Best Spyderco EDC knife


What is the best knife brand? Admittedly, most among us cannot give a definite answer if we ask that question. Even the knife users are also confused about the best brands of the knife.

Spyderco is a brand which is well-recognized for providing the best folding knives. It has made lots of contributions to provide customers with the best quality knives. Luckily, Spyderco is near to its success and has become one of the best-selling companies in the knife market.

The knives that Spyderco provides comes with premium material, outstanding locking system. Mandatorily, all of them are within your budget.

In this article, we have enlisted five outstanding and best Spyderco EDC knives. We’ll talk in-depth about what makes them better than others. Let’s get started!

Spyderco Tenacious Plain

The first thing you’ll notice in this knife is its spacious blade. The 1.5″ spacious blade creates a good combination and utility with its handle.

The stainless steel used in the blade is literally inexpensive than the AUS 8. Moreover, the blade sharpens excellently and holds a good edge. Additionally, steel does a great job when it gets heat.

The G-10 texture of the handle is light enough. Consequently, it reduces the knife’s weight and gives the user a great touch.

The linear lock contours the G-10, and the user gets a secure position of placing his thumb. Subsequently, you’ll feel the lock is secure and flexible in applying.

The Tenacious has a pretty big handle that is enough to put a medium-sized thumb.

The knife has a mountable pocket clip. It makes the knife convenient to carry anywhere in our cloth.

What we liked

  • Countered G10 handle
  • Gives secure hold
  • Pretty big handle
  • Mountable pocket clip
  • Lightweight handle texture
  • Well-spacious blade
  • Great combination of blade and handle

What we didn’t like

  • Deploying might a bit difficult at first.
  • The handle has some removable scuff marks.

Spyderco Dragonfly 2

The first impressive clip in Dragonfly 2 is its pocket clip. It comes with an outstanding pocket clip that does a prestigious job of securing the knife in your pocket.

The dragonfly-2 also stands for its lightweight fiberglass handle. It is a more flexible material than G10. Additionally, the fiberglass handle is less expensive than the G10.

The blade of Dragonfly 2 is made of VG-10 steel. It is far better steel than most of the cheap blade’s steel. The knife is small but includes a flat-grinded and semi-serrated blade. That’s what people like about the knife.

The clips of the Dragonfly 2 do a great job by securing the knife in your pocket. Whether you run or walk fast, it never lets the knife come out from your pocket.

What we liked

  • Inexpensive handle
  • Good-looking small knife
  • The tip is sturdy enough.
  • A practical and reversible pocket clips
  • The downside of the knife is weightless.

What we didn’t like

  • The thin-looking grind is not thin in reality.

Spyderco Delica4

To go on the description, give a look at the design of the knife. It is an extraordinary design that you might’ve not seen in your lifetime.

The excellent knife is made of the honorable steel VG-10 steel. It is a pretty sharpened and super-stylish blade. Luckily, the high flat grind makes the blade superb for slicing and dicing.

The overall weight of the knife is 2.5 ounce that includes a quad-mount pocket clip. So, you’ll find the knife is too much weight even when you keep it in your pocket.

The knife includes a 4th generation fiberglass reinforced handle. It is thoroughly constructed with stainless steel liners.

Apart from the handle, the Delica4 has a well-constructed back lock. It is thinner than the handle and keeps the blade of the knife in exact position. The thumbhole makes the knife easier to open with one hand instead of using a thumb stud.

What we liked

  • Sharpening system is good enough.
  • The scale pattern gives good grip.
  • The locking system keeps the blade in place.
  • Thumps hole ensures good holding.
  • The skeletonized steel strengthens the knife.

What we didn’t like

  • Sharp but a little brittle
  • Cheap-looking handles but not cheap actually.

Spyderco Manix 2

The rock-solid Manix 2 is the second generation of the Manix line. It comes with innovative design, quality and balanced ergonomics.

The Manix 2 has an oversized XL Spyderco blade that is made with S30 stainless steel. It is a solidly built-up and highly functional blade. The blade includes a classic leaf design, but its tip is fairly delicate.

However, the knife has a killer ergonomic which is excellently made of G10. It gives texture grip and great response fully. Additionally, the handle of the knife comes with a large lanyard hole. It makes the knife easy to convey.

The weight of the blade ensures the knife’s easy deployment. Notably, the unique ball-bearing locks work exceptionally well in the knife.

What we liked

  • Creates smooth and exact cut
  • Comfortable grip and shining handle
  • Outstanding lock-up
  • Ensures precise control
  • Reliable and longtime carry

What we didn’t like

  • Occupies your pocket
  • Heavier than other knives
  • Plastic-like handle but isn’t plastic-made

Spyderco Sage Linerlock

Ever seen an eye-catching handle of a knife? The Spyderco sage is a fantastic knife that features an eye-catching titanium handle.

The handle is relatively small, but the large thumb provides plenty of rooms to place your hand. Practically, it ensures a solid grip even for the large hand.

However, the Spyderco is a good-looking knife and ideal for performing regular activities. Moreover, the knife is a feature with outstanding fit and finish. Most probably, that’s why the knife is arguably perfect as an EDC knife.

Come to its blade! The Spyderco knife is featured with good standard S30V steel. Unlike the other steel, the S30V is harder to sharpen.

What we did like

  • Good-looking handy knife
  • Small and easy to carry
  • A strong pocket clips
  • Coating holds the scales extremely well.
  • The locks bite in nicely and early.

What we didn’t like

  • Needs longtime sharpening
  • Most expensive Spyderco

Final Thought

Spyderco is a brand which has made lots of fans within a short time. Now, it has become one of the incompatible companies in the knife industry. How has Spyderco included such a huge community with them?

The answer is very simple. They innovate quality knives and upgrade the features of their old knives continuously. Most probably, that’s why it is one of the top-selling companies despite being inexpensive.

In short, we have upheld the features of five best Spyderco knives in this article. After reading it, you’ll find how outstanding features Spyderco has included. Also, how effortlessly, they work on upgrading the features of their knives.

Buyer’s Guide (Things you should consider)

Indeed, the Spyderco makes high-performing knives. After frequent research on customer’s, they add outstanding features with their knives.

Not all Spyderco includes the same features. Also, the working style and capacity of the knives are different. So, before purchasing a Spyderco, you must have to do essential research.

We, instead of you, have researched the Spyderco EDC knives and made the buyer’s guide. Let’s have a look at how to select the right Spyderco for you.

External look

Spyderco is one of the expensive brands among all the knife brands. Moreover, you are purchasing the knife for everyday use. So, you must consider the Spyderco knife’s look first.

Toughness and hardness of the blade

The knife has to go through various difficulties if you purchase the knife for regular use. So, the blade of the knife must have a capacity for enduring those difficulties. In short, the blade of the knife must have to be tough and hard enough to use.

Solid grip

The Spyderco uses G-10 to make the handle of their knife. The difference between handles is their size and ergonomic. Some handles are perfect for large grip; some are perfect for small grip and some covers all sized grip.

So, consider the size of your grip when selecting the Spyderco EDC knife. Make sure the handle is well-textured and gives you a solid grip without slippery. Otherwise, it might make an undesirable cut in your hand.

Pocket clip

An ambidextrous and solid pocket clip ensures that the knife won’t lose in your big pocket. It is better to choose the four-corner and removable pocket clip. It will give you an additional feature of removing the pocket clip anytime you want.


Most of the Spyderco comes with a thumb hole at the lower side of the blade. It ensures a solid grip and easy deployment by adjusting your thumb stud into the hole. Check before purchasing, whether your knife has a thumb hole in it or not.

Locking functions

A knife is considered suitable as an EDC knife when it has a great locking system. You might need to open the knife anytime within a day. If the blade stuck in the knife while opening, it might be inconvenient to you.

Inversely, locking function must hold the blade of the knife tightly while closed. Otherwise, it may cause an unwanted accident in your pocket. So, choose the blade which remains in place while closed and flexible to open.

Hopefully, our list of best Spyderco knives will assist you in selecting the best knife. Still, if you face problems in selecting the best knife, our well-researched buyer’s guide is there to help you.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Here are some questions that we frequently asked by our customers. Thanks for your questions! We have answered them in short of eradicating their hesitations about Spyderco knives.

Are Spyderco knives worth the money?

The Spyderco is a well-famed company that provides uncompilable sharp and practical knives. Likewise, their budget, their knives feature high-quality steel and handle coating.

Overall, with such great features, the Spyderco knives are really worth the money.

Why is Spyderco so popular?

The Spyderco knives are very user-friendly. They provide a very swift and sharp cut. So, they are convenient to use. Moreover, their price creates a good impression on customers.

That’s why; the knife is so popular to the knife lovers.

Are Spyderco knives overpriced?

Definitely not! Compared to quality materials and features, the knives actually deserve their cover price.

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