A lettuce knife is a tool that completes your kitchen knife collection. It’s a specialized knife dedicated to slicing up lettuces. Whether you are a home cook or a professional one, using a lettuce knife will do you no harm, if not enhance your cooking experience twofold.

During chopping lettuce with other utility knives, you must have noticed the brownish edges on the leaves. It happens because of lettuces coming into contact with metal blades. No matter how small and thin the blade is or whether the material is high carbon steel or stainless steel, you’ll notice rusted edges on the lettuce after some time upon using one; that’s why specialized lettuce knives were designed. The best lettuce knife offers a blade made of plastic to minimize the said issue; it is furnished with a serrated edge to provide optimal friction for a smooth cut.

A lettuce knife is lightweight and easily manageable; one purchase can last a long time easily; furthermore, it makes fresh-looking & presentable lettuces for various cuisines easier to achieve. There is no scarcity of options in the market regarding this area, so we’ve put together a list consisting of some of the best lettuce knives on the market. Let’s start!


5 Best Lettuce Knives of Present Market

  1. San Jamar LK200W Lettuce Knife

The lettuce knife from San Jamar is a functional little kitchen tool that is useful in a plethora of applications. It’s constructed of sturdy nylon, making it last a long period upon using it right. It achieved lots of positive feedback from users too. It marks one of the best value knives in today’s market.

The knife is about 34cm long with a green appearance. It’s lightweight yet strong enough to never bend while using. The blade offers large serrations, enabling it to slide through lettuces and similar vegetables. Using this knife on lettuces helps preserve the crispiness and fresh appearance for a longer period, highly recommended if you plan to use it in professional sectors.

The knife is very easy to take care of; it’s dishwasher safe so, you can just throw it in the dishwasher after every use. The contoured handle gives you a firm grip, making it unlikely to slip out of your hands.


  • Built-to-last.
  • Versatile usage.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle.


  • Not suitable for cutting solid vegetables.


  1. Zyliss Lettuce Knife

Zyliss is one of the best-selling lettuce knives at present. Along with a chic translucent appearance, it’s also long-lasting if used accordingly. You can also benefit from this versatile plastic knife, by using it on various other vegetables, and baked goods, i.e., cakes, muffins, brownies, etc.

The lettuce knife offers an excellent blade-to-handle balance. Measuring about 30.5cm overall, it features a robust spine that works as leverage while cutting down foods and vegetables. The serrations help to get a clean cut without harming too many cells of lettuce to avoid premature rusting on the edges. The serrated blade is also safe to be used on coated nonstick cookware.

The handle is made from durable plastic, fashioned with a comfortable shape, which reduces user fatigue. The lanyard hole at the bottom of the handle increases storage options.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • User friendly.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Safe to be used on coated kitchenwares.
  • Attractive appearance.


  • Feels too large for the purpose intended.


  1. OXO Good Grips Lettuce Knife

OXO is manufactured to be multipurpose with its additional feature for stipping kale. It features a semi-transparent blade accompanied by a similar plastic material. Making it decently lightweight, weighing only about 3.52 ounces.

The 12.7 inches long lettuce knife is mostly the blade, and the handle is only half the size compared to it. The serrated blade boasts a BPA-free plastic construction; the serration has you saw through any leafy vegetables and get perfect and fresh cuts. It doesn’t react with food’s chemicals, and it’s also safe to use on Teflon coated kitchenware.

The soft-grip handle of the lettuce knife is one of the highlights of this product. It ensures a soft yet firm grip that won’t slip out even when it’s wet. The straight spine of this knife distributes the force largely to the sharp point of the tip, enabling a swift operation. The blade also houses 4 different-shaped holes for stripping kales, collards, etc. off the stem.


  • Multi-functional tool.
  • Features 4 kale-stripping holes.
  • Easy-grip.
  • Comes with an OXO better guarantee.


  • Unnecessarily thick blade.


  1. Norpro Green Lettuce Knife

The Norpro Lettuce Knife is an absolute package, with it serving great looks along with excellent functionality. It’s designed with versatility in mind, Norpro has been in the market long enough, so the quality is guaranteed. When in doubt, choose Norpro without any worry.

The 12.75-inch-long lettuce knife offers a professional design that you can benefit from. The narrow serrations of the blade are useful in chopping various types of lettuces, and also other soft vegetables, such as tomatoes, spinaches, collard greens, chard leaves, etc. You can also use it on baked products, i.e., cakes, bread, pies, and even pizzas.

The overall construction of this sturdy knife is made from safe BPA-free plastic. It presents two beautiful shades of green; the handle is easy to hold and maneuver. The addition of a lanyard hole is a nice touch.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Great design.
  • Hard and sharp blade.
  • Does what’s advertised.


  • Requires manual washing.
  • Unsuitable to be used in salad bowls.


  1. OXO Lettuce Knife

Finishing up the list with another OXO, it’s a durable option that you can go for to reduce the rusting of lettuce edges. The 0.32-ounce knife is considered lightweight and comfortable to use. It’s a multipurpose tool that you can use to cut lettuce to prevent early browning, along with other soft and salad greens.

It’s one of the largest options on the list, measuring approximately 14.5 inches with a large serrated blade constructed of safe plastic that’s marked BPA-free. The superior materials that are used on the knife are reliably solid, so it won’t bend or break under usual circumstances. And it can be used on kitchenware with nonstick coating too, it won’t scratch the surface of the pan.

The soft plastic used on the handle ensures a strong and non-slip grip that won’t slide out of your hand even under duress or moisture. The handle feels nice on hand too; leaving enough circumference for an average size of a hand.


  • Solid translucent blade with serration.
  • Useful in several applications.
  • Safe for dishwashing.
  • Large build.


  • Can be tricky to use because of its feathery weight.



Q: Can I clean my lettuce knife in the dishwasher?

A: Lettuce knives are typically constructed of plastic, which is dishwasher safe since it can’t rust. However, the material may differ, so it’s recommended that you check the instructions about cleaning the knife to remain on the safe side. You can always wash them manually if you aren’t certain; lettuces don’t stick, so it’s not much of a chore anyway.

Q: Can lettuce knives keep lettuce fresher?

A: Technically, yes. Since it keeps the edges of lettuce avoid browning longer, making it appear fresher. However, the lettuces are bound to lose the green color with time in contact with oxygen, while you can delay the process by using a plastic knife but cannot avoid it altogether.

Q: Is brownish lettuce edible?

A: While it may look unsightly, it’s completely safe to eat. The color doesn’t add any flavors to it, nor any harmful components. Chopped lettuces lose the green color after the oxidation process, which isn’t harmful or anything but appears somewhat repelling.

Q: How efficient is a straight-edged plastic knife?

A: Lettuce knives are generally designed with serrations on the blade, to provide the feature of sawing motion. It helps sliding through soft foods and vegetables, i.e., tomatoes, Brussel sprouts, bread, cakes, etc., along with lettuces. While plain edges may pass the task but not nearly as efficiently; thus you’ll find most designs of lettuce knives with serrated blades.

Q: Can lettuce knives reduce the chance of foodborne diseases?

A: Yes, to a certain degree. While the plastic-made blades cannot fully prevent them, these are optimally designed to ensure hygiene. They don’t react with foods, easy to keep clean thus maintaining sanitation is easier to avoid various foodborne illnesses,


Final Verdict

The darkened sides of lettuce are often found unappealing if you’re working in the professional field, or cook for others in general. Lettuce knives may sound trivial but have a vital presence in the kitchen, it’s also useful in cutting bread, cakes, etc. because, of their serrated edge.

No need to tear lettuces to avoid browning anymore; lettuce knives cut efficiently and preserve health and hygiene. Hopefully, this article will help you find the best lettuce knife for you, despite the abundance of choices.

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