Who doesn’t love spy gears? For such lovers, the market offers many hidden knives that have a harmless appearance such as a pen, comb, lipstick, etc. that hides a blade underneath; they are very reliable in the case of daily carry.

A comb knife is like a nostalgia trip; 90’s kids used to have a field day with showing it off. Comb knives have a similar appearance to a butterfly knife, so similar tricks and skills can be applied with such comb knife too. And the comb which is furnished in the unit is fully functional and not just ornamental.

There are great to carry as EDC; most of these knives come with locks, auto and manual both, so the possibility to accidentally injure yourself is minimized. Those who are uncomfortable with carrying a knife around can go for comb knives; they are metallic, have the stature of a knife, and also can be used to comb your hairs, beard, mustache, etc. You can find various models of the best comb knife in the market. In this article, I’ve mentioned 5 of such comb knives that you should definitely check out.

How to Get the Best Comb Knife?

  1. Etrading Pearl Handle Automatic Comb

Etrading presents one of the best value comb knives in the market. Aside from functionality, it excels in visuals too. This model comes in pearl white, dark rainbow, black, blue, and wood colored handle, a rich palette to choose from.

The comb knife measures about 9 inches in length while it’s open, consisting of a 5.1-inch length handle and 4 inches long comb. The comb features a spring-assisted button release, so like a switchblade knife, all you gotta do is, press the button to release the comb. The comb is secured with a belt clip and lock switch. The lock is automated, so it won’t accidentally close when you’re working with it, nor will it open when you don’t want to.

The construction material of the comb is stainless steel, so it’s waterproof; you can wash it without the stress of it losing the shine or staining ever. The handle is made of polymer the color varies option-wise. The handle is screwed stable to enhance quality.


  • Beautifully compact size.
  • Durable stainless steel comb and frame.
  • Features reversible belt clip.
  • One-click operation.
  • Comes with a reliable safety lock.


  • Poor quality control.
  • Uncomfortable for long hair.
  1. Le Fu Li Pocket Folding Hair Comb

One of the finest men’s pocket comb knife that is vastly used in salons. Thanks to its strong release system, you can rely on it for the longest time; it features a smart spring jump mechanism.

The comb is constructed of thick stainless steel, so the weight adds a nice feel to it. It has a sturdy construction, so there is no way for it to come undone. The opening function is easy and pops open instantly. The handle is visually pleasing green in appearance and safely attached to the comb with quality screws.

The comb boasts a fine set of teeth that provides just-right gaps; so it won’t hurt your temple or scalp. It has no sharp edges thus you can’t cause accidents with it. It has a wide variety of application areas; no matter what kind of hair you’re dealing with, you cannot go wrong with this one.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting build.
  • Features knife guard.
  • Made from thick stainless steel.
  • Applicable to all types of hairs.
  • Offers push-blade mechanism.


  • Too heavy for EDC.
  1. Togortorg Folding Comb Switch Blade Knife

If you want to comb your beard with style, then it’s right on the money. The pearl blue colored polymer with shiny polish can effortlessly stand the test of time. The design is pretty modern, with all the right adjustments that ensure agility.

The dimension of the knife consists of a 4 inches long comb made of stainless steel, and it measures about 9 inches when it’s open. The mechanism is easy and won’t take long to get used to. But there’s no way to tell if it conceals a blade or a comb, so it would be wise to travel with it open if it involves TSA.

The stainless steel comb is strong and comfortable to use, unlikely to ever lose a tooth while untangling hair; that’s why such a metallic comb is the first choice in most professional salons.


  • Excellent to carry every day.
  • Comes with a reversible pocket clip.
  • Secured toggle-lock system.
  • Easy to use.


  • Rounding up the teeth works better.


  1. Rhode Island Novelty Folding Pocket Comb

Rhode Island has designed the perfect prop to go with your play or party costume. When closed, it looks and feels like a knife. The setting is very straightforward too. On the haft of the knife, you will find an ejector switch and a lever. The switch initiates the release of the comb, and the lever locks or unlocks it. So it stays in the position you want it to.

The dense toothed comb is made of plastic, which has a metallic cover over its spine. It has used stainless steel to frame the structure. The length of the comb should be just right to use on men’s hair, beard, and mustache, as it does not have any sharp end, you can present your kid with this to encourage neat hairs. The handle is textured, so the provided grip will feel nice and handy.


  • Looks shiny and elegant.
  • Easy and safe uses.
  • Features a lanyard hole.
  • Offers manual lock and quick ejection.


  • The mechanism tends to come loose over time.


  1. Andux Land Curved Comb Knife

This can be said as the highlight of the list if you’re a collector or wanna buy a cool comb knife to show-off. The knife is a CSGO classic, so it looks like it’s straight out of the game. The nebula inspired design just adds more awe to it.

The butterfly designed comb knife offers a sturdy built, which is designed to never rust or fade. The features comb is curved and has a metallic body; the teeth are longer than average too. So not only is it cool to look at, it is comfortable to use on both scarp and facial hair too, no matter what type your hair is.

The fan-like handle is great to learn and boast tricks with; it comes with a latch so you can keep the handles attached while using it like a comb, and unlatch it while playing. Overall it’s guaranteed money spent well.


  • A great collectible.
  • Effortless release mechanism.
  • Curved thick toothed comb.
  • Built with quality materials.
  • Includes a sheath.


  • No instruction on screw adjustment.


Final Verdict

The best comb knife is hard to come by in this age where anything can be counterfeited. But an experienced knife collector can see through that, and go for the useful ones. The key is to have the primary knowledge about knives, especially the comb knives.

Comb knives are just a knife in the name; it doesn’t actually have a blade in it; it only looks like one. Although, some of the models do conceal a weapon, that falls into a different category though. Comb knives have the vibe of a pocket knife too, so there are various uses, and it’s up to you to decide how. This article should fill in enough insight for you to make the right decision. Best of luck!



Q: Is it legal to carry a comb knife?

A: It sure is. The thing that needs to be crystal clear is that comb knives are knives just in name only. It features neither a blade nor a sharp edge or tip at all. So it’s not threatening in any circumstances. The reason for this misconception is probably because it looks like a switchblade, but nope, the comb is metallic alright, but not sharp. So there’s no law against it.

Q: How many types of comb knives are available in the market?

A: Since comb knives have been around a lot of time, there are a lot of types, such as the release of the comb by a switch, or manual one where it uses spring. There is also a type called butterfly comb knife, very popular around people who learn folding knife tricks. Then there are comb knives that do hide a blade within them.

Q: Are metallic combs better than plastic ones?

A: Considering from a different perspective, they are quite superior. Metallic combs offer longer durability and better performance, so they are also more expensive than a plastic knife. Metallic combs are also known to treat hair and beards better. People dig the anti-static feature.

Q: Can metallic combs irritate skin?

A: The newer the comb is the sharper the teeth. So be careful while using the comb for the first few days; you will get used to it. Also, any comb can leave scratch marks if you push hard enough. Normal use won’t hurt if you use it typically and not forcefully. That’s why salons and barbers tend to lean towards metallic ones still.

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