Boot knives are known as a man’s last resort, a survivalist knife that can be used for versatile reasons while you step into uncertainty. These kinds of knives are very portable, usually carried as a backup knife. You can gear up with one and just forget about it until any kind of need arises.

A boot knife is a compact unit that can be used for a handful of purposes. Designed to be lightweight with a short blade that can be single or double-edged. Watch out for heavy ones as you’re gonna have to equip it in your cowboy or similarly designed boots; if it’s too heavy rather than being your aid, it’s going to turn out more of an impediment.

You can take your boot knife out with you for camping, hunting, or hiking wherever you want to; it will keep you ready for anything life throws at you. Use it as a tactical, bushcrafting, cutting, or hunting knife as you please. As it’s one of the last cards you pull in an emergency, it’s wise to research as much as you can, so you can buy the best boot knife for cowboy boots smartly.

The Best Boot Knives in the Present Market

  1. Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B Fixed Blade Knife

This fixed blade from Smith & Wesson is among the winners. The reason it is the first entry of this list is because of its affordability and the quality it offers. It is a multipurpose tactical boot knife that you can even use as an EDC or survival knife in the field. Professional-level performance is guaranteed.

The knife is 9 inches long with a 4.7-inch long blade, so it’s perfectly compact and will fit even inside a purse, so fitting in a cowboy boot is assured. The construction material of the blade is 7cr17Mov high carbon stainless steel. Its properties make it strong against rust and corrosion. The knife is full tang, so it’s unlikely to break on you.

The knife is designed with a handguard to minimize any hand-slip accidents. The handle is layered with textured rubber. So you get a slip-proof grip, which is also comfortable to wield. The included sheath has a very practical design with a thumb break.


  • Made with quality material.
  • Versatile boot knife.
  • Full tang construction.
  • Hardened dual-edged blade.
  • Offers limited lifetime warranty.


  • Doesn’t come sharpened.


  1. SOG Instinct Mini (NB1002-CP)

SOG is a renowned brand known for its ability to deliver as they advertise. The Instinct Mini is a big hit in the market, if you too are looking for a small boot knife that’s versatile & will last long, then this model can be a great deal for you.

Just as it’s hinted in the name, the knife is real small, measuring about 4.8 inches overall with a 1.9 inches long blade. The full tang blade is rock solid with an HRC score of 53-57. The blade is constructed of 5cr15mov steel, which won’t fall victim to rust. The blade is satin-finished, giving it an attractive shine while also reducing the glare effect.

The G-10 handle is as functional as it is durable. The ergonomics of it is unmatched with smartly designed finger grooves and textures. The nylon sheath fits the knife like gloves, and alongside with boot knife, you can also use it as a neck knife.


  • Solid Full tang knife.
  • The blade features superior sharpness.
  • Lightweight; easy to carry.
  • Comes with a strong pocket-clip.
  • Hard-molded Nylon sheath.


  • Needs frequent sharpening.
  • Sheath too tight.


  1. Kershaw Secret Agent (4007)

The Secret Agent from Kershaw is one of the most stylish options available in the market. It’s sleek and concealable appearance is the highlight of this model. It features a no-nonsense design, and the length is just right for large-handed customers to use it aptly, but it can also be concealed effectively.

The knife is 8.7 inches long, which is longer than most of the options yet, its slim profile compensates for it and makes it compact alright. The full tang 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade is 4.4 inches long. The specially manufactured blade has less nickel count, so it produces a harder and more durable blade. The tech-rich black oxide finish enhances the resistance against any form of corrosion.

The reinforced synthetic polymer handle provides a comfortable grip, and the patterns make sure it won’t slip out of your hand while using.


  • One-piece construction.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Sharp spear-point blade.
  • Multipurpose easy-fit sheath.
  • Can be strapped in belt & leg.


  • Not double-edged.
  • Average edge retention.


  1. Cold Steel Drop-Forged Fixed Blade Knife

The dagger looking boot knife from Cold Steel is concealable and stylish in appearance. The blade has a unique design that ensures easy penetration. The look and weight makes it perfect as a boot knife.

The chic themed knife consists of a 6-3/4 inches long blade. A larger blade means the field of application gets vast too; you can use it as an EDC, tactical, and hunting knife. The knife offers great balance, so you can occasionally use it as a throwing knife too. The blade has a needle-sharp point with a wasp body. The flat grind blade with a plain edge sharpens easier & faster. The high carbon 52100 steel that’s used to construct the knife ensures longer edge retention.

The 5.5-inch long ergonomic handle has enough space to ensure users of all hand sizes a strong and natural grip. The added scales on the handle help you get firm control over the knife. Also, the Secure-ex sheath features a snap fastening.


  • Durable and solid design.
  • Monolithic construction.
  • Features black coating finish.
  • Offer great balance.
  • Comes with a sheath.


  • Mediocre edge retention.


  1. Cold Steel 17T Kobun Fixed Knife

Last but not least, we have the kobun fixed blade boot knife is as formidable as the name suggests, a reliable soldier. The knife is imported; constructed of high-end Japanese materials. For the price, it is truly a great deal to make.

The 5.5” blade is AUS-8A stainless steel made, which ensures not only edge retention and toughness, also higher protection against dullness, rust, and stain. The flat grind blade with a plain edge is equipped with a tanto point. Making it extremely useful for various purposes, not just as a boot knife.

The Long Kray-Ex handle measures about 4-3/8 inches in length. The handle is checkered, so it won’t get loose from your grip even when it’s sweaty. The Secure-ex sheath makes it easily portable with multiple rivets, ensuring easy clipping to the cowboy boot.


  • Made from quality grade materials.
  • The AUS-8A steel is as sharp as tough.
  • Easy to maintain and deploy.
  • Comfortable handle.


  • Tricky grip for large hands.


Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Boot Knife

There are a few things that you need to consider before finalizing which boot knife to buy. There are many variables that you need to keep in check. Below I’ve tried to describe them most straightforwardly. So, let’s cut to the chase.

The material of Blade: No blade is “bad” in general; they are just applied in the wrong field. Such as, if your knife is gonna get wet a lot – like used in fishing trips, or to cut foods and such, then you’ll need a stainless steel blade with high corrosion resistance. On the other hand, if you need better edge retention and have the dedication for regular maintenance, high carbon steel will do you no wrong.

Length of Knife: Boot knives are compact by default, as it’s meant to be worn in the boot. A long knife will pose to be an obstacle to move around with. The ideal size of a boot knife will vary depending on your height, but the average length 5.5” long blade considering everyone.

Sheath & Clipping: It’s important to prioritize the clipping function and the sheath of the boot knife. If it’s not secure enough, you leave chances for accidents to happen. Also, notice if it’s smooth to undo, it will be clipped close to your ankle; if it doesn’t come undone smoothly, then what’s the point of having an emergency knife!

Ergonomics: The design of the handle is something you cannot ignore. If it doesn’t feel good in your hands, then the investment is hardly worth it. The best boot knife will offer a strong handle with smooth ergonomics that won’t cause you hand fatigue, instead will mitigate it.


Final Verdict

Boot knives are generally used by professional hunters, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts. These sharp little knives can help you out in multiple ways. They are designed to be extremely sharp; to be of help whether you want to cut ropes with it or fight or to build a canoe to escape a deserted island.

So, I’ve accumulated some of the best models available in the market. Along with some basic tips about what to look for while buying a boot knife and what to be wary of. Hope this article made your hunt for the best boot knife for cowboy boots easier.

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