Indeed, a quick-deployable knife has always been an excellent choice for an outdoorsman. Unlike the other folding knives, you don’t have to use your thumb stud or nail nick. Most probably, that’s why the knife has become popular within a little time.

Since the 80s, the flipper knives had always been dominant. Undoubtedly, they come with innovative and thoughtful designs. Also, the blades of the flipper don’t stick with the handle while opening. That is the reason; customers keep the flipper knife in their list.

We have rounded up with ten best flipper knives on our list. Surely, you’ll find the convenient knife from the list. Let’s start!

Spyderco G-10

Spyderco is one of the most trusted names in the cutlery industry. The reason is apparent. It includes tested and durable components.

The Spyderco Southard flipper is featured with a 7.96-inch-long blade. The blade is nicely manufactured with the carpenter CTS-204P.

Of course, the quality is 100% great though it is a Taiwan inscribed blade.

The entire blade is including a popular stonewash finish with a terminated edge. Apparently, the carpenter CTS-204P is a high performing steel used in the Spyderco. Undoubtedly, it makes the knife wickedly fast flipper.

The flipper also includes a titanium frame lock on one side of the handle. It is decently strong but opens the blade flawlessly.

The G10 handle is stiff enough to hold the frame of the knife. Notably, it is a thicker handle. But the thickness of the locking side is more than the non-locking side. If you move to the ergonomics, you’ll find the handle gives a comfortable grip.

Good sides

  • Provides firm grip
  • Exceptional frame lock
  • Ergonomics is extremely comfortable
  • Balanced knife with awesome cut
  • Thicker and hard handle construction

Not so good sides

  • Not the keenest slicer
  • The pocket clip should upgrade
  • Cannot use with the left hand

Benchmade AXIS Flipper 300

Everyone loves to have a high-quality locking technology in his knife. With the high price, the Benchmade Axis flipper comes with a robust lock. Moreover, the look of the knife is arguably excellent. Because of its outstanding design, the user finds it easy to grab.

The Benchmade Axis flipper comes with a 154CM stainless steel. It is an extensive and thicker blade with a high-flat grind behind the thing edge. You’ll find the blade partially serrated in the middle of the handle and blade construction.

Impressively, the blade of the flipper opens very smoothly. That’s because of its spring-loaded axis locking technology. Unlike the other flipper, the knife is flexible to open with the safety lock.

However, the fit and finish of the handle are outstanding. It allows the user to hold the handle firmly with the index finger.

Good sides

  • Wider and thicker blade construction
  • Deep pocket carry
  • Exceptional flipping action
  • Traditional liner lock or frame lock
  • Reliable application
  • Easy thumb stud deployment

Not so good sides

  • May seemed chunky but actually not.


Ontario Knife OKC

Ontario is a well-known company for producing a great budgeted knife.

The Ontario knives worth the high price. You should choose Ontario only when you want to get a high-quality flipper, and the price doesn’t matter to you.

The carter prime contains D2 stainless steel, which is durable and resilient. Also, it is a stonewashed blade that includes thick titanium. Indeed, such a solid construction enhances the workability of the flipper.

The feature of the knife also extends with its tip-top pocket clip. Fast deployment within less time is almost easy with the Carter prime flipper.

Likewise, the quality knife, the Ontario flipper, comes with durable construction. I, manufacturers use the high price of the knife to enhance the quality of the knife.

Good sides

  • Smooth bearing flipper
  • Unbeatable flipper
  • Tight lockup
  • Unique blade design
  • Fits well in small-medium hand
  • Includes a tip-top pocket clip

Not so good sides

  • Sharpness won’t last for a long time
  • Finger notches are unavailable

Zero Tolerance ZT0460

If you are looking for a flipper for hard-use, then there are available options. Among them, zero-tolerance ZT0460 is the flipper where you’ll find a solid blade construction with flexibility.

Fortunately, the Zero tolerance flipper features Crucible S35VN steel that allows excellent blade sharpness. Indeed, the blade remains sharp for an extended time and easy to re-sharpen. It is a slim blade that includes longevity features.

However, when using the knife, you’ll find the blade is flexible to move. The titanium locking mechanism enhances the smooth movement of the blade when open.

The front side of the knife is featured with the carbon fiber. Whereas, the backside is built up with the titanium. Consequently, the knife holds both the high stiffness and superior lightweight.

Good sides

  • The blade flicks out easily
  • Quite sharp and hard
  • The texture is comfortable to use
  • Smooth flipping application
  • Lightweight like a feather
  • Impressive touch

Not so good sides

  • Increase the length is encouraged
  • Non-technical looking

Zero Tolerance 0220

The collaboration of the ZT and Jens Anso (Danish knife maker) has resulted in the zero-tolerance 0220. At the first look, you will find the knife’s uniqueness with the typical EDC knife.

The handle and frame lock of the flipper is featured with the bead-blasted titanium. The combination of the handle and blade is somehow similar to the ZT 0095.

Fortunately, Also, the flipper comes with a drop point blade that gives it a stonewashed finish. The 3.5-inch blade is featured with the Crucible’s premium S35VN. Indeed, the drop point blade and stiff steel material make the knife perfect for regular applications.

Likewise, most of the folding knives, the flipper comes with a strong holding pocket clip. It keeps opening the tip-top carriage option of the knife. Overall, the knife is perfect for an active outdoor enthusiast.

Good sides

  • Impressive aesthetic appearance
  • The rock-solid grip on the handle
  • Opening and closing is smooth
  • One-handed deployment
  • Sturdy lock bar

Not so good sides

  • One of the expensive collections
  • Heavyweight and hefty knife

Zero Tolerance 0801

A knife user never gets bored with the titanium frame lock flipper. Why? That’s because the knife that includes a titanium lock blade is easy to apply in any situation. And nobody wants to miss the opportunity to have such a great knife, do they?

With the titanium lock, the zero-tolerance 0801 is one of the great knives in the knife industry. That’s because the stainless lock bar creates a secure engagement with the ZT flipper.

The blade of the ZT flipper is incorporated from the ELMAX steel. It is powerful steel, extremely preferable for compact and tough tasks. Because of the steel construction, the knife never resists its cutting power. In fact, the actual capacity and cutting power of the flipper is more than your expectation.

Unexpectedly, the stonewash finish of the flipper makes it very sharp and shiny. Then, you rub the blade on the stone; you won’t believe how sharp it becomes.

Good sides

  • A potential drawback of the handle
  • Sharp and shine blade
  • Titanium enhances the strength of the handle
  • Frame lock makes the blade secure

Not so good sides

  • Heavy enough to carry in the pocket
  • Slightly long

Zero Tolerance 0350BW

The zero-tolerance is USA based knives that are mainly produced for tactical use. Undoubtedly, ZT 0350BW is a serious piece of zero tolerance, which is not so big or small.

The ZT 0350BW is normally a cool knife to carry. But practically, it doesn’t give beast cutting. The length of the flipper’s blade is about 3.25″ with a 6.2-ounce total weight. With such a robust construction, the flipper gives an excellent cut overall.

As a folding knife, the flipper is built heavily. The components of the flipper are thicker and stronger beyond your expectation. You cannot deny, the flipper gives precise and quick cut when you apply it for the hard tasks.

The handle of the flipper is formulated with the thicker G10 handle. It is a thick stainless-steel liner that ensures the grip you expect from your knife.

Good sides

  • Satisfactory grip
  • The pleasant feeling while holding the flipper
  • Simple but effective pocket clip
  • Beefy and well-executable liner lock
  • Incredible fit and finish

Not so good sides

  • Too much expensive

ZT0900 Zero Tolerance

With an aesthetic design and fascinating drop point, the ZT presents us ZT0900. It is a classic drop point blade that firmly adjusts the thin grind. For accomplishing the real work, the slicer is compatible.

The ZT flipper incorporates with the contoured handle. It is a thicker handle that allows you to have a great ergonomics by adjusting your thumb stud. Simply, the visual appearance is fantastic than most other compact knives.

The grind of the flipper is very thick and stiff. So, it reduces your confusion about the knife’s strength.

Unexpectedly, the deployment with flipper’s lock is crisp, clean, and needs no wrist flick. So, you’ll not experience any problem with the lock bar. It will provide you higher satisfaction with the knife.

Good sides

  • Handles are deep and well chamfered
  • Deep carry is possible
  • Better ergonomics and lock bar
  • Perfect for a rescue mission
  • Thick and stiff flipper

Not so good sides

  • Not great ergonomics
  • To small flipper
  • Need right pant for secure carry

Zero Tolerance 0801BLK

Everyone wants to keep a substantial knife in his pocket. Notably, the people who have to spend ample time outside must keep a practical flipper with them.

Now we’ll introduce you with a chunky built knife that is compatible with practical performance. ZT0801BLK, which is another flipper knife of zero-tolerance companies.

Though it is chunky but pretty close to an aesthetic appearance, undoubtedly, the thick titanium handles incorporated with the flipper to decrease its weight. Indeed, a lightweight flipper is always flexible to open in any situation.

With a high flat grind, the blade of the knife includes spearpoint shape. The blade is incorporated from the rustproof ELMAX steel. It has almost a keen edge retaining and sharpening ability.

The blade of the flipper is pretty sober-looking and supports the edge for an extended time. Whereas, most of the flipper contains some visible machining marks, the flipper’s blade has almost no marks.

Good sides

  • Satisfying flipper
  • Controllable action
  • Solid and well-made flipper
  • Durable titanium lock
  • Super-flexible grip
  • Well-executable wild knife
  • No machining marks
  • Excellent ending

Not so good sides

  • The clip is not amazing but practical

Final word

When it comes to finding the faster and quality EDC knives, the flipper knives take place. The reason is very clear! The knife works excellently with its fast-deployed blade more than a manual knife. Besides, it provides a comfortable grip that works combinedly with the blade.

Unbelievably, the knife takes the operations imposed on it very lightly. The blades mechanism and assisted opening make the knife strong to accomplish operations imposed on it. The user can open the blade flexibility with the help of a sweep of the thumb.

Therefore, to accomplish your work faster, the flipper knives might be one of the better options. But, choosing the right flipper is not that easy. That’s why we have featured nine best flipper knives to make selection easy for you.

Buyer’s Guide

Whether it comes regular or special purpose, you must want the best knife. But current knife markets are mixed with the quality and non-quality knives. So, it is the biggest problem for you to find the solid one from those mixed knives.

That’s why you have to be cautious when purchasing a knife for your regular purpose. Here we have assessed the features of a quality flipper knife to make your pre-cautious. Let’s jump on the features.

Steel composition

Finding a compatible blade is not only a crucial but also critical task for a buyer. To find an appropriate blade option, you have to know about the features of good steel.

Firstly, a quality knife includes whether stainless or carbon steel composition. Among the steel composition, stainless steel is a simpler and inexpensive steel composition. Conversely, carbon steel looks very expensive and wear-resistant.

With the touch of oxygen, the stainless steel creates a layer over the blade. It consequently enables the blade to resist the rust.

Necessarily, not all the knives include high carbon steel. The knife contains carbon steel that is more expensive than the regular knives. But the price is not actually worthless. The carbon steel is very hard and durable. It retains the abrasion of the knife and retains a knife’s shape excellently.

Blades size

The length of an ideal flipper knife remains between 2 to 6 inches. The smaller knife you select as your knife, the better performance you will receive from it.

That’s because the small knives are compact and fast applicable to different situations. Similarly, they are safer and convenient to use.


Handle materials

Most knife enthusiasts believe that the blade is the only considerable thing in a knife. They forget to consider the other parts.

However, considering the handle is also crucial to have a well-performing flipper knife. Before purchasing a flipper, you must ensure its handle quality and steady grip. Also, don’t forget to check whether the handle material is qualified or under-qualified.

Safety lock

To get high-performing safe flippers, you must ensure the quality of the knife’s safety lock. If the safety lock is weak, it may open in your pocket. Indeed, it may cause serious harm to the stuff in your pocket or skin.

So, check the safety lock of the flipper before purchasing.


Most of the flipper knives come in small sizes to enhance flexible use. Naturally, they are lightweight and include durability. For regular carry and instant use, there are fewer better options like having a lightweight knife.

Therefore, the weight of your selected flipper must range between 3 to 10 ounces.

Belt clip

A flipper knife may come with a belt clip or without a belt clip. A flipper that includes a belt clip is extremely convenient to carry. You needn’t use an extra pouch or purse to carry the knife. Conversely, if a knife doesn’t include a belt clip, you may need to carry an extra pouch or purse. Therefore, purchasing a knife with the belt carry option will be a great decision.


Eventually, to ensure the durability, quality, and longevity, consider the best materials for the knife. Hopefully, our buying guide will assist you in choosing the best material when buying a flipper.


What is a flipper pocket knife?

The knife features with quick blade deployment and medium to the small size are the flipper pocket knife. You can operate the flipper knives with your pointer finger because of its solid constructions.

Especially for the large hand, the flipper knives allow precise and easy blade deployment. That’s why the flipper knives are favorite to the outdoorsman.

How does a front flipper knife work?

The front flipper works similarly to the regular flipper. Likewise, the regular flipper, the front flipper’s blade, is convenient to deploy with the index finger.

Consequently, knives can solve hard tasks very fast in any situation. Overall, the flipper works smoothly and steadily because of its tough construction.

Most probably, that’s why the military and service holders find them very convenient to use.


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