Are you finding a multifunctional knife with good quality? If so, then there might be several options available to you. But all of them might not give you quality material. One of the best choices we suggest you take the Chinese cleaver for your work. Why?


Because the Chinese knives are lightweight and very relaxed to maneuver, the expenses of the cutleries always remain within the customer’s limit. Their blades are sharp enough for using versatile purposes. Actually, they are suitable for conducting almost all cutting jobs in the kitchen. Besides, the traditional design gives an attractive look to the Chinese knives. A longtime knife user always likes to have a good looking knife in his hand. Possibly, that’s why the thousands of chefs want to use chinses cleaver.


If you decided to buy the chinses cutlery, it is important to purchase the best one. So, we have a shortlist of the ten best Chinese cleavers. We hope you’ll find the desired one.


Winco 8″ Heavy-duty Chinese

While you are searching for a knife at affordable prices, the Winco knife will be one of the best alternatives for you. You’ll definitely impress with its quality along with the price. That’s why we’ve included the knife on the list.

Let’s see, what is high quality the cleaver is containing. The manufacturer made the blade of the knife with stainless steel for preventing the corrosion over it. Only the blade measures 8″-inch long, including 3.5-inch wide, and the handle is separately 5” long. The 5” long handle is containing authentic wooden material. It is a full tang and sturdy knife, which ensures a flexible grip.

For a low price, you want a versatile and complete knife, then definitely come forward for this knife.


What’s so good

  • High performance at heavy work
  • Low investment
  • Sturdy and heavy enough
  • Comfortably grip able
  • Wooden handle gives traditional design
  • Hand wash suggested
  • Also goes through the dishwasher


What’s not so good

  • A little awkward handle
  • The blade is thicker than expectation


Vegetable cleaver knife 7-inch

A knife which allows an excellent cutting of vegetables even the bigger one also, SPEVORIX vegetable cleaver knife. You’ll find it very fun here, cutting the meat with the knife very easily. The vegetable knife deals with almost all ingredients in the kitchen. Now, what you’ll find in the knife?

First of all, you’ll find a high corrosion resistant blade consist of 9Cr15. It is the stainless steel that indicates the highest level steel of the cutlery industry. Anyway, the blade material includes extra durability and sharpness. The ultra-sharp edge of the knife contains 15-degree sharpness per side.

The full tang knife with wooden material protects the handle from deformation or fracture. The SPREVORIX vegetable knife comes with excellent packaging. So, be confident to buy it.


What’s so good

  • Solid, decent weight
  • Balancing between handle and blade
  • Performs job very well
  • The end is very pointy
  • Holds the sharpness very well


What’s not so good

  • Inappropriate for chopping hard bones
  • Gives a right balance in the hand


KOFERY 7-inch blade Handmade Forged

Did you ever experience with the south Asian wooden handle? If your answer is negative, then try the KOFERY, the professional knife. Why?

Because, after using it, you’ll get to know how effective this knife is for your kitchen. You’ll get an exciting experience of balancing the knife while using the cleaver for cutting foods. The manufacturer uses Mahogany wood for making the handle. So, you’ll find it a more excellent wooden handle than the regular wood.

The KOFERY cutlery includes 36-Steps forging progression and the 12-Steps sharpening process. The manufacturer used high-level stainless steel in this cutlery. Hence, the blade confirms a greater cutting edge and durability. This KOFERY cutting knife is specially designed for cutting meat and vegetables. It is not appropriate for cutting the bones.


What’s so good

  • Ridiculously versatile knife
  • Cuts vegetables and meat a short time
  • Proper thickness and stiffness
  • Suitable weight allows gravity
  • Fine mincing and slicing
  • Sharp bladed point


What’s not so good

  • Unsuitable handle for a big hand
  • The blade is much taller


Shun Classic 7” vegetable

A German-made knife that includes traditional Chinese design is Shun Classic 7″ vegetable knife. It is the cutlery which blade includes VG-10 Japanese steel. It is the most appropriate material that resists corrosion, includes durability, and enables the knife easy sharpening. As a chef, you always like to have such a blade because the blade allows a tremendously sharp edge.

The shun vegetable knife will enable you a solid feel while handling it because the D shaped wooden handle of the cutlery comes with secure cleaning capability, constant using capacity, durability, and water resistance. However, they shun vegetable cutlery might be the perfect gift for a cook, grandparents, homeowners, entertainers, and many more.


What’s so good

  • The handle is perfect for constant using
  • Superior corrosion resistant handle
  • The scale includes 60-61 Rockwell hardness
  • D-shaped handle
  • The appropriate comfortable and gripping handle
  • The edge is quite sharp


What’s not so good

  • A little larger cleaver
  • Brittle blade
  • Softer, thicker but heavier cutlery


Wusthof Gourmet heavy Chinese

If you are confused about spending money behind the Chinese cutlery, then Wusthof Gourmet Chinese cutlery will erase your confusion. Have a quick cut over the boneless meat and vegetable with this Chinese cleaver.

German-based company is one of the best companies for making cutlery. As Germany is the producer of Wusthof Gourmet heavy cutlery, it contains high ingredients in it. What high-quality ingredients the Wusthof Gourmet contains?

The knife’s 8” long and 5” width blade comes with stainless steel of high superiority. The steel includes the high carbon content ensures the top presentation and higher sturdiness of the knife. Besides, the high carbon hardens the blade at an extreme level, which protects the knife from breaking while breaking the bones. Anyway, the sturdy knife includes an ABS polymer handle with the blade. The handle is highly resilient to the heat and keeps an impact on the knife’s ultimate durability.


What’s so good

  • Affordable cleaver
  • Solid handle with three rivets
  • Great for hard bones and robust roasts
  • The blade material protects it from breaking
  • Heat resilient handle with a great hold


What’s not so good

  • Unsafe using the dishwasher
  • Heavy cutlery
  • Unsuitable for inexperienced hand


JapanBargain 1564

Making food will be fun for you when you use an appropriate tool for your kitchen. JapanBargain is one of the tools that can give you the feeling while making food.

Whether you are a skilled, semi-skilled, or non-skilled chef, the Chinese style wooden handle of the knife is recommended for you. Therefore, use the JapanBargain cutlery spontaneously on your food. Also, the knife involves a sheath with it, which is made of Japanese oak wood.

What types of blade you’ll like to get in your knife? Definitely, you’ll want to get a sharp knife for your cooking. The JapanBargain cleaver comes with a scary sharp blade which well-constructed. Alongside, the Chinese cleaver consisting of stainless blade material, which intends to hold the edge tightly. However, the overall construction of the cutlery is very decorative that it can attract anyone to buy it.


What’s so good

  • A great low budget choice
  • Single rivet handle
  • Easy to maintain the sharpness
  • Scary sharp blade
  • Holds its edge when getting care

What’s not so good

  • Requires polishing before first use
  • Isn’t made to chop bone
  • Less sturdiness
  • Too light in weight


Cook N Home 7-inch Multi-Purpose Chef

Are you searching for a heavy-duty Chinese knife? If so, then go for a cook N home multipurpose chef knife. What you’ll find in this knife?

You’ll find a heavy-duty chopping blade that comes with 3mm thickness. Besides, you’ll find the edge is highly durable and balanced. Also, you can’t deny its versatile use, which is useful for any skilled or non-skilled chef. Besides, the cleaver maintains the full tang construction with a straight edge. The straight edge cuts the food very quickly and safely.

A hygienic handle in a knife is preferable to everyone. The cook N butcher knife will give you a hygienic and ergonomically shaped handle with the cleaver. Additionally, it’ll ensure your firm grip with proper security. Hence, you’ll love this knife for a long time using.


What’s so good

  • The handle is appropriate for large hand
  • Easily slices the food
  • Good steel with exceptional sharpness
  • Highly satisfying product
  • Durable and thick knife
  • Very low price


What’s not so good

  • Large in size
  • Not dishwasher safe


Dexter S5198 8” x 3-1/4” Chinese

People who like to feel the warmth and real wood handle, the DEXTER-RUSSEL traditional knife, will be appropriate for them. The S5198 model of the DEXTER knife is most popular and famous than the other models.

It is such steel cutlery which doesn’t get stain nor discolored. You needn’t do sharp the blade again and again. So, in this case, it’ll reduce your cost. Besides, the S5198 model of DEXTURE cleaver is more comfortable to sharpen. Hence, you needn’t has to get trouble for sharpening the knife.

The edge of the knife containing twofold-bevel, which makes the cleaver’s profile robust and flexible. Be careful! This knife is only vegetable cleaver, not meat or bone cleaver.

Anyway, the knife is perfect for small and medium-sized vegetables but not suitable for application over the large vegetables. Such as the butternut squash.

What’s so good

  • Better ability to sharpening
  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • Efficiency expert knife
  • Great for offering a thin slice
  • Perfect for performing smaller jobs


What’s not so good

  • Unsuitable for bones or other hard food
  • Needs more pressure while cutting hard food


SHI BA ZI ZUP Chef knife Chinese

Yangjiang Shibazi group one of the old and reputable kitchen knife brands of china who owns the Shibazizup knife. It is an attractive product for the customer for its incredible sharp blade and longtime serving capability.

Because or rosewood constructed to handle the knife gets more attraction from the customers. While you buy this cleaver, you’ll experience an improved grip and delighted cutting capacity. Be confident about fast cutting, because the non-stick coating edge avoids the food sticking with the blade. The manufacturer declared it an ideal knife because of its multitasking capability. Besides, it is a practical knife for using in households, restaurants, outdoors, and other places for cooking. Therefore, you’ll be a winner if you buy this cutlery.


What’s so good

  • Serves for a long time
  • Good knife at low price
  • Qualifies balanced and relaxed grip
  • Can bear the hot water
  • Can go through the oil and scrub
  • A good sharp blade with the hand-fitted handle

What’s not so good

  • It isn’t a full tang knife
  • Curved angle makes a knife tough to mince

Dexter Russell S5197 Traditional

Whether we buy a regular or a kitchen knife, the thing we give more priority is the external look of the knife. It is DEXTURE RUSSELL S5197, which will provide you with a wooden walnut handle a natural look. With the walnut wooden DEXTURE handle will give you a warm feeling while holding it. Why you’ll choose it as your kitchen knife?

If you want a versatile nice-looking knife which is long-lasting, then don’t make hesitate to choose the cleaver. With a beautiful look, it will enable you to a sharper blade, which consists of high carbon steel. We can do a lot of cooking within a short time with the knife.

Whether it is ginger, garlic, or any meat, this culinary knife can cut almost everything. That’s why; it is called the versatile knife.


What’s so good

  • Large in size but light in weight
  • Can be stored easily
  • Clasps the edge perfectly
  • The ergonomic handle is comfortable to grasp
  • Greater blade shape
  • Enables Dishwasher security

What’s not so good

  • Not for cleaving
  • Ends without point


Final verdict


Believe it or not, the people are now rapidly engaging with Chinese cutlery along with Japanese, German, and USA cutlery. The foremost attractions of Chinese cutlery are getting versatile use, traditional design, thick construction at a very reasonable price.

Here we’ve evaluated the ten best Chinese knives are containing the basic features and powerful materials of Chinese cutlery. All of the cleavers are collectible at a very reasonable price. If you are a new buyer of Chinese cutlery, our buyer’s guide will help you to choose the right one.

We hope you’ll find the best cutlery which will serve you for the lifelong. Don’t make hasty. Be cool! It might be your lifetime investment if you can choose the correct cleaver.


Buyer’s guide


The Chinese are one of the renowned names for producing high-quality cutlery. Whether it is blade material, handle material, the Chinese try to offer the best quality at a lower price. If you look are the knife industry, then you’ll notice the price difference with the Chinese knives and other industries. It seems they offer the cleavers at a very lower price compared to other countries.

On the basis of their quality of the product, here we’ve explored the product quality or Chinese cleaver. Follow the guidelines; surely, it’ll direct you to have the best product.


Blade material

The main attraction of the Chinese knife is its traditional blade and handle material. At the previous time, they had made their blade with carbon steel. Hence, there was a possibility of rusting the blade and getting inappropriate to use the knife. If the knife gets rusted, there is also a possibility of destroying your food presentation and getting worse the test of food. So, the customer had tried to avoid the Chinese knife. But currently, most of the Chinese cleavers are consisting of Japanese steel. Therefore, if you are taking preparation for buying Chinese cutlery, give priority to the Japanese blade in it.



The Chinese give three options to choose the handle material. They include their knife, whether with a wooden handle or steel handle. Both the handle components are highly qualified for regular use. Let’s know the pros and cons of each material handle while using it.


  • Wooden handle

If you are a regular knife user, then you must know the wood enhances the beauty of a knife. Because the manufacturer can apply any design on the wooden handle which he can’t make over other material. Possibly, that’s why fancy customers like to use wooden handles more than other materials. Besides, the wooden handle occupies other benefits too. They have an external ability to prevent moistures and heat.

But the wooden handle has some demerits too. They get rotten in cold and wet weather. Maximum time they come with heavyweight, which is harmful to the hand of users. Anyway, if a high-quality wooden handle is included with the knife, it lasts for a long time.


  • Steel handle

The steel handle doesn’t have such problems to get rotten in water or get rusted easily. On the contrary, it makes the knife lightweight and offers a sturdy knife.


Thickness and weight

Lightweight is good for a knife to carry easily. But the less weight in extreme level isn’t good for a butcher knife. It reduces the effectivity while using the knife. Hence, don’t buy a knife which is extremely thick and very light in weight.

Traditional design

How you’ll identify an original Chinese cleaver?

The Chinese cleaver is popular for its traditional design. Both the handle and blade design specify the mark of Chinese cutlery. So, while going to buy a Chinese knife, you’ll find the traditional and luxurious design on it. Thus, you can identify Chinese cutlery.



Why do Chinese chefs use Chinese cleaver for work?

The Chinese cutlery industries produce both the thick and heavy blade knife. The thick blades are suitable for cutting the small food. By contrast, the weighted blades are appropriate for cutting any types of meat and hard bones also. Hence, the Chinese chef uses the knife according to the nature of the blade.


How to safe kitchen knives from rusting?

  • Clean your knife correctly after every use
  • Use mild soap and hand wash to clean the knife
  • For the best result, you can use the dish soap
  • Dry it immediately after washing
  • Don’t put it in dishwasher

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