Are you facing the problem of cutting the meat with the ordinary chef or kitchen knife? If so, then it would better to choose the meat cutting knife instead of a regular kitchen knife. It will give you the precision of cutting meat into perfect slices.

The presentation of food is one of the crucial factors of cooking. If your diet does not look fascinating, people will not feel any attraction about it. So, you have to do an excellent presentation of food to make it attractive to others. And to make an excellent presentation, the slices of the meat have to be precise, which is possible by using a meat cutting knife.

Now, if you are a serious buyer and confused about choosing the best meat cutting knife, we are here to assist you. We have listed about ten best meat cutting knife to resolve your problems. You follow us to know the details.

IDEAL CRAFT Chef’s knife

IDEAL CRAFT is one of the famous Japanese brands. It is a Japanese knife that comes with a stainless steel blade and ergonomic handle. The blade steel consists of high carbon stainless steel that contains 0.6-0.75% carbon. As the sword comprises 57 Rockwell hardness, the carbon steel increases the knife’s strength. The hardness will give you a premium performance while using the knife.

The ergonomically designed wooden handle will give you a superior grip and excellent control over the knife. The air-blade design will prevent the meat from sticking to the blade and keeps the slices separate from one another. The knife performs multiple works like slicing, cutting, and dicing of any food with carving the chicken roast.


  • Rockwell hardness
  • Effortless to maintain
  • Perfect robustness of edge
  • Beautifully engraved
  • Blade cleans easily
  • Pakkawood handle
  • Non-slip grip
  • Heat, cold and moisture resistant
  • Non-stick properties


  • Needs to re-sharpen
  • Heavy
  • Sometimes it is difficult to balance

VelescoChef knife

VelescoChef knife is a chopping, cutting, slicing, dicing, and slicing knife made German steel blade. It is a full tang knife that is containing high carbon steel. The blade material makes the sword very hard and comes a razor-sharp edge.

The knife’s non-slip handle consists of ergonomic design, which is containing a plastic material handle. By providing a secure grip and easy handling, the plastic material makes the knife safer and more efficient. Besides, the Rivet-less full tang design provides a perfect balance to the sword along with overall stability and making it incredibly durable.

The meat cutting knife is weighted but containing a sharp and secure blade edge. It is an 8inch long chef knife that gives you lifetime warranty of replacement of the blade.


  • Incredibly strong knife
  • Overall stable knife
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Secure grip and easy handling
  • German steel blade
  • Rivet-less full tang knife
  • Can perform multiple tasks


  • A little flimsy blade
  • Needs to sharpen after several uses

Brandobay Butcher knife

Brandobay Butcher knife comes with a unique contoured handle and sharp edge blade. The 12” long butcher knife performs its heavy-duty by slicing all kinds of meat with its sharp blade’s edge. Besides, the incredibly sharp edge of the sword delivers maximum cutting performance. However, the sword of the knife gives a beautiful and clean cut of different foods.

The knife’s black handle connects to its sharp blade with the rivet perfectly, which makes the knife a sturdy knife. Besides, its 4” long solid handle helps to hold the knife comfortably and make thin uniform slices of the foods. So, the blade is known as a professional butcher knife.


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Never needs sharpening
  • Slip-resistant handle
  • Contoured and solid handle
  • An extremely sharp blade with a thin edge
  • Gives maximum cutting performance
  • Balanced and comfortable grip


  • Heavier handle
  • Needs to bright
  • Uneasy handle for small handle

Chef Knife by APG Kitchen

It is an 8-inch long ergonomic chef knife, which is universal. It is suitable for cutting, chopping, and processing any food. So, the blade is one of the most popular professional and home kitchen knives.

The knife comes in a stylishly designed gift box with an accurate and smooth cut of the blade. The chef doesn’t need to give much effort while anything. So, it provides the chef with relaxation while using the knife. Besides, the razor-sharp edge gives the non-sticky and thinnest slice while cutting. That’s why; the knife has become much accessible to the audience.

Don’t forget; it has a super sharp blade that contains solid stainless steel material. And it also comes with an ergonomic plastic handle. The sharp edge is smooth merges with the handle. So, it is a sturdy and sharp-bladed knife.


  • Can be easily cleaned
  • Affordable material
  • Stylist and qualified
  • Convenient handle
  • Balanced blade
  • A sturdy and sharp edge
  • Excellent Grip
  • Suitable for all cooks


  • The module needs to sharpen

Platinum UMDCef’s knife

It is a professional meat cutting knife which is containing a German-made high carbon stainless steel blade. Platinum UMDChef’s knife is a study and a multifunctional knife. One of the positive qualities of the knife’s steel is that the steel maintains its functionality for a long time.

As it is a multifunctional knife, you can use it for multiple professional applications. For instance: slicing, dicing, chopping, cutting, and so on. Moreover, the knife is so sharp that it can cut off meat out of the bones. The ultra-sharp edge of the blade will give you an excellent cut that is clean and non-sticky. German technology has further upgraded its sharpness.

The Platinum UMD 8-inch knife comes with an ergonomic handle made of Pakka. It makes the knife’s handle strong and stable. Thus, the handle can provide you a comfortable grip. Africa is the producer of this handle material.


  • Corrosion and Anti-tarnish blade
  • Strong and Durable
  • Multifunctional and Classy
  • User-friendly and ergonomic handle
  • Well constructed and comfortable
  • Sharp and precise edge


  • Needs to sharp again

12-inch Straight Butcher

The 12-inch straight professional butcher knife is highly preferable for cutting meat, vegetables, and fruits. The application of high-quality stainless steel makes the edge of the blade extraordinarily sharp and undefeatable. So, it can make a thin and uniform slice of different foods. Besides, the stainless steel blade gives a smooth and clean cut at a low price.

Besides, the knife comes with a 4 inch long black, contoured, and solid handle with ergonomic design. The handle provides a balanced and comfortable grip along with slip-resistant capacity.

The design of the knife also can handle the toughest situations. It is a dishwasher, safe knife that remains sharper for a long time.


  • Great value and excellent quality
  • Fulfills heavy duty
  • Dishwasher Sharper
  • Inexpensive knife
  • Sharpest edge
  • Maximum performed sword
  • Slip-resistant handle


  • Unsmooth cutting edge
  • Isn’t too much large
  • Might be dull sometimes

Manve 8Inch Chef’s Knife

MANVE Damascus is a professional culinary knife. It is a Japanese chef knife which is containing high carbon Damascus steel blade. It includes a 1.5-2.0% amount of carbon content that makes the knife extremely tough and unbreakable.

The knife comes with a VG-10 Japanese steel blade, which provides Rockwell hardness. The hard module will give you extra-ordinary cutting performance, including edge retention capability. Besides, it contains 67 layers of a high premium. The steel layers provide the knife exceptional strength, durability, and strength resistance. It is a multifunctional high-quality kitchen tool.

The knife ensures the best use of your investment by serving all of your needs. It includes an ergonomic Pakka handle. It is the handle which makes the cutter more professional and maximizes its holding capability.


  • VG-10 Japanese Super Steel
  • 62+ Rockwell hardness
  • Perfectly balanced knife
  • Includes 67 layers blade
  • Pakkawood Handle
  • Maximizes the good grip
  • Tough and unbreakable blade
  • Provides friendly customer service


  • Needs regular grinding and polishing

Chef Utility Knives

The chef Utility knife is multiple useable cooking knives. It is a perfect meat cutting knife both for home and restaurant. Its German-made high carbon steel provides well edge retention for a long time. Besides, it has the excellent antirust ability. The carbon steel features with a taper that begins at the spine of the blade. It contains long-lasting sharpness, superior stability, and easy honing.

The 8-inch long sized blade can cut a large number of products at one time. It proves that the sharpness of the knife increases its activity. So, you can use the knife for countless times with no worry.

The multifunctional professional chef knife includes a Micarta handle. It is a light and durable handle, which is smooth and looks fancy. The characteristics of the stem are, it can withstand in extreme hot and cold temperatures. That means it can bear all kinds of situations. Thus, it is a solid handle for this knife.


  • Excellent Anti-rusted blade
  • Light and durable handle
  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • Stain-free steel blade
  • Ensures a safe and accurate cut
  • The handle provides a firm grip


  • Seems very vague edge
  • The module contains an improper angle

Final Verdict

The meat cutting knife is the most flexible and essential knife for a professional chef to cutting meat precisely. To get utilized your invested money, you have to know which brand is best for cutting meat and about the best materials of the knife.

We have suggested about ten best meat cutting knife at the current time. All of the knives are suitable and professional to use. So, all blades are the best options for you.

Just consider the sharpness, length, and edge holding the capacity of the blade before buying the knife. Moreover, you also have to confirm about handle strength and all the qualities which prove the knife as a meat cutting knife. To knowing all this information, follow our buying guide.

Buyer’s Guide: Things you must consider

If you are a professional chef, you must like to choose a professional knife for cutting meat. You also love it for your home cook. Because the best meat cutting knife will give you a smooth and flexible cutting edge. It prevents the meat from sticking with it and makes a precise cut. The blade is heavy but lasts for a long time.

If you are meticulous about buying a meat cutting knife, there are several alternatives for you. We have upheld ten swords among them. Select any one among them. But, before selecting the best meat cutting knife, you must know about the quality of the material about your chosen knife. Let’s know about them.

Blade size and its components

An ideal blade size has to be 7-12-inch in length. A small sized blade can’t cut the meat properly, and the chef has to give a lot of effort while using it. On the other hand, a larger blade will not give you a proper balance over the knife. If you want to get a balanced edge with excellent cut, your knife size has to be between the mentioned sizes.

Another most essential part of the blade is its components. The stainless steel or high carbon steel is a significant component of blade material. Different countries manufacture these blades, which are highly qualified. The stainless steel will give you a lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and rustproof edge. But it is weaker than high carbon steel. High carbon steel is a tough, more substantial, and durable component. It can retain its sharpness for a long time. For the meat cutting knife, we recommend you to choose the high carbon steel blade. Select any of the blade material which best suits your work.

Attractive Design and Style

Everybody likes to get beautiful material in his hand. You have to use the meat cutting knife for a long time and every day. Select the knife, which allows a professional design and style. Besides, a beautiful design of the blade will attract you to spend more time with the sword. So, select a good and stylist knife as your meat cutting knife.

Handle material

The handle material of a meat cutting knife is another indispensable factor you should consider. The handle of a meat cutting knife might consist of wood, plastic, or Rubber. Choose the component that gives the best grip to while holding a knife

There are several types of the wooden handle. For instance: Micarta, G-10, Pakka wood, Rosewood, and so on. Almost all of them provide a superior grip and well control over the knife. The best quality plastic material will give you a non-slip grip in all situations. Besides, it can remain in hand in all weather like heat temperature, wet conditions, and so on. Finally, the rubber handle will give you an excellent grip with comfort. Select any of the material handles among them. Make sure the handle is well designed, offers an excellent grip and comfort.


If you want a long-lasting and durable knife, confirm the sturdiness of the sword before buying. The knife you are buying its blade must merge perfectly into the handle. Such a knife will give you the best service for a long time.


What is a good meat cutting knife?

Answer: A good meat knife is such a kind of the sword which cuts the meat smoothly and quickly. It doesn’t stick with the meat while cutting. Besides, it gives a thinner and flexible cut of the chicken with less effort.

Why should you choose a meat cutting knife?

Answer: There are many reasons for choosing the meat cutting knives. Some of them are:

  • It gives a long time performance
  • It provides smooth and flexible cut more than a regular chef knife
  • It resists the rust and corrosion for a long time
  • The blade is an outstanding edge holding capability than an ordinary kitchen knife
  • Sturdier knife than a regular knife
  • It is a suitable knife for heavy work.


Additional Products ( Bread knife)

Blue Key World bread knife

Blue essential world knife is an ultra-sharp knife that includes a well-balanced handle. The Ultra-sharp, serrated blade will provide you maximum cutting performance as you need. The positive side of the sword is you can use it every day, but you need not sharpen it. As its premium grade, stainless steel keeps it sharp for a long time without any rusting and corrosion.

The Blue Key World knife contains an extra-ordinary design. So, the professionals can use it every day without facing any problem. It is a sturdy slicer whose blade fits perfectly into its handle.

Now, come to the handle of this knife. Its non-slip ergonomic handle will provide you a comfortable grip and reduce your fatigue during and after using the knife.


  • Non-slip ergonomic handle
  • The serrated blade is exceptionally sharp
  • Need not sharpening
  • Easy to cut and slice
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Guaranteed rust-free blade
  • Dishwasher safe



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