Many countries produce world ranking knives. The Knives which has got popularity by the common people is known as the best knife. If you look at the rank, you can see that most of the top-ranked knives are made in America.

This ranking number is based on the knife’s materials, design, multitasking, sharpness, and other basic features. Most of the American knives include the maximum features of an ideal knife. This is the reason why most of the American knife has possessed the top-ranking place.

After evaluating proper research, our experts have determined 10 best American knives, which the customers prefer most. To know the details read out the article.


KA-BAR knife is a branded knife that is most popular with worldwide customers. It is a 100% synthetic fighting knife that is directly imported or made in the USA.

This tactical knife is used by all branches of military and service members. Its Kraton G handle gives a comfortable grip in hand. The hard sheath of the knife is very practical and durable. The blade of the knife is made of 1095 Cro-Van steel which made it easy to sharpen. The blade partially includes a serrated edge that saves your edge from heavy damage. Besides, the serrated knife needs less sharpening than the plain edge.



  • Easy to sharpen
  • No spin throwing
  • Quality: Price is unbeatable
  • Need no maintenance
  • Excellent grip


  • Less effective for combat
  • Grip is slippery
  • Less rustproof

Buck Knives 0118

First, come to the blade. The steel blade of the knife has an excellent capacity for edge retention and corrosion resistance. It can be the best choice as a hunting knife and very simple to collect.

The full tang construction makes the knife easy to carry. Besides, its integrated finger guard and a deep choil make the knife one of the best options for the hunters. The handle of the knife includes curves and palm swells for a comfortable grip. It’s aluminum pommel gives the knife a perfect combination of beauty with balance. However, the knife includes high-quality leather sheath which protects the knife from any kind of major scratches.


  • Razor-sharp
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Solid construction
  • Smart Design
  • Excellent edge holding capacity


  • The sheath is large
  • The knife is not so deep


Buck Knives 01100BRS 110

This model is another version of Buck knives. It is the 110 folding hunter knives. After 50 years, it is still one of America’s best selling knives. Besides, this knife is handed from one generation to another generation. It is the best knife with a lifetime warranty.

If we talk about the sheath, it is made of pure protective leather. The leather sheath keeps the knife safe. Now come to the blade of the knife. Buck knives are made of stainless steel. It is better resistant to rust and corrosion than the high carbon steel. Handle gives a good balance to operate the knife.



  • Durable blade
  • Controllable blade point
  • Excellent strength
  • Lock back makes the blade reliable
  • Crelicam Ebony Handle


  • The sheath can dull the blade
  • Less harder blade

Buck Knives 119

The knife is known as one of the best American icons among most other knives. The clip blade of the knife is good for piercing, detail work and cutting in tight place. Its steel blade can sustain the edge for a long time and can resist the rust for a long time.

Its classic phenolic handle makes the knife lightweight, strong and dressier than G-10. The handles tang extends to the pommel, but it is hidden inside. The skin made sheath is efficient to protect the knife. The integrated belt allows you to carry out the knife securely and safely with your belt.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Well balanced
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Tough and light


  • Expensive and brittle handle
  • The point is less reliable

Benchmade- Mini Griptilian 556

Let’s talk to the blade first. The blade of the knife contains plan sharp edge which is very strong and gives a steady pressure. So the plain edge doesn’t snag or fray when cutting the ropes or cables. Its glass-filled nylon handle has a textured grip and superior durability.

The axis locking system ensures the smoothness of the opening and closing of the knife. Its reversible clip makes it easy to carry in the pocket. There is a lanyard hole for versatile carry options. You can carry your Benchmade anywhere with its reduced profile. The knife is very lightweight but extremely solid, sturdy and comfortable.


  • Outstanding customer service
  • Griptilian is super smooth
  • Lifetime free sharpening
  • Easy open, quite sharp, well-cut


  • Small blade
  • Not enough good stuff
  • Have not better finishing on the scales.

Buck knives 401

Buck knife is a skinner knife with 420HC steel. It is soft, stain-resistant and not very wear-resistant steel. The knife’s handle is made of rosewood Dymondwood handle. That is more stable and tougher than regular wood. Besides, it comes with a leather sheath which is very aesthetic. Oil has to applied on leather sheath occasionally to keep it long-lasting.

The knife is very sharp with a fixed blade. A fixed blade is very strong and easier to maintain. It is more beneficent for tactical use. Moreover, the knife comes with an integrated belt which makes the knife easier to carry with you.


  • Steel is tough and strong
  • Comfortable sure grip
  • Snap fastener
  • High-quality leather
  • Solid weight
  • Well designated


  • 420 steel loses its edge quickly
  • Inexpensive wooden handle

Kershaw Scallion

The knife contains 420 steel blades that make it an excellent knife to the customers. The steel holds the edge very well. Besides, this blade is rustproof and makes the knife stronger.

Now come to the handle of the knife. The 410 steel handle of the knife is heat, corrosion and scratch-resistant. The linker lock keeps the knife open with a lock bar to ensure safety and stability. The knife contains a single position pocket clip. It ensures the pocket knife secure whether stored, concealed or carried.  The scallion of the knife offers users premier functionality and exceptional value. This ken onion designated knife is very stylists and functional.


  • Blade locks up nice and tight
  • Fast opening, classy and large enough
  • Well edge holding cable blade


  • Weak blade tip lock
  • The edge doesn’t hold up

Kershaw Blur Tiger Stripe

Kershaw’s blur knife is a multitasking knife. It has a unique handle that contains 6061-T6 anodized aluminum. This material in handle ensures the safe and secure grip of the knife. Even under extreme condition, the material gives good support to the handle. The handle made the knife lightweight and easy to carry.

The blade of the knife gives high performance with excellent slicing and cutting capabilities. They are made of Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel. Sandvik steel is the latest development of Sandvik knife that makes the blade hard and good corrosion-resistant. The inset liner lock securely locks up the blur edge knife when to use.


  • High performance of the blade
  • Scales are little grippy
  • Multitasking knife
  • Secure and safe grip
  • Durable stainless steel


  • Stripped blade
  • The pocket clip isn’t so big.

KA-BAR Full-size US marine Crops

KA-BAR knife is the USA made knife where the sheath of the knife is made in Mexico. It includes 7″ straight edge blade including a 20-degree edge angle. The blade of the knife is made of 1095 Cro-van steel. It is high carbon steel which is suitable for fixed blade knives only. The blade of the knife has extreme durability and resistance to chipping. The knife’s blade is a fixed bladed knife that is very effective as an EDC knife.

The knife has a rat tail tang. It extends the full length of the knife but not the width. That means the tang significantly reducing its structural durability. Besides, the knife comes with a leather sheath. The sheath protects the knife from any kind of major sheath.


  • Easy sharpening
  • Decent edge retention
  • Well made
  • High-quality leather
  • Great at piercing and slicing


  • Rattail tang is less good than full tang.
  • Can’t hold an edge so much perfectly.

Gerber LMF 2 Survival

This black colored Gerber knife includes a thick serrated blade. The blade can be used in all situations. For example: cutting firewood, build a shelter or slice through a seat belt.  The blade is freely designated to an aircrew. The knife involves the toughness to cut the fuselage of an aircraft and smartness to give you proper security. It has a break between the tang and butt cap which provides insulated protection.

The sheath of the knife includes a built-in sharpener. It is quite useful to a dull knife to make sharp. The sheath makes the knife easy to move on. The glass-filled nylon handle is strong enough. It is 70 percent stronger than a standard nylon handle.


  • Comfortable design
  • Versatility
  • Provides control
  • Sheath facilitates the knife’s movement
  • Strong and serrated blade
  • Fantastic and balanced grip


  • Dissimilar as picture after use.
  • Not full tang

Final Verdict

The knives which are famous and reliable to the customers are considered as best knives. After proper research, our experts have lifted the 10 Best American Made knives. They are included in the top-ranked knives in the world. Most peoples of the whole world prefer American knives because of their quality, brand, and durability and so on.

This research is based on the customer’s review, product specifications, and seller’s information. So it is a more realistic and reliable description. You can fully consider trust over the information.

If you want to have a knife from America, just read out the article properly. You will find which knives best meets your needs. Just pick up the best-matched knife and go through.

Buyer’s guide: The winners

The United States knives are undoubtedly better knives than most other country’s knives. If you want to buy your knife from best-ranked knives, you must choose your knives from America. Wherever you bought your knife from, you must consider something while buying a knife.



The most important thing you have to look over the very sharp knife. A sharper knife is always the first choice for the customer. A dull and blunt knife is not efficient to use in any sector of work.  Because it needs more pressure or force to perform a task by operating it. On the contrary, because a sharp knife needs less force but cuts profoundly. So, while buying a knife you should check the sharpness of the knife thoroughly.


The best product indeed costs much. If you want to buy a long-lasting product you must have to spend much. But before, buying a product you also should consider your budget along with product quality.


A beautiful design makes a product more adorable to the users. As a knife becomes your daily partner, you should consider the design of a knife before buying the knife.


A stronger knife is more expensive than a less strong knife. If you bought the knife for your daily use or outdoor work, you must buy a hard bladed knife. On the contrary, if you buy your knife for the indoor purpose you should buy a less tough knife.

Blade type

There are different designated blades available for a knife. Such as the plain blade, clip point, trailing point, drop point, needlepoint and so on. Before you choose a knife, you should know the knife’s blade type and its work.

  • Plain blade

The plain or straight blade constitutes with a dull flat back and curved edge. It is not so sharp. So it needs high pressure to cut anything. Besides, this blade makes the knife a little bit heavier with its weight. The knife is good for slicing and chopping

  • Clips point blade

Clips point is very useful for multitasking. It offers the aesthetic value of a knife. The blade is perfect as an EDC knife.

  • Tanto blade

Tanto blade is very useful at hunting, tip or outdoor tasks. It is designated at a high point and flat grinds. However, the blade shape of the knife is not so efficient.

  • Drop point blade

The drop point gives a perfect shape to a knife’s blade. The drop pointed knives can handle various activities including cutting, skinning, curving and so more.

  • Fixed blade

Fixed bladed knife performs very well when it is used in an EDC knife. The fixed bladed knife can be applied in several activities. The activities include hunting, survival, combat, boot, dive, throwing and many more.


Before buying a knife, find out the product’s durability. If you buy a durable and long-lasting product, you don’t need to invest frequently for the same product.


Some buyers give 1/2/3 or more years of product warranty. In America, most of the sellers give a lifetime warranty of their knife. While buying a knife, you also should look after the warranty of the knife. A lifetime warranted knife must be the best investment in your whole life.


  1. What types of a knife should I buy to cut vegetables, meat or fish?

Answer: You should use a fixed bladed knife while cut vegetables, meat or fish. The fixed blade knives are capable of holding the edge for a long time. Besides, it provides you long term indoor services.

  1. Are buck knives still made in the USA?

Answer: While you look at the updated research of 2019, you will get to the latest information about buck knives.  85% of buck knives are made in Idaho, USA, 15% overseas and up 5% from the prior year.

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