Mushroom knives are used in mushroom cultivation as a harvesting tool. Do not confuse it with a kitchen knife to chop up mushrooms. Owning a mushroom knife helps you in a lot of fields and not just hunting mushrooms. Herbalists also find it easier to work with a mushroom knife while hunting for similar herbs to cut them off their stems.

Mushroom knives typically come with a hawkbill shaped blade for better control in slicing, and the bottom of the handle is furnished with a brush, which is meant to brush off the dirt and soil of the surface of the mushroom before storing it. You might think any knife can pull it off; well, you’re not exactly wrong, but you aren’t right either. Regular blades may damage the stems from time to time and reducing the mushroom’s value in the market. To ensure a flawless outcome each time there’s no option better than a specialized knife.

In this review article, I’m gonna brief you about the best mushroom knives available in the market and also answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Hopefully, by the end of the post, you’re gonna have a clearer view of what you want in your all-new mushroom knife.

  1. Opinel Folding Mushroom Hunting Knife

Opinel mushroom hunting knife is one of the first models to come to mind while talking about quality mushroom harvesting options. They’ve kept their consistency in providing superior products with this N°8 mushroom knife.

The 7.25 inches long knife is built very solid with a 3.14-inch long Sandvic 12C27 stainless steel. So there’s minimum maintenance required, and comes with in-built resistance against corrosion. The blade is amazingly sharp and stays that way for a fair period. The patented Virobloc safety ring offers a smooth opening along with a secure locking function. Making it more portable, and it won’t need a sheath also.

The durable Beechwood handle is not pretty to look at but also gives a premium feeling upon holding it. It measures 4.1-inches when closed, leaving enough space for a comfortable grip for all sizes of hands. The natural bristled brush completes the mushroom knife, so you can harvest and dust it easily all with one tool.


  • A durable folding knife.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Safe Vibroloc locking ring.
  • Equipped with natural-bristled brush.


  • Poor quality control.
  1. Wolfland Mushroom Hunting Knife Set

Wolfland brings you the perfect combination of price and performance. The product comes with 2 mushroom knives with individual packing. You get a two in one combo at a value price, which makes an ideal present for someone involved in the field.

Both folding knives are identical in size and quality, measuring about 5.74 inches each. The 2-inch blade is made from stainless steel, so there’s no additional upkeep required; the blade is designed to fight corrosion by default. It has a unique curved blade that gives you optimal functionality and a clean cut every time.

The wooden handle has a measuring scale inscribed on it. It’s built durably with brass rivets; the shape makes the grip firm and easy. There’s a keychain attached to the handle for dynamic portability, and the acrylic bristles will last long without damaging.


  • Great value price.
  • Two in one combo set.
  • Partially serrated curved blade.
  • Durable and compact.
  • Includes extra features.


  • Synthetic hair bristles.
  • Only metric measurement on the scale.


  1. HANZIUP Folding Mushroom Knife

HANZIUP offers one of the most attractive looking mushroom knives in the market. Not just for mushroom hunting, you can use it in light utility chores too! The knife provides a folding profile so it’s fairly compact.

The knife is approximately 7.85 inches long while opened. The 3.2-inch long blade is constructed of specialized stainless steel, so you do not have to worry about the blade rusting. The blade offers an optimal thickness so it’s strong yet lightweight. It’s sharp and does what it’s meant to do.

The design of the handle is the highlight of this product. The 4.65-inch long wooden handle is framed with metal on the top and bottom part, providing you with a more stable grip. Also, the handle is smoothed and polished to perfection, so you’re guaranteed to have a comfortable grip. The brush is foldable itself, so the chance of breaking or damaging bristles while storing is down to a minimum.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Features foldable brush.
  • Generous handle space.
  • The blade features a fast-open flipper.
  • The package contains a neoprene pouch.


  • Doesn’t come razor sharp.
  • On the heavier side.


  1. Sagaform Forest Mushroom Knife

The mushroom knife from Sagaform is one sturdy option; if you tend to not sweat over brand names this can easily take place of your go-to knife. Both the quality and the performance served by it are top-tier, and you’re unlikely to ever get disheartened with this one.

The 8 inches long mushroom knife is ideal for people with bigger hands. It’s furnished with a high-end stainless steel blade, which is sharp enough to hunt mushrooms, fungi, and truffles, etc. The 3-inch long flat grind blade is curved in shape and has a plain edge, thus sharpening it is easy, and you also get full control while maneuvering the blade because of its unmatched balance. The blade also offers a serrated part for added versatility.

The haft of the knife is constructed of durable and attractive Hua Limo wood. It has a scale inscribed on it. Its shape is contoured to fit nicely in your palms, designed not to slip out of your hands even when things get sweaty. The bristles are completely organic made of plant fibers, with softness & stiffness on point.


  • Large mushroom knife.
  • Constructed from quality materials.
  • Comfortably spacious handle.
  • Includes a canvas case.


  • Stiff opening.
  • The case feels flimsy.


  1. Morakniv Karl Johan Mushroom Knife

This mushroom knife presents an ideal combination of innovation blended with functionality. Instead of attaching the brush to the bottom of the handle, it’s located on the spine, which may take time to get used to if you’re accustomed to otherwise.

The 5.6 inches long knife consists of a Sandvic stainless steel blade measuring approximately 2.4 inches. The blade is made with well-planned thickness and sharpness, take it with you in any mushroom and herb collecting. It’s a fixed blade so better stability and strength are ensured; maintenance is also easy. Just wipe the blade with a damp cloth and keep the bristles clean and untwined.

The handle has round edges and a generous circumference for a comfortable grip. It’s made from quality grade plastic, so it’s lightweight and will go a long way. The included sheath has a clip function to attach it to a belt, etc., for better transportation. The bristle is made of horsehair, sweeps off dirt and debris without harming the fruiting body.


  • Unique & creative design.
  • Great gift for beginners.
  • Ensured longevity and comfort.
  • Includes a practical sheath.


  • Non-curved blade.



Q: Is it compulsory to have a brush in a mushroom knife?

A: Typically, the most standard mushroom knives have a brush attached to their bottom. Its purpose is to clean the soil particles, dust, and debris off the cap of the mushroom. Needless to mention, some models don’t come with it. But the odds are you’ll still have to carry one separately. So people prefer to have it featured on their knife unless you’re going mushroom hunting in a damp season.

Q: What size is considered ideal for a mushroom knife?

A: No matter how big your mushroom farm is, the most convenient size of a mushroom knife remains a 2.5 inches long-bladed hawkbill. It works with cutting most types of mushroom, provides a clean cut too. While the handle of the knife can vary upon any individual’s preference. If you have a large hand then you can go with a handle that offers a larger grip, and smaller in the case of vice versa.

Q: What kind of brush should I prioritize?

A: In the case of the material of the bristle, you shouldn’t sweat it much. As long as the thickness of the brush is not thinning at every sweep, you’re good to go. There are two types which you can choose from; natural and synthetic. You can also get mixed materials, among naturals, boar hair, horsehair, pig hair, etc. is more popular.


Final Verdict

Finding the best mushroom knife, among all the models available in the market, is not a piece of cake. There are many points to be taken into consideration before finalizing a model. Mainly, to ensure that you’re getting a hundred percent of what you’re paying for, such as sharpness, the weight of the knife, extra features, durability, and maintenance.

I’ve researched for a good few days to come up with some of the best mushroom knives that will prove to be worth your attention. But the list is not ranked, so patiently check them all out for a better view into the market. Hopefully, it helped; Good Luck!


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