Hook knives are essential in carving spoons, cups, and bowls, etc., objects with a similar concave hollow inside. Other than being a professional, if you are a DIY enthusiast or even do woodcraft as a hobby, you need a set of hook knives in your toolbox.

Many features make one the best hook knife. The sharpness and width of the blade are some of the most vital things to look at before buying hook knives. The sharpness sure does the work, but if the blade isn’t wide you’ll have trouble digging deeper, thin blades are easy to use but prone to bending. The curvature is another matter that you cannot ignore; narrow curved hook knives are beginner-friendly, but professional-level work requires a little open curve so that you can make any sort of carving with just one hook knife. A comfortable handle is not something you can overlook either.

Hook knives are popular wood-crafting tools, so the market has no shortage of options. Therefore, you’ll need to do more in-depth research to find the best suiting hook knife for yourself. I’ve organized this article with some great hook knives that you must check before finalizing any unit to ensure maximum utilization of investment.

Choosing the Best Hook Knife

  1. BeaverCraft Wood Carving Hook Knife

This unit from Beaver Craft is one of the best hooking knives for beginners. It presents a sharp blade with a large comfortable handle that any hand-sized customer can use easily. The sharpness is ideal to dig into softwood, so newbies have no trouble with it.

The 6.5 inches long knife is full tang, so it is quite stable to use. You can use the knife on any kind of wood i.e. sycamore, oak, walnut, etc. The blade is made of high carbon steel, so it can retain an edge for a long time and can also be honed to razor-sharp. The shape of the blade makes it easy to control.

The ergonomic handle is made of oak with a polish of natural linseed oil, making it smooth and comfortable to hold. So, even if you have to use it for a long time, it won’t strain your hand. Make sure to take care of the knife to make it long-lasting.


  • Sturdy yet lightweight hook knife.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Large comfortable handle.
  • Excellent for both hardwood and softwood.


  • Requires frequent sharpening.


  1. Morakniv Wood Carving Hook Knife

Morakniv is one of the most popular manufacturers of hook knives for customers more concentrated in the professional area. You can make any kind of carving with this single blade.

The 6.7 inches long blade consists of a 2.2 inches long blade that is curved in a 13mm radius. Ideal to make any kind of carving whether detailed or broad. The Swedish 12C27 steel that is used, offers rigorous toughness; so you can spam it without worries. Its corrosion resistance is no joke too, it can hold an edge for a long time.

The construction of the knife is pretty study; it has used quality materials from the bottom up. The handle is made of birch wood and has been shaped to ensure your comfort. The oiled surface secures its longevity.


  • Built-to-last construction.
  • Easy to use.
  • Razor-sharp single-beveled blade.
  • Includes a vegetable-tanned leather sheath.


  • Faulty quality control.
  • Quite pricey.


  1. Elemental Tools Wood Spoon Carving Knife

To promote the art of wood-crafting Elemental Tools has brought an exquisite hook knife model that you can present to your loved ones. The knife is designed so both amateurs and professionals can use it effectively. The elegant bamboo case with soft padded inside protects the knife and is easy on the eyes.

The blade is created with high carbon 65 MN steel, which takes ultra-sharp edge instantly and has high resistance against rust and corrodes. The knife comes sharp just out of the box; the edge retention is impressive too. Not to mention this comes with a 30-days return policy.

The elegancy of the knife escalates twofold with its quality walnut handle. The dark handle goes with any kind of set, and the rounded edge gives you an easy and strong grip. The ergonomic shape of the handle blends in with the palm, so even after hours of use, you’re unlikely to face hand fatigue.


  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Versatile hook knife.
  • Makes a great gift within budget.
  • Comfy to hold.


  • Skip carving hardwoods with this one.


  1. DUGATO Wood Carving Tools Set

Dugato hook knife set is the whole package of what you might need in any kind of wood carving. If you’re looking to start wood-crafting and don’t know what to buy, then just get this set – it includes 5pcs of mandatory tools that are gonna help you ace any type of carving. Whether it’s a spoon, cup, kuksa, or just relief crafting!

The package includes 3 types of knives – a hook knife along with a detail knife and a roughing knife. The knives are equipped with single-edged stainless steel blades. The edge is very sharp, so you get a clean and smooth cut every time. Use the knives according to their roles to get a grand outcome.

The knives are designed with a high-end handle made of oak with a linseed oil finish. So the surface is smooth, and the wooden texture looks nice to have in your collection. The polishing compound and tools roll to make the set self-sufficient.


  • A complete wood-crafting set.
  • Diverse handle to ensure ultimate comfort.
  • Durable & low maintenance.
  • Comes with a quality-grade leather pouch.


  • Needs sharpening often.
  • Unimpressive customer service.


  1. BeaverCraft S13 Wood Carving Tools Set

Another complete set of wood carving tools presented by BeaverCraft that you can purchase without a second thought if you wish to start on a new hobby or simply want to replace your old set, there’s no deal better.

The knives are furnished with high carbon steel, so they are quite tough, unlikely to bend or break on you. The different kinds of blades are meant for different purposes, enabling you to make masterpieces without deficient tools holding you back. The blades are single beveled, so they are easy to sharpen and maneuver. Starting from broad strokes to precision cutting, these knives can have your back.

The handles of the knives are made from superior hardwood, sanded to perfection. Each handle is designed differently so you can have a grip according to need. The smoothed edges feel nice in hand, designed to reduce the strain caused after using it for a long period.


  • Quality grade materials.
  • Ultra-sharp blades.
  • Includes a sharpening kit.
  • Versatile and durable set.
  • Cooperative customer service.


  • Doesn’t come with a left-handed option.
  • Not all blades come razor sharp.


Final Verdict

Hook knives are known as a necessity for smooth digging into the wood to create the perfectly shaped spoons and bowls, etc. Hook knives can be differentiated by their crooked blade, it’s used to dig out the cavity to make the right shape of the curve. Using hook knives successfully requires constant practice and experience; using the right kind of knives can enhance the performance and the outcome.

This article was created to brief you about the features of the best hook knife – what to look for and what to look out for, and some of the most popular models in the market right now. Hope you found it helpful!


Q: How to use a hook knife?

A: As a beginner, first choose a nice piece of wood that doesn’t crack easily. Then armor up with a hook knife with a tighter curve; those are easy to maneuver, and start with wide curved strokes on the wood as you see fit and keep digging out the cavity. As you reach more to your desired shape, the cuts have to be more careful and precise. Reach towards perfection and finally sand it to smoothen the surface.

Q: How is a hook knife sharpened?

A: Since the blade is crooked, sharpening a hook knife is tricky, no lie. Even the professionals can’t finish the job without breaking a sweat. But you can use any kind of sharpener, but honing rod is preferable. Starting from the inside makes it easier to achieve a sharp edge for beginners. You should google it know more.

Q: What’s the preferable curvature of a hook knife?

A: Different shapes of curves serve a different purpose in the hook knives. Such as shallow curved hook knives are ideal for amateurs, as they are easy to use and makes strong but uneven strokes. To ensure precise and professional carving you’ll want a wider curved blade, which is hard to master at first. That’s why hook knives come in sets consisting of various sized knives.

Q: What are the uses of a hook knife?

A: Wood-crafting! Hook knives can be used to dig out portions of wood in a round manner, so they are useful in creating spoons, bowls, etc., anything with a large curved hollow inside. Hook knives also come in handy while decorations and woodwork.



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