Cimeter knives belong to the most necessary set of blades that you need while dealing with raw meat. Such knives are easily distinguishable with their narrow sword-like appearance and a curved tip. Cimeter blades also go by a scimitar knife and are sometimes referred to as the breaking knife. However, you’ll find significant differences between them. If you cook for others in general, be it residential or professional, the best cimeter knife is gonna come in a lot handier while preparing dishes than you intended for.

The cimeter knives are excellent for prepping steaks; or anything that contains fat and juices, such as roasts, hams, or poultries. The kullens on the edge of the blade helps to keep the residue off the knife and reduces unnecessary dragging by limiting the contact of food with the blade. You can chop down raw meats to your preferred size without trouble, with a good cimeter by your side for the longest time. We’ve gathered 5 of such cimeter knives that won’t cost you a bunch but give you your money’s worth. The list isn’t a ranking, so make sure to check them all out before you finalize which one to go for.


Best Cimeter Knives To Buy Now


  1. UltraSource 449412 Cimeter Blade

This fantastic piece of cimeter knife is one of the very best options you can get considering both the price range and the functionality. Designed to work in professional circumstances, it’s sure to up your productivity to a significant degree without posing any disadvantage.

A bit longer compared to most of its competition, measuring about 16 inches in length overall with a 10 inches long cimeter blade. The blade is constructed from quality-grade German steel, which is perfect as a meat knife for professional grounds. The cryo-treated molybdenum knife is durable and very sharp to deal with all sorts of raw meat, one blade suitable for beef, pork, poultries, etc., without any trouble.

The high-visual orange handle is one of the focal points of this cimeter knife, it’s 6 inches in length, which is enough spacious to grant any user a comfortable grip, and the protective guards on the handle make it more secure to work with. Its ergonomic composite handle is liquid welded and NSF certified.


  • Made from quality materials.
  • Excellent balance and durab


  • Razor-sharp edge.
  • Non-slip antimicrobial handle.


  • Poor quality control.


  1. Dexter Russell S132-10PCP Cimeter Knife

Dexter Russel presents this NSF certified quality option which poses great value for the price. Its silver appearance is catchy, and the functionality ensures the ultimate experience while using it in both commercial and domestic scenarios.

This 16.5-inch long cimeter knife boasts a durable 10 inches cimeter blade constructed of high carbon and high-alloy stainless steel that goes by DEXSTEEL. The blade features impressive edge retention and strength, so you can easily deal with ribeye roasts and large fishes. Its efficient flexibility makes the task smoother.

The sani-safe silver handle provides a comfortable grip that boasts an antibacterial and antimicrobial handle; it’s slip-resistant, so it’s unlikely to slip out of your grip while working with moist meat. The handle is designed to reduce hand fatigue even after hours of use. Wash it manually after every use and dry it before storing it for the next session.


  • Perfectly centered and grinded blade.
  • Suitable for high-duty uses.
  • Comfortable water & weather-proof handle.
  • Ideal blade-to-handle balance.


  • Tad heavier.


  1. Wusthof Pro Cimeter Knife 10-inch

Wusthof knife is one of the most sold cimeter knives on the present market. Considering its build, design, and the feel it gives off makes it worth investing in. The weight is just right to provide you an awesome balance.

The 10-inch blade is conventional to use on all sorts of applications. The blade is constructed from alloyed stainless steel, that excels at resisting all forms of corrosion and simultaneously provides great edge retention quality. You can sharpen it easily using regular sharpening stones.

The black polypropylene handle is ergonomic, and the finger guards on each end ensure safety too, so your finger won’t accidentally trip on the blade. The textured haft is perfect for longer sessions in butcher shops. The curve at the tip is honed by experts, the blade boasts a shiny mirror polish. However, washing them in the dishwasher is not recommended; it will damage the finish.


  • Impressive workmanship.
  • Safe and comfortable grip.
  • Wider blade design.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Comes razor sharp.


  • The handle feels a bit cheap comparing the price.


  1. Mercer Culinary BPX Cimeter

Mercer Culinary is a popular brand for kitchen utensils, known for delivering high-quality kitchen wares at reasonable prices to all kinds of customers, professionals, and home cooks alike. Similarly, this product has also earned the trust of its users and the Amazon’s Choice badge on Amazon.

The knife is designed for commercial use with an overall length of 17 inches consisting of a long 12 inches blade. The size of the blade is pretty convenient to use in restaurants and butcher shops. The blade is constructed from stamped high carbon steel which offers decent edge retention. The blade also features kullens on the edge that works efficiently while portioning raw fatty meats.

The non-slip handle is constructed of polypropylene, it fits your palm like a glove, and the balance allows a strain-free use even after a lengthy session.


  • Quality construction.
  • Long sharp blade with Granton edge.
  • Durable and balanced.
  • High-functional professional knife.


  • Requires frequent sharpening.


  1. DALSTRONG Butcher’s Breaking Cimitar Knife

The cimeter knife from the Dalstrong Gladiator series is a luxury model which offers superior quality and performance for the longest period. For this, it has rightfully earned the nickname “The Reaper.” This cimeter knife smoothly executes any required task in both kitchen and butcher shops.

With a 14 inches long blade, it’s the largest unit on this list. The blade is forged from Thyssenkrupp high carbon steel which comes with awesome stain and rust resistance and surgical sharpness. The blade scores 56+ on the HRC scale, the hardness ensures sturdiness along with great tenacity strength. The Granton blade is hand-honed 14-16° per side. The full-tang build gives you impeccable balance.

The G-10 handle is designed ergonomically with three engraved rivets that help you maneuver the knife and gain full control of this beast. The handle offers sufficient leverage for an easy grip; being ambidextrous, the knife checks everyone’s boxes. It also offers a safe BPA-free sheath, so you’re all set when you go for this one.


  • Satin polished blade.
  • Triple-riveted handle.
  • Heat-treated steel.
  • Full-tang construction.
  • Includes a sheath.


  • The smooth handle feels a bit slippery at times.



Q: Granton edge vs. classic; which is better for a cimeter knife?

A: A Granton blade features kullens on the edge, that are designed to prevent food from sticking on the blade. The hollow shapes on the blade contain the fat and juices of the meat and ensure a smooth experience throughout the process. But such designed knives are quite more expensive than the plain classic edged cimeter knives.

Q: What makes cimeter knives different from breaking knives?

A:  Even though the cimeter knives and breaking knives are often concurred as similar but they aren’t completely the same, but their application is quite parallel. You use the breaking knife to cut down chunks of meat into smaller sizes. Breaking knives tend to measure between 7 to 10 inches. While the cimeter knives are longer, measuring about 8 to 14 inches, and wider too. Along with portioning meat into smaller pieces, you also use it to chop ribs, roast, steaks, hams, beef, etc. to trim the fat off the bones efficiently.

Q: What’s better for a cimeter knife? High carbon or stainless steel?

A: High carbon steel is renowned for its ability to hold edge extensively; it’s also relatively easy to sharpen and can be honed to razor-sharp effortlessly. This feature is easily prioritized in cimeter knives, but high carbon steel is also more vulnerable to rusting than stainless steel and requires maintenance to avoid that. On the other hand, stainless steel is low maintenance due to the blades being rustproof, but it is also softer than high carbon steel, so it’s gonna need sharpening more often.


Final Verdict

A Cimeter knife is a multifunctional blade to prepare raw meats in retail fashion in a most faster and efficient way. It’s considered vital for every kitchen to have the best cimeter knife ready on the countertop, to ensure the ultimate cooking experience for the chef, whether they are a home cook or a professional.

Since it’s one of the essentials, the market is flooded with options varying in sizes, construction material, design based on the brand and price range. We carefully picked 5 cimeter knives from them for this article and unbiasedly presented these with both pros and cons. Hopefully, my research will help you; good luck!


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