identified some of them.

  • Opening packets of food
  • Hunting or cutting foods (vegetables, fishes, meat)
  • Making fire with fire steel
  • Cutting animals skin
  • Cutting nails
  • Piercing wood


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